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Pro Series Contour Kit By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}

Pro Series Contour Kit

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6 x 3g
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    • Em
      Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
      Amazing product and such good service from Cult Beauty! Thank you so much very happy!!
    • EMMIE
      Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
      Love this product so much. I had been waiting for ages for it to come back in stock and was so excited when it finally arrived in the post! May I add how great 'Cult Beauty' were with my delivery, I ordered it Friday and it was here by Saturday morning. Great service!
    • Lora
      Worth the wait
      Grey-ish Fawn colour does magic if you're seeking a more natural look, plus it is easily blendable for a beginner. Banana shade is excellent for setting your under eye and forehead makeup. If you're feeling like it, more dramatic look can be achieved with the shimmery highlighter and a darker contour tone.
    • -
      This is a magic!
      All you need for a natural contouring, highlighting, under eyes concealer and foundation setting is this amazing contour kit! The product lives up to the expectation! Amazing and natural grey toned contouring colors! Love love love this and can´t live without it :)
    • TheClaudiaCouture
      This is a Fabulous palette a real must have for your makeup kit ! So pleased to get my hands on this thank you Cult Beauty for bringing this to UK its a Holy Grail Product! I LOVE IT ............
    • Maham
      Amazing product!
      Absolutely in love! Perfect shades of tonal contour colours in one palette.
    • Tucha
      Omg this is amazinggggg love, love, love it!
    • Jas
      Best ever!!
    • Shen
      Amazing contour shades!!
      Love this palette especially the contour shades and I've been using it everyday since I got it. Thank you Cult Beauty for bringing it to the UK :)
    • MakeupJunkie
      Very good but small
      This is a fantastic little kit for contouring. Im very pale and the colours work for me just as well as anyone else. The highlighter is very shimmery and can look a little odd if you use to much. My only gripe is the powders are very drying, so make sure you use a good moisturiser before hand and it would of been really handy if there was a mirror in the top, oh and I feel the kit would of been even more perfect if there was a pink/peach blusher included as well. But these are no way negative feedback for the product itself, just ideas for the future... other than that I'm very please and nearly hugged the post man when he arrived with my lovely little Cult box :)
    • Natasha
      Before this was available in UK, I tried every other contour kit that was available and this by far wins hands down - it is perfect. Everyone needs this in their lives.
    • Miss Rae
      Absolutely love this. Cannot wait for the refills to come out with allllll the shade. Already picked the 6 I want hehe seriously spoilt for choice.
    • Moni
      I can repeat it to death: a miracle :) It gives you a flawless complexion with an elegant lighting. <3
    • Rebecca
      Love this!!!
      Heard so much about it, and was abit daunted by doing contouring myself, always thought it was very difficult..however after some tutorials & practice the result is amazing! So happy, gutted it's sold out now until January, would have definitely bought another!
    • S13 MUA
      You HAVE to buy this
      !!!! ATTENTION !!!! This is the best highlight kit on the planet, forget just contouring. You can basically contour with loads of other eye shadow's/ bronzers/ bare minerals warmth etc... BUT... there is no other highlighting powder on the market that will give you such a flawless photo finish. Love Love Love this and yes I'm willing to wait another 3 months on the waiting list to buy another one or three.
    • Beth
      Best contour kit ever!!!
      This is the best contour kit I've ever had, I've tried so many different ones but this is far by the best.....would recommend it to anybody.
    • Lilmissblonde6
      Been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this palette... SO WORTH IT. Cant live without it!!! I actually wonder what I have been doing my whole life?!
    • SarahW
      Must have!
      I feel like I've waited for this product for ages, it's absolutely incredible. I have very fair skin and find most bronzers too dark but ABH contour kit is amazing, the highlight lasts all day and is beautiful and the setting powders are light and feel lovely on the skin. This is a must for any beauty lover, I can't live without it now!
    • Tina Phoenix
      Contour kit - incredible
      I'm not someone who usually writes a review because many things disappoint - but this is brilliant. Brilliant shades and perfect for my skin type. Really do recommend.
    • Amanda
      BUY IT!
      I'm Asian and have never used a contour kit before. This set is absolutely perfect and gave me a nice tanned and contoured look for my event. Was initially hesistant to spend 40 quid on this but its worth every penny. Take my word for it and get it!
    • Mina Colada
      I used this for the first time as a complete beginner to contouring and later that day went to a christening. I had my photo take a LOT through the day and when I looked back at the photos my skin looked flawless on every one! And that was when I didn't really know what I was doing. After a bit of practice it makes my skin radiant and the contour colours are beautiful. BUY IT!
    • Alexis
      GOOD, but not best
      I have to say that the contour colors on the left and right are too red for me. I really like the middle two, especially banana. It's so great for setting my under eye concealer. No matter how much I apply, it never appears cakey.
    • FashionALJ
      Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette
      This palette is amazing....it gives me those cheekbones that everyone loves and wants, changes the look of your face in seconds, I love it, and I think everyone who loves makeup and good contour should try it :)

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  • For a step-by-step diagram, click here

    1. Drag a line of contour 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone at an angle from top of the ear to corner of the mouth (going lighter as it reaches the mouth area so the contour line can disappear before hitting the laugh line). This step chisels the hollows of the cheeks.

    2. Contour the temples and top of the forehead (along hairline) to minimise a large forehead and create a '3D' effect.

    3. Apply the same powder along the jawline under the ear and connecting the the chin, to chisel the jawbone.

    4. Blend the jaw contour down to the neck to avoid a harsh line.

    5. Starting at the inner corner of the eyebrow, use a narrow brush and drag a contour line down the bridge of the nose. Do the same on the other side of the nose so you have two parallel lines running down the bridge of the nose.

    6. Apply contour on the bottom of the nose to connect the two parallel lines and to make the nose appear shorter if you have a long nose.

    7. Highlight the cupid's bow above centre of lip to create a pout, and highlight centre area of chin to balance the face.

    8. Highlight under eyes, across top of cheekbones, and down toward apple of cheeks to brighten under eyes and make the cheekbones appear raised.

    9. Highlight the laugh line area (from beside the nostril down to corner of the mouth) to make them appear less deep of shadowy.

    10. Use what's left on the brush to clean up under the cheek contour and sharpen.

    11. Highlight between brows to centre of forehead, and fan toward the arch of the brows to make the brows appear bolder and clean.

    12. Use a shimmery highlight to dust lightly all over the previously highlighted areas for a pop of shine.

    13. Remember, do not add shimmer to laugh lines, wrinkles, or areas within extremely visible pores of bumps.