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    DipBrow Pomade By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}

    DipBrow Pomade

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    • Ash Brown
      For cool, very dark brown to black hair
      Ash Brown
    • Auburn
      For strawberry blonde to auburn hair
    • Blonde
    • Caramel
      For light brown hair with golden/red undertones
    • Chocolate
      For dark brown hair with warm tones
    • Dark Brown
      Dark Brown
      Dark Brown
    • Ebony
      For dark brown to black hair with warm tones
    • Granite
      For very dark brown to black hair with cool/ashy tones
    • Medium Ash/Medium Brown
      For light to mid-brown hair with cool/ashy tones
      Medium Brown
    • Soft Brown
      For medium brown hair with warm highlights
      Soft Brown
    • Taupe

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      • Honeybee
        Very pleased
        Absolutely love this product. I am a girl who normally fills in her eyebrows with pencil but this is the best thing I've ever tried. I used this for a more dramatic look but you could use it for everyday. I am still getting used to the application of the pomade but so far so good. Thank you cult beauty for you quick service as well.
      • Fatima
        I was sceptical about this product as wanted to avoid a too strong brow...but after not being disappointed by any of the Anastasia products (& being a make up artist and junkie) I could not resist and fell for the hype. I am actually shocked at how natural my brows can look with this prommade. I am definitely sold on it & as with all the Anastasia products I have previously bought, I will be adding more shades to my collection for my clients.
      • Katy S
        By far the best brow product i've ever used
        Best brow products hand down, 100% worth the price and the pomade has made my brows perfect. A must buy!
      • Helen
        Buy it :)
        An absolute make-up must have- a fantastic product and it's lasting extremely well so far! Stays in place all day and gives a really natural look- I use the Anastasia eyebrow brush with it. Fab-give it a try :)
      • Alexandra Louise
        Best brow product I have ever used
        This is incredible. I searched for ages not just for a product that is easy to apply but one that suited me. My hair is very ashy and very dark, and usually eyebrow products are way too red, so I ordered this is 'Ash Brown' and it is absolutely perfect. The texture is creamy and goes on as light or dark as you want. It takes a couple of practice goes but is really easy to get the hang of. I just use an angled wing liner/brow brush and it takes me 3 minutes tops and my brows have never looked better. Sometime I put my brows on at home with no other makeup because I love how they look!
      • Kate
        Love it!
        Great for filling the gaps in my eyebrows and also you can make your eyebrows look longer or thicker with this and it doesn't look fake. Only thing I would say is if you're going to choose a colour then google what the colour you think you will pick actually looks like once used as mine was a little lighter than I thought it would be. But then again I can build it up and this way it doesn't look to dark or fake so maybe it's not a bad thing. Great product though and a good price I would definitely recommend!
      • Rat
        Worth the hype
        Easy to create both natural, soft brows and more defined looks. I would recommend taking a small amount of product on a hard angle synthetic hair brush and wiping the excess off into the lid before applying - less is more.

        I have two shades - 'blonde' which is a neutral taupe shade good for neutral and warm toned blondes and 'medium brown' which is a cool toned ash which looks very dark in the pan but can be used sparingly for dark blonde and light brown hair.
      • Sarah
        The perfect brow!
        Extremely happy with this product. I had heard lots about it and was advised to use it by a highly experienced make up artist. A little goes a long way with this product so it's great value for money. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills angled brush (#12) I can now create the perfect brow. It doesn't smudge and lasts all day, it even withstands my hardcore gym workouts. I can honestly say it's better than any other eyebrow product I have used and I would highly recommend this product because your make up just isn't complete without great brows.
      • Britta
        My brows.... are.... in love!!!
        What can I say really? This product is GREAT!!! I had high expectations and boy were they met! You don't need a whole lot and it "hardens" and stays put for the whole day. And don't worry if rains comes along, your brows will stay put! I am fair with light brown/blonde hair and I bought taupe and It works great!
      • Charlotte Dacia
        I LOVE this product. Ordered it after seeing all of the hype surrounding ABH products and could not be happier. I also ordered the angled brow brush and they are an absolute dream together. I have golden blonde hair and ordered the pomade in the shade "blonde" and it is a perfect match. Not too dark, but enough to make an impact and made my brows look neat and natural. Sometimes when you have used the product a lot it stiffens a little in the pot, but i found swirling a cotton bud dipped in micellar water around it and patting the product back down meant that it regained its normal consistency and also saves product. BUY BUY BUY... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
      • Sarah
        Literally the greatest eyebrow product I've ever used. Eyebrows consistently "on fleek". Would 100% recommend.
      • Alex
        look no further!
        Without a shadow of a doubt the BEST eyebrow product i've ever used, my eyebrows are sparse and nowhere near as dark as my natural hair colour, and after using pencils, waxes, powders etc, I'm happy to say I've found the perfect product that I don't think can ever be topped!
      • Restaurant Owner
        Long Lasting
        This stays on all night at work in a hot steamy kitchen!!!! Once you get your style & system down its a piece of cake, I watched Desi Perkins on youtube for hints & tips
      • Agie
        Don't be afraid to use it!
        I've had no experience on any eyebrow products before. It seemed so easy to use it, I gave it a chance. It was one of my best decisions in life, I can say!
        Very easy to use, takes a little practice but after a month I have perfect brows every morning. Thank you! I will definitely reorder.
      • nanawintour
        Never have a bad brow day
        I am obsessed with Dipbrow pomade. It's easy to use and control, sets your brows in place and helps to disguise brows that may not be entirely perfect. It's super long-lasting too and doesn't wash off in the rain which is a huge bonus.
      • Dil
        It's Alright
        I have black hair and used dark brown. It had good coverage but it's easy to overdo it - i.e use too much product and look blocky. I have noticed that mixing in some baby oil to the formula helps it spread more evenly and prevents overfilling.
      • Chloe
        After hearing many amazing things about this product I finally decided to invest and I'm so glad I did because it's honestly the best eyebrow product I have ever used. I have had this product for almost 5 months and its still almost full, you only need the tiniest bit but I will definitely be repurchasing another when I have ran out. This product is easy to use and makes my brows look a lot more fuller and more defined but it also looks natural. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, I don't know how I would live without it now. I absolutely love it!
      • Chloe
        After hearing so many amazing things about this product I finally decided to try it and I am so happy that I did because this is honestly the best eyebrow product I have ever used and I will definitely be repurchasing another once I have ran out. It's easy to use and makes my brows look a lot fuller and more defined but also looks natural, this product has become something I couldn't live without. I would highly recommend this, I absolutely love it!!
      • Poppy
        I bought this product as I have auburn hair but very light eyebrows. I bought the product in auburn and it's great because you can adjust the shade by adding more or less to the brush. It's easy to apply and stays on all day!
      • michellelisa
        Highly recommended - just make sure you get the right colour!
        I originally bought this in Medium Brown after careful deliberation as it is more pigmented than ABH Brow Wiz which I have in Granite - but it was too light so I bought another one in Granite and as long as you don't go too heavy, its perfect! I have dark brown hair and hate having eyebrows that look red toned so Granite is PERFECT - very dark brown with no red tone at all. I use the ABH Brow Wiz to line the underneath of my brow so I get a really accurate line and then I dip the Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush (#12) REALLY lightly into the Dipbrow, I literally just graze the top of the pomade with the brush. I then wipe any excess from the brush onto the back of my hand and start to lightly apply the pomade to the arch and tail of my brows. Then I work forward, adding more product when necessary from the back of my hand, making it lighter at the front and darker at the arch. There is enough product to do both brows and I use the tiniest amount of product! I never leave the lid off as I hear that this dries it out quickly so I literally dip the brush in and put the lid back on tight. I highly recommend Dipbrow Pomade, especially when used with the right brush and Brow Wiz for added accuracy :)
      • Lovely
        The Best Product for Brows!!!
        Firstly I love how quick the Cult Beauty orders arrive! For example I ordered the World Traveler Palette and it came in four days and I live in Germany! The Brow Pomade is my first ABH Product and to pick a color online was very hard for me. SO I choose medium brown. I am a natural brunette and have brown eyes, medium brown is ashy and so without any reds in it. Medium Brown looks like my Brow hair and it looks so natural, I apply a small amount of it and brush through my brows. If I would not take on the evening the product off it would probably stay the other day, too! :D I need always a really small amount of it and it can be used dramatically like on Instagram or really naturally :) I simply love this product and I will buy it forever!
      • Talitha
        100% recommend
        I debated for a while over buying this because I try to do make-up on a budget but in the end it was definitely worth it! You hardly have to use any so even this small amount is lasting me ages. It's really easy to work with, especially if you use the brush they recommend, and I'm pretty much a novice so! I have been telling everyone about this, a must-have.
      • TappKing
        Amazing product!
        Product is very professional. It's long lasting and doesn't smudge. I recommended this product for best eye brow results :)
      • Nadz
        Would recommend! Love it!
        If you don't buy this you're missing out on the perfect eyebrow game! Only need a tiny amount on the brush and does the job! would recommend 100%. Every girl need this. I got the dark brown and works perfectly.
      • Rebecca94
        best purchase I have ever made. EVER.
        This is without a doubt THE best brow product on the market. Soft, creamy & lasts ALL day. I used to use browzings by Benefit but this has totally won me over. Much easier to apply, and so much more product which lasts ten times longer! Amazing!
      • Erin
        Sleek brows
        Everyone needs this! it will certainly last you a long time
      • Marie
        After hearing so many wonderful things about this product, I simply had to try it - it does not disappoint. It's easy to use and makes my brows look fuller and more defined with minimal effort and has become something that I can't go a day without using. Would definitely recommend, I love it.
      • ladybird747
        Great product with amazing colour pay off! looks so natural too!
      • Shuttergirl
        Love it
        I absolutely love this product. I use it along with the number 12 brush. I take a little out of the pot and put it on the back of my hand and use light strokes within my brows. It's natural looking and lasts all day.
      • Katie
        worth the money
        Definitely love this product. It does everything it says in the description. Easy to use and I love that its waterproof. I have pale skin but quite dark hair so I like the fact the shade taupe is ashy and has no orange effect like many other brow products I have tried. Would definitely recommend!!!!!
      • Bloglisted
        Best brow product
        I bought together with brush #12 and the pair are a great match. It stays put for the whole day and blends in so naturally with my eyebrow hairs. I couldn't decide from the choice of shades but went with dark brown (which works with my Oriental / Chinese skin tone).
      • MONICA
        I really struggled to find brow products that suit my brows. They're very think however quite untidy because that's the way I prefer them. Yet in some places there are gaps and often I want to have a beautiful outline kind of Audrey Hepburn style. And dipbrow achieved everything I wanted! My eyebrows look incredibly neat and I can achieve a natural looking arch where my hair doesn't grow without it looking fake. The product is water proof and is so pigmented you only need a tiny bit so it lasts for ages! also anyone with thick eyebrows understands it's so hard to keep them in one shape because the hairs move. But using Dipbrow as an outline it allowed my hairs to move without ruining my perfect brow shape! Love it and I'll never consider anything else to do my brows with.
      • Jen
        If you are a beginner or professional, you need this in your kit. It is super easy to use, always looks flawless and is completely full proof. I am very light blonde and I use dipbrow in blonde. It is the ideal shade for those who don't mind their eyebrows being slightly darker than their hair. I have recommended this to so many people and they are converted. I wouldn't use any other product on my eyebrows now!
      • Amy
        Best eyebrow product!
        This is certainly the best eyebrow product I've used. Goes on a treat and stays on for hours! I have blonde hair, and I use the Blonde and Medium Brown shades mixed together to suit my mood. You can use really lightly for a natural daytime look or heavier if you so fancy. Definitely recommend!
      • FAYE
        Easy application, amazing product, very pleased! :-)
      • Hannah
        This is so easy to apply and definitely lives up to the hype, I'm not normally one to buy any kind of pricey make up but decided to treat myself to this as an end of exams present to myself having heard so many good things about it, 100% worth it, if you're as stingy as me and don't like buying expensive products for fear of not liking them you absolutely will not regret the £15 spent on this
      • Crystal_magpie
        LOVE it!!!
        I bought the medium brown and love it! It is creamy, with buildable, natural looking colour and it lasts such a long time, it is such a good investment, a complete bargain! The medium brown is great as it doesn't have the weird red tone that some brands seem to have and it makes my brows look fabulous. It does dry up a little but a tiny drop of eye make-up remover or baby oil and it's as good as new. I've recently went blonde so I'm away to buy the blonde shade, so I'm looking forward to trying it out :-)
      • Holly
        Best product for perfect brows
        Gives such a natural look that no brow pencil has given me and is so easy to layer up for different intensities without it looking unnatural.
      • MissB
        Get compliments daily on how fab my eyebrows look. Struggled to find the best eyebrow product then I came across this. Absolutely hooked. Reasonably priced too and a little goes a long way. I've had mine for a year now and still have half a pot left. Recently bought another shade for my daughter. I'd say this is the one product I can't live without
      • MaggieBoo
        Best brow product I've used
        I really love this. I have ordered two shades -Dark Brown and Soft Brown. I use them both to create an ombre effect or I just wear Dark Brown day to day. You can darken the intensity of colour by reapplication or you can keep it lighter with gentle strokes. I would recommend a good slanted eyebrow brush. I didn't buy the Anastasia brow brush because I had one at home. I did find when I didn't use the slanted brow brush, my application of the product went very wrong!
        I also use the Anastasia concealer underneath which is like second skin. Very tempted to buy more of this brand. It's pretty amazing!
      • Beth
        So easy to use, got this with the recommended #12 brush and I can tell this will last forever as I'm not even making deep indents in the product and I've been using it daily for the past 2 weeks. sometimes a little goes a long way. I have no regrets with this product at all, worth every penny!
      • Stephanie
        Love this, amazing! I've used a lot of brow products and this is the best hands down! Though brush must be properly cleaned to achieve a clean line , I got it in chocolate and it's warm and perfect colour!
      • Roisin
        Great buy
        So happy with this product it's my second one to buy having previously bought taupe for my freelance kit. For anyone having problems with it drying up buy Duraline from Inglot Cosmetics a small drop will bring it back to consistency you had when opening first. Easy to work with whether you want dramatic or a natural brow this stuff is amazing.
      • Jazz
        You need this! Suitable for all
        First off, Cult beauty is the right place to order from! Standard Delivery arrived after two days which is pretty good! I am just going to get straight into it with my PRO's and CON's

        1. Super pigmented
        2. You can achieve a natural look which many people don't realise by limiting the product you use
        3. You can create a lovely subtle fade
        4. Easy to use! (use youtube videos)
        5. Variety of shades
        6. Great if you have thin sparse brows or thick ones (so versatile)
        7. You get soooo much product that would easily last a year or more
        1. Can dry up slightly but nothing a drop of baby oil won't fix. ALWAYS remember to put the lid back on
        Basically whatever brows you have, whatever skin tone you are, whatever type of brow you are trying to achieve, you need this product! THANKSSSS ABH and CULT BEAUTY
      • MissDemi
        Sent from heaven!
        I absolutely love this product. I have blonde hair and fair skin so I brought the "blonde" product. It is the perfect colour and makes my eyebrows perfect! It's so easy to apply and it stays put all day without any touch ups! I'm eager to try it with the brow gel as I just use it on its own at the moment. It lasted me around 6 months and now the old product is getting tacky so I've purchased another! :)
      • Meg
        I've found the product I've been looking for!
        I've been waiting years to find a eyebrow product that is easy to use, lasts a long time and is inexpensive which is exactly what this product is! Used with the suggested #12 brush, the dip brow pomade glides on with ease. I have previously used Benefits brow pencil, only to find that it was the only product best suited to my hair colour, despite its oily/waxy texture and inability to last more than 8 weeks. The pomade shade, 'dark brown', is the perfect colour for me, and looks natural, not oily, waxy or drawn on. Don't be fooled that you have to be a make up artist to use this as it is so simple to get flawless, natural results! I have found the product that I've been searching for- can most definitely understand its name of a 'cult' product!
      • Natasha
        Dipbrow for life!
        I over-plucked as a teenager and my eyebrows grew back sparse and uneven. I have been shaving the tails off and drawing whole new brows on for about three years now. I used to use pencils or other branded brow waxes but with my oily skin I was reapplying multiple times daily and sealing with Lipcote.
        After reading many reviews, I bought Dipbrow in Ebony and I will never go back! I apply once in the morning and they last until I remove them at night, no sealing, no smudging, no melting (even in Filipino heat!!). I'm still on my first pot after about 5 months, as very little goes a long way (I use it every day) and I apply with a fine angled eyeliner brush.
      • Popi Chowdhury
        Loveeee it!!!
        So amaZing! Love it so much. I've heard after time the consistency goes thicker and not as creamy. So I hope that doesn't happen :-( that'd be a real shame because I'm literally obsessed with it right now - would defo recommend dark brown for tanned skin tones
      • Lhea
        Started amazing now not so sure!
        I have to agree with a lady called Amy below. I'm having exactly the same problem as her with this product. I'm 37 and been using every eye brow product under the sun, this was the best hands down. I've now been using it for 2 months and I've just used the top layer and it's gone odd!

        What was once silky and lovely to apply is now dry and bitty. You have to load the brush and then half falls off in small lumps....hardly any comes off onto your brows. It makes it had work and patchy to apply. I've taken a look and I can't see anyone else talking about this but I baught one of her new tone - ebony. I'm thinking maybe she changed the formula and it's not as good. I'm considering contacting the admin here to talk about it. Hope this helps.
      • Ballerinagrl
        I'm 44. I've always been useless at filling in my brows. For the longest time I stuck to the brow whizz, feeling the pomade would be too difficult to use (I'm hopeless at makeup application). This product has been like a miracle for me. I find it easy to use (which shocked me so much), and I'm able to get a really fabulous natural finish (which was also a shock). I recommend this product wholeheartedly to anyone who wants fast easy brows every day.
      • Rachel
        Incredible Stuff!
        Like many before me and I’m sure many to come, back when I was a naïve teenager I used to pluck the hell out of my eyebrows. Ironically now I favour the fuller eyebrow look and, although I’ve managed to grow mine back, there are still stubborn bald patches and the tails are irritatingly short. I’ve tried all sorts of powders and pencils in the past but nothing lasted the day (the curse of oily skin).

        I decided to give Dipbrow a whirl after seeing it used by the brilliant ladies of Pixiwoo and needless to say, I absolutely love it.

        My eyebrows, whilst they’re slightly sparse, are almost black so I chose ebony and it’s a perfect fit. I apply it with a tiny eyeliner brush to create the appearance of individual hairs but if you favour a stronger brow, there’s nothing stopping you from using an angled brow brush to get a more defined shape (if you’re doing that it’s probably wise to keep a spooly on hand to brush your brows through if you apply a bit too much).

        Even on my oil slick of a skin this stuff lasts all day; doesn't smudge, doesn’t fade, doesn't flake off. It’s easy to apply too much so bear in mind a little goes a long way. If you use the correct amount though one pot will last you ages. Such a brilliant product, I never want to use anything else!
      • Sid
        This is by far the best eyebrow product I have used. I used to use Benefits eyebrow palette but I have been totally converted. It gives my brows shape and definition. I would totally recommed to anyone!!
      • Shaunica Lyn
        Loving it
        I love this product. It really gives me clean precise looking brows. I'm obsessed with my brows anyway and this bad boy is my holy grail. I did a full review with swatches and pictures here on my blog:
      • Amy
        Changes over time
        I thought really long & hard about how many stars to give this, as it's such a mixed review, but eventually I feel that this is the only rating I can give. I bought this product a few months ago in 'chocolate', and bought the suggested #12 brush at the same time. For the first 2 months, it was literally the best brow product I've ever used. It completely changed my brow game! It turned my whole face from looking OK to finally perfectly put together. It was like I'd found that missing elusive 'thing' that suddenly made me look great. I'm talking about the product and brush- dream team.

        If I had written a review within those first two months, it would have been 10 stars. My dipbrow pomade was worth more to me than concealer, and for someone with spot prone skin, that is saying something! However, in recent weeks, I have found the product an absolute nightmare to use. I simply can't get any product onto the brush, or any other brush, without scraping really hard. There is lots of product left - over half the pot. I've cleaned brushes, used different ones, heated the product, cooled the product, mixed it up. Nothing works. I used to feel that I was applying single, thin strokes to get really natural brows. Now, I feel like I'm applying an inch-thick wax crayon to my brows. Basically, when using the very top layer of product, it is an absolute dream. But as soon as you use any product underneath the top layer, it simply does not work. It's hard to pick up on a brush, and when you manage to get any on the brush after really digging it in to the pot, the colour barely comes off on your skin unless you press super hard. I don't understand it- maybe I have a dodgy one? But either way, I feel that people need to know. Like I said- the top layer is one of he best products I've ever used, for any use. But I have to give this 1 star review, because how can you afford to only ever use the top layer of a product? Maybe it's a design flaw, and not an ingredient flaw. Either way, it needs sorting.
      • Sarah
        Worthy purchase!
        I'm usually skeptical about purchasing items like this, but after reading rave reviews I had to try it for myself.... and I'm so glad I did! I am blonde and decided to go for taupe, which is the perfect colour match for me. I believe the blonde shade would have been too light for my liking. It is so easy to apply and only a little product is needed, so I will definitely been repurchasing this product!
      • MakeupJunkie
        I have been converted
        I resisted for so long to buying this but finally caved in after reading so many blogs and posts raving how good this was and you know what they were right. I purchased medium brown as I have very pale skin, blue eyes and mid brown hair. I was honestly shocked how great this stuff is and I do recommend using the ABH brush to apply as together they are a perfect duo. The funny thing is my eyebrows really do look natural but sharp, the paste doesn't clog the hairs down just fills in the gaps and creates a awesome shape. Im very happy with this product and wont use anything else
      • Michaella
        Holy grail brow product
        My holy grail brow product, after trying gels, pencils and powder I am soooo happy I discovered this! Amazingly easy to use as long as you apply with a light hand natural looking brows are easily achieved, will never use anything else! Would definitely repurchase but this pot will last ages anyway! Converted all my family and friends to dipbrow! Highly recommend the #12 brush to go with it for brow perfection well worth the money :)
      • Maddie
        Life saver
        My eyebrows are the most unpredictable things - one has an arch the other doesn't. I'd watched tons of videos of this product raving about how good it was and how to apply it. I thought I'd give it a try. It turned up at my address in the UK within three days, which I was very pleased as I was desperate to use my DipBrow. My hair is dark blonde but my eyebrows are lighter blonde. I purchased the colour 'blonde' since it was the lightest they had and tried it out.

        One word, amazing.

        I was so confident applying it due to the millions of videos I had watched and was more than happy with the result even though it was my first time applying. Thanks Anastasia, I will have happy brows for the next two years or so.
      • Sophie
        Love it!
        must have product! would not leave my house without using this in the morning. Great product, easy to use and apply and lasts all day! Would definitely recommend getting the Anastasia brow brush to go with it...makes all the difference!
      • Catsup
        Must have!
        Absolutely love this. So easy to use and it's like I just keep getting better at it! My eyebrows have never looked so good. The little pot will last forever as well. You can achieve really subtle shaping with this and make it look as though you don't have anything on your brows making them look naturally perfect. You can also achieve the dramatic, statement brows easily too for a night out! I use this for every single makeup look.
      • Lou
        Great. Buy
        I only received this product the other day and I'm in love with it already! So handy to have and even for a little pot you get so much out of it. Only need a little bit of product on your brush and does not smudge at all lasts all day :) would recommend to all girls so simple to use yet looks phenomenal when applied! I use the duo brow brush #12 to apply. Great product buy buy buy :) x
      • Alexis
        I could have loved this, but regrettably chose the wrong color, which is medium brown. I have natural black hair. The formula is really great. Tried it as eyeliner and like it. Never smudges and I have quite oily eyelids.
      • Amanda
        This stuff is fantastic! If you aren't a particularly skilled makeup artist (which I'm definitely not!) it takes some practice but once you get it right it looks amazing! I can never go back to pencils now!
      • mirrored
        The Ultimate
        This stuff is phenomenal. I've used pretty much every brand of brow powder, gel, liner and wax you can imagine, and this beats them all. Having recently had my beautiful thick brows destroyed by an overzealous beautician, I decided to finally give this a go and I can honestly say, it's the best. The staying power is unbelievable.

        To get a more natural (but sculpted) look I put it on heavier at the arch and outer corners, stipple off some product and then apply in individual strokes at the inner eye to the arch. I then soften and blend by running a brow brush through and setting with rms beauty powder.

        It actually lasts an entire day- something I've never been able to say before! Even after being rained on, sweating it out at the gym or carelessly rubbing my face.
      • Hannah
        So I have such annoying eyebrows. One is always wonky and misbehaves. I have bought SO many products of the years in endless attempts to find something to help me control my stubborn brows. After following numerous eyebrow 'experts' on Instagram, I finally found Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I was nervous about buying the product after having so many not work for me. Then a friend of mine bought DipBrow and after seeing her eyebrows I was utterly convinced this product was my perfect match. I WAS RIGHT!!!! I am a natural brunette, quite dark but I die my hair a medium-bright red. I decided to buy AUBURN after watching a few reviews on YouTube and I am writing this 5 minutes after my first application. It goes on a dream, just take your time with it to make sure you put it on right (I felt confident due to so many hours watching people do this). I've just finished and I don't have a stray hair in site or a single complaint. I've already sent pictures to my friends telling them to buy it and I'm not going to stop raving about this. Girls, do your eyebrow prep though - the Pomade is not a miracle worker - pluck, preen and arch. Don't forget the concealer underneath the arches and this product will never go wrong for you. The colour works perfectly for me and as already mentioned in other users reviews a small amount goes a long way. I'm going to use this everyday. THANK GOD for Anastasia!!!!! xxxxx
      • Nicola
        Finally got it!
        After waiting very patiently for 'medium brown' to arrive back in stock I finally purchased it! I was a bit hesistant about the colour. I am an ombre blonde, with an ashy base, Lauren Conrad type. The med brown is perfect! No red in sight! Putting it on requires a bit of practise and you need the tiniest bit. I think I'll still have it for the next 3 years even if I use it every day! Very happy!
      • Nalaya
        Amazing product
        It is so easy to use ! I bought the ebony shade for my black eyebrows and that fits perfectly, not too dark, not too light. One use a very small amount for each application so it is quite economic. I love it !
      • -
        I have just come back from a wonderful holiday in Mauritius, and I am ecstatic about this product! It stayed on on all day while I waterskiied, swam in the sea and pool, sunbathed and golfed!! I am hooked for life, it is truly amazing and easy to apply. I chose the Blonde shade which is perfect for Blonde hair.
      • Gotthebeautybug
        Game changer
        So, once in a while a product in the beauty world is launched which is genuinely different from the rest and is a game changer. There has been a lot of hype about the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade - 'it last ages', 'it looks so natural' and 'you only need a tiny bit each time'. I can safely say, that this time, the hype is merited. I finally caved in and I'm so glad that I did.

        I even featured this a in my Beauty Scenario video (

        This is way better than the Mac brow powder or even the Soap and Glory archery pencil. Choose the right shade and you're onto a winner!
      • JB
        I have the colour Dark Brown. I have Asian dark brown hair and very sparse brows. I have a bit oily T-zone and am a newbie when it comes to makeup. The colour suits me very well:) but I think the product is a bit difficult to work with because it is so pigmented, so you can easily put on too much product but that is just practise I guess:)

        The product description says waterproof and smudge-proof. This is not the case with me unfortunately:( On me the product performs as water-resistant mostly on dry skin, and the product never performs smudge-proof on me:( These two factors were essential for me because I have an oily T-zone which means mostly all type of products smudge or fade on me:( so when I heard about this product and read reviews about it I was sure it would become my HG brow product, but no:(

        Even when I have cleansed my face and it is completely dry just by a lightly touch the product smudges a bit on my finger:( this happens both on more natural/lightly application and on more dramatic application:( That is why I gave it 3 stars, because it is very pigmented and it does last for a long time and the colour suits me, but the product does not perform neither waterproof nor smudge-proof:( which is what I am looking for in a brow product.
      • Sarah
        Best product I have ever used!
        I have the dipbrow pomade in medium brown and dark brown, also just ordered soft brown to have all the brown range. The swatches on this website, even Anastasia's, are not very accurate. Some look warm when they are actually ashy. For that reason, I would say you will need to have a little look online to see actual swatches and gauge what colour you really want. Besides that, these are soooo highly pigmented that I only need to dab my brush (Anastasia's No.12 Brush) once or twice for one entire brow!

        They are creamy so they glide on whether you have really dry or super oily skin. It works for all skin types and weather unless its raining makeup remover! You can create all types of brows from natural to highly defined which is really good because it's just one product. It truly is smudge-proof, waterproof and genuinely long long lasting! If you buy this, although it seems pricey, It WILL last a super long time and its one product that does everything. Trust me when I say you won't need another product ever again for perfect brows!
      • Elle Stocks
        Nothing compares!
        Absolutely the best brow product I have ever used, and I've tried them all! It's easy to apply, especially if you look at the tutorials which are all over Instagram. It lasts all day - which is fantastic - and doesn't become patchy. I bought the stable duo brush, pretty much a smaller version of #12 and its brilliant. I get compliments on my eyebrows frequently and is definitely worth spending the money on! I bought mine christmas of 2012 and it's still going strong.

        Also the product is very versatile for whether you want dark and bold or light and naturally perfect. The product I bought is Dark Brown and I have light brown hair and I thought it was way too dark but it how you apply the product! In the video she applies it rather generously but if you out your brows first then push the product up with the flat side of the brush its perfect.

        I would recommend this to everyone! Just practise a few times with different techniques to get the perfect style for you. Definitely a keeper ladies ;-)
      • Jacquie
        Just arrived in the post this morning. I had heard that Dipbrow was hard to manage, however I had no problems at all. I managed to get a natural looking brow something I was not expecting. My partner commented on how he could not get over how the overall effect looked like my own brows had miraculously grown. I also like the look of my slim brow and just know that I will get a super sleek effect when I choose that look. Thanks cult beauty. Anastasia products are virtually impossible to get in Australia therefore I have no doubt I will be sending many people your way! :-)
      • Processing Officer
        I have been trying for agesss to get my hands on this product and I am so glad that I have now! Such a beautiful product! A little goes a long way and its so easy to apply! I even applied it to my Mother's eyebrows and she is in love! Will definitely be purchasing a few of these :) Dont think twice about this - JUST GET IT!!
      • Kita
        Amazing product!
        I love this product so much, there's nothing long lasting like this on the market. I will be using this for as long as CB sell this.
      • Gervs93
        I got chocolate as I have dark brown/black asian hair and it's perfect. Not too dark and looks natural. People are always surprised when I tell them I draw my brows on. I'd give this one a 100/10 if I could! Amazing is the only word to describe it. A little goes a long way so you only need the littlest bit and it stays on all day/night. It's smudge proof and waterproof which is a plus and perfect for holidays too if you're going to be jumping in and out of the pool. I've had mine for months now and there's still loads left. My friends love it and have asked me to get them some too!
      • Bobbibrowngirlie
        Pomade is just a posh name for cream but wow - what a cream. The thought of using a cream in my brows after only just getting used to filling them in with powder was a bit odd but having read the reviews, I wanted to try. So glad I did, it's fabulous. A little goes a long way and the shades are slightly darker than imagined. Overall an excellent purchase so I'm now eager to try other products in the range.
      • Shantii
        This product is ranted and raved about sooo much so I thought I'd give it a try and now I understand why its loved soo much. Some would say it's quite pricey however you only need a small amount each use, its worth every penny if you want gorgeous brows. I ordered dark brown as I have brown hair and medium skin tone, it looks great but It is quite dark so I'm definitely going to try a shade lighter to see if that suits me better or maybe its just an excuse to buy another little pot of gorgeousness! haha :D
      • Shen
        Best brow product ever!!
        Love this product its amazing! I've always had a problem with eyebrow pencils smudging during the day but this stays put the whole day, its completely smudeproof. I was debating between dark brown and chocolate but I got dark brown and its the perfect match. I can't recommend this product enough and I would definitely repurchase :)
      • Stephie
        Holy Grail!
        Trying to find a blonde eyebrow colour that suits me is a serious task. So many appear reddish and I need a more taupe-y colour for them to look natural. The blonde version of this is perfect for me! Its light enough to look natural and the perfect tone. Not only that but its so easy to apply and lasts all day. I cannot imagine finding anything better than this for my brows and despite it being £15, i think it will last a long time. Totally holy grail!
      • Joan
        The Best so far
        I have sparse eyebrows. I have tried everything to make my brows more full without looking fake. This dipbrow pomade seals the deal. I was so amazed and surprised how it made my brows appear fuller yet looks authentic. So seriously impressed. This for me is simply the best solution for sparse eyebrows. well done anastasia :)
      • DL78
        Wow Wow Wow Dipbrow!
        We have all read the hype and waited patiently for this item to arrive - could it possibly live it up to its reputation. Absolutely!! It's amazing! I picked this up in Dark Brown and it's just perfect for my colouring. Makes my eyebrows look so polished and professionally looked after. I tested it to extreme limits by wearing it on a recent spa day. I am astounded to say that it lasted through dips in the pool, heated jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, not to mention the massage I got. It is trully a wonder-product so, what are you waiting for!
      • Vanityrocksmakeup
        Bought this product and it arrived today. I am a make up artist and have been told about this but wasn't sure as I've tried loads and I mean LOADS of brow products. Couldn't wait to wipe off my brows and get this on. It's taken me seconds to do and my brows look amazing, can't get over how fabulous this is. I'm so pleased with how nature it looks, not harsh or caked at all. I went for the dark brown and it's perfect. Going to order the whole collection now!
      • Vana
        I'm such a worry guts when it comes to new products and I tend to wait and wait and wait before I try one which is what I done with this and I am kicking myself now! I love this product! I used to use MAC Fluidline in Dipdown but it's so dry and hard to work compared to the pomade.. Something I definitely love!
      • LIsaM
        I already use the brow gel and brow wiz pencil, but when this finally came back in stock I decided to give it a go. It truly is amazing, I just cannot believe it lasts all day. I opted for the chocolate brown as the blonde is definitely too light and the dark brown didn't look warm enough for my tone. It will take you a few times to perfect, but i dab ever so lightly then I go over with my brow gel and it doesn't budge all day. The only downside its the colour selection, I really think there should be another shade that's slightly darker than the blonde.
      • Maya
        It's like hair on soap
        First of all, thank you cult beauty for the quick delivery - only took 7 working days to Singapore. Awesome.

        This product dries quickly and stays on forever! I need to practice applying this very lightly as only a tiny amount of product is needed to fill brows. I got the dark brown, it does not match my natural dark hair but it still OK - not too much red undertone. Might try the ebony next but with the amount of product in the pot, this will lasts for ages.
      • Film Festival Coordinator
        Great for my no-brows girls.
        My brows are really, really sparse and it has got no tail, at all. I always buy all the new waterproof brow product releases. After finding this products, I don't think I will need to try out more. Because this is perfect! Once I slept with this on my eyebrows and the next morning they were still PERFECT! Defo recommend:)
      • Amy
        Must Have
        I have really oily skin which means brow powders can often disappear towards the end of the day. This stays perfect all day, even through warm weather. My brows look just as perfect at 8pm as they did when they were applied at 7am. I would recommend taking a lot of the excess product off the back of your angled brush before application though, as it is quite easy to go too heavy handed as it is very pigmented.
      • Senior Editor National Newspaper
        Georgia Gatsby
        I bought the blonde shade - absolutely perfect for my reddish hair. Looks natural and doesn't budge.
      • Amy
        I finally managed to get my hands on a pot of 'Dark Brown' and after purchasing, I was very pleased to find it under my letterbox the next day! I was undecided on chocolate or dark brown as I have black/dark brown hair with very pale skin but i'm so glad I went with dark brown as the colour can be worked up as dark or as light as you want it. It glides on smoothly and sets straight away - it literally took me two minutes to do as apposed to the usual ten minutes I'd spend when using a powder. I have had it on for a few hours now and I haven't had to redo it, nor wipe away any smudges. My eyebrows look fresh and well defined, you really wouldn't know that my natural brows are over plucked, uneven and gappy behind it!
      • Alka Bahl
        I love this pomade, it's got a super creamy consistency that makes it very easy to apply and get a natural result. Once on it stays on. It doesn't rub off or slide as the day goes by.
      • Laura
        Get it you won't regret it
        I used to use brow powder as pencil looked too harsh but powder smudged and wore off throughout the day. This stuff is smudge-proof waterproof looks natural and stays put all day. I have very dark brown hair which is almost black I originally ordered the ebony which was a tad too dark I reordered the chocolate which is much better and if I want a darker brow I just add a bit of ebony on the top. I love this stuff and will repurchase as long as cult beauty stock it.
      • Shaheena
        so far so good..
        4* because I only got it today and haven't played around with it much yet. But so far so good! I've been using the Dior eyebrow pencil for the past 3 years, and this costs the same price, and will probably last a lot longer.. so thought I'd try it out and this products is actually amazing! I have read good and bad reviews so was debating whether to buy it or not, but I needed to change my eyebrow routine as it was starting to make my brows look horrible by end of the day! This dipbrow is so smooth and gel like texture, you do have to work into it a bit so it's nice and smooth and not too built up. I've never used anything like this. I've never used gel eyeliner either, so it was all new to me! but I defo recommend to anyone who has f* up eyebrows!

        also, I brought 'Ebony', realising I might have made a mistake and should have gone with 'Dark Brown' instead.. I didn't bother changing order, but then now I'm glad I stuck with Ebony as it's up to you have light/heavy handed you want to be. my everyday I am light-medium handed, and on other occasions I'm medium+ handed. also, I've heard a lot if negativity about the colour.. for myself who have dark, almost natural black hair.. Ebony is perfect and NATURAL!

        note: little goes a LONG way!!!
      • Curlycurl
        Can it get better?
        No it can not. This is by far the best product I ever used for my brows. I have the deepest black hair and dark Brown works great. As soon Cult Beauty have it back, I must order also for my mum.
      • LoveBo
        'Dip'Brow Wow
        Couldnt believe it was back in stock after waiting so long so had to order right away. What a great product - I've been using it with the Brow Stencil kit I purchased and its sooo good. Brows don't budge and when you use a spoolie to brush through, my brows look so natural. It adheres to hairs fantastically and also my 'hairless' areas which I'm trying to grow! Thanks so much Cult Beauty for such speedy delivery. Great service once again.
      • Cat
        Must have
        I've tried many many products and this has to be the very best. Worth the wait and the answer to all sparse eyebrow dilemmas.
      • Skarabaeus79
        Mehr geht nicht, Perfekt!!
        Ich habe so viele verschiedene Arten von Blows produkt gekauft , in Deutschland, in Paris, aber dieses ist einer meiner besten Augenbrauen Produkt, das ich je gekauft habe. Es ist perfekt, ich liebe es. Ich habe meine Augenbrauen Produkt gefunden und ich bin glücklich mit ihm. Das beste Produkt je.

        Google translated - I have bought so many different types of brow products in Germany, in Paris, but this is the best that I have ever bought. It's perfect, I love it. I have my eyebrow product found and I am happy with it. The best product ever, thank you.
      • Kat
        I got mine in blonde thinking it would be too light, but it is perfect for regular blondes. Its more of a med/dark blonde colour! Do not get the other colours if you have fair hair as they will be super dark! As the blonde is dark it doesn't look it though but it is!! I love it!
      • Gaby
        Holy grail product for brows!
        After hearing rave reviews about 'dipbrow' i was eager to try this product out! My did i manage without this!! I used to use gel eyeliners to fill in my brows, but nothing compares to ABH dipbrow! My brows look ammaculate and flawless eachtime even when i am in a rush and just sweep abit of product through my brows they look well groomed and natural. I wore this on holiday and it was meltproof sweatproof and smudgeproof! People always comment on my brows and ask if i have had them 'HD'd'! Amazing product a must have for every woman who anticipates to have natural perfectly shaped eyebrows!
      • Alex
        Lovin it
        I don't know how I ever lived without this product. I ordered Auburn but was too red for me so I reordered the blond and it was perfect, it is still quite dark and covers any gaps perfectly.
      • EssieButton
        The newest brow product that I’ve tried is the Dip Brow Pomade. I find this much easier to apply than the MakeUp Forever Aqua Brows, but is very similar in it’s claims. It’s got a gel-mousse consistency that is very forgiving, but once it sets it stays PUT. I wore this the other day for about 11 hours and it looked amazing at the end of the night. Love it.
      • Rosheen
        First of all I am shocked at how fast delivery was! It came the next day.

        I didn't buy the Anastasia brush to go with it but used a mac brow brow brush that I already had, I only needed a little bit of the product on my brush, the formula is perfect for lining and blending. My brows look natural and full with a really sharp shape - as if I'd just had them threaded!! They are rub-proof too. I am SO happy with this product. I have mid brown hair and got the chocolate shade which seems a really good match. I am so pleased with this purchase!
      • Sammy
        Amazing Product
        Very happy I bought the blonde and chocolate as I am a MUA. Very happy with the chocolate works well for Asian people who don't want really dark brows. Only a little amount is needed to have a natural look so this will last a very long time. Haven't used the blonde one yet. You can line your brows with this product and this fill in the sparse areas. Everyone is commenting on how good my brows look.
      • Pammydoll
        Sparse brows - Holy grail product
        I have very sparse brows (I blame the 80's!) This is brilliant at filling in sparse areas and giving the illusion of fuller brows. It is the consistency of a gel liner and is best applied with a fine angled brush. I prefer to use the brow wiz pencil to "edge" my brows and then fill in with the blonde shade (which is just the right shade, quite ashy, not too light and no red tones) It also works well used with the Anastasia stencils. Overall this will be my "go to" product for my brows for the foreseeable future.
      • Anita
        Worth a buy
        I went for the auburn shade as they didn't have chocolate in stock, my only complaint is if I don't have any make up on and I want to fill the gaps at the start of my eyerbrows then the colour isn't a perfect match, however as for the product itself it's brilliant, looks fresh all day long and gives the sharp, threaded defined look, a total must have, I cannot wait to get the chocolate colour so I can wear it everyday!
      • Rozi
        Love it
        I wore this as soon as it came through the post and had a shower straight after to see if it was really waterproof, i also rubbed my face with my hands but the dipbrow did not budge what so ever. Comes on really nicely, a little use of the product goes a long way. Will buy more as soon as its back in stock
      • Make-Up Artist
        Would recommend
        Nice and easy to apply, good if you have sparse brows as fills them in really well without the colour looking patchy or uneven. Is waterproof as stated, I struggled to remove it all with my cleanser! Worn this all day and looks like it did when I first applied. Have to knock it down a star as I ordered dark brown thinking the blonde would be too light. But unfortunately the dark brown is very very dark and too dark for me (pale skin, medium brown hair) so I will need to blonde (have since seen more photos of this applied and is a nice light brown colour) so knocked down a score due to this and not being able to try the product without loosing money.. Next pay day I will be investing in the lighter shade! :)

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    • Smooth application, waterpoof, smudge-proof, can be used as brow definer and as eye liner. Best applied with one of Anastasia's angled brushes - we recommend #12.