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Brow Wiz By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}

Brow Wiz

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  • Ash Blonde/Taupe
    For platinum to light blonde hair
    Ash Blonde
  • Auburn
    For strawberry blonde to auburn hair
  • Brunette/Dark Brown
    For medium to dark brown hair with warm tones
  • Caramel
    For light brown hair with golden/red undertones
  • Chocolate
    For dark brown hair with warm tones
  • Ebony
    For dark brown to black hair with warm tones
  • Granite
    For very dark brown to black hair with cool/ashy tones
  • Medium Ash/Medium Brown
    For light to mid-brown hair with cool/ashy tones
    Medium Ash
  • Soft Brown
    For medium brown hair with warm highlights
    Soft Brown

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    • Daniel Sandler
      {Make Up Artist}Daniel Sandler
      Totally natural looking
      I really love Brow Wiz Pencils from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I generally prefer a matte shadow to fill in brows as pencils often appear waxey or shiny on gaps, but this pencil is demi-matte which makes brows appear naturally groomed and well-defined. I also like that the pencil tip is fine so you can create natural-looking, little feathery strokes or a nice sharp point as you taper the brow to a fine end.
    • Kenneth Soh
      {Make Up Artist}Kenneth Soh
      The best brow pencil I use
      The incredibly fine nib allows you to draw brow hairs one by one. The texture is quite firm, but non scratchy and the blonde is probably my favourite blonde brow pencil ever! I've used it to recreate non existent brows to a full brow without it looking harsh or drawn on. Just perfect.
    • Liz Martins
      {Make Up Artist}Liz Martins
      For super-natural brow enhancement...
      All hail the queen of eyebrows! I adore these pencils as they give the perfect feather light touch to fill in your brows, the pencil's super-fine nib mimics individual hairs perfectly - once you have created your perfect brow just brush through with the spooley to blend through and you have the perfect brows. My kitbag ESSENTIALS!
    • Elle
      Just thought I'd write a quick note to retract my previous review claiming it's short-lived. I wrote that review at the very beginning of May and had already ordered a new one just because I love it so much, order came within days (Thanks, Cult Beauty!) and it is now nearly September and there's still quite a bit of pencil left. Considering I use this thing every day, I can't believe it's still going strong. Amazing - we spoke, Anastasia, and you listened! Genuinely never ceases to amaze me how natural and good quality this pencil is. Forever repurchasing!
    • Marie
      Amazing brow pencil!
      This product is really worth the money. Before I bought this i had a cheap Rimmel one and the difference is astounding. It's easy to use and you can build the product up, and best of all it's very natural looking.

      Also, the delivery is extremely fast, I ordered on a Thursday evening and it arrived Saturday morning. The packaging is also lovely.
    • Alexandra
      Great brow product!
      This is a great pencil. I love it because it's not red toned like the cheaper, and even some more expensive (hello Benefit), brow products. I only gave this 4 stars because I'm in love with the dip brow by Anastasia and find this requires quite a firm touch to get colour pay off. However it is brilliant for times when you want a slightly more natural looking brow!

      Colour wise.. They don't really match up between this and the dip brow. I have mousy hair and I use the colour taupe in the dip brow. Almost did the same for this one but went for medium ash.. It is the perfect colour-taupe would have been too light!
    • Fatima
      The most natural brow pencil ever
      Another fantastic product from Anastasia ! This shapes my brows so naturally & neatly, I will not need to shop around for anymore brow pencils or spooly's. This can either be just a light filler for no makeup days or can be built upon for more dramatic looks. Perfect !
    • Elle Marie
      I was first told about this product when asking a friend of mine how she did her eyebrows (which always look perfect!). So I bought the dark brown shade. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the product but after knowing how to use it, I am in love! I use it to outline my eyebrows and I use another Anastasia product to fill them in with also bought here online (brow duo). So happy with the product and love the little brush on the opposite end of the brow wiz. Will be repurchasing again!
    • Moya
      Fantastic Produce
      Better than anything else I've used, for the first time I am proud of my brows. Won't use any other brand from now on.
    • Zoe
      Good product
      I loved this product and for a brow pencil it is really good, as you get a natural finish because of its price compared to other products. However the product runs out quickly and for £15 there needs to be a little more in there.
    • Venus
      I really love this product, I think it is my 4th or 5th brow wiz buy now. The colour is natural and realistic. I'm brunette, my brows look very natural after I use it. It's also easy to use, it does the job amazingly.
    • Britta
      I ABSOLUTELY believe the hype!!!
      This was one of my first purchases on Cultbeauty.co.uk and I heard about this particular product online. I was super excited to try it and I must say that I was not disappointed. It is very easy to use. It stays on all day. You don't "loose" your eyebrows in a rainy situation and it blends into my brows with perfection! I will definitely be purchasing this product again when the other one runs out. (Oh! and I am fair with light brown/blonde hair and I bought taupe and it works!)
    • Jojo
      OMG... Despite it's high price it is worth buying product! I have actually learnt how to properly fill in my eyebrows with it! I have used different things before such as MAC eye shadow in 'Omega' and MUFE Aqua Brow no 25 (I'm a 'bronde' as JLo would say ;-) - not a blond not a brunette, but light hair with dark eyes and to give an example that might help: NW20 foundation from MAC) but Brow wiz is the easiest way to learn! I'm impressed how easy and how my skills have improved using it. Besides buying from cultbeauty is quick and satisfactory. Thank you and I'll be back for more!
    • Nakat
      Good product, bad product
      I think the colour is fantastic, the best I have tried, which is a few, but the brush end snapped off after less than a week and the pencil end is very narrow, which is good for application but I feel that you really don't get much for your money as you need to use a fair bit with the pencil being so fine.
    • Jazzyks
      Cult product if used correctly
      Have used the 'Ebony' pencil for almost a year combined with the Soap and Glory dupe and I love them (olive skin, dark hair). Natural, easy to use, filled in and not powdery at all.

      My only issues would be that it really doesn't last too long and it isn't really until you've finished with it you realise it's done with but this may be down to using it to fill rather than just outline. This is something i've seen lots of people debate in terms of the intended usage of the product however overall, it is definitely my favourite brow product and the first of many I try from the range!
    • Emma
      Natural brows
      Really like this pencil - I use it everyday. With a sharp point and light strokes, it looks very natural and just tidies things up without being too heavy, That being said, you can also build it up if you like that look or have quite sparse brows. I've only given it 4 stars because I somehow can't get that excited about a brow pencil - I just love my skincare!
    • Lucy
      Precise & fool-proof
      I keep coming back to buy this product, it is the best brow pencil I have ever tried. The size of the pencil makes it easy to draw perfect brow hairs, the formula is just right for drawing them on. The packaging is very versatile as well, with a twisty pencil so you don't need to carry a sharpener with you. The other end has a spooley as well, that is smaller than a regular one, making it easier to blend out harsh lines on your brows. My HG brow pencil for sure!
      I'll never buy anything else!
      Just the best eyebrow pencil by far I've ever used! I have medium brown hair that is dip dyed to bright blonde and I use the Medium Brown pencil. The pencil is so fine and precise that you can go for a really natural defined look or build up for a more nighttime look. Mine lasts me at least 3 months at a time as you don't need to press very hard for a really good payoff. On it's own it leaves a lovely satiny finish but can be used underneath powder. I sometimes use it under the Dipbrow if it's a special occasion and I want my brows to not budge at all. The thing I love most is that it matches my hair perfectly, most pencils are too warm for me or too dark, but this is the most beautiful ash brown that looks perfectly natural.
    • Su
      Ebony Brow Wiz
      I usually keep this in my bag to touch up the ends after a long day or during nights out and it is amazing! Love using this in conjunction with the dipbrow pomade to create naturally feathery eyebrows. Totally worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone.
    • Megan
      Best brow product I've tried
      Medium ash/brown was my perfect colour not too dark or red as I have very light ashy hair, only thing I've found is that it comes of slightly during the day in my more sparse areas. Apart from that I love it and would re purchase it again!
    • Catherine
      Best eyebrow product!
      Taupe is just the perfect brow colour for blondes - if you find so many products are too red toned, definitely give this a go! So easy to use and gives a lovely natural result.
    • SianS
      Just love it! This is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used. Its so fine, I can get the exact shape I want. Plus it looks very natural!
    • Catarina
      Best brow product I have used, it definitely defines your brows without making it look 'fake'
    • ladybird747
      Anastasia, keeping my eyebrow game on point!
      I use this when I am going for my ''no-make-up make-up look'' because the pencil is so natural and gives such a gorgeous finish. The spooly on the other end is the perfect tool for blending. eyebrows on point everyday!
    • Kyra
      I'll never look back
      This is my go to eyebrow product! The nib is so fine it allows you to mimic tiny hairs. With applying different pressures, you can create both a natural and an intense brow. I also love the spoolie on the other end.
    • Valerie
      Great product
      The best brow pencil I've ever tried. I use it to fill in my brows and give them some shape. The colour works perfectly on my brows and the pencil is really easy to use without making my brows look drawn on.
    • Hannah
      Excellent all round!
      This pencil is absolutely the best I've ever used. Medium Ash has no red undertone, unlike a lot of other brown pencils, which is great for my cool colouring. It's not too soft, so you can easily avoid that awful 'tattooed on' look. The fine nib lets you apply precisely and it's not too waxy, so it looks really natural. It lasts all day for me, even when applied on its own.
    • Downtown Beauty Vibes
      So natural!
      I absolutely loved this brow pencil mainly due to the vast selection of colours! I was previously using a Rimmel brow pencil, however I always felt limited with what I could do because the colour wasn't completely correct. I purchased the medium brown colour and it is perfect. Looks completely natural with either "soft brows" or bolder brows. Very matt and having the spoolie brush on the other end is a god send.
    • Sheer
      Awesome & worth the hype!
      Heard raves about the brow wiz and finally found this available for international shipping on Cult Beauty at a competitive price.

      Tried 2 shades - Brunette and Medium Brown (formerly known as Medium Ash). Both work for me as I have black to dark brown hair but personally prefer Medium Brown for a softer look and more cool-tone effect. The pencil tip is fine and the best part is the spoolie brush is soft and excellent for evening out any harsh lines and tidying your brows.

      As mentioned in the product description, this pencil is very fragile! When travelling, I brought one in my make-up pouch in my check-in luggage on a flight. Due to luggage handling, the pencil nip broke and fell out of product, the spoolie brush also fell off! Otherwise, a great product worth every cent.
    • The Gray One
      I'm hooked!
      I am visiting Cult Beauty's website to order my fourth Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I've tried several high-street eyebrow pencils in the past but simply none come close to this! The pencil is long-lasting and, thankfully, not as soft as other eyebrow pencils I've tried - therefore, I am able to create very fine, natural lines with the pencil. It never requires sharpening and lasts for months. Additionally, I have very oily skin, though as the pencil is quite hard it stays on all day without smudging. I would definitely recommend this product!
    • SK
      Just the best eyebrow pencil in the world!
    • Elle
      Hype is true - short-lived though :(
      After seeing raving reviews everywhere I just had to purchase it. I have a weird OCD habit of pulling some of my eyebrow hairs out (it's called trichotillomania, I'm not completely mad), and I naturally have thick brows...so I look pretty odd without make-up on. This product, however, has literally saved me, my patchy brows and my face. I've never used such a fine pointed pencil that can mimic hairs so naturally, it takes a little time but so worth it. This is literally the epitome of good make-up. I also think it's pretty inexpensive (apologies to those who beg to differ on the price, but compared to the Tom Ford and Hourglass pencils, £15.50 is not a lot of money). Only slight room for improvement could be if the actual pencil was a little longer, I've been through two of these and am now back to my soap & glory archery pencil for the time being (which IS comparable, but quite as good). Can't wait for my third pencil to come through the post!
    • Emilee
      Very impressed
      Loved this product for very natural looking eyebrows. I have quite dark brown hair and I use the ash blonde/taupe pencil and it is definitely a perfect match. Lasted me about a month, a highly recommended product and very easily and buildable to apply. Also amazing service from Cult Beauty, such fast delivery! So happy I discovered this website and always use it.
    • CK
      Really wanted to believe THE HYPE! :(
      I am a certified product junkie! I occasionally blog about my hero brands so have tried a battalion of eyebrow tints/pencils/powders. After reading 100's of A ☆ reviews for the Brow Wiz I was soooo excited to rip open the Cult beauty little black package. I did enjoy using the lovely slim Brow Wiz pencil with handy spoolie brush and I didn't experience any snapping of the lead. However there was not a lot of product to justify the price tag. Im very happy to pay more for high end make up but would expect it to last longer than 4 weeks! I ordered chocolate, and with hindsight, I should have chosen a darker colour as my hair is very dark brown with olive skin so chocolate was far to light and didn't match up to fill in brows (my own mistake).

      The fine tip was brilliant for drawing outline and feathering the tail of brows but I did need to fill in with powder. Consistency not as heavy as I would of liked for fashion brows. I could of managed all of these little negatives but for the fact that the Brow Wiz had less staying power than a £5.30 pencil :/ I would hope my eyebrows stayed put at worst after a day at work at best after a 5 minute snog.....sadly they did not. Half way through the day I had lost a tail from my left brow making me look very quizzical! In conclusion ; nice enough product but did not do what I needed it to do which is stay on my brows. Back to the drawing board :(
    • ck
      not sure about the hype? :(
      I was soooo excited to get my brow wiz that's when I got the cultbeauty black parcel I ripped it open to try at work! Ok so I ordered chocolate as I have olive skin and dark brown hair/eyes and with hindsight maybe I should have ordered a darker shade but the colour match wasn't brilliant (but that's my mistake- Choc bit light) Packaging of pencil excellent nice thin case and easy to manipulate + spoolie at end. I didn't experience any snapping of lead so that was reassuring. When applying, apart from light colour, did go on nicely- not too waxy but not as heavy as I would of liked for my desired heavier eyebrow shape.

      The biggest problem for me was the lack of staying power! :( I use use high end make up so am used to enjoying some longevity with quality products but the brow wiz did let me down sadly. Previously I've used HD Brows pencil and set with Benefit brow powder; I used the brow wiz and set with powder + clear gel and the tails of my brows slide off after a 2 minute snog and one morning at work! I was surprised as had read 100's of excellent reviews on blogs and in magazines. My skin is moderately oily but I use primer and my make up does usually hang around til I'm safely in my front door after an 8 hour day. In conclusion I'm still using the brow wiz but do top up with a bareminerals pencils/powder combo to keep put. Maybe I will try a darker shade or the dip pomade? xx
    • G1990
      Amazing! But the swatches are not accurate
      I had reservations when this arrived as the swatch on the box looked glaringly different to that which I had ordered. Needless to say when used it was amazing, so don't be fooled by the colour on the box, try it out!!
    • Xtine
      Great but..
      I liked this product so much that I purchased a second one after the first one finished however after a couple of uses the lead fell out. I am very disappointed because for the price I expected a better quality product.
    • -
      Heidih, HH
      This really is a whizz!!
      After years of over plucking and little regrowth in sight....this fills in brows beautifully and most importantly.... naturally! As a "brow pencil amateur" this is really user friendly. Will definitely be repurchasing!!
    • Izzy
      This is my favourite brow product which I constantly repurchase from this site. However, the last two that I have purchased have been faulty and the lead has fallen out as soon as I open the lid. The leads are now broken into pieces as they constantly fall out f the pencil. I am very disappointed.
    • Nan
      Not happy at all
      I wont be purchasing it again. I really like the color, but the pencil lead fell out and broken in half when I removed the cap. I am really unhappy as I really like the color.

      CULT BEAUTY - We are really sorry to hear this, you must have received a faulty one. We will of course replace this and have sent you an email.
    • Sine
      This is a great product for the brows. It goes on smooth and stays flawless through the day. I love the detail of having a brush in the other end.
    • Dory
      Brows best friend
      After trying out several brow pencils/powders and being disappointed with the results they were giving me, I came across Anastacia in a beauty blog. I thought I'd give this a go and was so pleased with how it made my brows looked so defined yet so natural looking (you can't really be too heavy handed with this).. I have light BROWN hair and fair skin.. I originally bought the chocolate brown shade being a brunette but found it to be a bit too dark and harsh on me, so I now use the ash blonde shade which is perfect for me. This is definitely my #1 essential make-up item! Wouldn't be without it.
    • Tinu
      I debated with myself over and over before buying this product, but I'm glad that I decided to purchase. Unlike other brow pencils it doesn't give you a drawn on effect. it allows you to have full looking brows effortlessly. I like the fact that the product it's build-able and you can fill them in as little or as much as you want but they will still look like YOUR brows and not tattoos. I love this product and unless another product comes out that does a better job then I will be repurchasing.
    • Massy
      Great but very little product
      I totally agree with reviewer Raine in that the pencil is excellent, looks natural, easy to apply and get into those fine areas but such a small amount for the price. I was actually stunned at how quickly it had run out. I love and have a number of Anastasia products and this pencil is the least value for money by far...
    • Raine
      Best ever but SO expensive
      I've always struggled with brow pencils in the past as they never seem precise enough. The brow wiz is absolutely perfect, simply because the tip is so thin that it will always be precise. My one (quite big) criticism is that it is really expensive for the amount of pencil you get. I used this almost every day and it lasted seven weeks. Just SEVEN weeks! For £15.50!! I've just bought a second one and wound the pencil all the way out to see how much was in there - it's just 1.8cm long. I feel short-changed paying £15.50 for 1.8cm of very very thin pencil. Surely they must have space for at least double that length inside the casing? I really wish another brand would come up with a competitor to this - it doesn't seem like a difficult concept to develop. I don't think there is anything special about the material used in the pencil, what makes it so good is just that it's really thin. I guess just no other brand has thought of it before.
    • Fiona
      Great but...
      In general I think that this is one of the - if not the - best brow products out there. but the last one I received was damaged and the actual product part fell right out of the pencil so that I couldn't use it at all. But as I said, otherwhise it's great and that's why I am going to repurchase it anyways.
    • I love it
      Cambridge, UK
      First of all, I was really impressed from how quickly I got my order!! Thank you so much! The pencil is just amazing, I read a lot of reviews and watched so many tutorials and I can say that brunette is the perfect ashy brown for my brows.. I have tried EVERYTHING as I wanted a pencil that would stay on all day without looking drawn on. My eyebrow tail is missing from over plucking and I think that this does the job perfectly. I will definitely repurchase. Its even better than lingering from MAC.
    • FabmsC
      Best eyebrow pencil, EVER!
      Absolutely amazing results with this pencil. Very natural looking and there is no need to go in too heavily with it either, like some pencils. Well worth the money, other eyebrow pencils are just inferior really.
    • Maria
      I would buy again!
      I have got it in "ash blond" color. It is quite warm shade but without an orange undertone. First I thought that it is ordinary pencil but then I saw the difference - it looks more natural! Anastasia product are really great because they concentrate on eyebrows.
    • Lilshow
      Amazing stuff - if a little expensive...
      These are, by a country mile, the BEST eyebrow pencils I have ever used. They are fabulous - the texture is great, finish is lovely and having the spoolie on the other end helps to distribute the product throughout your brows making for a more natural look. The reason I've only given it four stars, however, is the price vs how much you actually get for your money. I don't mind at all paying for stuff, especially when it's as good as this - and I'll definitely be buying again - but you don't seem to get very much product for your money. That's my only gripe about an otherwise fab product...
    • Beauty Blogger & freelance writer
      Nickname...Strawberry Blonde
      All time favourite
      This is *THE* ultimate brow pencil, esp for blondes (inc strawberry blondes!). It has a super fine nib (twist-up, no sharpening) which is the perfect density for applying fine hair-like strokes, defines while looking 100% natural and lasts all day. My brows are very fair and a little sparse, but you'd never know when I've used this.

      I use the lightest shade, Ash Blonde, which is a lovely ashy taupe (zero orangey tones) and am now off to order my 6th! I'm forever indebted to Kenneth Soh for introducing me to this product & to Cult Beauty for stocking it (no longer have to buy from US).

    • Sophie Scribbles
      Lovely Finish
      Absolute eyebrow saviour! Applied softly and with ease, did not leave harsh lines at all. The brow wiz definitely halved my eyebrow styling time. The only fault I have with this is that it does not last very long in comparison to brow powders or pencils.
    • Kat
      Love this! It's so easy to use leaving brows defined yet very natural looking. Very quick so perfect for on the go and the little brush on the end really grabs each hair to comb it in place. Definitely repurchasing this!
    • Jules
      The best ever!
      I've used lots of eyebrow pencils but this is by far the best. The Med Ash colour is perfect for my mid brown hair and is a definite Ash with no hint of warm tone. Love it.
    • Hayley Campbell
      Make up artist must have!
      This eyebrow pencil is hands down the best I have ever used. I have one for myself and stock them in my makeup kit. Clients constantly ask me where to buy from and comment on the amazing result. Super easy to use, perfect for travel and gives incredibly natural results. LOVE!
    • -
      Even I can do it!
      I love makeup, but I am terribly clumsy and definitely do not possess a steady hand. Up until now, I've been using another brand of brow pencil in a semi-effective, but really quite unsatisfactory way.

      Brow Wiz is superior in so many aspects. Firstly, it's retractable and has a small, blunt point, which means that you never, ever need to sharpen it (how much product gets lost and snaps off when you try to sharpen most brow pencils - it's so annoying!). And it means you can also draw on authentic-looking brow hairs. The waxy pencil stays put once drawn on and lasts from first thing in the morning until I go to bed at night. No smudging or fading.

      The brush at the other end of the pencil is terribly handy and can be used to firstly prepare your brows for drawing and then for grooming the brows into shape and also making the drawn on bits look even more natural. My hair is mid-blonde and the Ash Blonde colour is exactly right for me. Finally, I can create my perfect eyebrows.
    • Retired Fund Raiser
      Fabulous product - best ever!!
      After wasting money (for years) trying to find an eyebrow product that works and looks natural ... I've found it with the Brow Wiz. This is my second purchase in Medium Ash Brown. It's quick and extremely easy to get perfect looking brows - and considering my brows are sparse and anything but well behaved - that is a miracle. Love this product - never want to be without it. Thank you Anastasia.
    • -
      At last!!
      I have nightmare brows; lost through chemo with random regrowth, plus a scar running through my left brow which is bald....urgh! I've tried everything on the market but this little beauty is the only one that looks natural and is completely idiot-proof, plus the colour (blonde) is beautiful; I have read that the new Anastasia Brow Gel is fabulous, so might try that next, but this is my new friend for life!!
    • NiccyD
      Can't believe how good this is! After years having to fill in my sparse, overly-plucked brows (as a teen) this does the job so much better than anything else I've tried. The tip is so thin so really accurately shapes and defines. Filling them in is no longer a chore and it looks natural. I've heard that Mac do a good one too but I'd be surprised if it could be any better than this. I no longer feel self conscious about my brows and no need to hide them under wisps of hair anymore! Will be ordering again. My new staple!
    • Actress
      Nifty Little Brow Wiz
      When I received this skinny little eyebrow pencil after hearing all about how wonderful it was and only just getting used to the jumbo Hourglass pencil I can't lie I was a little disappointed...until that is, I used the nifty little thing!

      This is a must have item for any girl about town who loves a polished, groomed look to her brow. It's fab, lasts all day and is as precise as you want it to be. I am really enjoying my Brow Wiz and highly recommend you give it a go.
    • EssieButton
      My favourite eyebrow pencil in the world!
      My favourite eyebrow pencil in the world! This has such a precise application, is quick and looks very natural. It comes with a spooly on the other side so you have everything you need. My only issue with this is that I go through it so fast!

    • Amelia Liana
      So finely pointed that no matter how much of a harsh line it still manages to look natural. Creamy and blend-able enough that it’s easy to blur out any mistakes. No coloured in look here ladies, skinny nibbed mechanical pencil makes eyebrow maintenance an absolute breeze. This has been applied multiple times in the back of a dimly lit taxi – it’s just that simple to use. Can’t fault it!

    • nikkihollis
      So easy to use and so natural. The first brow pencil that doesn't make my sparse brows look drawn on. Saw this reviewed in The Sunday Times and am so glad I tried it. Very impressive indeed.
    • starligh92
      I LOVE this product! It looks so natural when you apply it to your brows, will be reordering another to stock up.
    • Sanna
      All the praise is true!
      I have really tried almost everything that is available for brows on the German market (which I found to be sparse in choices) - from drug store brands to high end. Sadly always something was off-color, texture or it just wouldn't stay put.

      So when Anastasia was first available in Germany I went for the Brow Genius Kit - which is great too, but I found it to be a bit too much for everyday. So I got the Brow Wiz and I am smitten! Brows are now done in a minute and the look fantastic. I have blackish-brown hair, am super pale and I found the color brunette to be a fantastic match, I will definitely buy this little wonder again.
    • -
      More of them, please :)
      I´m here to buy more of this amazing brow pencil! This stuff is amazing and the best I've ever tried! The "caramel" color is beautiful with brunette to medium brown/dark brown hair colours!
    • Cris
      I've just recently realized that my eye brows don't look their best... I've been over tweezing them but I can't be bothered to powder or spend ages on them so this is perfect for me, quick and easy.
    • Jane Bradley (Make-up Artist)
      Great shade range
      I fell in love with the Brow Wiz after the first use and agree with every review so far on this page, but I must just mention the shade range which is excellent. Anastasia Soare has clearly really given much thought into providing exact shades to match a wide selection of hair colours. I use the Brunette on the bulk of my clients but when i have a redhead in the chair I reach for the Caramel or you might prefer the more traditional Brow Pencil in Strawburn which is slightly more gingery. Thumbs up!
    • Tina Brocklebank
      At last!!
      At last! an eyebrow pencil that is natural looking, easy to apply and stays on all day! Its great too as it has a little spoolie on the other end to brush through if needed. Highly recommended! fab...just need to stock up now...please do not discontinue!!
    • Ella
      Not a scouse-brow in sight!
      It's so easy to use and light, so your brows don't look overdrawn. My hair is a very dark brown and I got Brunette, which perfectly matches my almost black eyebrows! It's worth the price and does its job amazingly.
    • Laura
      Great product!
      I found this to be perfect! This is my second purchase.
    • Nuria
      No cambiaré
      Para mi es el mejor producto para las cejas. He probado otros lápices y kits de cejas en polvo, pero éste lápiz es el que más me gusta por lo práctico que es, lo fácil de usar que es. Su mina es muy muy fina, no he visto otro lápiz con la mina tan fina. Es retráctil. La mina no es ni muy dura ni muy cremosa, y dura mucho. Tengo que decir que me lo pongo incluso cuando voy al gimnasio y con el sudor y todo no se me ha corrido ni una vez, además es muy natural, no cantea nada y eso es de lo mejor. Mi tono es el brunette (mis cejas son absolutamente negras) y me va genial. Si no das con tu producto para las cejas prueba éste ;)
    • maria
      Best by far
      I've try almost every brand brow make up and this is the best by far. I have tiny brows with lot of "holes" to fill and this pencil is like magic! It covers and shapes brows in a natural way so your brows don't look painted. Colour is natural and realistic, I'm blonde ash, my brows look light gray, and ash blond mimic my real colour. I can´t believe it after years searching, I finally found it. You have to try to believe, Anastasia's reputation is for real.
    • P.A
      Good product
      Don't get the 4 star rating wrong- I loved this product, so much so I've just ordered another one. My only annoyance was that it didn't last long for the price... Brow wiz is great though. I'm terrible with my eyebrows, they like to 'go their own way' and I have to draw the shape that I want them to be. With this pencil, it still looks natural instead of the tattooed effect you get with the likes of Rimmel. Wish there was a way of knowing before it runs out though!

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  • For best results, use short upwards stroke in the direction of hair growth. Fill in any gaps and extend where necessary, making sure to blend with the brush for even, natural looking coverage. Make sure you always do this in really, really good light, preferably sunlight, and always blend with the brush after drawing on your brow area.