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Brow Powder Duo By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}

Brow Powder Duo

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  • Ash Blonde/Taupe
    Suggested for light to dark blonde hair
    Ash Blonde/Taupe
  • Ash Brown
    Light to Dark Blonde Hair with Cool or Ashy Tones/Light to Medium Skin Tones. For Light Brown Hair with Ashy Cool tones for subtle definition
    Ash Brown
  • Auburn
    Strawberry Blonde to Auburn and Burgundy Hair/Light to Medium Skin Tones
  • Brunette/Dark Brown
    Medium to Dark Brown Hair with Warm Tones/Light to Deep Skin tones
    Brunette/Dark Brown
  • Chocolate
    Dark Brown Hair with Warm Tones in Both Skin and Hair/Light to Medium Skin Tones or for Deep Skin with Cool Tones to add Warmth
  • Ebony
    Dark Brown to Black Hair with Warm Tones/Medium to Deep Skin Tones
  • Golden Blond
    Golden Blonde to Dark Blonde hair with Warm Tones/Light to Medium Skin Tones
    Golden Blonde
  • Granite
    Very Dark Brown to Black Hair with Cool or Ashy Tones/Light to Deep Skin Tones
  • Medium Brown
    Light to Medium Brown Hair with Cool or Ashy Tones/Light to Medium Skin Tones
    Medium Brown
  • Soft Brown
    Medium Brown hair with Warm Highlights/Light to Medium Skin Tones
    Soft Brown
  • Caramel
    For redheads & strawberry blonds

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    • Weybridge, GB
      Best brow product!
      This brow product is literally amazing! I'm not blessed with a natural arch & have always struggled to find the right product for those of us who don't have naturally full brows but using this powder along with her angle cut brow brush allows you to create an easy natural looking arched brow! The powder has a really soft look which is much more natural looking that the harshness you can get from a pencil, and it stays on until you take it off. I would definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for a staple product for amazing brows! :)
    • -
      Asaa, DK
      My HG for brows!
      This is one of my favorite make-up products. I simply love this powder. It lasts forever, and stays on my brows from early morning until I remove it at night. This is an HG for me.

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  • Use short feathery strokes with a stiff brush, to fill in sparse brows and build coverage gradually. Apply the darker shade first to establish the desired shape, and then layer the lighter shade on top until you're satisfied with the colour.