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Anastasia Soare is known as THE definitive eye and brow expert. For examples of her work look to Charlize Theron, J-Lo, Madonna, Megan Fox, Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Oprah and Penelope Cruz (phew), all of whom have been lucky enough to benefit from the unparalleled ‘Anastasia’ eyebrow treatment. Former architect-turned-eyebrow maestro, Anastasia’s expertise shines through in every element of her self-named range; from the brilliant waterproof DipBrow Pomade, to her innovative yet practical selection of powders, pencils, tools and brushes. Nothing will give you better looking brows than Anastasia Beverly Hills!

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Must haves

  1. Brow Kit

    Brow Kit

    By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}
    This eyebrow kit contains Anastasia's five bestselling products. You will find it has everything your brows need, whether it's first aid for the effects of too much plucking, or a little...
  2. Brow Powder Duo

    Brow Powder Duo

    By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}
    These Brow Powder Duos grant you beautifully defined brows no matter what your starting point. Whether blessed with natural caterpillars or struggling with a few rogue strands, this...
  3. DipBrow Pomade

    DipBrow Pomade

    By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}
    The eagerly awaited DipBrow Pomade has landed – the easy-to-use, long-lasting answer to eyebrow perfection, no matter the natural state of your arches.
  4. Brow Wiz

    Brow Wiz

    By {Anastasia Beverly Hills}
    Anastasia's Brow Wiz is an ultra fine pencil designed to shape, fill and plump out sparse or unshapely brows. It avoids the 'coloured in' look using a skinny, mechanical nib that can...