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Specialising in gently resurfacing and regulating overactive and sensitive skins, Alpha-H is renowned for its ability to correct and perfect even the most problematic complexions. Michelle Doherty founded the brand after years of battling with her own, seemingly incurable adult acne and pioneered the use of Glycolic Acid in skin care – as a treatment for breakouts and scarring, as well as for its anti-ageing, collagen-boosting brilliance. Now, the brand has a global following and is used the world over to banish blemishes, unify uneven skin-tones and restore a more radiant, youthful glow.

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Must haves

  1. Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

    Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

    By {Alpha-H}
    Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum works hard as you slumber, to un-do the day’s damage and gradually repair the long term ravages wrought by too much fun, sun and exposure to...
  2. Liquid Gold Supersize

    Liquid Gold Supersize

    By {Alpha-H}
    Alpha-H's beloved Liquid Gold just got super-sized! Excellent news for the die-hard fans for whom this is the nearest thing to elixir-of-youth...
  3. 4 Piece Skin Balancing Collection

    4 Piece Skin Balancing Collection

    By {Alpha-H}
    With all the Alpha-H you need to quickly re-establish your skin’s equilibrium, this stellar 4-piece kit contains some of the brand’s best-selling products, for £42 less than their...
  4. Luxe Kit

    Luxe Kit

    By {Alpha-H}
    A luxury gift set for any Alpha-H aficionado, Luxe Kit is a comprehensive range of cleansing, brightening, nourishing and protective products to re-establish skin’s equilibrium, eliminate...