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    ZIIP BeautyNano Current Skincare Device<p>Created by a dedicated team of electrical engineers, scientists, medical doctors, researchers and skin care experts, ZIIP Beauty&#8217;s Nano Current Skincare Device paves the way for a completely new category of at-home beauty treatment. When used in conjunction with the Golden Conductive Gel (an 80ml pump bottle is included &#8211; sufficient for approximately two months' use), the skin-beneficial &#8216;electrical cocktails&#8217; increase cell energy; re-charging cell&#8217;s &#8216;battery packs&#8217; to boost levels of ATP which works to stimulate creation of elastin, collagen and moisture-retaining glycosaminoglycans. A &#8216;work out&#8217; for your cells, tissue and facial muscles, this is the perfect way to delay and reverse existing signs of ageing &#8211; firming, lifting and re-densifying skin to diminish the visibility of fine lines, counteract cr&#234;pey-ness and even combat acne and scarring.</p><p>Ergonomically designed and incredibly easy to use, the device comes pre-programmed with the &#8216;Energise&#8217;, all-round anti-ageing &#8216;electrical cocktail&#8217;. You can then download the ZIIP Beauty app to access the three other treatment modes: &#8216;Sensitive Energise&#8217; for sensitive skin types or those with broken capillaries, high colour or rosacea, &#8216;Vitaleyes&#8217; to diminish dark circles and fine lines around the delicate eye area and &#8216;Total Clearing&#8217; to combat acne bacteria and rapidly restore clarity to blemish-prone complexions.</p><p>To learn more about ZIIP Beauty and its benefits, click {<a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/blog/2016/06/how-does-ziip-beauty-work" target="_blank">here</a>} to read our Q&amp;A with the brand founder and creator, Melanie Simon.</p>ZIP00176708513670060194 stars, based on52 reviews 425.00Cult BeautyNew
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    ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device

    ZIIP Beauty
    Nano Current Skincare Device

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    • Why it's Cult

      Update your app to gain access to the new 'Instant Gratification' program - a four-minute, intensive rapid re-sculpt that's ideal ahead of an important event.

      ZIIP harnesses the cell-stimulating power of tiny electrical currents – including nano-currents which mimic the body’s own impulses – to kick-start cells and optimise their efficiency. Controlled by an app, you can adjust the setting to address specific skin concerns – from first signs of ageing to acne and lost elasticity – with tangible results in just four weeks. It’s the nearest thing to a Harley Street treatment at home.

    • Description

      Created by a dedicated team of electrical engineers, scientists, medical doctors, researchers and skin care experts, ZIIP Beauty’s Nano Current Skincare Device paves the way for a completely new category of at-home beauty treatment. When used in conjunction with the Golden Conductive Gel (an 80ml pump bottle is included – sufficient for approximately two months' use), the skin-beneficial ‘electrical cocktails’ increase cell energy; re-charging cell’s ‘battery packs’ to boost levels of ATP which works to stimulate creation of elastin, collagen and moisture-retaining glycosaminoglycans. A ‘work out’ for your cells, tissue and facial muscles, this is the perfect way to delay and reverse existing signs of ageing – firming, lifting and re-densifying skin to diminish the visibility of fine lines, counteract crêpey-ness and even combat acne and scarring.

      Ergonomically designed and incredibly easy to use, the device comes pre-programmed with the ‘Energise’, all-round anti-ageing ‘electrical cocktail’. You can then download the ZIIP Beauty app to access the three other treatment modes: ‘Sensitive Energise’ for sensitive skin types or those with broken capillaries, high colour or rosacea, ‘Vitaleyes’ to diminish dark circles and fine lines around the delicate eye area and ‘Total Clearing’ to combat acne bacteria and rapidly restore clarity to blemish-prone complexions.

      To learn more about ZIIP Beauty and its benefits, click {here} to read our Q&A with the brand founder and creator, Melanie Simon.

    • How to use

      Download the ZIIP Beauty app from iTunes and on Android.

      Simply choose a treatment from the ‘electrical cocktail’ menu – ‘Energise’, ‘Sensitive Energise’, ‘Vitaleyes’ or ‘Total Clearing’ – and tap on your selection,

      An alert will pop up saying ‘Send this treatment to your ZIIP?’ – tap the button to do so.

      If you need to turn on your ZIIP Skincare Device, or enable bluetooth on your Smartphone, a message will ask you to do so.

      Then, once bluetooth and ZIIP are enabled, the treatment will be sent to your device – you will know this has happened when the lights on your ZIIP begin flashing and a ‘tick’ appears on the screen (it happens quickly so watch closely).

      Ensure the treatment area is clean and prepped with ZIIP’s Golden Conductive Gel, then begin your chosen treatment:

      Energise – 12 mins total: 6 mins on each side of the face, starting at the neck to stimulate lymphatic drainage and create a ‘channel’ for toxin elimination.

      Sensitive Energise – 12 mins total: 6 mins on each side of the face

      Vitaleyes – 2-4 mins total

      Total Clearing – 8 mins total

      For best results, conduct the treatment 2-3 times a week. Varying your treatments will stimulate skin more effectively, resulting in a more rapid improvement in skin’s health and appearance. 

    • Full ingredients list

      1 x ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device

      1 x Golden Conductive Gel (80ml pump bottle)

      1 x charger (USB cable + wall charger)

      1 x sealable, padded travel bag

      1 x cleaning cloth

      1 x user guide

      1 x illustrated instructions

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    ZIIP Beauty - Nano Current Skincare Device

    ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device Reviews

    half half but mostly disappointed
    ok, I never write reviews but I can't find any information about my experience with this device so I’m writing a review. I bought the device in 2018 and I genuinely thought it lifted my face and helped with active breakouts, (but side note, I attribute my acne clearing to the calluma light) I was using it every other day on basically every programme and wiping it straight after use and with alcohol as suggested by the company. About around a year after purchase it started to develop these small orange rusts like dots and started to tingle more on the electrode closest to the charging port until it got to a point where I couldn’t use it anymore cause it hurt. I emailed the company and they said this sometimes happens because of overuse of the total clearing and pigment programmes and sent me a new one. I began to use it less because I didn’t want the problem to repeat but now it’s around a year and a half since I’ve had the replacement, using it less than once a week sometimes and it’s again developing the rust spots! because of this, I give it a half review. Love the device for its efficacy and results but hate it for its lack of longevity in use and clear defaults, making the price of this device unreasonable for how long it lasts. disappointed.
    Impressive results
    I was sceptical about this device, although many of my friends have recommended...after just few weeks of use, 2-3x a week: - hormonal pimple scarring have improved, - facial redness have improved, - noticed improvement after each treatment in the 'under-eye area + amazingly structures cheekbones, depuffs face Overall I'm sure it can't be the same result for everyone, but for me its worth every penny spent <3 Highly recommended!
    It isn't worth the money you pay
    I use Ziip every other day, alternating it with Nuface, and for me there is no differences between the two devices. The results come with constancy but while Ziip started not working after a few months, Nuface has been working very well for years and it costs much less. I don't recommend at all Ziip because it seems very cheap and it isn't worth at all the money you pay for it.
    The quality is too poor after the money I paid
    The first device broke down after two months. When I realized the device wouldn’t work, I contacted the company immediately and received a new one. Unfortunately, after 2 years, without any use of this device, the part of the device started to peel, the box of the device is open and couldn’t be sealed. This time, the company told me my device was “too old” and they didn’t have the option of repairing their devices. So I had to give it up. Not speaking of the result of this device, for this price, I am really expecting a better quality product.
    Ziip beauty
    So far good. I really see the results gradually after two months only. Love it!!
    Waste of money
    Stopped working after only 4 months. Complete waste of money
    Broke just 1.5 months after warranty ended
    Really disappointed with this. Although I enjoyed using the Ziip device especially the energising option that I used most often, I feel like it was an expensive device as it stopped working (won’t charge) 1.5 months after the two year warranty ended. My electric toothbrush that I use twice a day and treated with far less care has lasted much longer. Cult Beauty has said they cannot help and referred me to Ziip who said the warranty period had ended. They did not offer an alternative to repair. My device will now end up as another item in the pile of short-lived items manufactured nowadays. Overall, I think that if I had known that my Ziip would last for only 2 years, I would not have spent so much money on it. I definitely expected to have had many more years use out of it.
    One of the best home device
    I’m 35 and I’m been using it for about a month. SO pleased with the result!
    Great skin gadget
    I have been using the Nuface for years before purchasing this. And now I love them both equally for different reasons. The ziip gives you an amazing glow the next morning I can't explain how but it does. The zit-zapping function is great. But my favorite is the eye program. Not only for the skin around the eyes but after a whole day of staring at the computer screen my eyes are super tired. I use the eye program it's very enjoyable and afterwards my eyes feel refreshed and relaxed!
    Unimpressed it’s been a year of fairly regular use and can honestly say I’ve not noticed any difference. Wish I’d gone with Nuface device at least their gel is affordable and more readily available for purchase and delivery.
    Horrible device, I could have a 5 star clinic treatment.
    This product is a waste of money!! After it broke down and I spoke to the company they kept sending me emails do this and that when the product is clearly not responding. The warranty is fake. I wasted tears on a 500$ that I will never get back. When it worked the first 2 weeks I never saw a difference. Wish I'd never bought it.
    Amazing ZIIP
    Having worried about spending such a large amount on this I went ahead a got it. I have to say it is worth every penny. The results even in the first 3 weeks on my 43 year old face are amazing. I have done before and after pics and it makes me look 10 years younger. The wonderful thing is that I can only expect the results to get better and better with regular use. The sag around my mouth and chin are most noticeable, I didn’t even realise I had dodgy pigmentation but tried that programme and my skin is now even coloured all over and my huge pores (pain of my adult life) have shrunk! This device means I won’t have to pay out for fancy facials again or use fancy skin creams and treatments ever again. Once I calculated the savings from those, the amount the ZIIP cost is sensible and the results, WOW, just WOW!
    Return on investment
    This makes my skin glow and enhances the contours of my face. It’s witchcraft! I adore it!
    My findings about the ZIIP Device
    I am tested most home beauty devices on the market. There are a lot of good tools out there. Once and while you come across a device which is just WOW. ZIIP is one of those devices. It is so easy to use, the instructions are simple, the machine is well made. The gel adds extra value to the treatment, I know it is expensive, but I use it as a nice gel as well, and my skin feels great. The device itself just gave the most fantastic results:- Immediate glow Eyes more open Nasal-labial folds softened Jaw more defined Firmer skin Sharper contours I look rested It has an accumulative effect It is a great investment, I will use mine as my main home nano current device from now on. It worth every penny. ***** 5 Star Rating from Home Beauty Device Reviews. Philip.
    Fab item!
    Tried this expensive piece of kit, it was definitely worth the price tag. I’ve had for about a month and can’t imagine not having it. I’m hoping it’s not going to break because it’s so costly! Not sure what warranty this item has but I should look into it because I don’t want to be without this. You won’t regret this purchase.
    Amazing product
    I’m hooked...it helped clear my hormonal acne. I have been using it for less than a month now and I can see results already.
    Just started my review of the device
    I have just started to review this device. I have given it 3 stars to start with for the quality of the build of the device and the instructions manuals, which are excellent. I haven't used the device yet. So I will keep you posted on what I think of this device.
    Annoyed with myself for waiting so long!!
    I had been coming back and forth on this product for months!!!! Reading all the reviews and watching reviews on YouTube. As it's such an expensive device it's not something I would normally impulse buy unlike a lot of other stuff...but I recently I'm fed up of my troubled skin and I can honestly say it's the best thing I ever did!!! I use it 2-3 times a week and my skin has really tightened up. I'm only 28 but the skin around my eyes was starting to show signs of ageing...not anymore!! My skin is smoother and the hoods of my eyes have also reduced...the only one negative thing I would say is that the conductive gel is ridiculously expensive. If I've just spent 425 on the device I don't really want to spend 110 to be able to use it when the bottle it comes with runs out. But still 5 stars I will just try a cheaper gel and see how that goes.
    Amazing results
    I have acne prone skin so I decided to give the Total Clearing programme a try, immediately after my skin felt heald, the following day the pores looked reduced, the blemishes were less irritated and appeared clear. I am 44 and have had acne most of my adult life, this is the only tool that has worked in helping me to keep it at bay, as long as you ensure a good skin cleansing routine. I love using the ZIIP, it's relaxing and delivers on its promise. My routine has been to use the instant gratification programme twice a week, which lifts, tightens and gives you a lovely all over glow. The Total clearing only when I can feel a beginning of a breakout or during to stop it from spreading.
    I bought this after a lot of thought as I wouldn’t ever spend this kind of money but I didn’t regret it. I love it - my skin is glowing and radiant and people have commented on it! The only downside for me is the conductor gel, I don’t like the smell or stickiness but I do love the results so just a small downside! Buy and enjoy the compliments.
    Six Month Update
    I’ve been using this device consistently, 2-3 times per week, for the last six months. Three people have asked me recently if I’ve had “work done” and another friend saw a photo of me and asked if I was aging in reverse. I’m 48, and really don’t look it, and my Ziip is a significant part of that. My eyelids are tighter, my face generally is lifted and has much sharper contours, my nose to mouth lines are lessened, my skin is brighter, and all the facial signs of aging are notably reduced. I use a generic conductive gel, because I’m not convinced that the Ziip branded gel is an order of magnitude different in any way other than the price, and certainly it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the effectiveness of the device. In short, this is eye-wateringly expensive for an at-home treatment, but in my experience, it is absolutely worth it. I would not be without mine now, so here’s hoping it doesn’t break down!
    Ziip Beauty Nano device
    This device is quite marvellous. I am 60 years old and have always looked after my skin, using good quality products and am careful with my diet. Once one gets to a certain age, however, it is sometimes difficult to gauge the efficacy of a product, because so many other factors can contribute to one's complexion not looking it's best (or the reverse) i.e. lack of sleep- v- good night’s sleep, illness, etc. I have often tried something new, thinking it has made a discernible difference and a week or so later, if tired, etc., I’m then not so sure. With the ZIIP, it’s a different story altogether. It’s interesting to read what others say about their specific concerns and the results that they have noticed. From my own point of view, I am in no doubt, having used the device for a couple of months, that irrespective of whether I’m lacking sleep or not (obviously, I think I look better, when rested), the ZIIP makes a huge difference to the quality of my complexion. It’s, generally, more luminous, firmer (especially around the jaw, my neck is far less crepey, to the point that there is almost no crepey-ness at all. Puffiness, dark shadows and lines around the eyes have diminished quite dramatically, and eyelid definition has been restored, with hardly any of the slackness that I was increasingly becoming aware of. All and all, this device has amazed me (and at 60, one can’t help but be sceptical about skincare products and gadgets that purport to do miraculous things. They usually don’t). I thoroughly recommend this device, as it certainly delivers.
    As a 53 year old woman my skin is starting to lose elasticity and tone. So glad I bought this. It is a little fiddly but the results are truly amazing. It arrived a week ago and I used it three times on successive evenings to see what results I could achieve before a wedding. There was some difference after only one use but after three I could see a significant improvement in my jaw line, eyes and neck. I never thought I'd find anything that could help a crepey neck so I'm thrilled. It's expensive but you'll probably never have to pay for facials or expensive skin care again (that's what I'm hoping, any way). Thanks to Wayne Goss for mentioning this on his recent 5 products he'd buy again video.
    very good
    This device has exceeded my expectations, but is no magic wand for acne breakouts ( hence 4 stars ). Suffering a hormonal breakout when I first tried this treatment I noticed that my spots were still very angry and still came to the surface. It did not seem to deter new spots from forming but it did heal the older ones more quickly. But as an anti-ageing device it excels, really noticeable firming and smoothing on my neck skin and nasal folds. It is very simple to use and I don't find the treatment uncomfortable. This was a considered purchase for me but I think it is well worth forking out for as I can genuinely see a difference in the plumpness of my skin, only wish that the gel wasn't so pricey.
    Best Christmas present to myself ever
    I have been using ZIIP 3 times a week since receiving it right after xmas. I wanted to wait a fair amount of time before making a judgement on this device and I can say now that I would actually replace this if it broke tomorrow, although I'm praying it lasts many years obv! The most important aspect of anti ageing is firming and after years of retinols, serums, masks, moisturisers, beauty oils and countless other devices this is the ONLY thing that has made my skin feel firmer and reduced smile lines in any noticeable way. All of those other items continue to hold a place in my heart and my skincare routine but ZIIP is King!
    I love it
    I noticed an improvement after the first use and it's only gotten better over the last four weeks. My skin feels smoother and looks younger. I wish I could use it every night!
    I've only been using the ZIIP for about 2 weeks and already I've seen an improvement. It's cheaper than regular facials and really easy too. I would highly recommend. Thanks Cult Beauty for bringing all these cool new American brands xx
    Didn't last long!
    The device cracked and the gel got into the cracks just after the warranty ended - disappointmed!
    It's just not working
    I am sorry to say but I want to cry thinking about how much money I spent on this. I really bought into their claims and thought that it would improve and lift my eyebrows and firm the skin but it simply doesn't work. I've had it for almost a year and used it consistently but no result. The app is also fiddly and doesn't always work which is very disappointing.
    It stopped working after few months! Wasted money
    Great little gadget
    This product was recommended by the fabulous and honest-non-sponsored YouTube Star Wayne Goss. I was sceptical at first if the price tag justified the results and in my humble opinion, it does!! I use it every day in the morning. One of the settings helps to clear your skin and as a result, I have hardly broken out and if there was a little bump on my skin it would heal much faster than before. I also love the instant gratification setting to get some life into my face in the morning and the vital eye setting to get help with the puffiness around the eye area. Game changer!!!
    Big purchase, no regrets
    Glad I invested, the Ziip has become a luxurious and relaxing part of my routine. I'm 38 and have been using it for a little over two months, every second day. I alternate between the treatments according to what I feel I need, but mostly I do "Energise" or "Instant gratification" followed by the pigment or clearing program. The day after ziiping I see significant improvements in: - Eye area (more "open") - Skin firmness - Glow (not a lot but hey it's the dead of winter) - I have had ZERO (!!!) breakouts since starting, not even in my usual hormonal area around the mouth and jaw. The areas I have yet to see any improvement in are acne scars and forehead wrinkles. I also am not noticing any improvements that stick around, most of the good stuff is just immediately after. Last con is the gel which is absolutely necessary but very very pricey. Still, highly recommend! I love coming home after a long day in front of the computer and give my face a refresh! Thank you Cult Beauty for stocking this <3
    Best home device out there
    I have noticed immediate results. Definitely smoothie out fine lines. Highly recommend it.
    Not impressed
    Been using this fairly regularly for just over a year and I don't think it has made any noticeable improvement. Disappointing for such a big investment.
    THANK YOU! Radiance - Clearer Skin - Dedication needed.
    WHY: To treat hormonal related breakouts which I could not 100% clear with a change of diet I decided to buy ZIIP. I finally had enough as I am too old for this. It is a bit time consuming but if you are using it on a regular basis it will stop breakouts from forming. However, if they have come up already it is not quite as effective. But it is more gentle and effective than anything else I know. HOW: I use the Energise programme about 2 times per week ending with the total clearing which I try to use nearly every second day before my period and this has made a difference. It is not super visible but my skin looks more radiant - less fatigued - my pores are finer. If I use it more frequently I can see that it very slightly works on facial lines. Slightly plumper skin. PRO: I love that this is a natural treatment - no chemicals - it is non-invasive - and electrical current is the 'language' our cells communicate and stay healthy. It is easy to use, small and builds up in the long run. CONS: It needs dedication and regular use - it is not something you can do once a week and expect results. But I think this is generally a fallacy to believe anything will do that. Whilst I know that diet is the prime factor for good skin - the ZIIP added something which is positive, healthy and subtle. I had comments on how healthy I look - and I think in the last couple of months this is definitely partly due to me using the ZIIP. WISH: Melanie Simon has great skin tips and she mentioned in one of her videos that she uses the QuickFix ZIIP programme on a daily basis. This programme is not yet available on the APP but I hope they will upgrade the APP and add the routine as this would definitely be easy to integrate. CULT BEAUTY SERVICE: With regard to the CultBeauty service I am very impressed. My ZIIP stopped working after about 5 months and this is about the period where I really recognised if I use it regularly or not. I contacted Cult Beauty and they immediately allowed me to send it back on their costs. Their team checked the device and immediately asked if I want to be reimbursed or receive a replacement. I opted for the replacement as I think that the ZIIP is on the long-run more effective than cosmetic treatments and creams alone. And voila without any further ado they send me a new ZIIP devise with conducted gel. Outstanding service from Cult Beauty. Thank you so much!
    ZIIP Machine
    I have been using this machine religiously for about 6 months and I have to say that I have noticed no difference whatsoever. I'll persevere in the hope that I might but really I don't think this was a worthwhile purchase. I used Nuface for years before this and noticed much more lift and brightness in my skin. I believe my money would have been better spent on another gadget or just dermatological facials.
    I wish I hadn't bought it
    I have used the ziip device for several months during winter times, two three times a week. Unfortunately even though I tried different treatments it doesn't deliver any good results on my skin. I don't get any glowing or firmer skin and it doesn't reduce a few fine lines that I have on my face. Instead it aggravates the redness on my cheeks area. The "only" option I use now regularly is the lip treatment sometimes It seems to make my lips fuller but it doesn't last long. I just don't want to give up, after the price ones pay, you would expect excellence.
    Just do it
    I was a bit sceptical about purchasing this because of the price and the presence of other cheaper similar products on the market, however, I am honestly glad I took the leap. I researched all I could before purchasing and found this product uses a different technology to the alternatives on the market which proves far more effective on a range of concerns. I use this at night then shower and do my usual routine before bed. You can tell my skin has had a treatment by morning, everything is perfected, lifted and even. Its actually quite enjoyable to use as well, with Melanie Simon on video guiding you through the process! I have had enough facials where I'm lying there thinking, I could do this at home with better products, so thought this was the perfect alternative and honestly, it had paid for itself over the few months I have been using it. I great purchase, take the plunge!
    Also Disappointed ....
    I read a review titled "Disappointing' on Cult Beauty which echoes my own feelings. I too have used the Ziip every day for 5 to 6 weeks with the Golden Gel. I do the Energize Treatment and the VitalEyes treatment. On many days I’ve done both treatments twice. I mirror what's being done in the app tutorials, and I actually enjoy the ritual and don't find it boring at all. However, I really cannot tell you that any of it has made a scrap of difference. If there is a change to my face / skin it's negligible. I bought the Ziip after seeing the Wayne Goss make-up tutorials on YouTube. He said using the Ziip got rid of his eye bags. But now I don't know if I trust his recommendations anymore. After all £425 is quite a lot of money to spend on a product that's not doing anything that's visible. Plus, this wont be your only outlay. I estimate I’ll be spending £110 a month buying replacement gel = £1,320 a year. That’s a lot of money to spend unless you see proper results. I shall continue for another 4 weeks or more until I have used up all the Golden Gel as I have two bottles. And if a change appears I will be thrilled and won't hesitate to change my review and scream about it from the rooftops.
    Muy satisfecha *** Very satisfied***
    He pasado los 40 y como a muchas empezada a preocuparme la falta de firmeza en el rostro. Me decidí a comprar el ZIIP basándome en las opiniones que leía y no me arrepiento en absoluto. Desde la primera semana he notado sus resultados: el rostro más descansado y firme, sobre todo en la zona de los pómulos. Todavía sólo llevo un mes usándolo pero estoy muy contenta con los resultados. ***I have passed the age of 40 and have started to worry about the lack of firmness in my face. I decided to buy the ZIIP based on the opinions I read and I do not regret it at all. From the first week I noticed its results: the most rested and firm face, especially in the area of ​​the cheekbones. I've only been using it for a month yet, but I'm very happy with the results.***
    The jury is still out......
    I bought this device after much research and hesitation because of the hefty price tag. My sister assured me that her ZIIP made a difference to her skin (she is my twin and I thought her skin looked better than mine so I took the plunge!) I must start this review by stating that I had/continue to have realistic expectations of the device. I didn’t expect miracles to happen overnight nor did they need to happen as my skin wasn’t in bad condition in the first place. I’m 38 years old and have always looked after my skin but I wanted more tone in my jawline and around the mouth. Anyway - I have used the device religiously for the last two months now. I hate selfies but I ’ve taken a before picture of myself so that I can monitor any progress made. The only change to my beauty regime was/is the ZIIP so as to ensure that any results would be wholly attributable to the ZIIP.....the golden conductor gel irritates my skin but not to the point where I develop a full-on allergy - just a few red blotches. That said - after washing off the gel my skin feels smooth and firm so I’m not sure what the main ingredient is. After continued use of the ZIIP, my skin looks slightly brighter but I wouldn’t say that it has improved the contours of my face yet. I asked my sister to identify my before and after pic as I was keen to see if she could see any difference and unfortunately she choose mine before picture! I’m not giving up hope yet so perhaps I will review again in 6 months time and let you know how I’m getting on. I mainly use the energising setting but my favourite is the instant gratification. I don’t feel that it makes my face look any different but I like the feel of the treatment as I can feel more current. If you are thinking of making a purchase I would say there are other better beauty tools out there such as the Tria laser (I have truly seen results from using my Tria) however I am hoping that one day in the future my skin will thank me for using the ZIIP as the science behind it makes sense so I can only assume that this device is a preventative measure for any future damage by helping my skin cells to act younger so don’t be put off but don’t expect miracles either.
    I have used the ZIIP device for three weeks, twice a week. I've used the Energizing and Pigmentation options. This really works. My skin immediately becomes firmer and pores minimised whenever I used the Energized option. As for the Pigmentation option, I've got to see significant results but will continue with the regimen.
    After reading all the positive reviews, I debated for a long time before buying this device, as it's not cheap. I am 28 and have pretty good skin but wanted to find something to smooth out some fine wrinkles under my eyes and to improve my nasolabial folds and tighten my skin. I have now been using it very regularly (almost every day) for about 4 weeks and cannot see any difference at all. I can barely feel the current in my neck when I use it over it but nowhere else. I don’t know if I am just unlucky or if the other reviews are not genuine, but I don't get this product at all and now wish I hadn’t bought it. If it had been £100 I would have thought that it can't hurt to use it once in a while but for that price, you would really want results and this just doesn’t deliver.
    It works!
    I deliberated over buying this product for a few months and finally decided to make the investment. No regrets so far! The ZIIP device is not difficult to handle. Just watch the video on your iPhone and follow along. Have been using for about 3 weeks now, and my jawline is visibly more defined. Still working on my eyebags - can't say I see much change yet. Will keep at it and hopefully, eyebags will reduce.
    Love this!
    I’ve never written a review in my life but I said I would for the Ziip! I questioned buying this for a year as it’s ALOT of money but finally bit the bullet before Christmas as I had a code for money off and money for my Christmas present. I have to say I love it! I have combo skin and am 39 so I’d started to see a few changes in my skin so had upped my skincare but this has made a big difference. I use it three times a week and it has defo cleared my hormonal acne, soften my fine lines and lift my skin. I personally look in the mirror and know I looked better but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I start getting compliments from people - your glowing, you look well rested, your skin looks great, you look refreshed, you look like you were on holidays! I got mistaken a lot over Christmas for 31/32!!! This gets five stars from me as it works, I feel so confident and my skin looks so happy! I’m not a fan of the gel but it has to be used - expensive, sticky, smells weird and if I leave it on too long it irritates my skin but that’s just me! Hopefully, I find a cheaper alternative but the Ziip its self - pure perfection.
    Just WOW
    I turned 28 recently and I've been ramping up my skincare routine with a lot of anti-aging stuff the last few years. I've dabbled with a lot of skincare over the years. Acids, retinol, skin supplements, facials, "natural" remedies, etc. I've been on a prescription for a year or so. It's been working quite well along with my weekly salicylic acid 2% peel that I leave on overnight. My skin was looking pretty good with my skincare scaled down to just these two products. And then came along ZIIP. I was quite sceptical about seeing any visible changes and thought it was more of a preventative device for me since I don't have major wrinkles or sagging yet. I've been using it for a few months now and every time I do the treatment I look like I've had one of those fancy hours long facials at an expensive spa! My skin looks healthy, glowing and plump. Energise and Vital Eyes are my favourites. You can also use Vital Eyes on your lips as an off-the-menu lip plumping treatment. Melanie Simon has a video on it on youtube. All in all, I'm very glad I purchased this device and look forward to using it for a long time.
    Shocking Results
    I bought this little gadget, trusting my research and the fantastic reviews, hoping for the best. I will get straight to the point; the results are nothing short of shocking. The first day, I very carefully followed the instructions and the videos and right after the treatment I already felt a difference (tightening and plumping of the skin). The second treatment however knocked it out of the park for both me and my husband, who decided to give it a go as well. To describe in more detail of what I am working with and towards: I have lost a massive amount of weight, which is wonderful but not so wonderful for my skin, as I can see things going southwards. So I was praying for this gadget to really do as it promises and lift things into place. Long story short, it DID…….The slacking jawline is now officially lifted, and not just mine but also my husband’s, and this was only after 2 treatments. This was simply “staring at each other in disbelief” kind of a result. One tiny thing that I am having trouble with is the gel. It is meant to have incredible skincare benefits and is advised to keep on after the treatment. Firstly I can’t handle sticky in general, which made this a bit nightmarish for me. I fought very hard with myself and left the gel on overnight and quite honestly, will never do so again. The stickiness was still there on the same level in the morning and I can’t handle the effect unfortunately, unless the formula is changed in the future to a slightly lighter version. But it’s a minor thing, and most importantly the gadget works beautifully. I will be using it every day, in the evening and I use the 12 minute program followed with 4 minute eye. Beautiful product! Fantastic results! Thank you ever so much. Five Stars *****
    Wow ! Wow ! Wow
    Having tried to get this for months I finally purchased it, thank you Cultbeauty. I would say it has changed my life. I'm not joking! As a Rosacea sufferer with awful red angry bumps this has completely calmed my skin and reduced redness and inflammation. So much so that I no longer need to use High coverage foundation merely a tinted moisturiser !. I am in shock. You can see results from the next day. It is a little fiddly at first to get to grips with and I have learned to put on extra gel on broken out areas, as it really does sting if you don't. The gel is lovely zero reaction to it and I react to everything. But my skin is super smooth . Going to do the eye treatments next as I have seen tutorials and amazing results . What a device anti aging, tightening and breakout clearing. The ultimate beauty tool ! Hands down !! X
    Want to know the secret to beautiful, youthful skin?
    The Ziip Beauty tool is the industry's best kept secret for beautiful, youthful, looking skin. Although I have combination skin, I've been blessed with good genes and other than the odd break out, I could pass for 32 yrs old rather than my real age of 42. However, I started noticing fine lines around my eyes, my forehead and marionette lines around my mouth and I decided to treat myself to this little device for my birthday together with a little incentive from CultBeauty (Thank you CB!!) so it was a no brainer purchase. I have been using this device for almost 6 weeks, twice a week and the results are amazing. My fine lines have disappeared and any breakouts are now few and far between. I highly recommend using the app which can be synced with the device. The Ziip Beauty Tool is the secret to youthful, beautiful skin...sssshh…don’t tell anyone.
    In the interest of full disclosure - I'm 47, female, caucasian, with skin that is normal-to-dry with a bit of dehydration. I've been using this 2-3 times per week for a month, and it is without a doubt the best at-home anti-ageing treatment I have ever come across. My skin glows, and is firmer and more lifted. My eyelids are no longer as droopy as they were. The under-eye area is noticeably firmer and less puffy. My nose-to-mouth lines are less pronounced. I am so very, very glad I bought this, and I intend to keep using it for a very long time. The only reservation I have is about the conductive gel. Yes, you need a conductive gel for the device to work, but I'm not sure you need to spend £100 on the Ziip-branded one. When it runs out I'll be trying one of the regular medical ones at a tenth of the price. If I'm wrong I'll buy the Ziip one, but I don't think I am.
    Simply amazing technology here, I can really feel and see it working on my acnegenic skin.
    A Girl's Best Friend!
    I got my Ziip over a month now and have been using it at least twice a week religiously. So far I am very pleased with the result. My skin feels tighter and it's so convenient to use.
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