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    ZIIP Beauty

    Nano Current Skincare Device

    Julia Hart

    FacialistYou'll be hooked!
    Julia Hart
    This tiny, rather beautiful device is such an innovation in 'at-home devices' and is the only nano current home device that I have found. A word on nano current: This is seriously underused at present, even in the professional skin care industry. I have been using nano currents in my treatments for a while now and the results are nothing short of astounding. Nano current is a billionth of an amp and much finer than micro currents. They are capable of quickly re-charging cells with energy, thus making them behave in a younger, healthier way. Nano current is more in tune with our own bodies frequency, which is why is works so well on our skin. ZIIP's compact size doesn’t affect performance and this seriously packs a punch in delivering a 'lit from within' glow - the results are seen immediately but the next day seems to be where the serious 'lifting' shows itself. I can see a reduction in nasal-labial fold lines, and my eyes are more open and overall my skin looks more youthful and glowing. With regular use you can really keep the signs of ageing at bay, but do not be tempted to overuse as you can overload the cells with too much energy and this can have the opposite effect. This is one gadget that you will not put away in a cupboard and forget, because once you have tried it, you'll be hooked on the addictive GLOW. Once you have got to grips with how to use, then it’s a doddle and very quick to do your whole face. The genius part is the ZIIP app that has other electrical cocktails to target different concerns, including acne. If you don’t have an iPhone then you can still use the ZIIP as it comes pre-loaded with the classic 'Energize' treatment. My tip is to watch the demo video whilst doing the treatment and get to grips with holding the device on the skin. Always use the Golden Conducting Gel - it goes a long way, doesn’t sink into the skin, and contains some really powerful actives.
    I bought this after a lot of thought as I wouldn’t ever spend this kind of money but I didn’t regret it. I love it - my skin is glowing and radiant and people have commented on it! The only downside for me is the conductor gel, I don’t like the smell or stickiness but I do love the results so just a small downside! Buy and enjoy the compliments.
    Love this!
    I’ve never written a review in my life but I said I would for the Ziip! I questioned buying this for a year as it’s ALOT of money but finally bit the bullet before Christmas as I had a code for money off and money for my Christmas present. I have to say I love it! I have combo skin and am 39 so I’d started to see a few changes in my skin so had upped my skincare but this has made a big difference. I use it three times a week and it has defo cleared my hormonal acne, soften my fine lines and lift my skin. I personally look in the mirror and know I looked better but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I start getting compliments from people - your glowing, you look well rested, your skin looks great, you look refreshed, you look like you were on holidays! I got mistaken a lot over Christmas for 31/32!!! This gets five stars from me as it works, I feel so confident and my skin looks so happy! I’m not a fan of the gel but it has to be used - expensive, sticky, smells weird and if I leave it on too long it irritates my skin but that’s just me! Hopefully, I find a cheaper alternative but the Ziip its self - pure perfection.
    Shocking Results
    I bought this little gadget, trusting my research and the fantastic reviews, hoping for the best. I will get straight to the point; the results are nothing short of shocking. The first day, I very carefully followed the instructions and the videos and right after the treatment I already felt a difference (tightening and plumping of the skin). The second treatment however knocked it out of the park for both me and my husband, who decided to give it a go as well. To describe in more detail of what I am working with and towards: I have lost a massive amount of weight, which is wonderful but not so wonderful for my skin, as I can see things going southwards. So I was praying for this gadget to really do as it promises and lift things into place. Long story short, it DID…….The slacking jawline is now officially lifted, and not just mine but also my husband’s, and this was only after 2 treatments. This was simply “staring at each other in disbelief” kind of a result. One tiny thing that I am having trouble with is the gel. It is meant to have incredible skincare benefits and is advised to keep on after the treatment. Firstly I can’t handle sticky in general, which made this a bit nightmarish for me. I fought very hard with myself and left the gel on overnight and quite honestly, will never do so again. The stickiness was still there on the same level in the morning and I can’t handle the effect unfortunately, unless the formula is changed in the future to a slightly lighter version. But it’s a minor thing, and most importantly the gadget works beautifully. I will be using it every day, in the evening and I use the 12 minute program followed with 4 minute eye. Beautiful product! Fantastic results! Thank you ever so much. Five Stars *****
    Six Month Update
    I’ve been using this device consistently, 2-3 times per week, for the last six months. Three people have asked me recently if I’ve had “work done” and another friend saw a photo of me and asked if I was aging in reverse. I’m 48, and really don’t look it, and my Ziip is a significant part of that. My eyelids are tighter, my face generally is lifted and has much sharper contours, my nose to mouth lines are lessened, my skin is brighter, and all the facial signs of aging are notably reduced. I use a generic conductive gel, because I’m not convinced that the Ziip branded gel is an order of magnitude different in any way other than the price, and certainly it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the effectiveness of the device. In short, this is eye-wateringly expensive for an at-home treatment, but in my experience, it is absolutely worth it. I would not be without mine now, so here’s hoping it doesn’t break down!
    Just WOW
    I turned 28 recently and I've been ramping up my skincare routine with a lot of anti-aging stuff the last few years. I've dabbled with a lot of skincare over the years. Acids, retinols, skin supplements, facials, "natural" remedies, etc. I've been on prescription retin-a for a year or so. It's been working quite well along with my weekly salicylic acid 2% peel that I leave on overnight. My skin was looking pretty good with my skincare scaled down to just these two products. And then came along ZIIP. I was quite skeptical about seeing any visible changes and thought it was more of a preventative device for me since I don't have major wrinkles or sagging yet. I've been using it for a few months now and every time I do the treatment I look like I've had one of those fancy hour long facials at an expensive spa! My skin looks healthy, glowing and plump. Energise and Vital Eyes are my favorites. You can also use Vital Eyes on your lips as an off-the-menu lip plumping treatment. Melanie Simon has a video on it on youtube. All in all, I'm very glad I purchased this device and look forward to using it for a long time.
    Ziip Beauty Nano device
    This device is quite marvellous. I am 60 years old and have always looked after my skin, using good quality products and am careful with my diet. Once one gets to a certain age, however, it is sometimes difficult to gauge the efficacy of a product, because so many other factors can contribute to one's complexion not looking it's best (or the reverse) i.e. lack of sleep- v- good night’s sleep, illness, etc. I have often tried something new, thinking it has made a discernible difference and a week or so later, if tired, etc., I’m then not so sure. With the ZIIP, it’s a different story altogether. It’s interesting to read what others say about their specific concerns and the results that they have noticed. From my own point of view, I am in no doubt, having used the device for a couple of months, that irrespective of whether I’m lacking sleep or not (obviously, I think I look better, when rested), the ZIIP makes a huge difference to the quality of my complexion. It’s, generally, more luminous, firmer (especially around the jaw, my neck is far less crepey, to the point that there is almost no crepey-ness at all. Puffiness, dark shadows and lines around the eyes have diminished quite dramatically, and eyelid definition has been restored, with hardly any of the slackness that I was increasingly becoming aware of. All and all, this device has amazed me (and at 60, one can’t help but be sceptical about skincare products and gadgets that purport to do miraculous things. They usually don’t). I thoroughly recommend this device, as it certainly delivers.
    very good
    This device has exceeded my expectations, but is no magic wand for acne breakouts ( hence 4 stars ). Suffering a hormonal breakout when I first tried this treatment I noticed that my spots were still very angry and still came to the surface. It did not seem to deter new spots from forming but it did heal the older ones more quickly. But as an anti-ageing device it excels, really noticeable firming and smoothing on my neck skin and nasal folds. It is very simple to use and I don't find the treatment uncomfortable. This was a considered purchase for me but I think it is well worth forking out for as I can genuinely see a difference in the plumpness of my skin, only wish that the gel wasn't so pricey.
    Want to know the secret to beautiful, youthful skin?
    The Ziip Beauty tool is the industry's best kept secret for beautiful, youthful, looking skin. Although I have combination skin, I've been blessed with good genes and other than the odd break out, I could pass for 32 yrs old rather than my real age of 42. However, I started noticing fine lines around my eyes, my forehead and marionette lines around my mouth and I decided to treat myself to this little device for my birthday together with a little incentive from CultBeauty (Thank you CB!!) so it was a no brainer purchase. I have been using this device for almost 6 weeks, twice a week and the results are amazing. My fine lines have disappeared and any breakouts are now few and far between. I highly recommend using the app which can be synced with the device. The Ziip Beauty Tool is the secret to youthful, beautiful skin...sssshh…don’t tell anyone.
    As a 53 year old woman my skin is starting to lose elasticity and tone. So glad I bought this. It is a little fiddly but the results are truly amazing. It arrived a week ago and I used it three times on successive evenings to see what results I could achieve before a wedding. There was some difference after only one use but after three I could see a significant improvement in my jaw line, eyes and neck. I never thought I'd find anything that could help a crepey neck so I'm thrilled. It's expensive but you'll probably never have to pay for facials or expensive skin care again (that's what I'm hoping, any way). Thanks to Wayne Goss for mentioning this on his recent 5 products he'd buy again video.
    Wow ! Wow ! Wow
    Having tried to get this for months I finally purchased it, thank you Cultbeauty. I would say it has changed my life. I'm not joking! As a Rosacea sufferer with awful red angry bumps this has completely calmed my skin and reduced redness and inflammation. So much so that I no longer need to use High coverage foundation merely a tinted moisturiser !. I am in shock. You can see results from the next day. It is a little fiddly at first to get to grips with and I have learned to put on extra gel on broken out areas, as it really does sting if you don't. The gel is lovely zero reaction to it and I react to everything. But my skin is super smooth . Going to do the eye treatments next as I have seen tutorials and amazing results . What a device anti aging, tightening and breakout clearing. The ultimate beauty tool ! Hands down !! X
    In the interest of full disclosure - I'm 47, female, caucasian, with skin that is normal-to-dry with a bit of dehydration. I've been using this 2-3 times per week for a month, and it is without a doubt the best at-home anti-ageing treatment I have ever come across. My skin glows, and is firmer and more lifted. My eyelids are no longer as droopy as they were. The under-eye area is noticeably firmer and less puffy. My nose-to-mouth lines are less pronounced. I am so very, very glad I bought this, and I intend to keep using it for a very long time. The only reservation I have is about the conductive gel. Yes, you need a conductive gel for the device to work, but I'm not sure you need to spend £100 on the Ziip-branded one. When it runs out I'll be trying one of the regular medical ones at a tenth of the price. If I'm wrong I'll buy the Ziip one, but I don't think I am.
    Best Christmas present to myself ever
    I have been using ZIIP 3 times a week since receiving it right after xmas. I wanted to wait a fair amount of time before making a judgement on this device and I can say now that I would actually replace this if it broke tomorrow, although I'm praying it lasts many years obv! The most important aspect of anti ageing is firming and after years of retinols, serums, masks, moisturisers, beauty oils and countless other devices this is the ONLY thing that has made my skin feel firmer and reduced smile lines in any noticeable way. All of those other items continue to hold a place in my heart and my skincare routine but ZIIP is King!
    Simply amazing technology here, I can really feel and see it working on my acnegenic skin.
    A Girl's Best Friend!
    I got my Ziip over a month now and have been using it at least twice a week religiously. So far I am very pleased with the result. My skin feels tighter and it's so convenient to use.
    I love it
    I noticed an improvement after the first use and it's only gotten better over the last four weeks. My skin feels smoother and looks younger. I wish I could use it every night!
    I've only been using the ZIIP for about 2 weeks and already I've seen an improvement. It's cheaper than regular facials and really easy too. I would highly recommend. Thanks Cult Beauty for bringing all these cool new American brands xx