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    Provitamin D Treatment Drops
    Got it from Caroline Hirons Box and omg! I have very sensitive skin which reacts quiet aggressively to a lot of products-but not in this case. Oil is so gentle yet very effective in protecting your skin as well as strengthening it from within. Will definitely buy it again.
    This product is amazing. I got it in Caroline Hirons box mostly for post-chemo skin defence for my husband but I am using it too, it is fantastic, leaves my combo skin plumped hydrated but not oily at all. Really wonderful.
    So Lovely
    I was lucky enough to get this in the Caroline HIrons beauty box and cannot believe it does everything promised. Feels beautiful on the skin and not at all greasy, which I was worried about when using an oil. Definitely my go to product if my skin is slightly stressed and needs some TLC. Cannot believe I love a 3 figure priced oil - but it is the truth.
    Can't put my finger on it....
    But these just work...on my normal skin they feel so nourishing, you wake in the morning with the elusive glow. On my husband's stressed and temperamental skin they have calmed everything down and reduced his acne. I looked at them for a long time before purchasing as part of Caroline's beauty box, they are far too expensive...yet a can't live without for me.
    I really didn't want a serum that comes with a 3-figure price tag to work as well as this one does. I have mild rosacea (mainly redness) and it has pretty much completely gone since I started using this product. My skin is looking great more generally, too - more "refined" and well-cared for. It's become my most expensive essential skincare item, and I can't imagine being without it.
    Really calmed down my skin, I feel. Will probably buy again despite the price. I use it on top of my Hera aquabolic water and lotion, and with a moisturiser on top, which seems to be a perfect combination.
    It's LOVE
    I bought this as part of Caroline Hirons latest beauty box and I am absolutely bowled over by how fab it is. In particular it works really well with the January Labs moisturizer that also came in the box but it has blended beautifully with a range of other products that I use and it's left my skin looking fresh, smooth and hydrated. Will be a lifetime subscriber to repurchasing this for definite. Love it.
    Always has my back
    I don't use it every single day, but whenever my skin is going through a crisis, whether over exfoliation or retinoid reaction, when my most favourite repairing serums fail me, this always has my back. It does not magically heal my skin completely over night, but with consistent use and a simplified routine, my skin always becomes happy again within 2 days. Provides a good layer of protection for the most vulnerable skin, but definitely not enough hydration or moisture. But I will always make sure it doesn't run out because this baby will save my face when nothing else does.
    Excellent Healer
    I have to say this oil is beyond any hopes I dared wish for. I suffer with urticaria & have random flare ups due to stress. Steroid and anti inflammatory ointments work but after a while thin the skin. I was recommended this by someone and it's been nothing short of a revelation. I can only liken it to a huge healing hug for the skin. The lesions were less red, the itching nonexistent & the vague crawling sensation completely gone by the next morning. I love it. It has not caused acne, further irritation or as feared with my oils an oil slick effect with make-up. Well done Mr Zelens, I could seriously propose marriage to you!
    I love this
    Because of the price I was desperate to not love this but I really do. I work in a place with no windows (seriously) so wanted to top up on all the Vit D I'd been missing. This is a luxurious natural-feeling product which absorbs into the skin wonderfully and smells great. I use this at night and by morning I really feel like it helps calm, soothe, balance and refresh my skin. A pleasure to use.