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    Yu Ling Rollers

    Jade Facial Roller (Medium)

    Ross J Barr

    AcupuncturistA daily facial with great results
    Ross J Barr
    I would recommend these as a way of treating yourself to a daily facial. The jade is really good for evening your skin tone, for cooling and calming the skin. The smooth rolling action helps manipulate the toxins through your lymph network and toning your facial muscles. Remember, imagine the bridge of your nose is the central point and roll away from that in all directions. Imagine you are VERY gently rolling all the toxin build up outward and down wards, finally rolling outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear.
    I absolutely love the jade roller! I'm every prone to water retention (read puffy face) and this helps me reveal my cheekbones and jawline. Use it morning and night, and I will never stop using this!
    Very disappointed
    This felt really good on my skin and was lovely and relaxing to use, but sadly it proved to be poor quality and one of the arms broke. Won’t be repurchasing at this price.
    A luxurious treat!
    I love to use in the evening occasionally when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a pick me up or I'm feeling particularly tired. I keep it in the fridge and roll it over my face, starting in the centre and working towards the edges of my face. It feels AMAZING. So cooling and relaxing. It feels especially good under the eyes and on the T-Zone. While I don't really notice a difference in the overall appearance of my skin (hence only 4 stars) it's worth it for the way it feels alone. I now have my eye on the double roller as I feel this will be much better at getting under the eye.
    Not built to last
    This was a nice little boost for my skin. A gentle massage with it out of the fridge with moisturiser or serum, and and after a sheet mask especially, would make my skin temporarily look brighter and feel firmer. Lovely, but even with just once a week use this lasted less than a year before one of the arms holding the roller broke off. I don't think I'll repurchase as it does look a bit too cheaply made to last longer than that.
    Relaxing treat for dull and puffy skin!
    I bought this on a whim, mostly because my eye area is tired and dull looking. I love the idea of giving myself a facial massage every day but I am often just too tired after a long day at work. That is when this little tool comes in handy. It's easy to use, you can even do it in front of the TV or while you read a book, it's always cool and relaxing, and I feel like my eyes are less puffy since using it. Helps wake me up! Can't see any long term benefits just yet but if feels relaxing and luxurious, a real treat!
    I paid £28 for the medium sized roller but later discovered the exact roller is sold on ebay under £5.
    Feels good but don't see much change
    I got this as part of the Lilly and Anna box. I keep this in the fridge and sure it feels good rolling the cold stone especially under the eyes. But not sure if there is any discernable change in skin tone etc. Have been using for 2 weeks and will continue until broken.
    This roller is included in my ritual every morning, it calms my skin right down, it feels an absolute treat to use. I leave mine in the fridge, come morning when its time to use it Oh my goodness the feeling...Using this underneath my eyes and softly on my lids...It just feels like heaven. It has helped open up my congested pores which allows for other products to deep clean better. But to be absolutely honest even if it didn't help with congestion the feeling alone of this cold roller in the mornings makes it a treat to wake up and start my morning rituals!
    Loving the feel of it !!
    Thank you for the advice on how to use Ross (CB Expert), I have just received mine and tried it for my sinusitis as I have really puffy eyes and pain around my eyebrows. It feels cooling and relaxing and I am hoping to see and feel results soon !!
    Poorly crafted
    I like the idea and think this is good for the face. However, the roller turns with a squeaking sound, which can be quite annoying.
    Keep on rolling!
    A beauty treat! Amazing to de-puff the eyes, and works brilliant as skin decongestant. The cold pressure of the stone relieves tensions and skin feels completely relaxed after a little massage.
    A nice treat...
    When I first saw this I thought it sounds too good to be true...However, after using it for a month I have noticed my skin is visibly clearer, my sinuses feel less congested and my face looks toned and smooth. Impressed to say the least...If only there was an all over body one...
    Tiny little luxury tool
    I was very hesitant before I purchased this product. I just couldn't justify paying so much money for a jade roller. Then I did some research and realised that they have real good benefits for your skin. In the early mornings, or mornings where I feel very tired, I keep this in my fridge for 5 mins and roll it on my face, oh the feeling! Goodbye puffy eyes in seconds. I had an operation from my face and my face was all swollen and puffy, for my under eyes I applied some eye gel and rolled my jade rollers and I saw a significant difference. And this is something that you will not repurchase like a face cream or something. You only buy it once. It is not incredibly necessary, but if you keep having puffy eyes like me, I would say go for it:)
    I was eyeing this little gem for a while and decided to make the purchase about a month ago. Once you get the hang of it, it's really soothing and relaxing to use. Feels cool on the face. I use it before bed to rid my face of toxins. It's too early to tell what the long term effects of use are......but I'm enjoying it. Kind of wished I bought the double roller as it's hard to maneuver the roller around the nose area.
    relaxing beauty
    this little gem has become a key part of my morning routine. I keep mine in the freezer so its super cold. It's extremely relaxing and so easy to use.
    Granny Sue
    Easy to use and very relaxing. I use mine whilst watching T.V. Only problem I had with this was that it didn't last very long before it broke after 2 years. As I enjoy using the product, I have ordered another and hopefully the new one will last longer.
    A must
    I find it very cheap because it's an investment, you are not going to buy another the next month, right? It very easy to use and makes you feel a little like a Cleopatra or a Greek Godess, I was really needing of a beauty ritual like this. I use it at the end of the day, before going to bed, after I've cleaned my face.
    Saving your Face
    I use this every day after the eye roller. When I first started using this it felt quite uncomfortable, especially around areas with no fat like the forehead, but after a little while my face got used to it. After 6 months I can really see the difference in the general tone of my face. I also get fewer spots on my chin. After just one use you find the whole of your head somehow feels less congested.