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    Yu Ling Rollers

    Jade Facial Roller (Double)

    Ross J Barr

    AcupuncturistA daily facial, with great results
    Ross J Barr
    I would recommend these as a way of treating yourself to a daily facial. The jade is really good for evening your skin tone, for cooling and calming the skin. The smooth rolling action helps manipulate the toxins through your lymph network and toning your facial muscles. Remember, imagine the bridge of your nose is the central point and roll away from that in all directions. Imagine you are VERY gently rolling all the toxin build up outward and down wards, finally rolling outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear.
    Can't live without it but...
    It broke after about 3 months of daily use and although I am waiting to buy another one, it is a little disappointing to have a pricey item break like that. They don't seem to be adhered very well as the other side broke previously, although I was able to fix it. Hate saying anything bad about this product tbh because I love it so much. Worth getting as it is like nothing else in your day. Can't wait to try cryotherapy because of this nifty little tool. Just be gentle ❤️
    Love it
    If you put it in the fridge overnight and use it on your face in the morning, it wakes me up better than a coffee.
    Nice tool, but broke from day one - it can be fixed, but it's a temporary solution - very fragile (very pricey for what it is).
    It is a great roller. I didn't knew what to expect from this and when it arrived it came in a beautiful box. When you roll it over your cleansed and dry skin the stone almost feels 'wet'. I don't know how to explain it but it feels really comforting. I bought it especially for my under eyes because they are quite puffy in the morning and wanted something soothing and cooling. It does help 'drain' the fluid under my eyes. Great tool for so far!
    A "pick me up" for the face
    A wonderful treat to yourself. In hot weather I keep in the fridge and use several times a day. I use it nightly before bed. My skin looks clearer and perhaps more radiant. I also like to roll the cool jade against pulse points on my wrists. Lifts me up a bit. Either way the chilled jade cools and refreshes my skin. This is also a special gift for a friend for birthday or Christmas.
    Jade Roller
    I have been using this Jade roller for almost a year and absolutely LOVE this roller. When I use it faithfully it makes a big difference in my skin. I have allergies and when I use this at night it helps me breath better which helps me sleep better. I use the small roller around the eyes and side of the nose and the large side of the roller for my face. I don't write a lot of reviews however I do love this product and actually ordered another to have as a back up. I also keep mine in the refrigerator or on the window sill by my bed in the winter and it gets the energy of the sun during the day and it is cold at night. Great Product!
    I just purchased the double roller this week and have used it morning and night. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. This is just an amazing product, I just do not know why I did not purchase it before. I can highly recommend it. I keep mine in the fridge and it is such a lovely compliment to my skincare regimen.
    Amazing tool
    After 2 months of using this roller I can say that it definetly helped my skin. It became clearer and firmer. It even changed the shape of my face, my cheekbones became more prominent. Also rolling it on the puffy eyes in the morning feels wonderfull.
    Genius facial gym
    I love this roller. I keep it in the fridge just to experience that delicious extra coldness when I apply it to my face. I have the two head roller though I tend to use the small eye roller less - I often feel that I am making things worse. But as for the rest? Wow! It really is a gym work out for the face. It smooths out the skin, it tones and tightens. My cheekbones and jawline have NEVER looked so good. One could slice cheese on my cheekbones. I'm delighted with it. Similarly it is fantastic on the clavicles and décolletage. I can not recommend this product highly enough. Treat yourself. You're worth it.
    I had this for a while before I figured out how to use it and work it into my routine, but now that I have I really can't be without it. The difference it makes to the way your face feels is incredible, I do it in the morning and you feel so much more awake and refreshed after doing it just for a minute or two. The sort of heaviness around your eyes disappears and they are more open. Your face feels more relaxed. It has also really improved the texture of my skin, it is smoother and I don't get spots or blocked pores anymore. My skin tone is more even. My slight eye bags aren't gone completely but it has definitely made a difference. I can't go without this now and can't recommend it highly enough.
    I bought this roller for one reason--because I thought it's very pretty. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that faithful twice-daily rolling not only takes away those dark under-eye circles (small end is particularly useful for this), but also rolls away the pimples!! Mine are hormonal and centered around my chin so this might not go for everyone, but especially in combination with a face oil it's really cleared my skin up. I'm 23 so I can't say if it lifts for the more mature skin, but it calls blood to the surface of your skin and it feels very soothing. I would recommend to everyone!
    Very good product
    I simply adore using this magic roller, it feels nice and it really works!
    Love this roller!
    I've read about the benefits of facial massage many times but could never work it into my regular routine - I always found it straining on my hands towards the end. This roller changed all of that! It feels great- it really helps smooth away the puffiness and relax my face muscles. Also really glad I sprang for the double sided roller- the smaller end fits much better in the curves of the nose and eye area than the larger side.
    Great product
    I really recommend this product for a number of reasons: - soothing to the skin - evening out complexion - relaxing facial muscles (particularly good if you suffer from stress/anxiety as I do) Go forth and purchase - you won't regret it!
    Easy to use, highly recommended!!
    I had been looking at the Ying Yu rollers for awhile, never having seen them before beyond this website. I watched a YouTube video about how to use them and splurged on one for myself. I am so glad I went for the double ended roller, I think it represents the best value for money. I use the roller over my face at night after a shower when I'm watching TV. I have a lot of tension in my head and neck and this helps somewhat to ease those tight muscles, particularly around my jaw and brow bone. Don't be afraid to go hard with the roller! It is strong and sturdy and disinfects easily. I use this on my husband's face also as he grinds his teeth in his sleep and it helps to relieve some of the tension in his jaw. Excellent for clearing the sinuses! I have recommended this product to family, you would not regret this purchase!!
    This is so therapeutic to use, I use it twice a day, in the morning and before bed, and can already see the difference. My skin seems to glow and less puffy. I'm addicted. The only thing that's keeping me from giving it a five star is that the larger roller keeps making a squeaking sound , even from the first use, so makes me doubt how long it'll last before breaking. Don't know, maybe I got a faulty one? Seems to work fine otherwise.
    great product
    Love it
    so relaxing & it works
    Bought this a year ago with left over Xmas cash & I have to say it was just a whim purchase, BUT I can not live without it now. I regularly sit and 'roll' just to relax as the cool smoothness is a delight. If I'm having a late night I pop it into the fridge and use the small end around the eyes the 'morning after'. A real must have.