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    Why Cult?

    Cult Beauty was started by two 'beauty civilians', consumers like you who were tired of being sold beauty products that didn't live up to expectations.

    We wanted to set up a shop where you could be sure, every time! A beauty hall of fame, curated by a panel of top hair and beauty experts - who are not allowed to recommend anything they are financially tied to - you can shop in the knowledge that anything you buy will be outstanding.

    But what makes a product 'Cult'? Here are the guidelines we give our expert panel:

    1.) Does it do what it says on the tin and then exceed your expectations? Would it have to be prised from your cold, dead hands?

    2.) As soon as you try it you want to tell all your girlfriends about it - well at least the ones you like - it becomes brunch gospel.

    3.) You squeeze out every drop… and cut the packaging or sharpen it down to the nub, while all other products languish in your cabinet.

    4.) It’s found in every make up artist’s kit, you see it all the time backstage at fashion shows

    5.) Celebs swear by it and will even talk about their obsession without accepting a dime from the company for promotion....yup, that's "cult"!