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    Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm
    A waste of money
    Doesn't help anything. It was a waste of money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with blackheads especially since it didn't remove a single one. It's way too gentle even for sensitive skin!
    Brilliant for banishing blackheads
    This is easy to use - just put the gel on congested areas, and massage until it turns creamy - very effective. Unlike previous reviewers, I did notice a warming effect when using the cream - and once I'd washed it off, my nose and chin were much, much smoother to the touch. You won't get the satisfaction of seeing the debris come out of your pores, as you do with things like pore nose strips: but my goodness, you won't care when you get even better results. If you use this before a deep cleansing mask like Omorovicza's, you'll be horrified (in a very satisfying way) how much can be drawn out of your pores: it's an excellent product at prepping effectively for other products to do their work.
    Okay product
    Okay-ish product, not really visible results to close pores. There's other products out there that I have tried with better results. Would not purchase again.
    Not the best for me
    I've used this product several times and haven't seen any results. Although I don't see much of a difference, my nose feels soft and smooth. Probably wouldn't buy this again.
    One of the rare products giving visible results
    Honestly, I was fairly sceptical about the effectiveness and mostly bought this for the adorable packaging. However, the product is absolutely brilliant, and one of the few products I have found to actually give me visible results. It obviously doesn't clear all clogged pores in one use but there is definitely visible improvement, especially in my chin area where I have been struggling with congested pores. Works great when used just before a warm shower, followed by a clay mask. Definitely would recommend giving it a try, given how affordable it is as well!
    Top product to help deal with congested pores...
    This product claims to be a 'self-heating treatment eliminates pore-clogging dirt, oils and make up to help prevent blackheads and leave your skin totally poreless. Charcoal powder and sea salt attract embedded impurities, while vitamin E and egg shell powder maintain moisture levels.' I would say this is 90% true. I LOVE this product. I have not used anything this effective to help clear blocked pores before. I have oily skin with large pores, especially on my nose and chin. I have tried many things to clear my skin and this is certainly helping me on the way. Using this product is a pleasure, the smell is nice (not too strong) and the consistency is lovely, while using this product it develops from an oil/gel (with some grains) to a thick lather. It does not 'heat up' as the description states but it certainly opens up the pores and softens any dirt / oil ready to be removed. My only disagreement is it does not 'completely clear pores' I find that I have to take further action to clear my pores after using this product, such as pore strips (worked amazingly) or a clay mask to actually draw out the impurities but I have not used anything that prepares my skin better for this (much better than a hot shower/steam). If you suffer with large congested pores and struggle to clear your skin, this is definitely a product to give a try!