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    Himalayan Detox Salts (400g)

    Eminé Ali Rushton

    Beauty Editor
    Eminé Ali Rushton
    These are just extraordinary. So potent! My husband got his hands on this beautiful black jar (and caught onto their incomparable calming properties), and finished my stash… I’ve repurchased of course – because the incredible blend of essential oils – juniper, lemongrass, lavender, geranium – in high ‘healing’ concentrations, mean that even a pinch is enough to scent your bath. I use a capful for a deep, healing, sleep-inducing soak, while the mineral-rich pink crystals themselves, help to balance the body’s energy levels, and are great for boosting immunity too.
    I had serious difficulty relaxing. I was suffering from anxiety and stress and then I remembered how much I had loved aromatherapy. Then I discovered Therapie products and I am so glad. These bath salts are amazing and helped me find a relaxation ritual. I also love the Therapie Calm Balm and Sleep Drops. Also when I contacted Michelle roque O'Neill for advice she replied to me really quickly.
    Lovely bath product, extremely calming and a real treat to use. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but my twelve week old baby slept right through the night for the first time when I used these in my bath. Added bonus.
    Lovely product
    Quite a splurge product however the smell is second to none, and it definitely means a good nights sleep. I was worried it would leave my skin feeling dry however I feel super soft after.
    Can't believe they actually work!
    So the hype is true. I gave these a go not expecting them to work as I had heard from bloggers/youtubers etc. But they actually do! An hour or so after using these I find myself pulled into a deep sleep, without waking in the middle of the night at all. I do wonder if it is actually the effect of not using electronics and my phone for that hour, rather than the salts themselves, but either way I am not complaining and will repurchase. I find quite a lot needs to be used in each bath to make them really work, so the tub doesn't go a very long way, but if you're taking just one of these baths a week then they'll last a while.
    These are the best bath salts of all time! These are a guaranteed best night's sleep and they smell amazing, leaving your bathroom smelling out of this world. They are worth every penny!!
    I don't get the hype??
    I splurged on this thinking they would work some magic on my tired limbs, but I felt nothing.
    These bath salts smell great, and give the best night sleep ever. You wake up feeling so refreshed and ready for the week ahead. I will be buying a backup.
    I have terrible trouble falling asleep. Once I am asleep I am fine, however it will take me a good couple of hours to drift off. These salts have been a miracle though, as after their use I am always incredibly tired and go to sleep almost instantly. I know every time I use them that I am guaranteed a great sleep.
    The Bathtime Equivalent of a Lullaby
    The elegant black canister and its contents go well beyond a simple bathtime treat: the unique, almost hypnotic scent gently lulls you to sleep. These salts are warming, soothing, and wonderfully potent. I would highly recommend!
    Really lovely
    I have trouble sleeping, so after reading the rave reviews on this product I had to try it out. Unfortunately I haven't found that these improve my sleep at all, but they are really enjoyable to use! They smell lovely and they really enhance the whole bath time experience. The packaging is something of a dream as well. I will probably continue to repurchase, though I may try other similar products first.
    Magic In A Jar
    Seriously amazing stuff.
    Did not work for me
    Unfortunately this product did not work for me, the smell disappeared after 2-5 minutes and I did not feel anything relaxing. This very expensive slats are overrated.
    Best nights sleep ever!
    I have always had trouble getting to sleep, tried everything out there that promised a good nights sleep. This stuff this amazing, better than anything ever prescribed to me by my GP. Yeah, £35 is more than I would normally spent on bath salts but I don't think you can put a price on a good nights sleep.
    This really works!!
    Every so often I suffer from insomnia, the sort where you fall asleep OK, but wake up and hour or two later and then that's it, can't drop off again. I treated myself to this a couple of months ago, but had not yet tried using them. After a week of insomnia as described, I was exhausted and desperate. Last night I put a handful in the bath, an hour before bed and soaked as instructed. Let myself mostly air dry to let residue stay on my skin, and had my first decent night's sleep for a week!! Better than a sleeping tablet. I am now 100% convinced and converted.
    Warm and comforting
    As a chronically bad sleeper who suffers from very vivid and exhausting dreams and regular sleepwalking, I have tried every sleep trick in the book. These salts did indeed give that 'day at the beach' warm exhausted feeling and warmed me up on a cold winters night. It still took me a long time to drift off to sleep (perhaps due to a stressful day at work, but hence the 4 stars) but the sleep I did get was very deep and dream-less! I even woke before my alarm (always a sign of enough sleep for me!) and will definitely be making them part of my bedtime routine.
    Knocked me out
    These bath salts are incredible! The strong smell alone is enough to make me want to fall asleep. A great addition to my bathtime routine & well worth the price. I will be repurchasing refills!
    These were glorified by a youtuber, FleurDeForce. She said after your bath don't touch any electronics so I run my bath, it smelt heavenly by the way, had my bath and watched tv. I was in my living room watching a film and I literally passed out. Best nights sleep ever!
    For those who want a good night's sleep.
    This is stuff is amazing! I was pretty skeptical at first, but it really does work. I always have the best night's sleep after using this and it smells amazing.
    I joined the wantlist after watching FleurDeForce's review on YouTube. Whilst I didn't quite 'pass out', I had an AMAZING night's sleep and my bath was fabulous. Highly recommend!
    Works like a sleeping pill
    As someone with a chronic condition that basically prevents sleep and doctors who are unwilling to help with sleeping pills more than once a year I have tried every 'sleep easy' product & old wives tale going but this stuff? This stuff is magic! The amount you use is definately a factor, and it's best if you use them some where you feel really safe of you may not be able to let go enough to get the really, really deep sleep you can get with these bad boys. And my god, do you sleep well after using them! If I could give this more stars I would :) Plus these things smell amazing and are so relaxing to just be around :)
    Michelle Roques O'Neil, creator of the new Therapie aromatherapy range is legendary, so I was curious to try these a few months ago. Well...they're the closest thing to having a massage - in the bath! - I've ever found. Deeply relaxing, so much so that I'd recommend using them an hour before bed as you'll soon want to hit the pillow. I managed a few pages of a book then fell soundly asleep and slept like a baby. After using them the second time, they also seemed to clear out any tension/worry. A very lovely gift for someone going through a stressful time - or yourself, for an ultra-relaxing weekend night in.
    Heaven scent
    The smells that permeate from my bathroom when I use these salts are pure heaven, like a luxurious spa. The mix of essential oils and some kind of magic shit makes for an incredibly powerful effect in that they totally relax and calm my soul. Whenever I've had a long day, these are my favourite salty, fragrant friends to unwind with.
    Great for the hard of sleeping
    I was told this was good to help with stress-induced insomnia. I tried these salts, they smell aromatic (not too cloyingly floral, which I hate) I would say the geranium and lemongrass are the most prevalent scents. I followed the instructions and had a bath about an hour before i was planning to go to bed and then chilled out with a book, avoiding electronic devices, they really seem to help and are much better to rely on than a huge glass of wine which also works for me. Very happy with these.