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    The Vamp StampVaVaVoom Stamp Large<p>With this game-changing eyeliner tool, The Vamp Stamp has taken the beauty world by storm, promising a quick, innovative method to wing your way to faultless feline flicks. Unbelievably easy to use, you simply coat the fool-proof, wing-shaped stamp in cushion or non-waterproof liquid liner (or, best of all, The Vamp Stamp&#8217;s own {<a href="" target="_blank">VINK Eyeliner Ink</a>}), line it up with the corner of your eye, press on and hey presto &#8211; perfect cat-eye liner. The VaVaVoom Stamp is available in medium and large sizes, as well as a smaller &#8216;Kitten&#8217; style (for subtle 'baby' flicks) and 'Vixen' (the key to a chic, straight-edged eyeliner look) &#8211; to complement your eye shape and allow you to vary the width of your 'wings'. So, join the &#8216;vamp camp&#8217; and eliminate the stress of achieving &#8216;flick&#8217; symmetry! You won&#8217;t know what to do with all your newfound spare time!</p>VAM001 Large7528307549044 stars, based on53 reviews 22.50Cult BeautyNew
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    The Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom Stamp

    The Vamp Stamp
    VaVaVoom Stamp
    ( Large )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Wave goodbye to cat-eye catastrophes and wing your way to uniform flicks with this ingenious eyeliner stamp. Simply coat the wing-shaped, double-ended tool (available in ‘Kitten’, ‘Medium’, 'Vixen' and ‘Large’ sizes) in liquid or gel eyeliner, then press on for flawless, symmetrical flicks in a flash.

    • Description

      With this game-changing eyeliner tool, The Vamp Stamp has taken the beauty world by storm, promising a quick, innovative method to wing your way to faultless feline flicks. Unbelievably easy to use, you simply coat the fool-proof, wing-shaped stamp in cushion or non-waterproof liquid liner (or, best of all, The Vamp Stamp’s own {VINK Eyeliner Ink}), line it up with the corner of your eye, press on and hey presto – perfect cat-eye liner. The VaVaVoom Stamp is available in medium and large sizes, as well as a smaller ‘Kitten’ style (for subtle 'baby' flicks) and 'Vixen' (the key to a chic, straight-edged eyeliner look) – to complement your eye shape and allow you to vary the width of your 'wings'. So, join the ‘vamp camp’ and eliminate the stress of achieving ‘flick’ symmetry! You won’t know what to do with all your newfound spare time!

    • How to use

      Coat the VaVaVoom stamp in any non-waterproof liquid or cushion eyeliner (The Vamp Stamp’s {VINK Eyeliner Ink} comes highly recommended), making sure that the surface of the stamp is completely covered. Wipe any excess off the sides of the stamp. Line up with the corner of your eye and press on firmly.

      This can be done before or after applying liner to the rest of the eye.

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    The Vamp Stamp - VaVaVoom Stamp

    The Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom Stamp Reviews

    Vamp stamp
    Was very excited about this but it was dreadful. Worst product from cult beauty I’ve ever bought. Stick to eyeliner.
    Not good!
    Even for beginners, this is not a good product. Doesn't deliver. Shame.
    Medium Stamp
    I’ve had this over a year and I don’t think there’s a day gone by that I haven’t used it (except those non-makeup days!). I have hooded eyelids but I find it helps if you look up a little bit in the mirror so your eyelids look flat then apply it, always gives me the perfect wing. Thinking of buying the vixen next for a more subtle look.
    The vamp stamp (kitten)
    Unfortunately, this didn't work for me, I don't know whether it's because of the shape of my eyelid, the crease goes quite far down so eyeliner is quite tricky for me. Plus, I couldn't get it to stamp very well (I tried Bobbi Brown gel ink and Tom Ford eyeliner).
    Unfortunately didn't work for me
    I ordered medium, I have hooded eyelids, the eyeliner smudged around the applicator edges.
    Easy to use and gives a perfect wing with little concentration required. Kitten size does the trick in most instances.
    I'm in love!
    I've had my eye on this product for a long time and when I found out I could get my hands on it through Cult Beauty I was really excited. Honestly, my makeup skills are... underdeveloped... but this? This tool is a freaking GIFT to the world. Takes a few tries to get used to it, but once you do, you're going to start saving so much time!
    So good!
    I’m terrible at cat eyeliner but with this I can do it beautifully. It did take me a week or so to master the technique. I’m not use to wearing cat eyeliner so I brought the kitten size which is the smallest size. I’ve since brought the size up from that.
    Love it
    For people how doesn't know how to put eyeliner. This is really works.
    Vamp stamp
    Literally the worst thing I've ever bought. Seriously, save your money and don't bother. If you have slightly hooded 'older' eyes then this is NOT what you're looking for. I have given it several attempts but the look is awful. Wishing I'd saved my money.
    No good for deep set eyes
    This product does not work at all if you have deep set eyes. Back to doing it myself.
    Really great, love it
    Just arrived, I ordered the medium and the large. I ordered it on special so I received the ink and brush also. I thought I would give it a quick try. I grabbed the medium out of the box and dipped it in the ink pressed on and wow looks great. I thought it might be a bit fiddly but it's really not. My hubby even said my makeup looked good. I'm not used to winged liner so the medium is a good size but I recon the large will be good for nights out. X
    I always liked winged eyeliner but it was almost impossible for me to create even ones. I had to spend so much time to create the ones I am happy with. Vavavvoom stamp makes it so easy and your winged eyeliner looks like a dream. I would suggest to buy the eyeliner ink with it as it didn't perform as well with my other gel liner. If you like winged eyeliner, you should give this a try.
    Good for hooded eyes
    I ordered the Kitten size and it's very simple, though requires come getting used to. (I recommend watching Stephie Nicole's video a on YouTube for a guide). I tend to rub the stamp in the Vink liner rather than dipping it so it just coats the bottom of the stamp. Then place on a half-open eyelid, line the top of your eyelid however this you want and then connect it. Literally takes me 5 minutes to do my eyeliner now when it used to take about 30. Super pleased :)
    Smartest make up I ever bought
    Seriously, this makes making a perfect wing a dream. I use it with the eyeliner ink that is recommended, and a Urban Decay liquid liner just because I find it easier to use the liner for the rest of the eye lid. Just make sure the ink dries before you bat your lashes, and you will be all set. I bought the medium one, which works perfect for day wear, but if you bring it closer to your eyebrow, you can make a more dramatic look. A perfect tool that saves loads of time.
    Takes a bit of practice
    I was on the fence regarding this product but have to say my wings have never been better now that I have the hang of it. I have hooded eyes which makes it super difficult to have the ideal wing. This product helps me tones. Love it.
    Don't buy if you have hooded eyes
    If u have small or hooded eyes this will not work the medium is too big. It prints onto the hooded part of my eye. I think if they had a small it may work but I have yet to find a eyeliner to work with this stamp they dry out to quickly.
    Useless gimmick
    I regret buying this item, a utter waste of money. I've tried using the stamp numerous times with high end AND drugstore gel, pen and liquid eyeliners. It simply does not do as advertised! At best you get a very poor, patchy impression of a wing. A poorly drawn uneven wing is a better result than anything from the vamp stamp. It just seems to be a (heavily advertised) social media hype product.
    No better than DIY
    I bought this along with the V-ink with high hopes for epic flicks. But after several attempts, I'd say don't bother unless you *really* can't do your own in any way. It doesn't give a better result than drawing your own on. I'm so disappointed that I wasn't money on these two products.
    Works well...most days
    I find making both sides look even difficult, at least with this I find that my wings are even 9/10 times. My main difficulty is getting the angle of the wing right, but thats me and not the tool, which works fine.
    Ordered this in the medium, and am very pleased with the shape and size of the flick. The idea is genius, and a godsend for the uncoordinated or impatient (I am both). I have a small face, and medium is definitely not too 'much'. Loses a star because the stamp seems a bit hydrophobic, and only seems to work with one or two of my liquid liners, though I haven't tried it with the Vink yet.
    Works wonders
    I use it with cushion eyeliner. Simple dab it in and go. The large is a bit too large for my face but it works wonders and will definitely splurge when medium (and kitten later this year) is available.
    I find it really hard to do winged eyeliner at the best of times but this stamp makes to job a lot harder.
    Wonderful and very easy to use!
    The Vamp Stamp
    Truly awful. Creates a mess and I tried with lots of different liners.
    Eyeliner recommendations
    Forgot to add to my last review, both Zoeva liquid liners (calligraphic and cat eye pen) work well with the stamp too. Plus these are cheaper and equal to the Kat Von D and Makeup Forever liners!
    This tool is pointless in my eyes, it's so much easier to draw a flick on then trying to use this.
    Awful! Especially for older eyes.
    I say older eyes... I’m still in my early thirties! But this product is awful. I have slightly hooded eyes and it just creates a mess. I’ve tried a number of ways to use it and 4 different liquid eyeliners and it’s awful with all of them. Save your money and buy a great eyeliner (Fenty is amazing) and practise a winged liner.
    Tricky, but...
    ...worth trying if you struggle with eyeliner. I think you should try some times before going in on your eyeshadow look ;) and you also need to work on that wing too, that’s why 3/5 stars.
    I have such shaky hands...this tool is the only thing which helps me do a wing.
    The vamp stamp
    GREAT! Love the product! I use it every day!
    Awesome, just wrong size
    I was so excited about this. I got the Medium, at the time the Kitten was not available yet. Way too big for me, so I was really disappointed and threw it out. Might try again in the future with Kitten, because the product itself was great.
    Love this!
    I've never been able to properly do a cat eye, until I bought the Vamp Stamp. Love this product. Which they'd make an even smaller side for us girls with mostly covered lids.
    Very good.
    I’m utter crap at doing cat eyeliner, this works well for me. I’m super pleased.
    Absolutely love it
    Not only has this helped get my eyeliner time down by absolutely ages, but I always get complimented on my eyeliner whenever I have used this. Super easy to use too. I bought the kitten size but find I can alter the wing size just depending on where I would place the stamp. I didn't buy the ink that came with this but found it worked well with my felt tip or liquid liners if I just coated the stamp by 'painting it on. Would recommend filing/buffing the stamp slightly so it isn't so shiny if you get this since found the liner would stamp easier and more precisely once I had done this.
    I got the medium and I really love it. It makes my morning routine so much easier and less stressful; it's really an investment. I got the ink too but on regular days I use the ink from my eyeliner and it's works just as well.
    Just WoW
    I really love the stamp. I have the size kitten and medium. Very easy and perfect wings. Cult Beauty sent it to the Netherlands, I'm just so happy with this, it's awesome <3
    Size large
    Love it , probably the best thing I have bought. My morning routine goes so much quicker with this, it's so easy to use. I got the large because I like a big cat eye and it does the job. Will be buying medium soon. Highly recommend!
    Works as advertised. I've never been able to master the cat eye but the Vamp Stamp and Vink make it easy. The kitten size is still too dramatic for me for daytime as I have small, slightly hooded eyes and prefer a more subtle look. Took a star off because it's expensive for what it is, but I would recommend this tool to anyone.
    Great! Size Kitten
    This is honestly a really good product if you're not very confident with drawing in your wing. The initial mark is a little bit triangular but it's easy to extend the flick out if you have a fine eyeliner pen (or brush I assume). The most difficult part is joining up the wing and the eyeliner on the lid, which isn't even that bad. Kitten is perfect for everyday, or even a night out if you don't want anything too dramatic.
    hate it
    First of all the medium one is still very dramatic for an everyday use but the worst part is that it's soooooo difficult to use. I struggle every day with my wings, but with this I struggle even more. With the gel liner is just awful, with the liquid liner a bit better but still pretty bad. Tape hack works so much better.
    Love the Medium size
    I've now used the medium one a couple of times and each time my liner comes out great. I didn't bother buying the eyeliner ink as I wanted to test it with my current liquid eyeliner and it worked perfectly fine (Urban Decay liquid liner for those interested). I don't think I'll get the Large as the Medium is large enough for me but will definitely invest in the Kitty when it comes out. My biggest problems are having to fill it in a little if the liner dries too much before I stamp and thanks to a weird fold in my left eye there's always a bit of a gap that needs filling but overall this has made winged liner so much easier to achieve for me.
    This is so easy to use and makes perfect wing. I have an hooded and droopy eyes with a lot of excess skin on the lids and I really can not pull the right line with the eyeliner. First time in my life I have perfect wing. If it works for me, it is even easier for normal eyes. (I'm so surprised with negative reviews.) It works with all textures: gel, liquid and even dark eye shadow. For more subtle effect, I use with dark brown eye shadow and it makes perfect wing for day time look. Fantastic product. Fool proof (like me :))
    Not worth the price
    I've been trying it for a while and honestly it is not worth even buying it. I regret buying it and it doesn't work with liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner (I've been trying with one from bobbi brown that usually works really well with a brush). It doesn't stamp well on the eye and it gets really patchy especially if you have already applied some eyeshadow and you waste more money than applying the eyeliner by yourself. I suggest not to spend money on this tool.
    Takes time to get the hang of
    It takes some time to get used to and doesn't work well with every eye liner, but I still like it. I have the large size and just bought the medium. It brought some consistency to my eyeliner wings, when I did it before It would come out differently every day. The wing can occasionally come out a little patchy but it's easy to just fill in. The stamp makes my morning routine quicker, so it'd say it does the job.
    Not a fan
    So I bought this and the same brand ink pad with brush. I ordered large as it was the only one in stock at the time. I must say I've tried half a dozen times and cannot get it to line up properly so it's been a total waste of money. Good concept but no.
    Love it
    I love this stamp. I always seem to end up with flicks that aren't perfectly matched, but this is amazing. I ordered the large to test it out as the medium is out of stock at the minute. The large is dramatic and more of an evening look for me though. One suggestion I'd make is to recommend getting the Vink ink, application is so much better and easier than other liners I have. I was really happy with my first attempt but it will need a bit of practice. Overall very pleased and am planning getting the medium when notified when it's back in stock.
    So dissapointed
    I was so excited about this product, couldn't wait for the date when it will be available Worldwide. So I joined the waiting list and ordered it right away, when it was restocked. It finally arrived. If it will be a miracle product, i would say it is worth the hype and especially the money. I tried it with 3 different eyeliners but couldn't achieve the wings as shown on the promo videos.. It needs practice obviously and still looks better than the one I can draw with my hands but it is not a miracle and not worth £22 at all.
    Vamp stamp
    Really good
    Skip it
    The actual description is misleading: doesn't work at all with gel liner, very disappointing.
    Vixen stamp - pretty good
    I got this on sale because I think £22.50 is bit expensive for what is essentially a rubber stamp, BUT for £6.75 this is very good value for money. I have quite small eyes and one has a slightly hooded lid so the fine flick on the vixen one is perfect for me, I did order the original in large but that was way way way too big for me so I returned it unused. I will agree with some reviews about what eyeliners to use with it but I just took the stamp out with me and went round a department store counter and chemist makeup aisles stamping it on my hand to see which transferred the best. That way I didn't waste money buying a tonne of eyeliners to try. My recommendation is Kat Von D Tattoo liner, or Makeup Forever Aqua XL liquid liner. In terms of use I think this is user friendly but you just need to spend a little time practicing when you first get the stamp to see what angle and how hard to press down. Once you've done that it's very quick and easy. I've also found that if I want a shorter flick I'll just not shade in the inner edge with the rounded edge that's supposed to "hug" the lashline so it's customisable to an extent too!
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