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    The Ordinary

    Serum Foundation
    Can't believe how good this foundation is for the price. It's my new favourite; stays on all day lovely colours too.
    Love it!
    It is very watery so I was like ‘meh not sure’ but it goes on the skin really nicely and blends easily! It offers more coverage than I expected, and it looks really natural and flawless (and I suffer with acne. Colour 1.0 NS)
    A real surprise
    I bought this on the recommendation of a beauty blogger who blogs about rosacea, which I struggle with. She said the coverage was astonishing, and the fluid was light and not irritating - perfect for those of us with hyper-sensitive skin, so I gave it a try. It blew me away. The coverage is smooth and complete, but the fluid is so light it doesn't settle into lines or creases. It doesn't irritate my skin at all - which is basically a miracle. And I found a skin match at the first go. I'm now buying more. I'm a real fan.
    Good coverage foundation, also very moisturizing and lightweight. The shade 2.0P suit my skin perfectly.
    Light and breathable
    I have tried countless foundations from all price brackets - and this one suits my skin and my budget! I have oily/combination skin and other foundations would always slide off during the day or break me out. This one is light and breathable but with a buildable coverage. Someone with normal/dry skin could probably use it alone but I always set mine with a light bit of powder on top.
    Not ground-breaking
    I really wanted to love this. But it seems to just cling to my dry skin and is incredibly watery. Obviously it does say it is light coverage but it is buildable. I don't hate it...I dont love it...but its definitely worth the price tag.
    Love it!
    Wanted something lighter than my usual foundation so thought I would give this a try, completely blown away by it! It's so light and silky on my skin but yet has really good coverage (better than my previous foundation which i paid £30 for) it looks really natural and non cakey, especially if used on top of the fluid primer. For the price it's so worth trying!
    Met my expectations
    I got this in the shade 2.0 N which was a perfect match (for reference I'm a C2 in Mac face & body). I thought this would be more dewy with less coverage but it dries semi-matte and gives plenty of coverage. My skin looks completely natural and normal in this foundation. I also thought the cap would break (because there is no lid) but it has a very sturdy lock. I can't believe it's so cheap. I'll definitely be repurchasing this.
    Not for oily skin
    This foundation is not for you when you have oily skin. I usually use primer and foundation but when I use this foundation I have to set my face with powder because it looks so shiny. But not the nice shiny look, more like....bacon. And it gets worse through the day. I was very disappointed and rather use my Huda Beauty or Urban Decay foundations. But as a plus for this foundation: great coverage.
    It's so cheap and it is so makes my skin look flawless and it lasts all day even on my oily skin.
    Unreal foundation
    This one topped my all time fave MAC face and body foundation which was my go to for a natural, sheer-medium dewy finish. It really does have a very subtle but buildable coverage, yet it really gets the job done. If a foundation can still make my skin look like my own skin but just more flawless (without heavy coverage, cakey and opaque look) I'm all in and this does exactly that. Has that skinlike dewiness to it but not to the point of looking greasy. Really recommend this to anyone who is more on the drier side (bearing in mind you use peeling, otherwise no foundation will look great).
    Love this, it's lightweight, it looks and feels lovely.
    I'm 52 and have sensitive skin. I usually use mineral powder foundation but lately, that's been feeling heavy and has been a bit drying so I thought I'd try this. I don't want a lot of coverage, I want my skin to look like skin so this stuff is perfect for everyday use. It's lightweight, melts into the skin and evens out the skin tone beautifully. I don't use much, I smooth it on with my fingers and go over it with a buffing brush. It lasts all day and is so inexpensive. I love it.
    So bad
    I was caught up in the hype and got so excited about this product. But it just looks terrible on the skin. I have regular to dry skin and it just looked so unnatural and uneven. I gave to my friend who has combination skin to try and she got the same results.
    I usually wear Younique Touch liquid in Velour - ordered this in 1.1N as I didn’t want to pay £35 again. This stuff is amazing! As good as younique and as for the price - I will be buying this in future. I have combination skin with a few fine lines (40+) and lots of freckles and a few dark spots. Used with the Ordinary Silicone Primer and it has stayed fresh and dewy looking with great coverage all day after applying with a brush. Very happy. I’ve ordered the Ordinary coverage foundation too, looking forward to giving that a go.
    This foundation gives me a gorgeous colour and dewy glow. It's really buildable and given the price point has become my everyday go to. 2.0n is perfect for me and I've always found it hard in the past to find shades that are not too pink. Buying 2 or 3 more.
    Brilliant Price - Fantastic Colour
    So being very fair I can NEVER find a foundation that matches my skin I bought 1.0 N Very Fair and it matches!!! I do not like using a full coverage foundation so this is ideal. I also have very dry very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, (and with a good moisturiser as a base) this is a brilliant foundation for my skin type. I only use 1 pump to cover my whole face and any areas I still want to cover I use concealer. It has ok staying power, wearing it for a work day it does settle a little bit and wears off a bit but a quick smudge and tap action with clean hands sets it back in place. It does not even oxidize badly, which is always something to watch out for. I would highly recommend especially for this price tag!
    I love the Ordinary products and had high expectations for this foundation, but it turned out to be a total disaster. It's hard to spread and looks like a mask. What can I say is there're lots of better foundations for that price.
    So many compliments!
    I've only been using this for a few days, and all of the women in my team have commented on how good my skin looks. I've wanted to get my hands on this for a while and am so happy I did. both this, and the full coverage, work perfectly for my combination skin. I find the coverage is perfect for what I need day-to-day. I would definitely recommend if like me, your skin is usually well behaved and you're looking for a soft, dewy finish.
    Oxidises :(
    Applies beautifully upon initial application, but as it dries (experienced this with shade 2.1Y) it oxidises darker and is orangey.
    Best foundation ever
    Considering the price, this is the most amazing foundation I have ever tried. I have dry skin and this feels so light and moisturising on my face. I have tried most drugstore and high end foundations and this is almost as good as Lancôme but with less coverage. It's light but build-able and would be good as an everyday foundation. Also Cult Beauty always offers the best service, arrived promptly.
    Perfect lightweight serum to protect your skin from the sun and wind whilst uniforming complexion.
    I have recently discovered The Ordinary, and I love it - it works for my skin and the price is great. Was really excited to try this and the colour chart really helped! I have 2.0y medium. It's a very moisturizing lightweight foundation which is what I need - I don't need much coverage, and gives a very natural look and glow. I bought some for a friend and she loves it. I recommend.
    Firstly, I would like to say this is a very light coverage foundation which is what i need for my skin (if you are looking for a high coverage stay away). For those saying its like water, it clearly states you need to shake before use, once shook its the perfect light weight consistency. Leaves a satin finish with a slight glow however still looks amazing once powdered for a matte finish. Mine is in the shade 1.1p (fair with pink undertones) and suit me perfectly. Overall highly recommend for low coverage gals like myself.
    Very nice. The color 1.2P is good for my light skin. My skin look super with it.
    Can't really go wrong
    For the price this foundation is absolutely amazing. It covers all spots and imperfections, it can be a little cakey but it's fine blended well with a sponge.
    Perfect for combination skin
    I have combination skin - oily yet with some dry patches. Yet this foundation cooked perfectly with both aspects of my skin. Incredibly lightweight and moisturising on my dry patches but didn’t make my skin oilier and still gave a reasonably good coverage. The perfect base, this foundation is everything it’s cracked up to be. I would highly recommend to those wanting a lighter coverage, something natural or more dewy, or with combination skin.
    Very good for the price
    This foundation is perfect for people with normal/dry skin. The finish isn’t too matte or too dewy, very satin finish, and blends in nicely with concealers, cream contours etc. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and is very lightweight on your face, and medium coverage. If you are wanting 2.1 y, I definitely suggest go for 2.0 yg as 2.1 y oxidises terribly and ends up drying bright orange. 2.0 yg dries slightly darker but not orange toned, more of a gold tone and looks a lot prettier on the skin imo. This foundation is definitely worth a try, even if you are a bit iffy about it. I’ve read it’s not good for acne prone skin, but my skin is extremely dry and looks really nice and smooth on my skin. It’s a good dupe for the nars sheer glow foundation which used to be my everyday go-to, and an eighth of the price! Absolutely recommend trying it out.
    Love this product!! For me is perfect!!!
    I can see a lot of bad reviews, but in my case works amazing. My skin looks flawless, my boyfriend all the time is impress because he said my skin looks beautiful and for me that is it. I will definitely be purchasing again. Is a light weight foundation with a good coverage in matte.
    Stay away
    Stay away from this foundation if you have sensitive skin. My face broke out like crazy after using this foundation.
    This is basically water with colour. It covers very little and disappears in minutes. Crucially the colour I got, 2.1 Y which is a medium looking yellow undertoned beige online is actually bright orange, to the point that it reminds me of foundations from 20 years ago. I didn't even know brands made shades like these anymore. Literally no one has that skin tone. Straight in the bin it went. At least it wasn't an expensive mistake.
    Finally I’ve perfect base
    I’ve bought in 3 shades and absolutely love it. It blends well, neutralises my pink undertone and lasts all day. Lovely glow too. Highly recommend and fantastic price.
    It's pigment suspended in water
    People, the thing you have to understand about this foundation is this: it's just pigment. Nothing more and nothing less. And the brand is straightforward about it. This foundation doesn't have it's own properties, IT TAKES THE PROPERTIES OF WHATEVER IS UNDERNEATH. It's not skincare, it's not a BB cream. If you want a moisturizing foundation or oil control - you have to look elsewhere. This is just pigment suspended in water. If you have dry patches it won't help, if you're oily - it will slide off. So you prime your skin according to your needs and then you apply this pigment, end of story. The result is great! As for the pigment itself - it's good. Medium coverage. Natural finish. I got 2.0 YG (I am Sephora colour IQ 2y07), it does have a tiny amount of highlighter visible only in incandescent light and if you look closely and thoroughly. So bottom line is if you want no fuss pigment with medium coverage that just deposits a layer of colour on top of your skincare - by all means get it.
    I had very high hopes for this foundation so I ordered 2 shades when my right shade was out of stock. I don't ever write negative reviews but I absolutely hate this foundation. I tried to make it work but everything I put on top of it looks like crap. I'm throwing it away.
    ... Just when I thought I had found the perfect everyday foundation
    I purchased the shade 2.1 Y and when it arrived I was beyond excited to try it. I mean a foundation that was lightweight but gave me decent coverage and for next to nothing?! Bargain. The shade was a tad too yellow toned but still matched well and you really are met with a seamless looking base once you're done. I was so shocked. I found no gathering in smile lines, no disappearing half way through the day, no cakey finish. I really thought I'd found the one, and then I started to break out. Clusters of whiteheads started to form on my cheek but I dismissed it thinking it was just hormones, y'know monthly spots etc. (... a few weeks early), but it was not. I should have researched and realised it's not the best for acne prone skin. So heartbroken over this short love affair. In short: heaven for those who don't have acne prone skin. For those that do, if you're willing risk it, if not keep looking for the holy grail.
    Nothing bad to say
    I really like this foundation. The colour range is fantastic, I'm always quite an in-between colour when it comes to foundations, but I managed to match myself perfectly. It sits lovely on the skin and is build-able. And what an amazing price?! The bottles are small, but a little of the products goes a long way so it will last a good while.
    Not great
    Made my skin flare up and caused redness and irritation on my cheeks.
    When purchasing I was unsure of which colour to go for so I bought the 1.0 N and 1.0 P. I can use either separately or together and they're a perfect match. After wearing all day they don't separate on my skin or look cakey and I love the coverage. I normally go for full coverage and with this being a light coverage I was nervous but it looks so nice and gives a nice finish. So pleased.
    I got the shade 1.1n and it matches my fair skin brilliantly. Although I didn't use the same brand primer that it recommended it went on smoothly and didn't settle into any pores, it smoothed them all out. When wearing all day it did tend to break up around the nose which most foundations tend to do anyway so that's why it's only 4 stars. I will be buying again though as it's a fantastic price.