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    The Ordinary

    Coverage Foundation
    Ordinary foundation
    Best result!
    Love it...
    Everyone must know the lovely Wayne Goss MUA from YouTube if you haven't then you must be living under a rock lol. He's the one who raved so much about it that I just had to try it for myself. Yes...he's right, it is AMAZING. I've tried both formulations and both are wonderful. However, it did take me a while to be truly satisfied with the correct shade for my skin undertone. Finally using shade 2.0YG and very pleased with how it looks. You can, however, mix the shades to find your perfect shade and skin tone and I actually purchased at least 5 different shades to get the right one for me. I mixed a lighter shade with a darker shade and vice versa just so that I didn't waste my money and have them stuck in a drawer unused so it's fine to do this in my opinion. This foundation is high end in quality and performance but with a fantastic price point to be able to experiment. If you do find you've bought the wrong shade then swop with a friend and let them have the experience of using. I am a makeup junkie and always on the lookout for new products to try and this comes highly recommended. Oh...and one other thing I am 65 years old and got my Granddaughter on it too. Love to all.xx
    So shocked how amazing this is I’ve tried every. Top brand and this is my fave and the coverage is AMAZING.
    Beautiful finish
    I bought the shade 1.0 NS, and I am VERY pale but I have yellow undertones. I didn't think this shade would match, but its coverage isn't too thick that I can get away with a shade or two difference. My face looks FLAWLESS when I wear this, doesn't exaggerate my pores or emphasize my dry spots. It just gives me a perfect, slightly dewy look. Would definitely repurchase again. Works best with a beauty blender.
    I was kinda sceptical to try this foundation having heard mixed reviews, but omg I'm hooked. In terms of shade guide, i wear an NW25/30 so I ordered a 1.2 and 2.0 and mix them depending on how tanned I am. I have oily skin so need a matte foundation, which, whether you spent £4 or £40, usually translates to cakey and heavy feeling on the face. This foundation feels lighter than a bb cream while giving me a flawless coverage that lasts all day. I apply using a Beauty Blender and only needed 1.5 pumps to cover my whole face. Thoroughly recommend this foundation and I will be reordering different shades for my clients as I am a MUA.
    He comprado ambas y me han gustado mucho las dos.The ordinary no defrauda,es estupenda. ***I bought both and I liked both. The ordinary does not disappoint, it's great.***
    Doesn't suit for dry skin
    I have really tried to make this foundation work with my skin but nope. I tried different moisturizers and primers but the foundation looked always patchy, uneven and it would grease and slide off during the day. If you have dry skin, don't buy this one.
    not for me
    Heard so many good reviews about this foundation so I've been desperate to try it for ages as I wanted something a bit more affordable than mac studio fix. I was so impressed when I first applied it. It goes on nicely, the coverage is unreal, the shade was perfect, and the finish is pretty good. The only downside for me, and it's a pretty big downside, is that it makes me break out really bad so I can't use it. So frustrating!!
    Coverage foundation
    I bought this in shades 2yg and 1.2yg, I am yellow toned and tanned, and I have always struggled to find something that suits me, without spending a lot. I was SO looking forward to receiving this as it sounded perfect for what I wanted, lightweight with coverage, yellow undertone, long lasting. I tried it, I loved it at first, but I noticed something was off. It has a grey cast to it, which I wasn’t expecting, both shades have this. I then took a picture with flash and turned into a ghost! So disappointing because I had seen reviews saying it didn’t have flashback but it most definitely does. I would look past the flashback, but the grey cast looks odd in natural day light. I don’t think I will be using the foundation again.
    No words....
    Amazing cheap cheerful and amazing! 2/3 pumps for my face and I don’t have a thick layer so gone through pretty quick! So cheap I don’t mind x
    Love this!
    Great (but not full) coverage so looks very natural. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth, I'm 47 and ageing effects are taking their toll so smooth skin is a challenge. My skin is dry/normal. I apply using my fingers, over elf poreless primer and set using a mixture of hd/rose powder applied with a beauty sponge to apply. It lasts all day. I've had no trouble with foundation break up or slipping.
    Good but oxidises.
    This product is so good with dry skin, it does not mattify on the skin unless you use powder for it. A couple of things that I did not like about this product is that it oxidises really quickly on the skin so I'd advise buyers to do your make up as fast as possible. Another concern is that it does not have full coverage unless you put on another layer on. However, it does not look cakey when you do and leaves a light feeling on the face. Over all, I really like this foundation as it is hard to find a foundation for dry skin.
    Pleased with this
    I’ve been dying to try this. It gives good coverage without looking too heavy, stays on well throughout the day however it tends to break up a little around my mouth and nose after 12 hours wear. I use shade 2YG Light Medium which is a very good match for me. It’s easy to apply and a little goes a long way.
    It’s ok
    Coverage is really good for the price, but my oh my did it oxidise! After application it ended up 3 shades darker and I looked like an orange. It also pretty much oxidised instantly. I plan on buying the lightest shade available so that when it oxidises it might actually be my colour.
    Not great
    I really wanted to love this because I love the ordinary & their products, plus the price is great, so I tried really hard to make it work for me. But it just doesn't work for me no matter what I do. This goes on really beautiful at first and you get all excited that you've found "the one" .....the problem is that before I've even finished the rest of my makeup, it's starting to separate and slide off my face. I have normal/ dry skin, which is currently extremely dry due to the cold weather. However this foundation makes me look really oily, I just don't understand this at all! I've never had his happen with a foundation before. I tried this daily for two weeks with various different moisturisers & primers underneath and various setting powders/ sprays on top. Nothing works for me. I won't be repurchasing.
    Pleasantly surprised!
    Coverage is unreal semi-matte finish covers up any acne scare etc, great shade range I use 2.0N I’m usually a nc20-25 in mac! I did find it oxidised a little but not as bad as some foundations x
    Honestly one of the best foundations I've tried; doesn't make me look oily or like it's caked on. Can't complain about the price for once either.
    This foundation I found to last for the 12-14 hours that I wear it for and I have very oily skin and I find that most foundations crease in my smile lines and separate on my nose but this foundation is perfect, the only thing that I don’t like as much though is that it’s called the coverage foundation but it doesn’t cover up my freckles :( but I WOULD RECOMMEND.
    2.0 N
    After reading mixed reviews I was particularly concerned about the foundation 'breaking up', appearing cakey and not covering properly. However, after having tried it I have to say I love it! Coverage level is very nice, it looks so much more natural, and it feels very light on the skin. So far I am very happy with it. The risk of ordering the right shade online paid off, but at this price, you can't really go wrong. (I applied after moisturising my skin, no setting powder or spray and found it stayed on just fine. My skin was also less oily than usual throughout the day)
    Very Dark
    I used to find which shade was my match. I'm a 4.5 Illamasqua Skin Base so was matched with 2.0 N however it's really dark on my skin so has to be mixed with a lighter foundation. Aside from that the foundation is OK, especially when you're on a budget. It works on my skin which is quite oily, but I do need to use a lot of powder on top. I've gone back to Illamasqua, but may buy a lighter shade to use every now and then for the price. I don't really get the hype myself, but if you are going to try it, definitely get a shade or two lighter than you're matched with online.
    Good for the price
    This foundation is great for me. I like the coverage, it's a perfect match for my skin and it's very easy to apply (I use 2.1 Y Medium). However, buying foundation online can be difficult as you can't try it before you buy it. I bought the 3.1 R Dark thinking the picture shown was my shade but it was overpoweringly red for my skin tone.
    The only good thing about this foundation is the price, and having very fair foundations with a yellow undertone (very rare). However, I have oily skin, and as soon as I added powder it looked very dry and cakey. After only a few hours, I started to get very oily and the foundation begun to break up, and blotting and adding powder wasn't able to salvage it. This made me look no less and horrific, and has the quite impressive ability to make me look both greasy and very dry. To top it off, it gave me an allergic reaction after wearing it for a few days. Never again.
    2.1 Y Medium - I love it!
    I really love this foundation. It stays on all day on my oily skin, it doesn't break me out and it gives me amazing coverage (I always use a primer underneath my foundation and set it though). This shade is extremely yellow though, at first I thought it was completely wrong for me but once I used it I made it work and fell in love with it.A little bit goes a long way! For that price, I will repurchase again and again.
    Love The Ordinary but ..
    I know they used a team of scientists to develop this — but not dermatologists apparently. The color slips off your face and it's not really covering properly. By the end of the day, it's a big mess. Gets stuck in your dry spots and slips on the oily no.
    Not for me
    Ordered the Medium Y but I looked orange. I'm naturally quite tanned but the yellow undertone is too much. I also found it difficult to apply.
    Good but not great
    I read all the reviews and was excited about this product, I ordered 1.2N and when it came I have to say that it was a fantastic colour match for my skin, I used my porefessional primer and put on my foundation, it went on easy, blended well and looked good. After about 3-4 hours I checked it and it had separated slightly so I decided to wash it off, took ages to wash off and had to cleanse twice. Today I used my Smashbox Primer and out the foundation on, it was harder to blend today and after an hour of wearing my glasses it had all separated on my nose and I was left with horrible looking make up. Tomorrow I'll try it without any primer and see how it looks but if it separates again then it will be a bummer.
    Really good
    As a very fair person with neutral undertones, it is very difficult to find a foundation that matches. 1.0N is perfect for me, whereas the lightest shades of the most foundation have pink undertones and the next shade up is too dark for me, this was amazing. The coverage is really good and once set with a mattifying powder it does not budge.
    1.1 N Fair
    I bought this due to the price and hearing good things about the brand. Foundations are hard to fit with my skin - I have a lot of creasing and lines, but I was glad to discover that this one does not settle into these lines very quickly, and once set doesn't tend to at all. I have noticed that it can become flaky around my nose after a long day and stay there, even once I've taken it off. Overall, it's a lovely product and has a buildable coverage.
    Next level
    On to my 3rd bottle of this and I absolutely love it. Light weight and full coverage, and I’ve never found it to be drying or oily. I use 2.1 Y and it’s the perfect colour match for me. Now I’ve been using this, I wouldn’t go back to anything else.
    Blotchy but full coverage
    I found this very hard to apply. I've tried it with both of the ordinary primers, and on it's own. It applies extremely blotchy (refuses to apply between my eyebrows and the tops of my cheeks), and clings to dry spots. where it does stick, the coverage is great.
    Bitchin' Everyday Foundation
    I've got 3D acne and an oily t-zone, which is sometimes also a bit dry and flaky due to the medicated products I use. I apply this in the mornings with a sponge (sometimes after the ordinary's fluid primer), and it's such a good match for my skin tone that I don't need to cover my whole face. I've been using this for three months, now. This won't remove 100% of your redness, (I use Nars radiance concealer on my more vivid blemishes beforehand), and this isn't something to slather on, as a thick layer does degrade on your face. However, if you want even but not unnaturally perfect looking skin, especially in bright daylight or harsh office lighting, then two light layers of this over a concealer can deliver that no matter what your skin texture. It will fade after about 7 hours, but in a way that doesn't settle into dry skin patches or pores, and is easy to reapply on top of. This product also doesn't dry down very fast, so I use a setting spray on top. Pros: Perfect match, won't stick to dry skin, non-comedogenic, lovely texture (not flat matte - more of a velvet), price point, pump works well, photographs evenly. Cons: not fullest coverage, can't be used in thick layers. doesn't dry down for about an hour.
    Blistered and Burnt
    I bought this foundation after seeing loads of YouTubers raving about it. The first day I got it I was so excited to try it out, I was quite surprised about the coverage as it was better than I thought however less than 3 hours later it has separated across my whole face, I got home to take it off and whilst washing my face with the makeup remover I always use, my face started to burn, god I nearly cried it was so sore. I then discovered my face had blistered and burned due to this foundation and I am now on the 5th day where I cannot put any product on my face without it burning and my skin is now peeling off. Oh and it also broke me out in cystic acne. Do not recommend this to anyone.
    Loved it!
    Went blotchy and dry
    Had to put on 2 layers for a decent coverage, could still see redness etc, wouldn’t say very good coverage at all. Normally other brands will come off my forehead throughout the day, never my nose, however, I looked in the mirror 3 hours after applying and my nose was bare and looked really dry! However good point was it was a really good colour match I got 1.1n and no orangeness at all
    Love it
    Ordered the 1.0 NS - I have fair skin and loved the sound of silver in the mix - it really suits my skin and very light blonde hair and sits far less in my 51 year old skins admittedly few wrinkles ( I have looked after my skin and also have good genes luckily) really love this !!!
    So Impressed
    I read a review for this foundation in Cosmo magazine and at such value I thought it was worth a try. I've wore ester lauder double wear shell foundation for years. It's the only foundation that lasts all day and is the right colour for me so I was a little sceptical buying this foundation but it hasn't disappointed. The colour is an exact match for my skin (which is unusual as I'm so pale with cool tones) and it has pretty much the same staying power as double wear. I've been recommending this product to my friends and I'll definitely continue buying it.
    I had been recommended this foundation by a friend, I tried it once and it’s left my face painful, burning and blistered. I do NOT have sensitive skin, never have. Do not buy this product, this will affect your skin and I can not put any product on my face due to this. The price really gives it away.
    Amazing match and coverage
    As we all know matching your foundation online is a task and half so I think the colour swatch chart they give you is so helpful! I have a more yellow toned skin tone but I went for a neutral tone (2.0 N) and it couldn't have matched it any more perfectly. I think the pump is cool and unique and you don't even need a lid as it open and closes with a twisty cap. The bottle is small and travel friendly but still get as much product as my Clinique perfect foundation which is in a big glass container. I highly recommend this product as the coverage is out of this world for the price! For me it beats some high end up foundations I have payed for in the past. I will be ordering lighter colours to conceal with and will most likely buying it again and again.
    Bought this foundation and in the first time ever the right shade. Looks great for 15 minuets then starts to separate on my nose and chin. Clings to my dry forehead and cheeks. Coverage is great and colour but formula wise. No. Will bin once I find a better one.
    I was super excited to try this. I even purchased 3 shades to ensure I could use it all year round. 2.0N is a perfect match for Fenty 190 btw. It applied really well with medium coverage and a dewy finish. Had I found my new holy grail foundation? Unfortunately not. Within a couple of hours, my face seemed super oily, then by evening my chin had erupted in small mountains. Into the bin it goes...
    Not for acne prone skin
    The feels and coverage is ok. But, it broke me out like crazy. If you have sensitive/acne prone skin, please stay away from this foundation. Luckily the price is cheap so I can just throw it away. So frustrated.
    Perfect Colour Match for Pale Skin
    I brought 0.1P and I have very pale skin to the point I have been recently using a Korean brand BB cream as I can't find any uk based make up that matches my skin tone. This one was perfect. Still working what to put on underneath as a base (as going through a skin care overhaul) but as long as you are using a moisturiser and a primer this makeup turns out quite nicely and for £5.90 you can't go wrong for a medium coverage foundation.
    One of my favourite foundations. If you're a MAC NC42-NC44 then get the shade 3.0Y. It blends to perfection and the coverage is full despite it being so lightweight on the skin.
    Amazing coverage!!
    Got so many good reviews so I wanted to try the foundation out for myself. Bought both this and the serum foundation. Got shade in 0.1N which is like lightest shade and it matched perfectly. I have dry skin and the coverage foundation was amazing. Preferred more than serum foundation, say it has about medium coverage but I like it that way. Doesn't have a lid but it does have a pump where you twist it to right so it doesn't pump out any product. Small bottle but perfect for travelling and its really cheap which makes it even better. Great price for great foundation. Became my new favourite foundation. I use it with the Nars creamy concealer.
    Just put this on the first time. My skin is in a good condition, I used a primer and a setting spray and it started caking after about 15 minutes. Awful.
    I got the shade 1.0p after doing some research - perfect match for me. (I get NW13 MAC/1.N l'oreal true match). I'd say it gives a medium coverage. I like the packaging apart from it gets dirty easily and has no lid, but luckily it has a locking mechanism.
    Coverage Foundation
    This is a great foundation amazing for the priceless, I bought this after watching Wayne Goss review. His colour match was spot on.
    Great stuff
    I have been using this foundation for a few weeks now having switched from Estée Lauder Double Wear Light. It's a lovely blendable consistency and buffs in well with a brush - feels very light compared to the ELDW. The coverage is excellent and it lasts relatively well on my super oily skin. For evenings out or big events I would probably still reach for the ELDW but this is definitely now my everyday go-to.