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    The Ordinary

    100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
    I've just applied it once yesterday night for 2-3 drops. And guess what? My dark spots on my face had disappeared today morning! It is a good value for money and also a good product to try it out for oily skin type person. I'll definitely purchase it again for my next order.
    Great Value
    This is a great product, especially for the price. I use I before my moisturiser at night most days and have found it helps reduce the marks of previous spot scars and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It sinks into the skin quickly rather than sitting on top. Excellent product!
    Overnight skin savior
    I have fairly oily skin so I use this sparingly, but when I do it's miraculous. In the winter I sometimes get dry patches, and sometimes I have small areas where my skin peels from acne. When that happens I use this as the last step in my skincare routine before bed, on top of my serum. By morning the issue is totally gone! This is definitely not a daytime product, at least not for oily skin, but it's a must-have nonetheless.
    I decided to try this because of the hype. I kind of did not like this oil in the beginning, but after a week of use, I just loved it. It is amazing. It made my skin look fresh and amazing in the morning. Will definitely repurchase.
    My No.1 stop for treating breakouts
    In the past I always used some kind of super strong salicilic acid to dry out my pimples, but in the process I got scaring and dryness around the spot. Since then I changed the way I treat pimples: clay mask - acid - oil. It heals faster and is sooo much easier to cover with concealer. I even use it right before applying concealer (I have dry skin and it soaks it right up). It is such a nice oil, even though it smells not so great :)
    I’m 45 and decided to give this range a try. WOW! My skin has never looked better. This oil leaves my skin silky soft and very smooth. It seems to make my skin flawless. I love it!
    Why buy expensive oils when you can get this great oil for 9 pounds?
    Love the product - hate the smell
    I bought this at hoping it would improve the dry patches on my face and chest and noticed results from first usage. I usually leave this on overnight as I feel the oil is too thick for me to wear on my face day to day. Another thing to note is that I absolutely hate the smell of this oil, my mum think it's smells like old vegetable oil, I'm not usually too sensitive to scents but it could just be my personal presence of disliking the smell. Absolutely love this, does exactly what it says on the tin - I have even replaced my old daily moisturiser for this (I'll just have to get used to the smell haha).