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    THE INKEY LISTHepta-Peptide<p>Perfect for mature skin, this hard-working potion grants both immediate and long-term improvements to visible signs of ageing. The former is courtesy of a genius blurring effect, which smooths over lines and lends a soft-focus finish. As for the long-term benefits, the formula stars a patented peptide sequence to promote cell renewal, sending signals to your cells to produce more collagen which in turn, improves elasticity and reduces crepey-ness (clever, huh?!). The result is a gradual - but tangible! - reduction in the visibility of wrinkles, a subtle 'lifted' look and a 'spring' in cells' steps. </p>INK0191799750604222957624 stars, based on33 reviews 14.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Hepta-Peptide

    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Also known as ‘Your Beauty Translator’, THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (at astoundingly reasonable, ‘give-it-a-go’ prices). A prime example of this stellar ethos is their Hepta-Peptide – a serum that instantly ‘blurs’ crepey skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time and hydrates with nourishing squalane. Ideal for mature skin with loss of volume, it contains a patented peptide sequence to boost skin renewal and help to promote your skin's strength and vitality. 

    • Description

      Perfect for mature skin, this hard-working potion grants both immediate and long-term improvements to visible signs of ageing. The former is courtesy of a genius blurring effect, which smooths over lines and lends a soft-focus finish. As for the long-term benefits, the formula stars a patented peptide sequence to promote cell renewal, sending signals to your cells to produce more collagen which in turn, improves elasticity and reduces crepey-ness (clever, huh?!). The result is a gradual - but tangible! - reduction in the visibility of wrinkles, a subtle 'lifted' look and a 'spring' in cells' steps.

    • How to use

      Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening, avoiding the eye area.

      The formula is best used after serums and before moisturiser.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Polysilicone-11, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Caproyl Prolinate, Laureth-12, Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Squalane, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carnosine, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Polysorbate 60, Dehydroacetic Acid, Citric Acid, Heptapeptide-7, Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Propanediol, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Sorbitan Isostearate.

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    THE INKEY LIST - Hepta-Peptide

    THE INKEY LIST Hepta-Peptide Reviews

    Realy good product but top came off
    Brought as a gift my mum said the Fantastic result blurring effect is fantastic but when she opened the lid the pump unit came off and about a third of the product came out and was wasted.
    More like a primer
    The peptide is really low on the content list, however it instantly blurs any wrinkles or scars and makes skin look smoother.I guess it might work in a long run but if you're looking for more peptides go for other brands with higher percentage.
    Good for oily-combination skin
    This product is really very helpful in blurring my pores, light blemishes & scars and gives a smooth matte look for a good 8-9 hrs. I don't wear makeup- I just layer it after my toner, essences and a serum and this product seals in all the goodness. It's kinda hard to spread it on its own but works great for layering as the last step. Dry skin would need a heavier moisturizer under this product. Those who don't like silicone should avoid this product. Don't expect much from this product for anti-aging purpose
    Hepa-peptide Cream
    I actually love this stuff. It has a minor blurring effect, which is all I need at this stage of my life. It sets down to a matte finish & actually makes my moisturizer & sunscreen have a matte effect too, which I love because I hate looking shiny. It's not great to use after a peel, as it isn't moisturising at all & tends to make my face even drier. But a few days after the peel finishes, I can use it again with no issues. I'll be repurchasing for sure.
    Great mattifier
    Dunno about long time results, but immediate effect on oily skin is quite awesome: gives really nice mattifying finish, not drying up skin or bringing up wrinkles- perfect surface really. Wouldn’t recommend it for normal to dry skin though. Also didn’t have any breakouts or skin impurities during the use of product.
    It’s great
    soft non-sticky serum, pleasant to the skin. the only negative, it is inconvenient to dose, with a pipette it would be more convenient
    The best
    I lovvvvve this product. It’s so amazing.
    Love this product.
    After viewing a Wayne Goss video I decided to purchase this - so glad I did. It works really well for me, blurring my wrinkles so my makeup looks so much smoother. As per instructions I apply serum first and then this hepta-peptide for great results. Will be buying this again
    Works well
    I do like this product. Works well as a final step or only step in my makeup routine.
    Didn't do it for me...
    I saw Wayne Goss's video about this and the Polyglutamic Acid and decided to give them a try. I really really wanted to like this. It does give you a blurring effect but Oh My God it is such a weird product. The texture is not like anything else I have used. It says to use a pea size amount for your face. I literally have to use 3 larger then pea size amounts for my face. It's like the moment you apply it to your face it dries up. I tried to spread it as soon as it hits my skin it's so thick and drying, it doesn't spread. I haven't personally tried it under makeup yet. I will leave that to a day where I don't have to go anywhere in case it doesn't agree with my foundation. Judging by some reviews it looks like it works for some people so I would give it a shot. I won't be buying it again due to the price because I have to use so much of it to cover my face.
    Just okay
    A review on YouTube made me aware that that the amount of peptides in ingredient list was too low to warrant the price. There are other products that offer more at a lesser price point. Will not order again.
    This is a very confusing product! It is very hard to blend into the skin. It is very dry and tacky which makes is extremely difficult to smooth on. I think my mature/combo skin is much more dry and dehydrated since using this. I also use with the poly peptide so maybe I'm using it wrong???
    Tolles neues Begleiter in meine Beauty Routine mach Haut weich und Poren sind kleiner. ***Great new companion in my beauty routine, softens skin and pores are smaller.***
    Hello blur! It’s amazing! It is like a filter for your face. Love love love. You need this.
    Burns my skin.
    This burned my skin. I have mature skin that is slightly sensitive but this burning is not a good sign for my skin. I’ll keep trying my other Inkey products with hopes that this doesn’t happen with the others.
    I have combination leaning oily skin, and am not sure this is good for my skin. Skins in really quickly, and personally I don't like super quick dry products. Face feels matte which I don't tend to like. Layered the Zinc over the top, which was good as the thicker texture of this helped with the matte finish. I am going to try using this just on the T-Zone and the polyglutamic on my cheeks and rest of face.
    You have to see this in action...
    I bought this as it’s listed for mature skin, I am 44 and my skin is showing visible signs of ageing. When It arrived I was dubious but OMG it’s a light cream Ok. I applied it and within seconds my skin became so smooth and beautiful. It’s the most blurring product l have ever used. It makes my skin look so good, this really works for me and I have no doubt will be my purchase of 2019!
    Good but not great
    I wanted an all-in-one product, but this one feels a bit too dry for me. Still, I think it's good enough.
    Five stars
    I’ve paired this with the retinol cream and it’s done wonders for my skin, the cream is a thicker consistency so it doesn’t spread well but worth the money.
    I have been using this for a while and I think that this is quite unique. I'm not a huge fan of primers but this skincare product has one of the most amazing priming effects I have ever experienced. It goes on like a medium weight emulsion but dries out to a very blurring veil. I haven't been experiencing any pilling nor does it feel too drying on top of my intensively moisturizing skincare routine. I use it after a milky toner, very simple serum and some moisturiser, adding a drop of oil in the mixture when needed. The blurring effect is phenomenal and it also seems to tighten up the skin a bit. Applying foundation on top can be bit tricky, because the surface has plenty of grip - but a bit of work with a moist sponge gives amazing results. I haven't been a huge fan of blurring primers before, most of those end up looking like too much product on my skin with the makeup on - but this one does not do that. It really helps to keep the makeup on place the whole day - and because my skin is on the normal/dry side I don't even need to powder my T-zone with this. When I want soft matte skin I'm definitely reaching for this product. I bet that this one has also some mighty oil controlling benefits!
    Good for nana hands
    I’m 39 but I have always had crepey skin on the back of my hands, my sister lovingly calls my nana hands. I put this on my hands before I moisturise and it smooths them out a treat so they look younger. Don’t have the same issue on my face but I would think it would do the same.
    Impressed so far
    Ordered this after seeing it advertised. I have a very crepey neck but applying this before make up does seem to help to smooth out my skin. I have not used it long enough to see long term effects. However, I have a feeling it’s only a short term fix. Applying a pea size amount as recommended is definitely not enough. Worth a try I would say. Cult Beauty thanks for amazing delivery time. Ordered late Thursday night received Sunday morning.
    I have 'normal' skin and like to achieve a dewy effect. I simply didn't like the texture of this (in fact, I hated it) - so drying and tightening, without achieving a great finish. Even the palms of my hands felt awful after applying and I couldn't wait to wash them. Having said this, it obviously works for some people - just wish it had worked for me!
    Mixed results
    I like this product, although I don't really notice much difference. I agree with another reviewer, however, that the recommended amount is totally insufficient. When you calculate how much product you actually need to apply to your face, it quickly becomes obvious that it's not all that economical.
    Texture issues
    This product pills up and I didn't like the texture. I usually use Korean/Japanese peptide products and this never happened with them. All things considered, I will not repurchase this product.
    Lovely product for oily skin
    It’s a bit early to talk about long term results, but the immediate effects of this are lovely. It is thicker than a serum, almost a primer consistency, and when smoothed into your skin it gives a lovely base for makeup. I can’t say that it makes my pores look any smaller, but it does seem to smooth everything out. There’s no bobbling under makeup and keeps oil at bay. Will definitely repurchase.
    What kind of sourcery is this!!
    Inkey List people - you have seriously surpassed yourself with this offering. I am pretty much addicted to all your anti-ageing products, creams, acids and serums; my bathroom cabinet is a sea of black and white bottles. However, it was suggested I give this a go. First few times I wasn't sure I noticed a difference. Then I went away to work at a 4 day fitness trade show, really long hours, having to look my best for 9 hours every day. Applied Heptapetide after all my other Inkey products and before my tinted moisturiser. On the 1st day after a quick loo break and make up check I realised just how amazing this product is. Everything looked fresh and glowy still, no need to reapply blusher, bronzer all day!! It all just stayed in place and I looked fresh and smooth (no mean feat for a 50 year old woman!). Am so addicted that I have started using at night too as I wake up looking like I've had 10 hours sleep! Love this soooo much.
    It is a little bit early to give a definitive verdict regarding the Hepta-Peptide Serum since I started using it two weeks ago, in combination with the Probiotic Serum. The results are not visible but, as I said, it takes a longer time for that. I will re-purchase the combo because it may be helpful and the serums did not irritate my skin. They are pleasant to apply and wear under a moisturizer. The four stars are for the bad packaging. The delivery system is faulty and it either projects the serum all over the place or gives just a very small amount of it so one has to pump again and again.
    I love this!
    I would not recommend for someone in their 20's but once you turn 30 I would start using to keep your skin young. I love this I'm 41 now and No one can ever guess my age right!
    Amazing peptide cream
    Absolutely love this light, creamy peptide product. Packed with various peptides to fight the signs of ageing over time, this is a fantastic addition. I mix a pump or two in with my hyaluronic acid serum and apply all over, after my my anti oxidant in the am, and after my retinol at night. It’s a winner. Also if you tend to be more oily/combo this product may be creamy enough to eliminate the need for an actual moisturiser. Another Fantastic product from Inkey list.
    Love this!
    I am 51 and love how this makes my skin look. I will definitely be ordering more!
    Not moisturising
    I have normal/dry skin and find I definitely need to use a moisuriser after this. I tried to use it before foundation because of the blurring quality, but it didn’t work with my moisturising foundation. A little disappointing because I had planned to use it as a primer.
    Very Drying Heptapeptide
    Is this a moisturiser ? This sucks the life out of your skin and seems to be really matifying .Not great for mature normal to dry skin .I am a skincare junky and have tried every product out there but this is the first time I’ve been compelled to write a review . If you are on the normal to dry side avoid but if you are oily you’ll probably love this .l like the Polyglutamic Acid , it works great layered with The Ordinary Buffet and The Inkey Squalene .
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