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    Thank You Farmer

    Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF50
    Okay sunscreen
    I have dry-ish normal dehydrated skin, Texture wise I loved this sunscreen, it feels very fresh and moisturizing. And I actually loved the glow it provided and how it doesn't feel too silicony but leaves a nice moist layer on the skin. However, while I lived in Tokyo the harsh water in combination with the extremely dry winter air caused the high alcohol content to irritate some parts of my skin and caused some redness. Near the end of using it (product hadn't expired yet) the cream got a bit grainy not exactly sure what caused it.
    Great for dry skin types
    I have normal to dry skin and this is great. It initially looks quite greasy but it sinks in completely. My foundation sits so well on top of it and my skin feels protected and soft.
    Love it
    I love this cream as it is very light and not sticky. When I go to the beach I use a more heavy-duty sunscreen, but this one is nice for everyday use. Will buy this again. Be careful to not get it in your eyes though!
    Love it
    I have never had a spot in my life but struggle badly with creams because they are too heavy. This isn't. It goes on easily, doesn't change my skin condition and just helps with sun damage and aging. Thank you, farmer indeed.
    I've bought a backup.
    This is my absolute favourite sunscreen and also moisturiser. I have normal to dehydrated skin which can look dull. This has made my skin look so bright and dewy (not greasy) and all my foundations look so much better when this is under it. Can't see myself using anything else.
    Love it!
    I am a 35 year old sunscreen fanatic after three rounds of skin cancer. I also suffer with rosacea and cystic acne on my jaw line so my skin is the awkward combo of both sensitive and prone to greasiness. I was told to try this by a friend and ordered from Cult Beauty a couple of weeks ago. I could not be more impressed with this! It is so lightweight and has not irritated my skin at all. You don't need much either. After a couple of minutes you don't even feel like you have sun cream on, and for a F50 that is rare! No redness and has protected my skin well. Beautiful stuff From Thank You Farmer. I have ordered some other products from this line now as this has won me over totally.
    Good for acne/oily skin
    While my skin is oily/combo, depending on the day, I was getting pretty tired of my mattifying sunscreen. I was almost finishing it, so I decided to try the Thank You Farmer sunscreen, which is supposedly more hydrating without being too heavy. As soon as I got it, a few months ago, I fell in love. I didn't even wait to finish my previous sunscreen and tossed it out, because this is sooo comfy on the skin. No white cast, and while it feels a bit greasy initially, it's just a matter of waiting a couple of minutes for it to set, and you're good to go. Doesn't break me out, doesn't peel under makeup, I love it. I'll either repurchase or try one of their essences, about which I'm very curious as well. Either way, would absolutely recommend it :)
    This is is I have found my holy grail SPF. This stuff is amazing. Feels like a moisturiser sinks straight into skin, no white cast and non greasy. Get this back in stock please.
    My favourite SPF
    I have combination skin, that is prone to breakouts, especially hormonal breakouts. This makes me very cautious when trying a new SPF, so many make acne worse. However, this does not, its light, hydrating, doesn't irritate my skin and provides a high SPF. I need to stock up, but its already sold out, so back on the wait list I go! I do not want to be without this product.
    Best for combination skin
    It's a nice light moisturizer with the added bonus of high spf, just in case you like cutting skincare steps in the morning without skipping sunscreen (just don't), I know I do. On its own it's probably best for normal to oily skinned girls, it may be too light for dry skin even in the summer months.I have combination skin and I love how quickly it absorbs,it is also a nice base for my mineral powder makeup and I personally don't get a dewy look as mentioned above. It has the standard delicate clean/floral scent quite common for Korean products, but it isn't over powering and dissipates quickly.
    I love how light this moisturiser is for being spf 50! I personally hate thick products, particularly when wearing a full face of make up. This product is a perfect medium for a high spf while being a light and absorbing moisturiser.
    Moisturiser and SPF in one!
    I absolutely recommend this product. Unlike some sun creams, I haven't experienced break outs from this one. It is light, yet incredibly hydrating and leaves the skin non-greasy! I deffo need to stock up one this one, but it has been sold out already and I can see why!
    I am in love with this product. So far So great. It gives a nice dewy look and no white cast. My skin feels moisturised and I noticed that throughout the day it didn't leave my skin feeling dry or flaky. Hopefully, it won't break me out!!! But so far it's been really good. Really recommend this product.