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    Tata Harper

    Restorative Eye Crème
    It is an eye cream
    Honestly, it’s an eye cream. It is a cream that hydrates your eye. It is a £90 moisturising cream that moisturises your eye area. It’s great for makeup and very hydrating, but so is my La Roche Posay Toleraine eye cream, which is £9. It honestly feels exactly the same.
    I purchased this after hearing Caroline Hirons rave on about it and surprise surprise I love this eye cream. It is so hydrating but still works well under makeup. A little goes a long way and lasted me about 6 months of day and night usage. I have sensitive skin and did not have any negative reactions to this cream. Would definitely repurchase!
    Was expecting more
    I love the concept behind Tata's products and wanted to love this, but I'm afraid I wasn't impressed. It is really hydrating, but that's literally all it does. I didn't notice any extra radiance around my eyes or any difference in dark circles/puffiness. For the price tag, I expected much more.
    Nothing magical.............I really wanted to love this
    I purchased this eye cream as part of the Caroline Hirons x Cult Beauty Box and had high hopes since I love, love, love TH Nourishing oil cleanser. I don't have much in the way of fine lines or wrinkles around my eyes as I apply eye cream religiously day and night but there has been no discernible difference to my dark circles. In fairness I don't really expect an eye cream to eradicate under eye darkness but I still thought this would at least be a nice product to use. However as other reviews state it is nothing special and most annoyingly it does not absorb well at all (even using a tiny amount - half a pump -there is lots of white residue that doesn't seem to massage in). I will finish the bottle as there have been no adverse affects from using and don't wish to waste but I would definitely not repurchase. If I were spending this much I would rather buy PerriconeMD Re:firm which gave me great results and improved my skin texture. Otherwise I'll be sticking to Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream, Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye, PerriconeMD firming eye cream and Chanel Hydra Beauty eye serum.
    Perfect for tightening and brightening - nope
    Save your money. It really does not do any of the things stated in the description. There are other much better eye creams at a better price than this.
    I wanted to love it..
    I heard amazing things about this eye cream so when I saw I could get a free sample I jumped at the chance. Sadly the week following my first use I had horrifically dry skin around my eyes. The area was so sore I couldn't touch it. I must be allergic or sensitive to an ingredient. Again, wanted to love it, but sadly cannot use it.
    nothing special
    It is just a hydrating eye cream, does't help with any other concerns like darkness or fine lines.
    It's ok....
    I didn't love this. Been using it for about a month now and it actually makes my eyes water a bit too much sometimes. It doesn't absorb that well. I like to use excess on lips and forehead, but this product gives me lot of tiny little spots when I do that so I end up rubbing my hands on a towel to get rid of the excess. It smells nice but I think it's too expensive for what it does. There are better choices out there. My fave is A-Derma reacalm as it's so so good on sensitive eyes, but I can't get it anywhere anymore!!!! Still in search of the perfect eye cream...
    Luscious cream in a great pump bottle
    This eye-cream is rich, hydrating and smooth, without being greasy. Skin feels hydrated through out the day and my dark circles and lines are less obvious than before. The best eye cream I have bought so far. I will purchase again.
    Neither tightening nor brightening!!
    I was amazed by all the reviews I read online but honestly this cream did nothing extra for my eye area! I used the entire bottle morning and night which lasted 2 months or so. It hydrates my skin and that's about it! It didn't work miracles for me like it claims!!!
    A winner!
    I have used some nice eye creams before, but Tata Harper is probably "the one". Beautiful texture, very hydrating, absorbs well, and it doesn't irritate the eye (as some creams do). This is just a very good overall eye cream. There is nothing lacking in this product, not one negative. It is just right. I am in my early 40s, and this works beautifully.
    Really nice
    I've been using this for over a month now, and I love it. I'm in my late 30s, with dry (& sometimes dehydrated) skin, and this is great for me.
    Natural & efficient
    Having tried and been disappointed with many eye creams, I can definitely say this is a lovely cream. I love the bottle and the pump dispenser, the cream soaks in very quickly without any greasy marks. It's definitely brightening, but not so sure how tightening it is for me.
    Definitely a keeper
    I put it in my cart, then in my favourites for later shopping, then back in my cart. Having tried many eye creams I was reluctant at first to pay this price for what could have turned out to be just another eye cream. BUT, what a delight this is! My eye area feels so pampered, tight and rested. During the day I have that wide awake healthy look. This eye cream is not praised for nothing, I know that now. Thank you Cult Beauty for such a prompt delivery abroad, great service.
    Great & Natural
    Having tried many eye creams, I can say that this one is the best! It is gentle and effective at the same time, and knowing that it is all natural is a bonus! It also is quite long lasting. By the way, I want to compliment Cult Beauty for their efficient and friendly service. Thank you very much!
    Gently does it...
    This is a beautiful, soothing and gentle but very effective moisturiser product for the skin around the eyes. I recently tried Sunday Riley's Starting Over Eye Cream, which was more effective at tightening and brightening the undereye area, but which also dried out my skin there (I have very dry skin). This Tata Harper product still manages to do a very decent tightening and brightening job, but it is a much more effect moisturiser than Starting Over. If anyone else finds that Starting Over dries out their under-eye skin, I would highly recommend that they try this instead. It really does a lovely job and will leave your skin feeling soothed, calm and hydrated. I'm currently on the hunt for a new eye product and this one is definitely in the running for the job.