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    Sunday Riley

    Luna Sleeping Night Oil
    I saw a visible difference within the first week. My face was going through a weird "phase" at the end of last year, it was cracked and peeling. Once it stopped I needed something to get it back to feeling good again, I am so happy I bought this, it looked and felt happy again. The biggest improvement was under my eyes, so much lighter and brighter. I haven't been consistent with it the past 2/3 weeks but getting back to using it every day and loving it.
    I love it! It makes my skin very smooth and shiny.
    Loved it
    Now its essential for me. It got my skin brighter, younger, stronger and shining.
    This has already been a savior to my skin. I am only in my twenties so don't suffer from heavy wrinkles but it did help me a ton with discoloration and the texture of my skin. I'm very prone to hormonal breakouts and since I use this regularly I don't get that anymore. Love it!
    Broke me out.
    Cannot say enough about this, it literally is a miracle in a bottle. Immediate results, and after a week people are asking if I have had botox. I use it at night and Zelens Hydro Shiso during the day. Nonirritating, utterly indulgent and worth every single penny. Please do not run out of this product. I don't know what I would do without it.
    Great for sensitive skin.
    I've been using the sleeping night oil for about 3 weeks alongside the ceramic slip cleanser and martian mattifying toner. I have incredibly sensitive skin which reacts badly to a lot of products, I'm always careful to only use one new product at once and to use for a whole month before altering my skincare / make up routine. I saw instant results after starting with this product, my skin was noticeably plumper and more hydrated after the first night and redness have gradually reduced, my acne flare-ups also haven't been anywhere near as bad as usual. Sunday Riley is definitely a pricey brand but well worth it in my opinion.
    Miracle worker when used with good genes
    Alone, this product would receive a 3.5 star rating. It smoothens and brightens by about 5 -10%. However; when used with good genes the results are amazing. You do have to build up a tolerance for the two products so I would follow the Sunday Riley instructions, but when you start layering them: wow!
    Use it every night
    Luna Oil was one of my first luxury skin care products and as it has done wonders to my skin, I will continue to use it. I have sensitive and really dry skin. I use Luna every evening and it leaves my skin soft and healthy looking. I love the smell of the oil and enjoy its beautifying benefits to my skin. I highly recommend this product.
    Overpriced, Over-hyped
    I've purchased it as part of the "Back to school" set. I'm so glad I did not purchase the full size! This product does not bring me any visible results. Also, it is rather unpleasant to use: it does not absorb well, the smell gives me literally headaches every time I use it and I seriously do not buy the brand's explanation for adding blue dye to it. Honestly, I have had so much better experience using Ordinary's Advanced Retinoid 2% - next morning my skin was visibly smoother, more even toned and looked well rested. And it did not contain any dyes, nor smelled overwhelmingly. Not to mention the price... Overall, I would not recommend this product nor will I purchase the full size.
    I love it. It's beautiful. Even though there is a high essential oil content, it doesn't irritate me. I may repurchase. I've got a prescription strength retinol that I want to use so if it proves too harsh then this will be back in my mailbox
    Great product
    This is pure luxury for me, absolutely love the smell of this product. I've never used oils before because I have acne prone skin but this oil hasn't caused me to break out, leaves skin immediately feeling silky smooth. Don't need to apply a lot so hoping this product will last a while, will definitely re-buy when I run out.
    Staple in my routine
    I try to use this at least twice for the week just before bed. In the morning, the skin is visibly plump and feels amazing. I tend to do a simple exfoliation just before applying the oil. Previously I was using the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, however I find the Luna has more immediate, very visible positive results.
    The best thing that I came across in my life
    This oil changed my skincare game. It makes my skin plumped smoooth and even.
    Great stuff
    I adore Luna. I'm in my 40's and struggle a little bit with dullness and sagging but Luna really makes a difference. It seems to soften coarseness and wipe away dryness. Put it on at night and wake up glowy.
    It really works
    It minimises pores in a way no other product does. I'm 24 and my skin finally looks the way it should. I have oily skin too, so using Luna and UFO, has balanced my skin out perfectly.
    Ive been using Luna for 5+weeks now and I will stick to it. I have combination/dry/sensitive skin with occasional (hormonal) breakouts. Ive tried a lot of creams/oils/Serums etc, because my skin reacts sensitive/allergic to almost everything. Since the ingredients of Sunday Riley products are natural, I gave it a try and it was worth it. Im using 4drops each night after cleansing and massage them gently into my skin, it gets absorbed pretty quickly, never had stains on my pillow whatsoever. I'm using Luna in the morning, after washing my face with water. Maybe it's the combination of both, but my skin feels so soft. love it.
    Clearer complexion
    I love this oil from the fragrance to how it feels on my skin. My skin is looking clearer and more glowing!
    It might work for you, but it didn't for me
    I love Sunday Riley products. I had heard that this product was 'hit or miss', and I was very disappointed to discover that I was among the 'miss' customers. I persevered to the end of the bottle, but I saw no results. I like that the bottle is tinted dark to protect it from ultraviolet, but the dropper configuration still leaves it vulnerable to air exposure. The oil stayed on my face without penetrating, so absolutely none of it survived without being wiped off on my pillow before I could even fall asleep.
    I feel like this product has so many mixed reviews - it's a Marmite product for sure. For me, however, it has become a holy grail product. My skin bounces between dry and flaky to combination and congested depending on what I eat/the weather/hormones/position of the planets (who knows) and this has seen me through it all. It has evened out my skin tone, it helps with years-old acne scarring and current scarring, it diminishes active breakouts meaning they don't stick around for too long - and it does all of this without stripping my skin like a ''normal' retinol/retinoid product might. The smell is gorgeous and the bottle is sturdy and also pretty (which is always a nice pro!). I use Pixi Glow Tonic in the morning and this in the evenings and it's not been too much for my skin at all. It should also be noted that this is not an oil, it is a treatment so you will probably need a moisturiser/oil after this product has absorbed. I know some people have concerns with the colourants in this, but Sunday Riley has said it has less colour than a swipe of lipstick or eyeshadow. However, I can't see how the dye adds anything to the product though so it is slightly irritating (for me anyway) that it is there. All in all - it does exactly what is says on the tin. I've recommended it to many friends and family members! It's not cheap but I only use three drops each time and it's lasting me AGES so far so price-per-use is minimal. Would recommend to anyone!
    I'm in like with Luna Oil
    But not in love. Have been using fairly consistently for almost one year. The bottle goes a long way which makes the price tolerable (for me). The results are good without being great. It's pretty gentle. I have noticed that my pores seems smaller and my face smoother and somehow 'tighter' (I don't mean that my skin feels tight though). I suspect that the oil caused some milia that appeared after starting to use it and went away after a had a break. But since restarting recently the milia haven reappeared so I am not sure (maybe I was using too much oil before, I am not sure). I don't really enjoy using it. It is quite a heavy oil which sits on top of my skin, so I need to apply quite some time before going to sleep. I really dislike the scent. It could also do without being tinted blue, but that doesn't put me off. I will finish the current (second) bottle that I am suing now but might look elsewhere for my next retinol product. I would be looking for something a bit stronger than Luna, with a more agreeable scent (or better still no scent).
    Worth the hype
    This oil really helps rejuvenate my skin, and even makes my acne reduced and much less pronounced. It lasts for a very long time (I've had it for about 6 months so far, although I do use it sparingly). Highly recommended!! Great for soothing and nourishing.
    This has actually changed my life
    I use this almost every night and it's incredible. My skin is combination in the summer and dry in the winter. I don't really get spots other than just before my period due to hormones, but I used to be in a perpetual state of battling one significant blemish at a time. Now, I can put this on and overnight it will repair my skin. All forms of blemishes will be dramatically reduced, and even scabs and discolouration will be reduced and healed. I've even dabbed a bit on my chest if it breaks out, and it works like a dream. I actually feel like this is a miracle, I've almost finished my second bottle.
    Clearer skin
    I have read the reviews and was skeptical of this but thought to give it a try. First of all I have psoriasis - patchy flakey skin on my face. I was particularly worried if this would make it worse as it does say on the box that initial use there may be some flakiness, but on first night of use woke up to skin that is not as inflamed and not flakey. With further nights of using Luna I find my skin is clearer in the mornings. I find just using 3-4 drops of Luna is fine, but I still needed to use a night cream as I find the oil is not enough to hydrate my face throughout the night. Overall first 5 days of usage seems to have improved my skin texture and no flakiness! BUT they might want to think of removing the colourants.
    Wish it had more blue tansy - not dye
    I wrote my first review and scored Luna low. I have, however, persevered and it's got better. I use a much smaller amount now, which works much better for my skin. I still detest the dye. I wish it had more blue tansy, which would give it a blue hue. It's because of the dye I can't give it five stars. I wanted to post this second review, as my experience with Luna has improved and I hope this review is useful to anybody else who initially suffered a break out and felt it didn't absorb into the skin like they'd want it to. Let your breakout heal, then try again, using less drops. x
    It does actually work!
    So, I purchased this 6-7 months ago after really contemplating as the price does matter, for £85 my skin better do something otherwise I want a refund. I have oily/combination skin. After using the Luna sleeping oil every 2-3 days, from my first use I noticed a difference. For you to notice the difference I use it every other night or so. When I wake up I really do notice something difference, my skin looks brighter, clearer almost it has been given a shot of caffeine to wake it up! Although, I have oily/combination skin, that only thing I don't like it doesn't make me feel like a grease ball, although i do use like 3-4 drops. But now and again when I have blemishes it has reduced the appearance and if you're considering to purchase this, I would recommend you get a sample or pop into a store that sells Sunday Riley just to get a sample to try.
    The absolute best
    This has to be my star product of 2016. My boyfriend bought me a bottle of Luna for Christmas 2015 and I was so so excited to try out this retinol oil. After a whole year of using it every other night I can say for certain that this stuff is the absolute bee's knees. For some reason the formulation just works on me - I can always rely on Luna to sort my skin out overnight. I wake up with hydrated skin, all forms of spot (whitehead, hormonal, cysts etc) have all dramatically decreased or disappeared and my skin generally looks happy. I cannot comment on how it performs as a "retinol" product as I've never used one before. I can't imagine it provides the most dramatic results if you're after serious retinol, but it's a gentle alternative. I've still got 1/3 of the bottle left after a whole year so don't be put off by the price. I will never be without it!
    A solid ratinoate treatment
    This is a solid treatment. It helps to bring radiance back to my skin and keep my breakouts under control. Again, when the product is working, I am generally ok with its smell. A little goes a long way. I usually use it 5 nights per week. A bottle lasts me more than 4 months. The only thing I don't like about this oil is the colour. I don't see it necessary to put colourant in it, for whatever reasons, I hope it can be removed from its formula one day.
    Not really worth it
    I have adult ache and slightly aging skin. I found this product hydrates my skin but does nothing to effect the appearance more than any moisturiser does! It's not worth the price for sure.
    Best retinol product so far
    I have tried Retinol products from some brands now (The Ordinary, PTR). But for my drier, sensitive skin. This is by far the product that has had the best results for me. I use it 3-4 nights a week and my skin gets softer, more even and makes my pores appear smaller. I do not get spots or extreme flaking or dryness from it either. Just a top product in every way for me.
    Decent but not remarkable
    It is a nice product indeed however not a WOW product which I kinda expected considering the price range. It has a weird smell and colour. I haven't got any visible results and I have been using this religiously for more than 1 month very night. It lasts forever so this is the only plus however considering no results I'd rather it would finish earlier.
    Lasts Ages
    I probably can't say anything more than what has already been said here. I do not think this is a miracle product, but I also do not imagine my night-time routine without it. I think I might feel the same about other night time oils, yet I am worried to move on from this one. It takes ages to use up, I have had it for maybe 8 months, not sure, and I have half left. I use it almost every night, too.
    Questionable amount of Blue Tansy actually used
    The thing that really bugs me is that, in my opinion, the amount of blue tansy actually used in this is questionable. Blue tansy is listed almost halfway down the ingredients list, and to top that off, there's added colouring in the product. Natural blue tansy is insanely pigmented and blue (trust me, I have the pure essential oil) and to get the blue hue that Luna has naturally (without colouring) would take at most 3 drops of pure oil for a 15ml sized bottle. I reckon less than half a drop of natural pure blue tansy is in there if SR had to make up for it with colouring. In addition, this functioned nothing like a retinol should. The draw is supposed clearing of the skin minus the dryness and flakiness that normal retinols give, but honestly this did absolutely nothing for me. I'm sensitive to retinols and even Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 kills my skin even with a light schedule of using it twice a week. With this - nothing. Also, the oil doesn't fully absorb and it leaves my face with a slight blue tinge. It makes me think that the added colouring that is visible on my face could stain my pillow. I received the deluxe sample as a free gift with other SR purchases but I will not be repurchasing the full size.
    I would call it my skincare innovation for 2016. it is not as mild as you may think, it's actually pretty potent. I need to use more consistently to see the great results but initial impression was quite impressive! looking forward to trying other Sunday Riley products.
    This is a good product. It is pricey but worth it in my opinion. I use it about 4 days a week. I have sensitive skin and my skin has not reacted negatively. It does not take away my old acne scars, the dermatologist can do that, but it makes my skin clearer.
    Stay sceptical + see through all the hype...
    I'd start by saying I can understand her high prices, as her marketing team are doing a fantastic 5-star job and hopefully they are paid accordingly because that's the only outstanding thing about the SR products I've tried. I received a deluxe sample of this in a CB order. For the first 2 weeks I loved it. It didn't completely absorb but I was fine with that. All of a sudden I started to break out all over my face, thought it was hormonal (which I never get, but the timing..!) however they continued. In the end I thought I'd skip using this for a few days (purely because my skin never fully absorbed it). Breakouts started to clear up in the next few days. I haven't used it since and haven't had any breakouts since. It's also not that great a retinoid product. If you find the standard retinol products too harsh try Kypris Moonlight Catalyst. Ignoring the breakouts I'd give this 2-3 stars, only because the results are not worth the retail price compared to other retinols/retinoids.
    Gentle Retin A night serum
    Topical retinoids generally leave the skin feeling quite dry and peely. The Luna oil is a great alternative, the only think I don't like is the blue colouring of the product. It is noticeable when you put it on, but definitely not there the next morning. I prefer using this over 'medical' topical retinoids on days which I don't want peeling the next day and want my foundation to stay on well.
    Skin change
    I have been using this, along with the Good Genes and Flora, for a little over 4 weeks now. The first days I tried this by itself at night to see if I had any reaction to it, which I didn't so I felt like I was good to go. I started its use after I came home from my holidays. On my holidays, my skin was looking like a dream. It had that nice tanned glow, was not dry or patchy but actually felt moisturized very well and it just had that healthy look and feel. Then back home the climate was completely different and my skin went full on bezerk on me. I got dry and dehydrated, got bumps and blemishes, colour difference, hormonal breakout around my jaw and because of its tightness it even itched/hurted a little bit at times. Now before holidays, these were always the skin problems I had. But hey, a woman can dream of it disappearing after holidays, right? Having seen and hear people rave about this, I took the splurge in blind panic. After of course reading through all the benefits of the ingredients, debating if it was something I could use, reading tons and tons of reviews, you know the drill. I am NOT disappointed. I read about people disliking the smell, I freaking love it and would totally bathe in it. The first morning after use, I saw a difference. No big difference, let that be clear because it does not work like that with skin care. But I did notice a slight difference, my skin appeared brighter and more smooth. Now after using it every single night as past of my nighttime routine, I definitely see a difference. My skin does not feel tight or dry anymore at all, my bumps and blemishes are basically gone and I feel like they disappear over night with use, have not had hormonal breakout, feel like discolouration is no longer here, but most of all my skin looks radiant and feels healthy. Please do note that I am using this along with Good Genes at night, which I love just as much.
    This works
    Together with good genes this is phenomenal!! The combination hydrates, brightens, softens the start of aging lines and surprisely reduces the redness and sensitivity of my skin. My skin looks younger, more hydrated, clearer. I bumped into someone who I hadn't seen in a month and they commented on how great my skin looked (in combo with Lancôme foundation). I have tried many things but this combo of Sunday Riley products is just so excellent!! Definitely one to reorder.
    Skeptic turned convert!
    I bought this on a whim. I had heard bloggers rave about this product, but assumed it was down to Sunday Riley having an excellent marketing team rather than the product itself. I was wrong. I have used retinoids in the past, and was a devotee to another brand, however they frequently left me with flakey areas and had to be imported from the US. This does not. It hydrates and plumps my skin like no other retinol. I stopped using this for a while and I found that it took longer for pimples to fade and reduce. I believe it is down to the anti-inflammatory properties contained in the oil. I also (controversially) like the colour! It helps me see if I have applied too much, If I start looking like a smurf I've gone overboard!
    Wanted to love it but just couldn't...
    I've been a Sunday Riley fan for years. I'm rarely without Good Genes or Ceramic Slip and I swear by these two products. I'm a big believer in retinoids so when this hit the market a couple years ago I literally ran to buy it. I used it religiously for 3 months and my skin turned on me. I was so disappointed I gave the rest of the bottle to a friend. When the chance came up to get a half size bottle in a recent CB box I thought I told try it again. Alas the same thing happened only this time I broke out like a crazy person too. What's wrong with me I thought? Nothing it turns out. I took the bottle to my dermatologist who immediately the questioned use of using a Color dye in a product that has natural blue tansy in it? Very unnecessary and is likely to make people react if they have sensitive skin. So i was desperate for this to work, I'm still a fan of Sunday Riley but this product just isn't for me sadly.
    Maybe it works better for mature skin
    Honestly, I don't know how to feel towards this product. The first month when I started using it, my skin loved this product. My skin was brighter, hydrated and overall, it just looks and feels better. I've been using this product for 4 months now and I use it every alternate night. I realized after the first month of using the Luna, my skin started to react differently towards it. The morning after using Luna the night before, there would be a few pimples popping out on both sides of my cheeks. Initially, I thought that I might have layered too many products (my skincare routine is pretty simple: toner - hydrating serum - luna - night cream) therefore I decided to skip my night cream. Despite skipping the night cream, I would still get pimples after using Luna. I'm very sure it's the Luna which caused the pimples because I've stopped using it for a week and replaced it with Juno instead and my skin was fine. I did not want to give up on Luna because I really had high expectations for it and also all the hype that's been going around the internet. I tried many ways to incorporate Luna into my skincare routine but nothing seems to work. I am 24 and I really wanted to try Luna because I thought it would be a great idea to start using retinol and prevent premature aging of the skin but I am so disappointed with my skin reacts negatively towards it. I'm guessing that maybe Luna is not suitable for girls who are in their early twenties. I will definitely give Luna a try again when I hit my late twenties. I really loved how it makes my skin feels so much more hydrated and glowy during my first month of usage.
    It works
    I've been using it for around 2 or so weeks. I think it works like how you'd expect an £85 oil to work - it does make a difference, but it is not magic in a bottle. I have had some acne scarring on my chin area after a very annoying 6-month-long zit breakout with small cystic acne. After the nights' sleep, I feel refreshed and my skin feels soft to touch. My under eyes seem brighter and I feel more confident going out to work with no makeup. I usually wear makeup to work half of the time anyways, but with Luna Oil I feel CONFIDENT without it since my skin is getting into a better condition day by day! I really hope it helps my first wrinkles on the forehead in the long run, then I might change my mind and say it truly is magic in a bottle.
    Yeeeeeaahh, I found it!
    I was utterly scared to try something with retinol acid on my skin, after a horrible reaction against a high end cream containing retinol acid. This oil is just magic, it soothes down my red patches due to rosacea/eczema. It didn't make me break out, it hydrates without clogging pores. It might seem a bit oily on when one puts it on at night, but then the morning I wake up with a cleared out, even, hydrated skin. I was able to dare to walk out with no foundation on after a couple of weeks using this product, and it didn't happen since a veeeery loong time! Highly recommended and definitely will repurchase.
    I love it
    I bought this because it is a mild retinol and I want to get my skin used to them now before I need something stronger. I did not notice an overnight miracle like many people are claiming to have had. My skin was soft supple and plump which was enough for me to keep going with it. I did however notice a massive difference to my skin when i stopped using it for a couple of weeks. My adult acne came back, my skin was less plump and my hyper-pigmentation looked darker. It is certainly worth the price tag and I will have to repurchase soon.
    Nice but the price
    I started using this in conjunction with good genes as I'm sure most people do. I noticed that for the first few days I was dry and started to flake in my cheek area, which is not normally an area of concern for me. I like it, it smells nice (I think) and it makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my skin. Having said that, I have noticed my face to be slightly plumper and the texture is much softer, smoother but I feel like its a combination of the two products not just the Luna. I think when I am finished I will try another oil, just to set my mind at ease. I didn't sample first but having said that I probably would have bought it even if I did as I really like what the duo are doing together.
    Simply lovely! Retinol without any sideffects!
    Expensive, but I can't help but love this wonderful treatment. The greatest thing out there so far if you have sensitive skin that normally reacts badly with dryness, flakiness and irritation to retinols and retinoids. The oil counteracts the dryness but still helps the skin jumpstart its renewal and smooths wrinkles and keeps even hormonal breakouts at bay. Great especially for mature skin and ladies who want the benefits of retinol without going through bad skin times trying to adjust to treatment. This makes anti ageing a breeze. The only thing I don't like is the blue colorant used to emphasise the fact it's got blue tansy in it. It feels unnecessary and gimmicky, which I feel Sunday Riley usually seems to refrain from in her line. Most of her products smell refreshingly funky and herbal in a bit of a weird way, which I like a lot since that means there is nothing unnecessary and potentially irritating in them, but just potent ingredients. The Luna is the only exception, with the very dark blue colorant, that even makes my skin look a tiny bit garish green once applied. I have heard someone say they made the Luna coloured to make sure no one would use it for daytime. But hey, I am a big girl. If it says use night time only, I will comply no artificial colour needed. But again, this oil is so good I am willing to overlook this detail because this thing makes a difference on my skin. It makes it smoother, less textured, more rested, less hormonal and more plump and refined. It does not make me 20 again, but it keeps me from looking older than I am, and that is plenty good and more than you get from most skincare stuff anyway.
    A little ritual
    I've just turned thirty and figured it's (well past) time to get serious about my skin. I have oily, congested skin with sensitive patches around the outside of my face and giant, easily clogged pores for mistreating acne-prone skin. After binge reading Caroline Hirons's blog and other reviews I settled on updating my cleanser and invested in two Sunday Riley products: this and Good Genes. This is lovely to apply (though I wish they hadn't added the artificial blue!) and I love the ritual of applying a night oil. I'm not yet convinced of the power of the retinol ester and there have been no dramatic changes to my skin. However, the other ingredients certainly have a calming effect and I wake up with less redness than usual. I think I would experiment with a different facial oil before repurchasing -- but it is lovely!
    Simply the best!
    I love this oil and even my husband has been eagerly awaiting the second bottle of this to arrive. I am a product junkie and don't actually re-order many items as I am always on the search for something better. However, this oil stands head and shoulders above the other oils, serums etc. It is matched only by Juno which I use either on alternate nights or during the day. Sunday Riley is my skincare guru - love, love, love!
    Worth the price
    I didn't buy this because of fine lines or for the anti age thing, but because of my acne. And my skin didn't change over night, but I didn't have any bad reactions either. I ALWAYS give skin care products a while to work (unless they hurt or break me out), because things take time. I use this 3-4 times a week, I use perhaps more than most people, but after 6/7 months I dread living without it. I bought this bottle in july and it is now january and it is still half full, so it will last you a long time (good thing because this number isn't cheap). It helps on my active acne, the scars from older acne breakouts, on my blackheads and makes my skin look more alive then it has for years. And the blue colour goes away when I have massaged my skin as Caroline Hirons have showed I should. I really want to try more from this line, despite the high price tag.
    Tiny bit brings big results
    Using a tiny bit leads to slow, glowy, hydrated skin in the am. I pair it with a slick of Good Genes and not only is my skin also soft in the morning, but some small patches of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks are fading fast as a result.
    I've now used this oil for two weeks. Previous to buying it, I had researched it really carefully; reading and watching all available reviews. I was sceptical about some of the reviews from young users because this doesn't really seem targeted towards people in their twenties. So, to put it into context, I'm in my mid-forties with mildly dry and dehydrated skin. I have very few of fine lines, so it wasn't as if I was expecting miracles. This sounded perfect for my skin type. This was a huge investment for me and the most expensive skin product I have ever purchased. I don't have the wealth that comes with a Caroline Hirons skin wardrobe so this was a huge deal. This product has made absolutely no difference to my skin whatsoever. I didn't experience any peeling and there is no difference in softness, lines, tone, redness or dryness. I would highly recommend sampling this product before you buy it.
    Love Luna
    I love Luna. I love the blue tansy colour and the bottle. It makes me feel like I'm using a magic potion ;) I purchased this with Ceramic Slip, Good Genes & Juno. After the first week or two or so of the 'purging' phase, my skin (I'm fair-skinned, south-east asian living in sunny Brunei) looks literally amazing. I don't know what it is in these wonderful products, but my skin just looks so refined and glowing. In less than 3 weeks of use, someone actually asked if I was my husband's daughter. To be fair, I've always looked younger than my years (I'm 38 in age, 20's in looks), and my husband does look more mature for his age (though he's 4 years younger than I), but this really takes it up to a whole new level. Thank you Sunday Riley! I just wish it was more easily available in my country.
    Happy Skin
    I have enjoyed using this product over the last few months, several times a week. I notice results every time I use it my skin looks more even and my pores are less noticeable. After seeing a tip from Sunday riley on Instagram I started using 5 drops of this followed by half a pump of Good Genes finished with Bionic, OMG game changer! My skin looks smoother and glowy, love this combo!!
    Must have
    I've noticed a great improvement to the fine lines around my eyes and the general softness to my skin. I was a bit taken aback that I developed redness and minor peeling on my cheeks ( as described in the bottle) because I have no such issues with Alpha H Liquid Gold or Paula's Choice 1% Retinol. The reaction lasted for over a week, and wasn't anything that a tinted moisturizer couldn't hide. Thereafter, it has been great. Texture is lighter than Artemis. My only gripe is that it's not travel friendly because of the rubber dropper. I'm always worried the bottle would leak or break. Will it lose its potency if it's decanted into a plastic bottle? Otherwise I have to store it in its original box for travel purposes. Not going to stop using it even for 1 night!
    Worth every penny
    Nothing has improved my skin like Luna. After a month of using it my hyperpigmentation is gone, my breakout are few and far between, and my skin is so hydrated. Good Genes is good, this is better. I use with the Mizon sleeping mask before I go to bed, and I wake up with new skin. I've had my bottle about 3 months and I've barely touched the sides - well worth it.
    The perfect face oil
    Because I have a combination skin I typically hate using oils on my face. However, this oil is light, absorbs quickly and leaves a youthful, luminous (yet matt) finish on the skin. It also plumps my skin nicely, I love it.
    Helps to calm down breakouts
    After three months using this everynight, I can say it's wonderful for breakouts. But any difference with my pores and my fine lines.
    Absolutely amazing. I've tried other retinols, and all of them made me peel in patches, but not this. You'll wake up to glowing skin that is noticeably more hydrated throughout the day. Does wonders for hormonal breakouts as well. Sometimes I'll just put a drop or two on any spots and the next morning they've gone down significantly, and are completely gone within a couple days. Only 3 to 4 drops is enough to cover my entire face. I've been using this nightly since March, and I'm not even halfway through the bottle. I'm fairly young to be using retinol, but the improvement in my skin and reduction in breakouts means I will never be without this.