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    SUMMER FRIDAYSR+R Mask<p>Close your eyes and this beautifully scented self-care hero will transport you to a fragrant rose garden &#8211; one with an ultra-luxe spa in the middle that&#8217;ll leave your skin smoother-than-smooth. The mask is loaded with a sling of nutrient-dense natural oils to hydrate, soothe and protect your complexion: argan oil soothes inflammation and reduces dark spots, Bulgarian rose oil grants that divine relaxing scent, while safflower, sesame, avocado <em>and </em>grape seed oils are crammed with antioxidants and fatty acids to lock in moisture, calm irritation and repair. Rose flower powder gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, while vitamin C works its brightening magic for a radiant glow. Looking uh-mazing on your Insta feed and free from all sorts of nasties &#8211; think parabens, sulphates, phthalates and silicones &#8211; this vegan formula is a total no-brainer.&nbsp;</p>SRF003182438601570010594 stars, based on44 reviews 46.00Cult BeautyNew
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    R+R Mask
    ( 64g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      After trying countless beauty products themselves, SUMMER FRIDAYS founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, together with a team of industry experts, dreamed up their own simple (yet oh-so sublime) masks that have taken Instagram – and the likes of Kim K-W and Jessica Alba – by storm. Adding to their collection of spa-worthy formulations is this R+R Mask, an antioxidant-rich reviver of dry and dull complexions. Infused with a dreamy cocktail of natural oils, including argan, safflower, avocado and grape seed, it grants silky soft skin and a healthy dose of self-care.

    • Description

      Close your eyes and this beautifully scented self-care hero will transport you to a fragrant rose garden – one with an ultra-luxe spa in the middle that’ll leave your skin smoother-than-smooth. The mask is loaded with a sling of nutrient-dense natural oils to hydrate, soothe and protect your complexion: argan oil soothes inflammation and reduces dark spots, Bulgarian rose oil grants that divine relaxing scent, while safflower, sesame, avocado and grape seed oils are crammed with antioxidants and fatty acids to lock in moisture, calm irritation and repair. Rose flower powder gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, while vitamin C works its brightening magic for a radiant glow. Looking uh-mazing on your Insta feed and free from all sorts of nasties – think parabens, sulphates, phthalates and silicones – this vegan formula is a total no-brainer. 

    • How to use

      On cleansed, dry skin apply a thick layer to your face, neck and décolletage. Gently massage into skin, avoiding the eye area, then leave for 10 minutes. Use a damp wash cloth to remove, patting the remaining oils into skin for a radiant glow. Use twice a week or whenever skin feels dull.

    • Full ingredients list

      Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Sucrose, Silica, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Rosa Damascene (Bulgarian Rose) Flower Oil, Rosa Gallica (Rose) Flower Powder, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate, All Natural Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

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    SUMMER FRIDAYS R+R Mask Reviews

    Smells nice, doesn't do much else
    Got this in a Goody Bag - I absolutely love the smell of this mask and how it immediately makes me feel I'm in a luxury spa. Beyond that, I have observed little benefits. The exfoliating bits are very sharp. It is very oily and feels nice and hydrating when on but doesn't really do much after rinsing off. I haven't really seen a change in my skin. So yeah, it makes me feel pretty extra when I use it but that's it.
    Nice smell, pretty texture, not a great mask
    Texture: transparent gel with small pink and beige particles Smell: lovely rose smell, not overwhelming at all What I love about it: I have dry skin, so I have nothing against silica (for those who do, steer away from this). The oil base used in this product (safflower, sesame and argan) is something I would blend on my oil as well as it is rich. The fragrance is pleasant as well and the texture is quite pretty. What I am not a big fan of: it's not a user friendly product. The instruction is to wipe off the product after ten minutes and the particles inside the gel makes it very difficult to just wipe off. You will end up spending a long time to take it off and resist the urge to just hop into the shower and rinse it off. After wiping off, it does leave the skin pretty soft, but I personally think you can get the same result by massaging the same oil base on to the skin and use a warm towel to wipe off the excess.
    Not for sensitive skin
    This is not suitable for sensitive skin, it made my whole face break out ever time I used it. I am so glad I got this for free in my Goody Bag, as I would be very upset if I had paid full price for it. It even caused my neck and décolletage to break out when I tried it in this area so as not to waste it!! I definitely would not recommend for anyone with sensitive skin!! I might take the suggestion of one of the other reviewers and use it on my feet!!
    A faff to use
    Really wanted to like this mask as I love the overtime and jet lag mask from the brand. Very instagrammable tube and the scent is gorgeous. However, it is very sticky and oily and I always find that although it is hydrating (probably because of how oily it is), it is quite difficult to remove off the face even with a muslin cloth. I also don't like the feeling like there is still stuff on my face after cleansing.
    It’s OK
    It’s nourishing and good for dry skin, but for this price I expected more. The small particles in it are a bit annoying.
    Very good mask
    I really like this mask, for its hydrating properties. I have a dry skin and it is hard to find a good mask, that doesn't leave the skin even drier after use. This one is actually very hydrating and leaves my skin so soft after. I tried the Fresh Rose mask as well, but that one is not nearly as hydrating as this one. I would always choose R+R Mask over it.
    Fantastic product
    This is brilliant, very nourishing without being harsh on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and can use this without my skin flaring up and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished.
    Would repurchase if not for the harsh exfoliating effect
    The oils and formulation of this are great, and every time I use it I get loads of compliments the day after about my complexion. Unfortunately, since the peeling particles are so rough and crass, I have to push the product through a muslin cloth held on the opening to get the mask with as little bits as possible, which makes this a once in awhile product for me. Definitely would repurchase if it was made without the peel aspect (there are such good AHA/BHA's that do a gentler and more balanced job of that anyway). This is also quite expensive.
    Didn't suit me, but it's my mom's new holy grail
    I got this product from a Goody Bag and was super stoked to try it; however it did not suit my oily skin, as it left me way too greasy for my liking and it didn't help me balance out my skin. I did appreciate the pleasant smell and how delicate it is, it also seems to be made of really nice ingredients. HOWEVER, my mom has dry skin and usually does not do any peeling on her face since her skin doesn't usually react to this very well (and also her being a little picky lol) but this mask has done a magnificent job for her - it made her skin smoother & left it hydrated and she loves it!!! I ended up repurchasing this mask for her because she couldn't stop raving about how good this is. I am taking 1 star down as this does NOT fit all skin types in my opinion and it is kinda pricey, but if you are looking for something to revive dry & dull skin and treat yourself with something nice and luxe-feeling, this is a good pick for you.
    nice smell
    Very nice smell of roses, nice texture and keeps my face hydrated during the day. I will repurchase
    I got this as a freebie with other purchases but I absolutely love it and will definitely buy it again. It smells amazing and it’s the first mask I have used that I felt made my skin instantly glow. I have quite sensitive skin and it didn’t cause any irritation or cause me to have a break out after I used it like a lot of other products have. I would definitely recommend!
    Fantastic mask
    Brilliant mask. When your skin is feeling tired and dull, just rinse the oils off and leave the residue as your overnight moisture. It leaves skin feeling lovely!
    It is 2020 for god's sale - the scrubbing elements are harsh beyond any reason, even a home made coffee scrub is more gentle (not that one should ever use home made skin care). Not even sure if OK to use on my hands.
    I woke up with the best skin of my life
    I have only used this a couple of times, but let me tell you - it's AMAZING. It smells absolutely incredible. I left it on for about 10 minutes & when I washed it off I was confused as it didn't seem to leave much oil behind. However I am flooded with compliments the next day & my skin just looks like I have actually slept, taken vitamins & never touched alcohol. A GOD SEND!
    Definitely overrated. Got this in my goodie bag so it was not as disappointing as buying full size myself, but didn't do anything as mentioned to my skin. Yes, it is a facial scrub (quite harsh!) that smells very nice and leaves an oily texture afterwards. Once it soaks up – skin is left as it was before. I will use it up, of course, but this price is not worth it.
    Not impressed
    I was on a wait list for this product for so long and couldn't wait to get my hands on it and I finally received it yesterday. Used it last night and woke up with dermatitis on parts of my face. The smell is quite nice, I love the consistency and the nice slightly oily texture it leaves behind, like silk, but the scrub particles are way to coarse and harsh. I barely grazed my face with them but they managed to cause massive irritation. I don't have any adverse effects to any products so this was a surprise. The price point is too high for this product and I will not be repurchasing.
    Love it
    I have dry and sensitive skin and I like to do a weekly scrub and a moisturizing mask afterwards. I wasn't too sure about the R+R mask since it is quite pricey but now I'm so glad I bought it because this mask does both - it's a gentle scrub + a mask. I would spend the same amount on a scrub and a mask sepperately. It has a beautiful oily base with a nice rosy scent - it won't do you wonders but if you're looking for a 2in1 product for dry skin this is just wonderful. I am truly loving this product!
    maybe I did not understood this product but it was not for me
    Lovely smell but I did not enjoy the consistency. This product is not only a kind of a sticky gel but does not wash off easily, at least for my opinion. Also, I did not enjoy the big pieces of seeds inside that when massaging were a bit scratchy for sensitive skin. I have tried the other mask of the same line and it was much better compared to this one.
    Really nice
    This is a very nourishing mask. The texture and the smell is lovely. I imagine it would be fabulous in the colder months when the skin needs extra nourishment and care.
    Feels like a rose spa
    For me, this mask feels very luxurious and truly like a spa. It's texture, at first, is like a gel that turns into oil. With all of that rose petal powder and sugar, it's really unique. It gives me a soft exfoliate and nourishes skin with all of those different oils. Skin feels smooth, rejuvenated and revived! Only bummer is that the sugar and rose petal particles tend to stick to the face and it's hard to clean them with a damp towel so I always wash my face.
    Love it
    All the good reviews are true... It’s amazing.
    Nice product to add to your beauty cabinet
    This masks exfoliating properties helps to brighten your complexion and give a bit of a glow. It works well before you put on makeup, making foundation application very smooth. I’ve used it a couple of times purely as a scrub too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with dry/blemish prone skin as it doesn’t break me out. It is moisturising and plumping plus it smells like a bed of roses. However, I am not wowed by it compared to other masks and it doesn’t live up to the brands hype nor how much it costs. Having said that, it is a nice (and totally grammable) product to you have in your beauty arsenal!
    Literal spa in your home. I leave it on for 20 mins instead of 10 and it smells amazing - leaves your skin glowing. No complaints - you need this if you're a skincare lover xo
    My go-to rescue mask
    I have sensitive skin and a lot of acne scarring, plus I live in a hot country and my skin is constantly dried out by the AC. This is my 'run a bath, pour a glass of wine and mask for an hour' mask. It's thick with nourishing oils, which hydrates and plumps (albeit temporarily) my scarred skin. It smells divine and you only need the tiniest amount to slather on. So although it is pricey it lasts ages. The consistency is like jelly and my skin is baby soft after. It is difficult to get off, I use my two-sided cloth or jump in the shower. I don't think the description fits the product or the removal instructions so I totally understand why it's a marmite mask!
    It's nice but too oily
    I want to love it, but I can't. It smells amazing... but just the smell relaxes me. It also looks lovely - a clear gel-like appearance with small pink and beige rough parts (they claim they are rose petals, but they feel too rough, more like ground almond or some other exfoliator). However, despite the gel look, it goes on like oil and it stays on the skin without absorbing much - so it's a bit pointless as a mask. It'd be ok if it were just a rose oil to put after the serums and treatments. Because it is oil-based, it's also hard to wash off and leaves a residue on top of which you cannot put any other product! So it does hydrate as any oil would, but that's about it! I wouldn't pay a full price for it.
    Luxurious but not a must have
    I didn't love the smell, too sweet and rosy. A great luxurious product otherwise, left my skin feeling glow-y. Not a must have just because of the price. Might repurchase for use on days I wake up with a dull face for a sun kissed look.
    I really wanted to like this but just found it made no difference to my skin. I’ve left it for 10 mins, 20 mins and 30 mins and found there was no difference in time. I started with a lighter layer as everyone mentioned big sharp pieces (which there are but I wasn’t planning to roughly exfoliate my face with this anyways so they really just laid on my face) and tried a thicker layer too and neither made any difference. I’ve got very dry skin and didn’t have any ‘film’ others have mentioned left over at the end. The instructions say to wipe it away which made my face drier so I tried washing it off which left my face a bit more hydrated but definitely not glowing at all. Honestly my skin just looked how it does when I use any normal face cream but it does seem to last quite a while so I’ll keep using it til it finishes but definitely wouldn’t repurchase.
    Don't put this anywhere near your face
    I got this in a goody bag. The 'flower powder' in this is actually huge, jagged, harsh bits that scrape painfully around on your skin. The other ingredients are really occlusive/oily which could be soothing on dry skin, but the exfoliating bits cancel that out. Also, the oils are sticky, and stick to the bits, so it's impossible to rinse off cleanly - I still have little beads clinging to my eyebrows, hairline, between my fingers, and all ingrained in my washcloth. This is way too harsh for the face, I will use the rest as a footscrub.
    Mixed feelings
    I have mixed feelings about this mask. It smells lovely. But it contains so much very abrasive exfoliating particles that it's really hard to remove it with a moist washcloth without getting the particles everywhere on my neck, my clothes, they even stick to my eyebrows. But then again it does leave a nice glow in the skin once removed.
    Very nice
    Очень приятная маска, добавляет сияния коже лица. ****** A very nice mask that adds radiance to the skin.
    It’s a scrub
    This is a scrub....and a rubbish one you used in the 90s. I had to remove it almost instantly as it felt really harsh. It has a pleasant smell but the mix of oils is nothing special. You could get the same result from cleansing and using a face oil!
    Love this mask so much! Leave on for 10 minutes then wash off for glowing skin. Definitely will be repurchasing :)
    Not impressed
    As lovely as this smells, this mask broke me out terribly. I’ve used this mask on 3 separate occasions now and each time I’ve had a breakout. I wanted to give it a chance but due to the breakouts unfortunately I won’t be reusing. Might work on skin which is not so sensitive, but I’d recommend avoiding it if your skin is sensitive.
    Cleared up my psoriasis.
    I have pretty bad psoriasis on my arms and legs and nothing has ever helped including all sorts of doctor's prescriptions. I was using this product as a face mask and decided to apply some to my arms and legs. I left it on 30 mins and washed it off. The next day my psoriasis looked much better. The redness and dryness were gone. I have been using the product twice a week ever since and my skin has never been better.
    Quite lovely
    I usually prefer my skincare unscented, but this gentle dried rose petal scent is actually nice and soothing. It is not sweet or perfume-like, very natural with subtle nutty natural oil scent undertones. Mask has gel-like consistency and it does not come off with just water, you need to use a washcloth or wipes. Very nourishing and my dryish mature skin seems to like it. The rose petal pieces are a bit harsh when removing the mask - this and slightly tedious removal subtract one star. But a good one, could purchase again.
    I love the smell and I like how moisturized my skin was after using this mask. It sure helps my dry skin a lot.
    Disappointed ☹️
    Really harsh on the skin ... does not suit sensitive skin at all !!! At the end, it’s really expensive knowing that I cannot use it since I get breakouts every time that I use it ☹️ I won’t say that it’s a bad product because it does its job on other skin types but just not mine.
    Sure is a good thing
    I have oily, combination skin. I have breakouts here an there and magically this mask can soothe some of the pimples overnight. I like the feeling of the skin after using the mask, it feels soft and hydrated and not irritated. The smell of the mask is so good and the texture of the mask is not too rough which gently exfoliates the skin. Overall, the product is so good.
    I like the fact that it's an oil, which obviously hydrates the skin. I like the exfo as well... and the smell! This is why I'm giving it two stars. Unfortunately it really doesn't change anything for my skin... It's kinda needless to use. So all in all I wouldn't recommend it to friends.
    I was afraid to buy another product from Summer Friday’s as their Jet Lag mask was a total failure for me. But after checking the ingredients list I decided to give it a go. So glad I did! Skin is soooo smooth after using this. Though it’s pricey, I’d repurchase.
    Not worth the hype
    I bought this mask because of the amazing reviews but in all honesty, I wasn’t impressed. It does smell great and feels lovely when applied which is what the 2 stars are for. However, it’s a pain to wipe off; wipe too hard and all the oils you’re meant to pat into your face afterwards disappear, wipe gently and you’re left with exfoliating particles on your face. I also honestly didn’t see a huge difference in my skin texture or feel like it left my skin glowing which is what I expected because of the price point. I wouldn’t buy it again.
    R and R
    I used this mask for the first time and my face is soft and glowy after first use. I was hesitant because the Jet Lag one wasn't all that. I tried it in Selfridges on my hand and saw how clear my dead skin washed off instantly so I purchased it. It left my skin hydrated and my rough patches that I have on my face are gone.
    è una maschera straordinaria! Lascia la pelle fresca e idratata con una imbattibile sensazydi comfort! Top! ***It is an extraordinary mask! Leaves the skin fresh and hydrated with unbeatable comfort! Top!
    OMG this mask is sooooooooo amazing. It smells divine and leaves your skin baby soft and rose scented. After just one use, my skin was glowy. Definetly will repurchase.
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