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    SpacemasksSpacemasks<p>A must-have for relaxing evenings, these luxe, self-heating eye masks promote relaxation thanks to an infusion of mind and body-calming jasmine and gentle air-activated warmth. Providing instant relief from headaches, tiredness, and eye strain, prepare to transport yourself to another dimension. Each box of Spacemasks comes with five individually, single-use wrapped foil masks with a luxe galaxy pattern. We suggest keeping these by your bed and slipping one over your ears and eyes when you need a bit of me time. Incredibly gentle of skin and eyes, these disposable and recyclable masks are perfect for flights, long journeys or whenever you need you&#8217;ll need a relaxing and helpful hand getting to sleep.&nbsp;</p>SPA0011854950605979300005 stars, based on79 reviews 15.00Cult BeautyNew
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    • Why it's Cult

      Trouble switching off? Forget counting sheep, take an intergalactic approach to relaxing with Spacemasks. Inside each cosmic box you’ll find five individually wrapped, single-use Spacemasks. Simply slip the elastic loops over your ears and wait for the air-activated, self-heating mask to transport you to another (relaxing) dimension. Each cosmic foil mask is infused with jasmine to help lull you to sleep, ease tired eyes, tension headaches and reach a new found level of bliss in the evenings. 

    • Description

      A must-have for relaxing evenings, these luxe, self-heating eye masks promote relaxation thanks to an infusion of mind and body-calming jasmine and gentle air-activated warmth. Providing instant relief from headaches, tiredness, and eye strain, prepare to transport yourself to another dimension. Each box of Spacemasks comes with five individually, single-use wrapped foil masks with a luxe galaxy pattern. We suggest keeping these by your bed and slipping one over your ears and eyes when you need a bit of me time. Incredibly gentle of skin and eyes, these disposable and recyclable masks are perfect for flights, long journeys or whenever you need you’ll need a relaxing and helpful hand getting to sleep. 

    • How to use

      Unwrap each single-use mask just before use.

      Slip loops over ears and pull mask down over the eyes. Air-activated, within no time at all these will give off a relaxing scent and warmth that can be worn to bed and while you sleep. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Iron powder, Essence of Jasmine

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    Spacemasks - Spacemasks

    Spacemasks Spacemasks Reviews

    Really good - I sleep so much better with them. I will continue to up them.
    What’s the point?
    I received a single mask to try in the last goody bag. I wouldn’t purchase as saw no benefit over a warm towel with some lavender essential oil. So relaxing but hardly revolutionary for the skin
    Mmmm sweaty eyes.
    Really wanted to love this mask, but five minutes after putting it on my eyelids felt clammy and sweaty and that continued until I finally gave up and took it off. What an unpleasant feeling. There is also zero scent. I’m not sure if I had too high an expectation for this but the masks are very cheaply made. Basically just a thin layer of cotton wool with a faded print on the front and some hard bits over the eyes with the heating bit in. Got this in the self-care goody bag and would not buy it for even £1. A poorly executed gimmick in my opinion.
    Great Experience
    I received a single-use Spacemask in a goodie bag, and I absolutely love these. I will definitely continue to purchase these, they are wonderful to give as gifts too. Great product. The price point is reasonable too!
    Space masks
    Love these. Really love them. As an insomniac and someone who gets migraines these are just so good.
    Relaxation station
    Nice for the price and super relaxing for a bit of me-time but not an eye mask 'application' i.e. No hydration which is what I thought it was but that's my bad.
    Doesn’t even work
    Brought these on a whim, doesn’t even heat up.
    I’ll admit I was sceptical at first! I really didn’t believe that an eye mask could solve my headaches & tired strained eyes, particularly after a long day staring at a screen. However, I have been proved royally wrong! These masks are a pocket of heaven for tired eyes and had me asleep in an INSTANT due to their relaxing warmth. I cannot wait to use my next one.
    Didn’t help me to fall asleep. Scent wasn’t particularly noticeable and heat just made my eyes feel sweaty. Not an enjoyable experience.
    I use them when I can’t sleep and they really work- I get to sleep in no time!
    Amazing product! I love the relaxing warm feeling after a long day!
    I got these to help with my headaches since it's supposed to be self-heating and a hot compress usually helps me. This mask warms up a little but doesn't actually get hot, and even when pressed to my eyes I barely felt it. I guess it could be nice for falling asleep on a plane like any other eye mask, but it did not work for me at all. Will not repurchase.
    Such a great product and company.
    Perfect sleep mask
    Bought these as my sleep has been disturbed since lockdown. I quickly fell asleep after my first use so they're well worth the money. I treat myself once a week to a good nights sleep with one of these masks, they're very comfortable.
    Headaches be gone!
    Never did I think I would find something that helps my headaches, but this truly relieves them. I just pop it on and instantly feel so relaxed. Perfect for anyone who struggles with sleep and tension headaches, you have definitely found your answer!
    Best thing I've bought!
    I always fall asleep with one of these!
    Blissed out
    I bought these for my husband because he’s been unable to sleep for months. Now he’s addicted & I’m grateful!
    Out of this world
    So relaxing - I had an amazing night sleep when I used these! Would definitely recommend.
    I love these masks for when my eyes are tried from a long day or need some relief after I’ve been wearing contacts. They are great. Great for headaches too. The smell is gorgeous. Highly recommend!
    Amazing little mask
    I received a space mask as a free sample a few months ago. One use and I was hooked. I really do love these masks. They are perfect for a pamper evening if your feeling stressed or have a headache. They make me feel so relaxed and I sleep so well the night that I use one. Highly recommend. I will be ordering my next box right after I’ve left this review.
    Great purchase:)
    Brought these to aid better sleep, would definitely recommend! They get warm but not to warm and just makes you drift off to sleep. Will be purchasing again!
    I’m in love with Spacemasks, they are wonderful, I use them once a week before bed as a special treat and it’s always the BEST sleep! So relaxing
    Perfect Gift!
    I’ve used these myself but gifted a box as a present, which was very well received! Perfect at the moment for those needing some help to get to sleep!!
    Nice treat
    I have used 3 of these now and can safely say they have really helped me to relax and get a deeper, more satisfying nights sleep. Only criticism is that Id prefer to have an option to buy a bigger pack so they’re a little more affordable per mask. That being said, I will be purchasing again!
    Worth every penny these masks smell divine and really work super relaxing and sleep inducing. I recommend to anyone who has trouble sleeping and even if you don’t a great way to drift off!
    Amazing! A definite must-have relaxation aid. I love them and gift them and they are always well received.
    I think I've recommended these to everyone in my family, they are amazing. Super helpful for nighttime over-thinkers and stresses
    Really loved these and will definitely be buying again! Lovely and relaxing and really helped with clearing headaches too!
    These are fab masks
    I listened to the hype of these space masks and thought right I am ordering them to see what the fuss is all about! Well I was really surprised just how lovely they are, they are a must for tired eyes, also relaxing, great to use on flights but most of all an aid to getting to sleep these masks really are amazing!
    Sleep masks
    These were a present for a granddaughter to use during mock exam period as she wasn't sleeping! She found them very soothing and helpful
    These are fab! So good for flights, for when you've had a rubbish day or when your eyes are exhausted.
    Can’t live without
    I love these space masks, I use them all the time when my husband goes away for work leaving me as the stressy mother of 2 under 5 who is juggling all the plates
    great for mums
    This is a godsend, especially after putting kids to sleep this just helps you drift into a night of easy sleep and relax.
    I thought they were super relaxing, the heat was very nice and great before bedtime. I was unable to smell anything, but this would not put me off getting them again!
    In general, I’m a big fan of different types of masks. These ones are really nice. Amazing smell and great, relaxing job. The only negative point (or maybe it’s my personal feeling), that after a while it starts to be too hot around eyes.
    I thought I would buy these after reading about them. They are quite uncomfortable on your eyes. Couldn’t relax at all because I felt they were pushing to tight. Plus they didn’t smell at all. Don’t waste your money.
    Loved them!
    I love these! I read that they can be really good for migraine sufferers so thought I’d give them a try. They don’t “cure” a migraine but they are really soothing as the heat helps the pain I get behind my eyes. They’re quite expensive for everyday use but worth the money when you’ve got a migraine (or a hangover!) or just need a bit of TLC.
    Bit disappointed... got fairly hot so I couldn't relax... also not as scented as I hoped.
    Just Dreamy
    These masks are the ultimate aid to relaxation, they are perfect to have on hand if you are finding it hard to switch off an overactive mind at night. The warmth helps to melt away any tension and I always fall into a peaceful sleep while wearing one of these.
    These types of masks are relaxing. The self-heat mask warms and soothes your eyes and head as you go to sleep. However, you only get 5 in a pack and, although they are supposed to be scented, I can't smell them at all. Optrex do a pack of their own heating eye masks for £9.99 and they contain 8 in a box and are just as good. So I won't be buying this brand again, I'll buy the cheaper just as good Optrex ones.
    If you have headaches...
    I use these when I get a headache. They are brilliant and I actually go to sleep with them on. If you have headaches then you know that sleeping and even laying down can be hard. These work a treat for me. I used my last one post vaccine jab headache and knew I needed a second box. I can't really smell them at all, just the heat is soothing and eases my head beautifully.
    Honestly, it is one of those products that I thought would never work but for me, they definitely did! Wow! I’ve never slept so well! And although it says single-use I used it for 3 nights and it still worked! Couldn’t recommend it enough!
    I'm in love
    These masks are a warm and a cozy hug for your beautiful eyes
    Not impressed
    Got quite uncomfortably hot (didn’t really want a sweaty eye area!) and the mask itself seems really cheap and flimsy, a complete waste of packaging and terrible for the environment
    A Godsend
    I have migraines, and being able to quickly pop open one of the masks and get some relief from the heat helps so much. When you are in pain, even going to the microwave to heat up a gel mask is a huge struggle. This made a big difference for me, so thanks Cult beauty for introducing it to me in the gift bag. I would have given it 5 stars if the scent was a bit stronger or if there was some type of skincare embedded in it.
    I like this mask , it helped me from a headache.
    I don’t get it
    This is such a strange product. They are nowhere near as big as on the model pictured on this site, they don’t smell of anything (I got an extremely faint whiff of a scent when I unpackaged them and then nothing more) and mine got way too hot, I did not like the feeling. They kinda look like little sanitary pads, which is funny, and single-use sleeping masks are just wasteful. A normal sleeping mask works way better for me.
    Does not help to fall asleep
    It's a nicely packaged, novelty product which feels nice on the face. However, it does not help me to fall asleep. I did not manage to fall asleep with the mask on even once. Also, it generates a lot of waste. Will not repurchase.
    Helped So Much with my tired screened out Eyes
    I'm not a fan of an eye mask, especially as I enjoy waking up to natural light coming through my curtainless windows but these were really great. The last year and especially with winter and lockdown bringing us back inside so firmly I spend all day every day on one or two screens at a time and my eyes are really struggling. One night when I really need some soothing a grabbed one of these and left it on for about 30 minutes and honestly the smell is divine and they warmed quite nicely and really help calm and soothe my tired very dehydrated eyes. For anyone else struggling I could recommend some hydrating drops and throwing one of these on. The only reason why these are 4* for me is the heating element, at least, is only single-use and I am trying really hard to cut out single-use anything out of my life.
    Very relaxing product - love using those eye masks after a long day at work / in front of a computer. Didn't feel any smell, but don't mind that .. as long as they get my eye muscles rest :)
    Great for headaches and I slept like a baby each time I used one! they also give off a nice subtle scent
    I use these everytjme i travel so I can get a goodnight sleep and they work wonders and just make me feel relaxed
    Not what I imagined
    After all the rave reviews I couldn’t wait to try these...won’t be purchasing again, smells like cheap furniture polish and to feel any benefit from the heat I felt like I needed to hold them down quite firmly over my eyes. Not worth the price
    Surprisingly amazing
    I have read the reviews before purchasing this product and was curious about it. It didn’t disappoint, super relaxing after an exhausting day, relived my headache and soothed me into falling asleep. Will definitely purchase it again.
    Cannot recommend enough!
    Spacemasks are incredible, smell beautiful but not overpowering, so relaxing. If you need a pick me up, some me time or a good nights sleep you must have these in your life!
    Love this!
    This is exactly what everyone who is struggling to sleep these days needs. Starting at a screen all day my eyes get tired and I get a lot of headaches. This mask truly relaxes my eyes and also helps relieve my headaches. I’ve recommended to many friends who have all agreed that this helps with a good night's sleep.
    Best purchase.
    I find these masks so good for headaches, I also purchased some for my Daughter who suffers with very bad migraines and they ease the pain so quickly and also aid sleep. I definitely recommend this product and such a good price.
    Most amazing nights sleep ever using these eye masks ! Worth every penny.
    Love these!!
    Space masks are lovely and stay warmer for way longer than 15 mins!! So relaxing and helps before sleep. The smell is very subtle so aids an amazing night's sleep!
    Bit of an anti climax
    Bought these as have been suffering with insomnia and also bad headaches and migraines. Was really excited to try them but so disappointed. Love the heated side of things- really soothing on my eyes but they weren't tight enough and I found myself having to hold the mask on my eyes in order to get the full benefit of the heat. Read reviews from others saying they smell amazing but mine just smelled chemically. Big disappointment. Won't buy again.
    Love these!!!
    I first tried this product through a beauty box and I fell in love. They are comfortable, smell great and really do soothe. I get dry eyes, and headaches. These are good for both. Great for a pamper too. Shame they’re not reusable, have been thinking of buying a reusable one. But these really are fab and so easy to use.
    Soothing Treat!
    It’s great to find these masks available at £3 per mask. These are a wonderful treat! Bit of a wild one but I use these in the morning after applying serum & moisturiser if my eyes have been really strained the day/ night before... The whole eye area feels so hydrated & looks less puffy they are amazing!
    I absolutely love these, bought them as I’ve been having trouble sleeping due to the current situation and overthinking, but I have never fallen asleep faster! Would highly recommend if you find yourself tossing and turning to fall asleep. Mix this with a sleep meditation- I was out like a light.
    Would use for sleep and headaches.
    I really do loves these and have have found they help to sleep and also really help with a migraine. I do however find the elastic can sometimes leave me in a little discomfort the next day as they pull a little. I also wish that the strap was a little longer.
    Never recieved
    The masks are fantastic just wish they stayed warm longer than 15 mins as sometimes takes me longer to fall asleep even if I’m shattered putting them on.
    Must have, money well spent
    If you haven’t tried these Spacemasks then you must. I suffer from tiredness and headaches fairly regularly and these help you relax and drift off to sleep within minutes. Self-heating, and so cozy.
    Relaxing Spacemasks
    I bought these to try as I have had trouble sleeping over the years. Insomnia has recently been dealt with by other means, but I still like to find new things to help me relax and sleep. Just wow! It’s an odd sensation but it really helps. They sit loosely over your face and I normally wake up with it off my face. So it doesn’t tend to disturb me. Brilliant product, we just need a reusable version of it that’s environmentally friendly.
    Best Recommedation Ever...
    Spacemasks have honestly changed my life. I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember which can quickly turn into migraines if I don't act quickly. I started using Spacemasks in November and can safely say I will never look back. A dark room and one of these is my new cure without having to rely on pain killers to see me through. They are a godsend!
    These are amazing
    Brought these as a gift to myself as I've been struggling with sleep lately! There better then I could of imagined I find they do last about half an hour for me very relaxing!
    Gave them to a friend who was having radiotherapy treatment. She said they were lovely and relaxing and easy to use.
    Super Relaxing!
    I don't use this for migraines but for relaxation. I find it hard to fall asleep but this really helps me relax. It has a lovely smell and it's warm but not too hot around the eyes. I stock myself up with these!
    These are amazing! I'd seen lots of reviews on them and follow the brand on Instagram so thought I'd give them a shot! Worth every penny! After not weeks of not sleeping these didn't the trick!
    I bought a box so I could sample one and give the rest as gifts and ended up using them all myself! I found them very relaxing and I’ve had a great night's sleep when I’ve used them. I’ve recently bought a second box :)
    I saw a lot of reviews saying how marvelous these were for migraines and all sorts of conditions so decided to try them. Although they didn't clear my bad headache (medication related), they are very relaxing and I would recommend them. Looking forward to trying the new packs.
    This is magic
    An absolute must have for all working women out there!!
    Love the Space Masks they are great for headaches and help me get to sleep within a few mins. 10/10.
    Absolutely love these sleep masks. I suffer with insomnia and these help me drift off and have a peaceful sleep. 10/10.
    Houston, I no longer have a problem sleeping.
    I have real trouble winding down at the end of the day so was eager to know if these would help. The combination of gradual warming over my eyes and gentle scent sensations completely calms my central nervous system - and I'm convinced it relaxes my frown lines too! I keep them going for a couple of goes by spritzing with lavender oil and keeping in their packet. I'll be back to repurchase like a rocket!
    Amazing product. If you are tired or stressed, this is the best thing that will help you relax! Highly recommended!
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