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    SkinOwlLavender Beauty Drops 60mlAlthough it seems a bit counter-intuitive to combat oil with oil, lavender is phenomenally oil-absorbent – neutralising shine and controlling congestion to transform the fortunes of pimple-prone, problematic complexions. With its soul-soothing scent (this is a wonderfully relaxing addition to your evening beauty ritual), Beauty Drops Lavender are targeted towards all those with reactive, stressed or tempestuous skin types – just apply in lieu of your usual serum or moisturiser. SkinOwl’s founder Annie Tevelin admits that she had ‘skin she was ashamed of’. Severly acneic, she’d tried every possible skin care solution, until she decided to take matters into her own hands and go back to the drawing board – in this case, a post-graduate course in cosmetic chemistry at UCLA. It was there that Annie began to understand the myriad pros – and cons – of the ingredients in everyday cosmetics, and decided to strip back her skin care routine… and SkinOwl was born. OWL004-2oz8525410050885 stars, based on30 reviews 38.00Cult BeautyNew
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    SkinOwl Lavender Beauty Drops

    Lavender Beauty Drops
    ( 60ml )

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    • Why it's Cult
      Having struggled to find a cure for her own cystic acne, SkinOwl founder Annie Tevelin turned to lavender – entrusting her complexion to its powerful calming and anti-inflammatory properties. A blend of only the finest organic lavender and unrefined argan oils, Beauty Drops Lavender are ideal for anyone whose skin is oily/combination, congested or susceptible to redness – absorbing excess sebum and battling blemish-causing bacteria, to quickly restore skin’s clarity and equilibrium. This is the oil that transformed Annie’s skin within just 42 days – her spots disappeared and the redness was all but eliminated after just over two months of applying this oil every morning and evening. Just warm five ‘spots’ in the morning and five ‘stripes’ in the evening, then press into clean skin to achieve a gorgeous, dewy glow.
    • Description
      Although it seems a bit counter-intuitive to combat oil with oil, lavender is phenomenally oil-absorbent – neutralising shine and controlling congestion to transform the fortunes of pimple-prone, problematic complexions. With its soul-soothing scent (this is a wonderfully relaxing addition to your evening beauty ritual), Beauty Drops Lavender are targeted towards all those with reactive, stressed or tempestuous skin types – just apply in lieu of your usual serum or moisturiser. SkinOwl’s founder Annie Tevelin admits that she had ‘skin she was ashamed of’. Severly acneic, she’d tried every possible skin care solution, until she decided to take matters into her own hands and go back to the drawing board – in this case, a post-graduate course in cosmetic chemistry at UCLA. It was there that Annie began to understand the myriad pros – and cons – of the ingredients in everyday cosmetics, and decided to strip back her skin care routine… and SkinOwl was born.
    • How to use
      Morning: After washing your face, use 5-7 Drops, either alone or mixed in with your moisturizer. Night: After washing your face, use half an eyedropper vial.
    • Full ingredients list
      Raw, Organic, Unrefined Argania Spinosa Extract, Organic Lavender Oil
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    SkinOwl - Lavender Beauty Drops

    SkinOwl Lavender Beauty Drops Reviews

    The only thing to help my hormonal breakouts!
    I'm 27, with okay-ish oily skin. But at a certain time in my cycle every month, all hell breaks loose on my face. Now, I'm not saying this clears everything up, but it is the only thing I've used that has actually helped! Friends got it for me one Christmas a few years ago and I've been obsessed since. Not only does it completely calm everything down, banishing a flew blemishes too, but my skin stays so hydrated with a glorious glow I've never had before! Honestly I cannot vouch for this enough. If you suffer with hormonal breakouts, TRY THIS! If you don't like it, send it to me haha!
    Fantastic for sensitive/acne skin
    I was desperately searching for calming products for my acne skin and have always avoided oil based products but as this product was advertised as a calming and natural product I thought I would give it a try. After trying it I am so impressed and would definitely recommend. The actual drops feel like a high-end product and smell divine, and for such an affordable product that helped calm and reduce the redness of the skin, I would absolutely repurchase.
    Luxurious feels more expensive than it is
    My first thought was how luxurious this oil feels on my skin, it absorbs in time and doesn’t feel sticky if you give it a few minutes to dry. It is easy to use too much of this oil a little does go a long way. Questionable Acne treatment maybe I haven’t given it enough time to work it’s magic. I wouldn’t wear it under makeup but that’s just me. I have oily skin that doesn’t hold makeup well. I enjoy the smell too to my surprise.
    Lovely on my oily/acne prone skin
    Now, of course, everyone's skin is different. I've seen a review from someone who also has acne prone skin saying they hated it, and that is unfortunate. That's the (annoying, expensive) thing with skincare products; you never know if something will work for you until you try it. In my case, I've been applying oils as my last skincare routine step in the evening for years, and I love it. I stopped doing so in the summer, as I felt it was unnecessary, but then winter came, and once again, I longed for an oil to smear all over my face. I'd heard good things about the Lavender Beauty Drops for a long time, and so, decided to try it, and I'm glad I did. I just repurchased my second bottle, so you can probably tell already; I love this stuff. Not a huge fan of the lavender smell, but it's not overpowering, depending on how much oil you apply - a couple of drops spread all over the face/neck is enough for me. At this point, I don't even notice the smell anymore, tbh. It's not a light oil, as I don't find it to be absorbed by the skin (thus, I only use it in the nigh time), but it's not super duper heavy as well. It doesn't make my skin oilier, it just leaves it nourished and comfortable. I'm not sure if it has helped with my acne, as when I started using this I also started using a (now) beloved retinol serum. In any case, it definitely didn't worsen it. If you're on the market for an oil to nourish your skin, definitely check this out; you might end up loving it.
    Such an amazing oil. It calms and nourishes the skin but helps combat and minimize pimples/blocked pores. Seriously great for sensitive skin!!!
    Oh yes!
    This product helped clear my skin when it was at worst. It helped clear big breakouts which were deep under my skin.
    caused breakouts
    After all of the very positive reviews I was hoping this would also help clear my skin. It really had the opposite effect for me unfortunately. I used it every evening (I couldn't also use it in the morning as it just does not work with foundation) for about three weeks before giving up after my skin got progressively worse... Happy that it worked for other people, but for my acne-prone temperamental skin it didn't work.
    Can't live without!!
    Over the years I've spent so much on skincare, facials etc to keep my skin balanced and breakout free. I always read reviews and other people seem to find their "game changing" product and I hadn't... Until this. It balances my skin perfectly. My t zone is breakout free and my cheeks are plump and glowing. Liquid gold and MV organics have helped too, but no where near as much as this product. It's only £38 as well and considering how much other oils are, and how much I used to spend on trying new products and facials, I'm over the moon. Please never stop bringing this product to cult beauty and the U.K. I'm in love!
    Thank you!
    This has made such a difference to my hormonal breakouts. My skin has almost entirely cleared up! If the occasional spot does comes through, it is gone within 48 hours. Thank you, Annie, it's amazing!
    An oil that helps spots?!!
    I spend loads of money on skincare and often I'm disappointed by the results, but this stuff is amazing. I've had hormonal spots for over ten years. Now at the age of 29 I worried that nothing could help. Also, I can't battle wrinkles AND spots... that's just not fair! The idea of using an oil seemed mental to me, but I was prepared to give it a shot. I've been using this product as part of my skincare routine for 28 days now and it's worked miracles. My spots have reduced 85% and my skin looks/feels healthy and full of moisture. I can't praise it enough, it's actually changed my life.
    Absolutely amazing
    The best face oil for my combination skin. Not only does it smell divine, it calms my face down in a matter of minutes. Redness fades, spots seem less noticeable and my skin looks better overall. Although it will run out fairly quickly when you use the recommended amount morning and night, but the price is reasonable so I will definitely repurchase some time soon. Thank you Skinowl!
    Life changing!
    I'm not one to be over dramatic or to write reviews on products I buy but this product has literally changed my life! I'm 28 and I started suffering with hormonal acne over a year ago. I had cystic acne all over my chin and jaw line, not only did it hurt but it made me incredibly embarrassed and self-conscious. I tried everything, from going back on the pill, to countless creams, masks, antibiotics... Nothing worked. I tried that product because of all the reviews and the background story of the brand that were very similar to my experience. I have been using those drops am and pm for 2 months now and my skin has been clear for over 3 weeks! I am beyond happy and I'm going to keep ordering this product!
    Great skin calmer
    I bought this hoping it'll help the dozens of red bumps I had along my jawline, but after 2 week non stop day&night use, it didn't do much of the promised job. However as I started using Benzoyl Peroxide, I use 6 drops of this after I tone my skin, before I put on Benzoyl Peroxide, IT DID A GREAT JOB TO PREP MY SKIN, I didn't have any irritation or peeling, I think it works wonderfully as a base oil to calm the skin, I wouldn't count on it to help your red bumps deep under the skin. hope it helps.
    I would recommend this over any topical acne cream
    Suffering with unusually problematic skin that breaks out in sore, under-the-skin spots (the ones you can usually never do anything about!) across my jawline over the last 6 months, I have spent months trying new products to help manage my skin; but as always, nothing worked - until I tried this (it's actually been a bit life-changing...) Don't be deceived by the extremely calming and gentle, all-natural ingredients, Lavender Oil kicks acne in the ass and it's the only product I've tried that shrinks blind spots over night. I actually think it might be magic. So much so, I've even gone as far as mixing a few drops of this with my foundation on a daily basis to keep my skin treated at all times - and coming from a combo skin girl, that says a lot! A huge thank you to the dedicated Annie (founder of SkinOwl)!
    When absolutely nothing worked this came along!
    I don't usually write reviews but felt I had to for this product. I am in my early 40's and for the last 10 years have suffered with hormonal spots which is very depressing when you are battling wrinkles and teenage skin at the same time. I have tried absolutely everything on the market and thought this would be another to add to the list. I love using an oil cleanser so I had some hope. But 3 months down the line my skin has been completely clear for over six weeks! All the lumps under the skin and redness have gone and my skin is hydrated and glowing. I am going to buy this by the bucket as it has been a life changer for me! So so pleased with the results!
    Finally an acne product that doesn't dry out the skin!
    As a teenager I did not suffer with acne, however at 27 (since changing contraception) I've suffered with hormonal acne around my jaw, cheeks and chin. Other products I've tried really dried out (my already dry) skin, this oil however is all the hydration I need and has cleared up my acne. The under the skin spots I had, came to the surface as whiteheads overnight after one single use & after 4 days of AM & PM use my skin is completely clear. I have stripped my skincare routine back to simply this oil and a balm cleanser and the results have been amazing. Not only is my skin now clear of spots, but the old blemish marks are starting to fade. Will definitely purchase another bottle.
    No difference
    Unfortunately this product did nothing for my hormonal acne. It's a shame because I like the brand and the smell.
    Did not help my acne
    Coming back to review this product can say it didn’t heal my cystic acne or improve it at all, as a matter of fact, I went through the worst breakouts I ever did after buying this not saying that this serum caused that but it didn’t really make my breakouts go away any quicker. Guessing this is more of a skin oil to combat dryness but not a spot treatment.
    Not for acne prone skin
    I was sceptical about this as an acne treatment as it's oil. Didn't help clear my acne and my skin got worse. Also unable to use under foundation because it is so oily.
    So good!
    I love this oil! I suffer from VERY sensitive skin that on hand is prone to breakouts and on the other dries and gets irritated by aggressive products quite easily. This oil (+ combined with Skin Owl's Geranium oil) has definitely improved my skin, it is visibly clearer, more glowy and plumper. However - the Lavender Oil alone can be a little bit drying (at least for me) which is why I layer it with the the Geranium, and this works perfectly for me. I never want to be without it again.
    A beautiful, nourishing oil!
    This has helped my skin incredibly, I suffer from hormonal breakouts all along my chin and at the time of purchasing this product my skin was at the worst it has ever been (acne all over my cheeks, clogged pores, the works!) so I was so pleased to find something without alcohol, natural and with such great reviews that I bought it straight away. I must note, you NEED to give this product a couple of weeks to see a big reduction in your spots. I went through a purging process with this in which loads of my spots came up to the surface after about a week, I panicked and thought it wasn't working, but give it a chance! Now after 2 months of using this at night, my spots are significantly reduced, and those that I do get are smaller and fade away quicker. It has seriously helped the big, painful, under the skin spots I used to get on my cheeks and around my chin. It has made a massive difference to my skin, including the oiliness I used to get which is a massive bonus! I really recommend it! A side note: on the bottle it says to use 10 drops at night, I did this the first time I used it and I was an OIL SLICK. I only use 4-5 drops at most and it's the perfect amount for me :)
    I love this, it is so calming, yet moisturising and it has soothed my skin which is usually quite dry but recently prone to a few breakouts. A great purchase.
    didn't work for me at all...
    i seldom leave reviews, much less a negative one at that, but i thought i should share my experience in case there are others similarly baffled by this product. i use many facial oils (pai rosehip, aurelia night oil, odacite, ren serum in oil) and they all absorb well when applied after a light misting of the face. the lavender drops could or would not absorb no matter how little or much i misted my face. nor did light massaging or continuous patting help. i believe i've tried every trick in the book and yet it remains a greasy mess on my face. i wear glasses hence the greasiness is very apparent to me. moreover, the quality of the bottle is not the best. no matter how carefully i transferred the pipette, the sides of bottle will be oily. worse, the latex top part of the pipette became grubby and tacky after just a few uses. none of my other oil bottles became like this. to add the final nail in the 1-star coffin, lavender oil seems to be very disputed in the beauty industry for its efficacy and sensitivity-causing concerns. i'm happy that it worked well for others. for those whose experience weren't the best, i wonder if it was similar to mine.
    Great product for hormonol breakouts
    The best facial oil! I suffer from hormonal breakouts along my jaw and chin and found very few products that made any difference. After a couple of weeks of using this oil, day and night, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin and fewer breakouts. Also smells great and lasts for ages!
    This genuinely works
    Over the last few years I have suffered with hormonal and stress induced ache. I suffer with mild rosacea too (literally any time I do even a little bit of exercise my face goes a horrible tomato red red shade). Having tried so many different moisturiers/oils that weren't really working properly for me, I found this Skin Owl lavender oil on Cult Beauty. I honestly cannot believe the effects it has had on my skin. After using this day and night for a month, I no longer suffer with ache, and the redness in my complexion has been reduced. If you suffer with combination, spot prone and sensitive skin like me then you NEED this in your life. It has genuinely changed my skin and my confidence!
    Beyond incredible
    I honestly can't rave about this oil enough. I started getting big, painful under the skin spots on my chin, which would last for weeks and weeks and make me incredibly self conscious and miserable. I tried this oil after reading the back story and as a last ditch attempt before hot footing it to the best dermatologist I could lay my hands on. It's a wonder. I haven't had a spot since I started using it (touch wood) and my skin looks healthy and nourished. Please don't ever stop making this.
    Skin calming and no breakouts!! I'm really in love with this product. It really balances and calms my skin. Definitely going to purchase a bigger bottle in the future.
    I have oily/combination skin and was skeptical about using a skin oil as I was worried that it might make me break even more than usual. This was totally not the case! This has reduced the hormonal cystic acne along my jawline already, and I've only been using it for 5 days! It absorbs into the skin really nicely leaving beautifully soft skin. I can't wait to try more of the Skin Owl range.
    H-O-L-Y G-R-A-I-L
    I was introduced to this product by my best friend who INSISTED I needed a face oil in my life. I've forever battled with my oily skin - trying numerous products to combat it and nothing has worked. The thought of putting oil onto my already oily face was terrifying but she said I had to give this a go - and she certainly wasn't wrong. This oil has completely changed my face. The texture of my skin is now baby smooth, and any redness or tiny under the skin spots I had disappeared within three uses. And in terms of oiliness, it's helped to balance it out. I can safely say I'm an oil-convert and now a firm follower of Skin Owl.
    Beautiful balancing oil
    I have been using this oil in place of a normal moisturizer, it's very lightweight but incredibly nourishing and clarifying all at the same time. It has instantly helped with any redness on my face. Will be repurchasing.
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