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    The OrdinaryNiacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%<p>Harnessing the (anything but ordinary) power of niacinamide and zinc &#8211; with a surprisingly small price tag &#8211; this potent serum is perfect for combatting blemishes, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. A must-have for battling breakouts, The Ordinary&#8217;s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% regulates sebum production to minimise pores and reduce blemish-causing bacteria, keeping your complexion clear, calm and collected. A superlative skin improver, niacinamide boosts the skin&#8217;s immunity and improves moisture retention, while a brilliant shot of zinc PCA works to repair damaged skin and promote the creation of collagen.</p>ORD0027699151903115 stars, based on256 reviews 5.00Cult BeautyNew

    The Ordinary
    Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A dream come true for oily skin, this potent serum targets breakouts, minimises pores and decongests confused complexions by regulating sebum production. Featuring high concentrations of two of the most efficacious blemish-battling ingredients out there (niacinamide and zinc), this swiftly soothes skin and improves its overall health.

    • Description

      Harnessing the (anything but ordinary) power of niacinamide and zinc – with a surprisingly small price tag – this potent serum is perfect for combatting blemishes, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. A must-have for battling breakouts, The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% regulates sebum production to minimise pores and reduce blemish-causing bacteria, keeping your complexion clear, calm and collected. A superlative skin improver, niacinamide boosts the skin’s immunity and improves moisture retention, while a brilliant shot of zinc PCA works to repair damaged skin and promote the creation of collagen.

    • How to use

      Apply to entire face morning and evening before heavier creams.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Niacinamide, Pentylene Glycol, Zinc PCA, Tamarindus Indica Seed Gum, Xanthan Gum, Isoceteth-20, Ethoxydiglycol, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin

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    The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

    The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Reviews

    I cannot live without this, it cleared up all my little underskin bumps!! I have been using it for 9 months now and I'm obsessed.
    The worst my skin has ever been
    I have a combination skin, sometimes a little pimple here and there, nothing too bad. I wanted to try this out in order to clear those pimples up as well as little bumps I get on my forehead. But just in three days of using it twice a day it has given me the worst breakout I have ever experienced. I have big painful spots all over my face now, and my skin is very dry, red and irritated. Wanted to love this, but this really didn’t work for me at all!
    The Ordinary Niacinamide
    Great product and great service by Cult Beauty. Please bring the supersize version of it.
    Sad Skin
    I've only been using this product for about a month now and my skin's quality has improved visibly and beautifully. I bought a bottle for my best friend as well and she phoned me after a week to boast about how amazing her skin looks and feels as well after only a week! 10/10 would recommend.
    Love it!
    Very good formula (especially considering the price tag!), sinks right into the skin and I am seeing good results on my combination skin. Calm, clear and even complexion.
    Great for the price
    initially I bought it with the intention of using it as a base for makeup, but for that purpose it was not good so I started using it if I saw some imperfections on my face like pimples or as a serum after dermaplanning. In this way it is fantastic considering the price it has, it is a great product: in a few days it makes pimples or small rashes under the skin disappear.
    Acne prone skin
    A holy grail in my skincare routine for 6 months now and I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from acne and hyperpigmentation!
    miracle in the bottle
    This is my little helper for pimples and blackheads. It helped me to improve my skin. 5 stars for this great product!
    I love the product. I have extremely oily skin and this product works wonders on oily skin.
    I can't go without it!
    I've always suffered with acne and I'm not claiming this is a miracle cure, but it's certainly one of the best "highstreet" products I've tried! I was without this product for around a week and my skin was noticeably worse than it was whilst using the product. It's turned into part of my skin care routine that I cannot skip!
    Oily skin
    My skin was bad when I started using this. I had acne, oily skin, acne scarring, and small bumps as well. The first week when I started using this, it was quite weird on my face. I got pimples but I used it continuously and yes I’m Impressed. I ordered my second bottle. It has reduced my pores and acne scarring. But this doesn’t have anything to do with blemishes. The only bad thing about this is it finishes really fast. You can finish it in 15 days using it twice a day.
    I have sensitive, acne prone skin and tried this product to fade my acne scars and to prevent my skin from breaking out. Initially, I did notice a difference in my skin texture and acne scars, tiny bumps on my face were clearing much faster after using this serum twice daily.However, this only lasted for about 15-20 days. As my skin got used to the product, it stopped working. I have been using this serum for 2.5 months now, hoping that it might take time to be more effective. I can say there is no improvement in my acne scars, I still get tiny bumps around my cheeks. Not worth the hype. People with sensitive skin might not benefit a great deal using this product.
    Gobsmacked with this product especially for the price! I’ve never had spots or breakouts growing up my skin has always been mostly clear (I have combination skin - dry in winter but usually quite normal) but recently in my early 20’s hormonal breakouts (and under skin bumps) have hit me hard on my cheeks and some on my jaw and I was so disappointed (and panicking) when nothing would clear them. I added different toners/moisturisers to my skincare and nothing seemed to properly get rid of them. I literally stumbled upon this by accident and was really intrigued - so after watching some videos and reading reviews I thought I’d give it a go. I am AMAZED that after only 2 days my under skin bumps have completely gone and my complexion looks so radiant! I apply morning and night after cleansing & toning and before moisturiser and my skin looks and feels like it did when I was 18! Can’t fault it.
    A must-buy for spot-prone skin!
    I have used this product for almost a year now and love it. I purchased it in replacement of Glossier's 'Super Pure' serum because of the fantastic price and basically the same ingredients and I wasn't disappointed. Used a couple of times a week after an AHA treatment or toner, my spots have been way less frequent and they clear up much more quickly too. Now always have two bottles in the house just in case.
    Made me breakout
    I tried this product, but it did not work on me. My face broke out and my skin was worse than it was before. I kept using the product for a few days because I thought that maybe my skin needed time to adjust, but it just didn't work for me.
    Smooth skin
    I have extremely oily skin with large pores. I have never seen results this fast with any product. I have been using it for 10 days and it has made my skin so smooth i can't believe it my pores appear really small and my skin is less oily and it has brighten up my skin a little.
    I like it
    This product changde my skin. It's amazing
    What pores?
    I’ve used this product for a few months now, and it’s finally time to purchase another one. What can I say other than wow! Of course I still have pores, but what a difference it has made to both my bare skin and my skin when I’ve applied my makeup. I use the Niancinimide serum twice daily, followed by The Ordinary moisturiser. I only used it once per day at first as I do have sensitive skin but I found that it did not overly irritate my skin and now I have no problems using it twice per day. I went on holiday and forgot the serum and instantly I noticed how my pores became visibly clogged and enlarged again. I’d say this is probably the closest thing I've come to a miracle skin product and in the past I’ve used other more expensive products that seem like you’re just paying for the name rather than what the product actually does for the skin. Overall I would highly recommend.
    Really good
    This product is great for my spot prone skin. I'm sure that my acne is fading and the feel on the skin is nice although it is not at all moisturising. I use this after I wash my face thoroughly with sulfur soap and I haven't had a breakout in months. One bottle lasts me 2-3 weeks using morning and night.
    Not for me
    I wanted to love this and I wanted it to help my hormonal acne, but unfortunately it just broke me out more and irritated my skin. I think I am just sensitive to niacinimide as a toner I bought with this same ingredient seemed to do the same thing. I would just make sure you aren't sensitive to niacinimide before using this!
    I tried this as I had read really good reviews. I had applied a drop just to the problem areas, mainly my cheeks and chin before I went to bed, in the morning I had 4 big, red, angry spots. This was 5 days ago and they are still very big and very red on my face. If you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to irritation from stronger products, stay away.
    Great for combo skin
    This product has really helped calm down my skin and give it a lovely smooth texture. I have combination skin (very oily T-zone and super dry everywhere else) but this product manages to control the excess oil without making my cheeks feel tight or dry. It doesn't break me out, calms down existing acne and I noticed a definite difference even within a week of using. Also it's £5 which is incredible!
    Doesn’t work
    I have been using this product for more than a month now. Doesn’t help my pimples at all. I loved the other products by The Ordinary but not this.
    Don’t normally review but I love this
    I love this stuff helps to keep my skin from breaking out and if I do get the odd spot it calms it down so quickly. Before using this product I used to get little bumps all over my forehead and nothing would get rid of them until I started using this. Now my forehead is smooth. Also has helped reduce redness in conjunction with other things.
    Amazing product
    I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and I cannot recommend it enough... I even got my friend using it! My skin is so much better now with less flare ups. I use this alongside the cleanser and moisturiser.
    Works well but stings and pills
    This does actually help reduce redness and make skin more even but it stings pretty bad and leaves a strange shiny film over your face that pills up when you put on moisturiser. Leaves my skin a bit sensitive the next day.
    NO change in skin
    It is as good as normal hydrating serum does nothing for acne, pores or acne marks. It feels sticky but absorbs quickly. Not purchasing it again.
    Pimples? Where?
    Amazing improvement to my skin texture, and virtually no pimples at all. Unbelievable as I struggled with acne well into my twenties, while undergoing hormonal treatments. I just love it!
    Miracle for combination skin
    This product really helped me in regulating my sebum level... I have combination skin and this works wonders on my skin!
    Perfect for hormonal acne - and look at the price!
    I have hormonal adult acne and I have tried everything from products that break the bank to cheap solutions, and I will honestly never go back to anything else. Ultimately, if you’re going to break out because it’s that point in your cycle, you’ll break out, those with this problem will understand it’s a given, but my goodness does it help! My skin is almost always clear now, and when it is that time, my spots are reduced tenfold in size, soreness, redness etc. It works as a preventative as well as a treatment. I have been buying this on repeat for a while now and it continues to make my skin normal! Less oil, less spots, I glow with confidence now. It works perfectly under any moisturiser and foundation application is flawless. I would also highly recommend the lactic acid as they work wonderfully together. I implore anyone with hormonal acne to give this a go, you will not regret it. Plus, even if it’s not for you, you’ve spent a mere £5 on it!!
    Truly effective
    Let me start this review by saying that my skin is not terribly problematic. However with ageing, I have noticed visibly larger pores and I started getting tiny little bumps on my forehead and cheeks. This product is very gentle but very effective at addressing these issues. After a few uses, I have already noticed my pores being tighter and the texture of my skin improved. This is amazing. As for the application: the product does leave a film on the skin, so even though it was possible to apply makeup on top, I prefer using it at night. The smell is not awesome. However overall I think the product is fantastic given its effectiveness and how cheap it is.
    Working on acne
    This worked on my acne in a week of usage. I will continue using to see affect on my blackheads and open pores.
    No more acne before/during menstruation
    I said bye to acne the day I started using it.
    Didn't like it
    I just didn't like it. It didn't do anything for my skin. I just don't understand why its so high rated. I love ordinary products but this one did nothing for me.
    Long review but worth reading as it's such a great product
    If you are sceptical, with a little sensitive skin, acne prone, with little underskin bumps on your face and seemed to have tried everything dead this... I've heard a lot about this product and about niacinamide and zinc for acne individually but never tried it before. I'm only on my first bottle and I prefer to use it only for bedtime as my skin doesn't absorb products easily so I cannot apply make up on top but I will be definitely ordering more! (bare in mind I have never ever left a review for anything before) of course every skin is different but I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and the difference this made to my skin and not only the spots and acne scars!?!?! My skin is so supple and glowing, I don't have any underskin bumps anymore that is thanks to niacinamide and I am actually confident to wear no make up now. I have always worn full coverage foundation to cover the redness and blemishes but I believe in a little while I will be purchasing some light coverage bb cream (especially for summer). I have not been sponsored or anything I genuinely would recommend this product especially for the price! Just remember that niacinamide and zinc on their own are so beneficial to the skin so it's worth trying! Another thing about this rather than acids from the ordinary... Because the sun is now coming out more than in the winter acids can irritate the skin when exposed to the sun even essential oils like tea tree can but this doesn't leave any irritation!
    The Ordinary Niacinimide & Zinc
    I love this product! I use it as a base for my makeup everyday and it really helps keep spots and blemishes away.
    Great product!
    This was recommended to me when I had a deep moisturising facial to rid my skin of the bacteria which causes spots and blackheads. I have combination skin (dry on my tzone and chin but can turn greasy easily) and my skin has been practically clear for 5 months since using this! My spots have reduced significantly and my skin feels much smoother to the touch. Definitely recommend! It sells out quick so at £5 a bottle I've purchased a few. I use 1 squirt for my entire face.
    No acids, simple nutrients for skin (pro tip:do ice cubes)
    My skin used to be perfectly clear before using a product with salycilic acid(BHA) which gave me rashes, pimples, pustules and left it painful. I’ve been trying to get my skin back to normal since then. Tried so many brands, from herbal products to Korean skincare. When I came across this brand I was skeptical initially, seeing all these products with ‘acids’ in them, as I did not have a very pleasant experience with salycilic acid. So I decided to give this serum a try, along with some AHA based ones. Let me tell you I’ve seen so much improvement in 2 months that I did not see in the past year....my skin is clearing up and glowing! Tip: The serum is good by itself, but since the day I made ice cubes with aloe Vera, Rose water and the niacinamide 10%.....I’ve seen rapid improvement in my skin texture, pores and bumps...literal GLOW!!! (I have combination acne prone skin).
    I loooove it! a MUST have!
    I've got combination skin (oily/dry) and this little gem works peeeeeeerfectly for me! I've just ordered my 4th bottle, and most certainly I won't be stopping there. When I don't use this product on my skin (even for one day), I can see a significant for worse! Honestly, it works woooonders! I use it AM&PM before/with moisturizer & after toner. Try it - you won't regret it!
    My best Niacinamide
    Love this Niacinamide, use it every night, feel my skin looks perfect and more healthy.
    My miracle
    Oh man, I wish I would have ordered this much earlier than I actually did. For years I’ve been trying to clear up my skin with Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley and other really expensive brands, I have used 1000+$ on the products I kept buying throughout the years. I bought this around October and I first didn’t like it cause it just made me break out more, but I kept using it and it totally cleared up all my acne!!! I was so happy with it that I ordered one for my sister too, who is 14 and having hormonal acne as a teenager. Same reaction she was freaking out after seeing that first it made her skin just even worse but patience is key, after a month using it now, her skin also gotten so much better. I will 10000% recommend this product. And for this price point it is really worth purchasing.
    Love it!
    I’ve had problems with acne for a few years so when I finally got rid of them, I was left with red spots on my face. I was very frustrated and have tried everything I could to get rid of it but almost nothing helped, until this product came. I’m using it for a month now and it is a life changer. I can finally leave my house without putting makeup on. Thank you The Ordinary for giving us such quality for such small amount of money! Absolutely going to order it again!
    This product did help some existing spots when used overnight. However the serum is very thick and leaves a slight film on the face so wouldn’t recommend using it during the day.
    Did nothing to my skin
    It's said this product is good for oily skin, minimize pores. Never happened
    Rather extraordinary
    My skin has been mostly oily (or combination in cold weather or when my skin is in a good condition) but after using Niacinamide, my pores stopped pouring out oil to the point that I would wake up in the morning, and can get away with washing my face just with water. Amazing!
    In love
    It was the best thing I used to my skin, thank you soo much for this product I will buy more of it.
    Broke out my skin
    I really wanted to like this product, but unfortunately it broke me out. Small spots began to appear everywhere all over my face. I only usually break out when I use products that contain oil.
    Good product
    This at first tingled and even caused a minor breakout but that was my skin adjusting to it. If you have sensitive skin it's best to not use daily.
    Ever since I started using the niacinamide over my serum and under my CC cream my face hasn't been breaking out anymore after so many years of suffering with adult acne this is a miracle in α bottle I'm soooo happy to have found the Ordinary products cause goodness knows spending an arm and a leg hasn't did me much of anything who would if thought I would have found my cure with a small price tag. I love it along with the Inkey Retinol.
    Really good
    I don't know if it helps when I get breakouts (I guess not), but it helps prevent them and keeps my face more matte than before.I have been using it since January and I will keep repurchasing it! I love it and I love so many of their products!
    Don’t get confused - Great for after acne marks not actual acne
    This guy is great for the price and it’s actually works really well. I wouldn’t use this In the day as it’s not good under make up but as a step at night I find my red marks after a spot clear up much faster with this.
    Doesn't work
    I used it twice a day, everyday and I didn't see any difference in my skin, all it did was make my make-up breakup faster and made my skin look oilier. I 100% do not recommend this product.
    Did not expect much.
    Surprised - blackheads have reduced and a little goes a long way. Great stuff!
    Surprisingly good
    So I usually never write reviews about products but since using this, I feel I must! I have only been using it for a week, and only once a day in the evening before bed. My skin suffers from breakouts, redness around the nose, uneven discoloured skin, and red marks from previous acne scars. I also have tiny pit marks from previous spots. I used this product when I was in the middle of a breakout which was lasting well over 2 weeks, but using this serum totally got rid of and flattened my spots. My face feels smoother and looks more evened out. Others have noticed this too. My foundation glides on more effortlessly and I can not see acne bumps through it. The downside is that it has made my face slightly more greasy, but I am willing to put up with that if I get clearer skin. I don't know if it is just a new product fad and whether it will continue to work, but so far so good.
    Changed my acne-prone skin!!
    This serum coupled with The Ordinary's Salicylic Acid has completely transformed my skin in 4 weeks. I have been suffering from super oily skin with painful hormonal acne on my jawline and was feeling very miserable because nothing seemed to be clearing/soothing it. I have been using these two serums morning and evening and my skin is already SO much clearer and calmer. Ordering my second bottles of both and can't imagine my life without them. The value for money is also incredible. Love love love it.
    Good product.
    A good product. Sebum secretion decreases.
    The best
    The best product for pores and oily skin. I recommend using this to everyone with same problems.
    Cleared my skin up and made my complexion overall more smooth and less red. Onto my second bottle, highly recommend
    Changed my skin.
    I have been using this for several months now. It sinks right into the skin so you do not feel it at all. I barely get any pimples now. Amazing!
    Not great.
    I was so excited to try this out as I thought it was a dupe for the Super Pure, and I've gone through 2 bottles and bought another 3 a couple of weeks ago. I really thought it was working, then for about a month into the third bottle my skin started freaking out a bit, a couple spots here and there and they would go away and come back. I got desperate and reordered the Super Pure instead and my skin is back under control. I wouldn't say this is a dupe at all as it did nothing to reduce redness or any spots, but maybe if you just have mild spots/redness it might work. It's annoying because it would've been perfect, but I guess you get what you pay for in this case!
    I have been using this for a week now and have had such bad breakout. I have combination skin which is very dry and oily. I am so disappointed as I had just added this to my additional skin care routine and from better skin I have bad skin now.
    Miracle product!
    I've always struggled with oily, extremely sensitive skin and have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my face. This serum cleared my breakouts within a week or so. I can see that it is gradually helping to fade the pigmentation left on my skin, as a result of scarring. I cannot stress enough how amazing this product is - my skin is extremely sensitive. Prior to this the majority of products I had bought either broke me out, or totally dehydrated my skin. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
    So cheap and made my face blemish free. I have an extremely oily skin, I’m already using this for like a month and it just did wonders to my face.
    I started using this in the beginning of September. Now two months later and I have to say it really works on my skin (combination to oily, some acne scars and visible pores) - slowly but surely my darker spots are vanishing. Gives a nice glow, VERY economical - just a couple of drops are enough to cover the face otherwise it could pile. I use it every day in the mornings. Definitely will repurchase once I'm done with this bottle.
    Perfect! All my pigmentation is clearly gone. I used it at night with the vitamin c in the morning.
    works as how it claims on it's description
    Skin care is either a hit or a missed but this one is amazingly a hit to me. It stops my skin from being so oily and my pores look smaller, brilliant! it gives me confidence to go bare-faced glam and improves appearance of my skin significantly. My mom and the whole family has been using this now and our skin is being noticed whenever we get together with relatives :)
    It's very nice and absorbs easily. I think that it brightens my skin and helps control spots. I've repurchased twice as it's such good value.
    Very good serum
    Very good
    It's very good
    Very good
    Very good. I love it.
    Must-have for combo/acne skin
    As in the last 6 months, I suffered from late acne I was craving for this serum hoping it would have saved my skin, and it really helped to clear my skin and keep the pimples away. Deciem, at last!
    Love this!
    I've been using this for the last few months, finally switched away from Freederm gel which I'd been using for years, it's made such a difference to my skin. I use it at night as I found it was not great under my foundation. I just pop a few drops on my finger and apply to my t-zone. I use this with the ordinary's salicylic acid on any (now few and far between) breakouts and my skin has never looked so good. Love it!
    It works!
    This product is amazing. It reduces my breakouts so much and I can see my skin is clearing out and the scars are slowly fading.
    Literally is a dream come true for oily skin. I stumbled across this purely by accident when looking for an oily skin saviour and purchased this literally based on the reviews. This quickly cleared my skin of the annoying little pimples along with the help of the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads and I have used it every night now for about a month and have been amazed with the results. I previously wasn’t a fan of The Ordinary as some of the products I have used have not been the nicest of consistencies, but I may be converted because of this. For the price you cannot go wrong and anyone with oily skin should try this!
    Amazing product, but be careful what you combine it with
    I used to have combination skin with a t-zone so oily I started getting shiny about ten minutes after powdering my face. Since my skin is also dehydrated, I couldn't bake or use matte foundations or primers to combat this because anything matte accentuates the dry patches instantly. The first time around, I used this product wrong. I would use an AHA or BHA toner, a serum, stack this on top and finish off with a highly concentrated retinal cream, which was way too harsh. My skin was irritated and falling off like I just had a chemical peel. I gave it another try and now use this almost every night after a toner without active ingredients and put a hydrating cream on top. My pimples are not yet all gone since they are mostly hormonal, but my pores appear so much smaller, I get less oily so my foundation lasts the entire day, the pigmentation from old pimples has started to fade and the new ones are far less inflamed and painful, even if I pick them. I've left my products with other active ingredients for the mornings and for nights when I don't use this, and my skin hasn't been happier in years!
    You Need This
    This serum really diminished the appearance of my pores. I noticed it after 2 weeks and it mattifies my skin but appears like glass. I love it ! But do prep your skin well with moisturiser or else it would feel too dry. Overall, i just love this.
    Skin saviour
    I have suffered from acne for many years (combination/oily skin) and was beginning to lose home of clearing my skin before I went to uni. I purchased this product as a last hope, as it was inexpensive and had great reviews. I can say, though this did give a slight purge period, to begin with (draws the gunk out from underneath the skin), the end results are so worth it! This product has completely removed the many tiny lumps I had on my forehead and the pimples that would cover my face. I use this product both morning and night and shall continue to do so, such a great product and for £5 you can't go wrong. The purging period (when it draws the gunk out from under your skin) lasted about a month on me - like I said my skin was BAD. But, I'm so glad I stuck with the product, don't lose hope with the Niacinamide too early.
    It's good
    This product is amazing. I love it.
    Really impressed
    I'm 32 and in the last 4/5 months I'm suffering from late acne on my cheeks. I must say this is a very good serum, a little sticky but still comfortable, it has dried my skin a little which is just fine because it was a bit oily. The acne scars seem reduced and my skin is reacting so well. I definitely recommend this lightweight serum, like all other Ordinary Products I've tried so far (Glicolyc Acid Toner, The Buffet, The Caffeine EGCG, Retinoid 0.5% in squalane, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F) So worth the hype!
    Do NOT buy
    Made my skin really spotty. Do not recommend at all.
    This product is amazing!! Can literally feel your pores tightening. I’ve suffered from acne since I was a teenager and have tried so many acne products but nothing has compared to this serum. After a few weeks, I could see a big change in not only the texture of my skin but also the appearance of it. I’ve had no breakouts so far. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.
    Works like MAGIC
    I always have hormonal acne but not anymore after this magical serum. No more blemishes.
    Major changes
    I used this one for almost two months. I found it great for my acne. I love this product and come with a great price. Will buy another bottle soon.
    Love this serum
    This serum is opaque and odourless. It has a thick viscosity and may leave a whitish film on your skin after application. However, it goes away quickly and absorbs nicely on the skin. Sometimes I get small bumps on my skin but ever since using this, the bumps never appear. Love this a lot.
    Great Serum
    I love the simple, effective formulation that helps with inflammation and hydration. I usually apply at night, underneath The Ordinary retinol serum. Great product.
    Changed my skin
    I really do believe that we each have unique skin and the way how it responds to products, but wow, has this thing changed my complexion totally. I used to get congested skin, little under skin bumps, that just did not go away unless professional took them out, but now I don't even feel the need to go to my cosmetologist. Also, pimples were an often guest, but now I feel that I have finally found a product that ACTUALLY WORKS. And it's so cheap. After all these years of using different products, I have finally found my holy grail. I put it on the skin after washing and toning it, and then apply moisturiser afterwards. Just ordered couple of more, since they tend to run out on this website quite fast. Thanks The Ordinary!!
    Love it!
    Love this product, lasts ages and is so cheap! By far the best over more expensive products I have used! I use this everyday and The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% twice a week and my skin is clearer than it ever has been. I believe this has reduced my pores and I don’t seem to suffer from dry skin since using these products.
    New holy grail
    Having suffered with really bad breakouts for such a long time now, I've tried so many different products and I'm so glad I found this little gem as it's cleared my skin up LOADS and I feel so much more confident. Would 100% recommend!
    Great product
    I had acne when I was a teen quite bad and still get a few now and then at the age of 26. This serum controls oil without drying your face out and really does clear the skin over time. I use niacinamide and azelaic acid in the am and pm I use niacinamide and granactive retinoid 2%. Since using the ordinary my skin has changed so much and for the better. I’ll never use any other skin care again! I’ve used so many brands too, high-end brands that don’t deliver and this works the best.
    Good for oily/combo skin
    This really works. So happy with my purchase, definitely going to re-purchase.
    This should be THE treatment for a multitude of skin conditions
    Uneven skin tone - check Enlarged pores - check Sebum control - check Skin tags - check The list kinda goes on. This is THE skincare ingredient of the year. Prior to this, I have never used any antioxidants nor sunscreen nor any anti-ageing products. A serum? Oh, you mean that super expensive crap which comes in teeny tiny bottles? Since I started to buy The Ordinary, I haven't looked back. I now incorporate a few extra steps into my routine due to the proliferation of K-Beauty gazillion step skincare routine. I literally just started toning. Anyway, the product has a lightweight water-like serum feel (only slightly viscous). I use this AM & PM: W/ Lactic Acid 10% (great skin exfoliant) + EUK 134 + hyaluronic acid. Then I end my routine Cellina Intensive Whitening Lotion (Whiten = Brighten). I do notice a reduction in oil production and The Ordinary's Niacinamide serum calms my skin down especially when I get little bumps of rosacea all over my face after an especially stressful week. If you don't have it, what are you doing? If you can't get any more of it, find a hack.
    When I started using this serum I'm having a hormonal breakout in few places on my face. After a week of using it, it definitely makes my skin clearer. I'm not quite sure the effects on my pores tho. Will monitor the progress later on.
    A serious game changer... OMG
    I have suffered from a stressed skin for well over a year now and spent an eye-watering amount of money on some other brands. I was so depressed about my skin. Red lumps all over my forehead, incredibly oily too. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but it made me really reclusive and sad. This £5 bottle has utterly changed my life. I have used it for 2months nearly and I literally can now face the day with no make-up on my face! It looks that good. I use it every morning and most evenings in between a glycolic peel from another brand. The only downside - it constantly sells out!! Buy 2 bottles at a time or more! Thank you to Cult Beauty for stocking this! You have saved my sanity xx
    Smooth clear skin after 3 days
    I’m 21 and have struggled with acne since I was around 14 years old. Over the years I’ve tried everything from prescription creams and tablets to exfoliating ‘glow’ tonics and sudocrem and nothing really worked! My acne was mainly around my chin and cheeks, with quite an ugly scarring left behind. This product has single-handedly cleared my acne. Although it has a slight drying effect the results are amazing and I have not had a single new spot since I’ve started using this. I also use with the Azelaic acid which has massively helped reduce the redness of my scarring. Apply after cleansing in the evening (with azelaic acid on top once dry) and you can also wear it in the day although I haven’t tried it under makeup yet. Hope this helps some people, it honestly has been a miracle for me just wish I had a before and after picture!
    Love it
    I really felt the need to review this one as it has completely changed my skin.
    Transformed acne-prone skin
    I have tried retinoids, AHAs and BHAs, but none of them has come close to clearing my acne-prone skin the way this serum has. Within days of first using it, I had fewer closed comedones and have not had a major breakout since. My skin feels smoother and less red. It has a gloopy consistency and pills under some heavier sunscreens/moisturisers but otherwise no complaints.
    Must have
    Best stuff ever!
    Life/skin changing
    I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and can see a big difference already. I have to take steroids and they make my skin awful, blemishes, large pores and also thin the skin making it really super sensitive. Since using this I can see a visible difference. Fewer breakouts, smaller pores and smoother skin. No irritation, which is a huge bonus as everything else just made my skin bright red. I use this and also the Ordinary Rose Hip oil to give a moisture boost. This brand is amazing and inexpensive. Cannot recommend this highly enough!
    Made me break out so bad!
    After three days of using this product I broke out in the worst way possible: cystic acne all over my face. Immediately stopped using this product and the acne thankfully went away very quickly. Guess the good thing is that I now know my skin doesn't like either niacinamide or zinc.
    Best skincare product I’ve ever bought
    I have normal/ oily skin that’s prone to regular breakouts, I read all the reviews and was really excited about using this. I took pictures before I started using it and after 12 weeks, safe to say my acne scarring has reduced dramatically. Now 3 months later my pores are much smaller and my skin is so clear that I’m barely wearing makeup. I can not recommend this product enough.
    Perfect for oily skin
    I’ve been using this for 4 months and the result was visible only in 3-4 weeks of everyday use, you should keep that in mind. However, it DOES work, it reduced sebum production extremely (I suppose it’s just because my skin was super oily). Better to use in PM.
    big no no
    The morning after using, I've experienced the worst breakout I've ever had!! I'm still dealing with this breakout and I know some of my friends had the same issue. I think you must test it before you apply it all over your face.
    It’s work
    I love this product calming my skin I see my skin it’s healthy but I feel some sting and after maybe minutes that feel going. Maybe because I have Rosacea!!! I will buy it again.
    This is my Holy Grail of serums
    I have the worst blemishes and scars as if I had chicken pox. People used to ask me whether I had chicken pox but now my skin is flawless. I cannot live without this and the Alpha Arbutin. This 2 combo has me looking like a porcelain doll. I swear.
    Excellent so far
    Given a few of The Ordinary ago as I’ve heard great things. I’ve only been using them a week or two but I’m already starting to see positive changes in my skin. I used to not be able to go a day without a big, new spot turning up on my face and since using this that has slowed right down and any that are popping up are tiny. The texture of my skin is starting to become more even and smoother too. If these are the effects after two weeks of use, I’m excited to see what my skins going to be like after a few months! I have been using this along with the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and the Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane.
    very good
    Love It
    I've been using it for two months and it helps to fight blemishes on my face. Overall, it has shown magical improvement in my pores as I have an oily skin. Definitely will continue to repurchase it. It works really well with Hyaluronic Acid.
    Omg I thought to myself hmmm will this really work for me?? Because it felt like I’ve used so many products for my face which was covered in acne and scar, and I can’t believe after using this since Christmas time my skin is so much smoother and clear with less hormonal acne. Great product and would purchase again.
    My oily skin solution!
    I have always suffered from oily skin and this has made a considerable difference! It helps heal blemishes and prevents further spots from emerging! I will definitely be buying 2 bottles next time.
    I don’t really know..
    So I haven’t had this product for long and I know I should wait longer to review but I’ve been applying it morning and night for two weeks. Overall, my skin looks clearer, more glowing and any red patches I had were gone. However, I have started to get tiny whiteheads every time I put it on, they aren’t too noticeable so I haven’t stopped applying it but if I carry on they could become more common. I don’t know what to think?
    Pimples & Bumps Saver
    There was a period of time when my face had small bumps and acne and I seriously believe it was this product together with a few NIOD products that saved my face. The only problem I experienced is that some dry white flakes can form when I applying, meaning that makeup doesn't go on as well in the morning (this can be solved by moisturizing really well). If I skip using this product for a day or two, small bumps will start appearing. I stock up at least 2 bottles as backup since it is always sold out - that's how much I love this product.
    Still waiting for results
    This product is ok. After two weeks I haven't noticed any noticeable changes to the bumps around my chin and the solution is quite sticky. I'll stick with it and hopefully, it will shine through like all the other Ordinary products I love.
    Ok ok
    Been using this for almost a month now and I can see my scars fading day by day. I do still get breakouts though. Definitely not a cult item for me (acne prone/oily/sensitive skin) but I will keep using it. My face still gets super oily as usual.
    Can’t put it down
    My skin is so much less oily and baby soft! It’s began combating the redness on my face as I suffer from hyperpigmentation, and the benefits of something so cheap is amazing! I can’t stop bigging this up.
    Great for all skin types
    I have combination skin - areas like my chin are prone to blackheads around the time of the month; otherwise generally clear just a little dull and uneven texture. This really helps! I use this every morning and the salicylic acid for spot on treatments plus the oil.
    Better Skin
    So much love for this baby. It do really help me to clear my acne-prone skin plus it's affordable :)
    Beautiful, light and wonderfully effective. I use it twice a day and it has really helped with my cystic acne too. Cannot recommend it enough and the superb price is a massive bonus.
    Goodbye pores, won’t miss you
    I have struggled all my life with congestion prone skin: my nose, cheeks and chin get so oily. This has helped with slowing down sebum production in my oily parts and balancing out my skin. My nose and cheeks are smoother than I’ve ever seen them because my pores aren’t congested anymore. Very glad I bought this. I use a few drops twice a day and let it sink in before moisturiser. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% for the win.
    Oily skin will love this
    The best product from The Ordinary for me, can't live without it. Miracle worker for oily/ acne prone skin and the price point in bomb. However, I must say that I would not recommend to use it before make up, it will be better to apply the serum at night or in the morning when you don't want to put make up on.
    I have struggled with blemished prone skin my whole life and spent tons trying to find something that works. Finally, I have found something amazing. And the price is a bonus.
    Clearer Skin
    I have been using this for a month now and I can't complain. It made my skin less oily and almost zero breakout. Unbelievable. I highly recommend for oily and acne prone skin. Great product.
    Been looking forward to trying this product for a while now. My skin is clearer and less oily. I only use it at night as I've found it doesn't wear well under makeup (looks like it's cracking, drying).
    I would highly recommend this if you have larger pores which produce a lot of oils throughout the day. Honestly, this product helped to shrink the pores in size and my skin pores actually produced less oil with everyday use. 10/10 would highly recommend.
    Fabulous stuff for spotty teen skin
    Bought this for my 15 year old who was bothered by spots in her t-zone mostly. She had a good basic cleanse and moisturise routine already, but this has made an enormous difference. Her skin is less oily and much less prone to breakouts.
    I was using a serum with 4% niacinamide that was really expensive and that I really liked. It improved my skin a lot, but didn't remove the stubborn bumps and spots I had all over my forehead - but this definitely does and it's about 1/10 of the price! I love it! Make sure to only use 1-2 drops as I find it can be drying if you use too much. :)
    HE ORDINARY Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
    Make skin brighter and softer.
    Noticeable improvements after only a week - and no further breakouts.
    Started using this stuff a matter of days ago. When I wake up in the morning my skin is usually really oily but now, after just 3 days my skin has reduced oiliness and my breakouts are clearing up. Used morning and night after washing and drying face.
    I have been using it in the evenings for the past two days, and remarkably I noticed a dramatic difference in my complexion from the first day. My skin has always been very oily - to the point I had resigned myself to a shiny face fate - however, this product has dramatically 'mattified' it after one use. Highly recommend it.
    Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
    This product has helped with lightening the pigmentation and dullness on my face. It just absorbs easily into the skin! Definitely on my re-purchase list.
    Amazing for the price
    It’s hard yet to say how well it works after only using it for a couple weeks, but the formula is really silky and applies nicely. If it continues to work well and for only £5 then I’ll definitely repurchase.
    could not live without it
    Has completely cleared up my skin and improved my texture, have been using it for 8 months and am on my fourth bottle! Great for clearing up spots and acne scars, must have!
    Love it
    Just love it! After some days of use I noticed, that my acne prone skin is calmer and smoother. I've just received second packaging and it won't be last ;)
    Great results in just a week
    Used it for just a little over 20 days.....could see results right from the 1st week of usage...has brightened my skin a lot
    Good for those with problematic skin.
    I have difficult skin and this is my second bottle. I only use it in the morning under my moisturiser and when I ran out I noticed a difference. It is a great product to control oil and help problem skin - it not a cure all but I cannot live without it.
    Large Pores/Oily Skin
    I've seen an improvement with my enlarged pores and my oily skin is less oily. However, it hasn't helped much in reducing spots, pimples and blemishes but maybe Its because I've only been using it for 3-4 weeks.
    Makes a real difference
    I have *super* oily skin, especially when hormonal. This really makes a difference in how oily my skin feels throughout the day. I only use it 3-4 times a week in the evening with a gel moisturiser, so it’s lasting well for me. I think if I used it more often it’d be more effective, but I like to change up the products I use to treat different problems and also stop my skin getting complacent!
    Oily Skin | Large Pores | Acne&Blackheads
    This has MASSIVELY improved my skin texture and excessive oils! Obviously, acne and blackheads go away along with them! Just ordered my second one, and I don't think i'm changing anytime soon!
    Perfect, One Love
    This is favourite product for the rest of my life.
    AMAZING! Last hope and so worth it
    Like most people, I never leave reviews! But I have mostly up and down skin, sometimes oily/ dry/ acne hormonal prone (mainly) and terrible when it’s the time of the month! Small little pimples combined with big spots under the skin (you know the ones!) after losing hope and trying every product out here, and getting down about it, this was my last try and omg it’s a heaven send. Used twice on clean skin nightly and morning and has 99% cleared them up! Skin feels smoother, tighter, redness has almost gone and spots have shrunk! Please, please try it with the price! Amazing and super happy xxx
    Больше не куплю ***Will not repurchase
    Какая-то она совсем без радостная. Липкая и совершенно не эффективна от прыщей. С порами тоже не очень заметно, думаю они не много сократились, но не очень заметно.Уменьшилась выработка кожного сала. Да, он еще должен успокаивать раздраженную кожу, но нет.Теперь у меня лицо летом краснеет, в прыщах, но не блестит. ***Some good things and some bad. It's sticky and totally not effective against acne. I think my pores have slightly reduced, but it's not very noticeable. The production of sebum has decreased. Has made my skin more sensitive - my face gets red in summer but not shiny.
    Miracle worker!
    I have had bad skin since I was about 10 years old, I'm now 27. Nothing has ever helped my spots. They never cleared, just left scars all over my face even though I didn't pick at them. That is until I found this! I've been using this for about 2 months now and it has changed my skin! My skin is now clear most of the time. It has started to work on my old spot scars which are now less visible. My skin doesn't get as oily and greasy throughout the day. My skin feels softer and smoother, and it looks brighter and healthier. I even left the house without make up on for the first time in 15 years!! I still have occasional spots but they clear up within a few days, rather than a few weeks, and they do not get as big or as painful. Could not recommend this enough!
    Amazing results
    I have an acne prone skin with large pores and this product definitely cleared my complexion. Totally worth the hype!
    Must Have!
    I have suffered from breakouts for about 6 months (forehead) and with the help of this and Salicylic Acid of TO, it really helped to cleat my skin. This has been my everyday product except when I use vit C.
    This is definitely more of a long-term treatment, I've been using it for a month and there's a huge difference in my skin and sebum production! Love it.
    Great product!!
    I have had acne for 6 years. I have used a range of products over the years; some have helped and others have made it much worse. I felt a little skeptical using this product as I have been disappointed in the past, however, I was determined to get out of my comfort zone and try something new to help my breakouts and scarring. I have been using this product alongside the Rose Hip Oil, AHA/BHA Peeling Solution and the Body Shop 50+ sun cream. I have also been using a derma roll since starting this regime (once every two weeks). It’s easy to overuse the niacinamide which can lead to dry skin. I would recommend using one drop on each cheek, patting it all over your face and neck. Avoid the eye area. This regime has been working like a dream!! My skin looks healthy and glowy. All these products combined have helped scarring, pigmentation and breakouts. My skin has not looked this good in years! I definitely think it is a must have and it is cost effective.
    Great product
    I've had a severe case of acne and oily skin after stopping birth control and was afraid to use any new products. This one, though, does wonders for my pores and overall skin health! Silky smooth skin, for sure! Don't be afraid to use it, the texture is amazing and is not heavy, there are no irritating fragrances and the effect is wonderful.
    I've been using this for more than a month, once a day before putting my day cream/moisturizer and makeup. It works great and tightens my pores. I have large pores and didn't know I needed this product until I tried it. Yes, the skin burns easily but I think the product is worth it, if you use sunscreen to protect your skin.
    I'm 37 and have always had greasy skin with frequent breakouts, blackheads and lumpy spots under the skin. My skincare regime now involves a salicylic acid face wash and Neutrogena cleanser, then The Ordinary Niacinamide and a Hyaluronic acid moisturiser (daytime), and on alternate nights I use The Ordinary Glycolic Acid cleanser, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid serum and a moisturiser, or The Ordinary retinol. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid for breakouts. My skin is absolutely transformed. I almost never feel the need to hide under foundation anymore. I still have acne scars but they are definitely fading. My skin is much less oily and the lumps under the skin are gone. Breakouts are rare and clear up quickly with the Salicylic Acid. I can't believe how good and how cheap The Ordinary is!
    Finally I’m seeing results
    I have been struggling with cystic acne after coming off the contraceptive pill. I have tried a number of products and I feel like this is the only one that shows immediate results. My skincare regime is as follows: Cetaphil to remove make up; Bioderma foam cleanser and Dermologica skin scrub. I then use an acid - either from The ordinary or Sunday’s Rileys U.F.O. I started using Niacinamide along with The Ordinary's Salicylic Acid and have noticed an immediate improvement. I have probably been using it too much as the skin around my spots is a bit dry so I will ease off for a bit but I am so pleased!
    Dream Product
    This has changed my skin. I have struggled with breakouts (mostly hormonal) for years and nothing has significantly helped until this product. Honestly amazed. You only need to use a small amount before moisturiser, I use morning and night. Last ages, great price and noticeable difference within days. Have bought 2nd bottle already as never want to risk being without it!
    Must have for oily skin
    If you have oily skin which is prone to blemishes, look no further! Perfect to use under your moisturizer. However, I have not seen too much of an improvement in blackheads, maybe that would improve over a longer period of time?
    Not for me.
    Broke me out terribly, I should have been more careful. My skin cannot stand xantham gum.
    Holy grail
    I had red signs of acne for years. This product, along with Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA and Lactic Acid 10% + HA was the holy grail for my face. I've bought it again and again and again.
    love it
    I'm not sure it really does anything to the skin but I really like it.
    Love it
    I have been using it for a week now combined with "Buffet", I feel like it minimises my pores and my skin looks less red. Really would recommend it!
    I’ve purchased this many times before, this is the first time from CB and I can’t be without it. I have hormonal acne and Post Inflammatory Erythema, this helps minimise the break-outs, it speeds up the healing process, calms down inflammation and adds to the hydration.
    Great affordable product.
    This product is so good if you have acne prone skin. It's not remotely harsh or drying but just makes skin look brighter, less red and angry and generally better. It absorbs instantly and for the price it's incredible! I believe it may also have anti-ageing properties but I use it primarily for acne and I highly recommend it.
    Great for oily skin
    This serum is great for oily skin... After you applied your serum it's make your skin matte.
    A very good product with affordable price. Love it.
    The best product for blemishes
    Literally cannot get enough of the ordinary at the minute. This one was my latest purchase as I had used another brand to help my spots & it only made them worse! Switching back & I can’t fault this product, I use it every morning before my make up & it’s helped keep my blemishes away!
    Best for blemished skin!
    My skin is usually clear but I used something and it broke me out with spots all over. I used this serum on my skin every night for a few days and all the spots went. I love this, and highly recommend it!!
    No Spots Since
    I'm always skeptical of new products but since these were such an attractive price I thought I would give it a go. I have combination skin and i tend to get breakouts on my chin and cheeks. I Started using the blemish regime + 2% granactive retinoid and I have honestly not had a spot since! When I started using the products I had break outs on my cheeks, but after that resolved I didn't see another spot (it's been 6 weeks). My skin was slightly dry at the beginning and the products goes a little foamy or soapy when you put it on, but now I don't think i'll use anything else!
    Not as good as expected :(
    Heard great things about this product, so it was something that I had to try but unfortunately it hasn't worked for my skin! I have suffered from lots of pimples/acne for years, and thought this could be a 'miracle' product. I have an oily/combination forehead and more of a spot prone t-zone. However from using this particularly on my chin, it made me break out into loads of spots. I have stopped using it on that area as maybe it's too harsh.
    One of my favorite Ordinary products
    Works really well with me. You won't notice DRAMATIC change immediately but it takes a while. On my second bottle now.
    Let me just start by saying that I've been struggling with acne for 10 years now. I tried strong medication twice and I'm about to go on my third dose because it's so stubborn. BUT I have NEVER been able to find a product to help control my breakouts until now!! This is such an amazing product and I can finally say (with tears in my eyes) that I found something that works. I use this in conjunction with the 10% Lactic Acid and any pimples that come up are gone the next morning! Thank you for providing such an affordable and AMAZING product! I love Cult Beauty xx
    The worst thing that has ever happened to my skin
    After using this I’ve been suffering from acne for like 4 months. My dry skin is not prone to acne but is was a complete disaster! My forehead was fully covered with pimples and I couldn’t help it! Never ever recommend this to anyone!! Save your money! I really want not only to throw it away but to throw it in the face of those who created this product. My friend has different skin type and she has absolutely the same problem with this!
    Great product
    This product has really helped to get rid of my skin congestion and my skin has improved drastically since using this product. I am currently waiting on my second order! It's also great to use under make-up.
    The BEST
    It has reduced acne scars and blemishes in just one week. The glow is amazing.
    I first tried this on my face for four days and I suddenly noticed more whiteheads and bumps under my skin so I stopped, however I thought that it might be fault of some other products that I was using so I tried this alone on my chest where I get one or two spots once in a while for four days, now I have red pimples all over so I can say for sure that this product doesn’t work from me and breaks me out.
    Loved it❤❤
    On my second bottle! love how it works, I had few bumps on my cheek and they are gone. I use it everyday both in AM & PM. It also minimizes the pores. Overall great for skin!!!!
    Did nothing for my acne
    The good thing I experienced with this product is that it controls oils, good yo use under makeup. It’s doesn’t help in my acne at all.
    Очень классная сыворотка, разглаживает кожу, стирает морщинки! Всем советую. Буду покупать постоянно. *** Very cool serum, smooths the skin, erases wrinkles! I advise everyone. I will buy constantly.
    This product is honestly amazing; it's the best thing I've ever done for my skin and I definitely notice the difference when I run out of it, or just when I use it less. It has done wonders for congestion I used to suffer from and brightened my whole complexion.
    Been using for two years and 100% notice the difference to when I do not use over a certain amount of time.
    Thank you very much for the fast and quality delivery! I will order more!
    Soooo disappointed. This did nothing to benefit my skin. All this does is give me large spots which I have never had before. Ruined all the progress I had been making. Wish I bought from the Ordinary website so the 365-day return policy would be honored.
    Worked Wonders for my skin
    I had a lot of blemishes on my cheeks and had cystic acne from time to time. I have combination skin but mostly oily and this serum has really helped me control my oil production. I have been using it for a month and my skin cleared up and additionally I am not breaking out as much. This is my holy grail!!
    I have combination acne prone skin and although I love how this serum feels on my skin, it made me breakout.
    Not life changing.
    It's an okay serum before cream, but I didn't notice it did much for me, it has a very sticky consistency which I don't like that much..
    I like it
    Extremely disappointed.
    I'm extremely disappointed! I'm a victim of acne purge all my life but it had settled down a few years ago with a few occasional pimples here and there. I also have open pores and after a lot of research and reading reviews I tried it on my skin and my skin was a total mess.
    It's amazing, never thought that for this price it will work! my skin looks much better the pores seen closed after using it. The skin looks bright and healthy, also after using it the skins feel so smooth! will buy again for sure!
    The Ordinary.
    Very nice
    Cleared my skin up a bit. I don't have that many problems, usually just some pimples, this helped with clearing up some spots and reduce some redness. Didn’t work for 100% but definitely 75%. I would recommend.
    Love it!
    This product is incredible and it has saved my skin. Before my skin had red pigmentation on certain parts and a lot of breakouts but this product made my skin smooth and basically clear and if I can see a breakout coming, this product saves the day. I haven't had huge problems with my skin since using this and I've used this for about a month now.
    Changed My Life!
    I've had acne since the age of 13 and I'm currently 24. I've tried so many different products out there and I mean so many! I even paid for a private dermatologist to examine my skin and even she charged me almost £80 for stuff I could buy over the counter for a third of the price. I bought this serum on my birthday in August. It has now been 4 months that my life has changed completely and for the better. I never had the confidence to walk out of the house without foundation but I do now almost every day. I do advise anyone who tries it to hang in there to begin with because they may experience purging which I did too. It is definitely worth the price! What do you have to lose? (that was the mentality when I bought it)
    Has made my skin smooth and pores appear smaller. It's so much more hydrating than the hyaluronic acid and I’ve only been using it for two days, I’m hoping further use will reduce my redness/rosacea and strengthen the skin barrier which studies have claimed it will do. I have very dry, eczema prone skin for reference. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate at all.
    Great product
    I often get breakouts. When I bought this product, I was already in the middle of a breakout. Starting this product made it worse for a week and it was quite bad. However on the website of the Ordinary they said that it was probable that a purging period would occur. So I just kept using it, then all my acne disappeared. After about one week and a half of using this product, my acne faded. Now it’s been a month. I use it every day and I love it. I haven’t had a pimple in over 2 weeks and it’s the first time in my life that my skin is clear.
    The Ordinary
    Finally a skincare product that does what it is supposed to do and very well. No adverse reaction and my skin has never been clearer or looked better. Amazing product for anyone with congested or blemish prone skin. Will buy again and again.
    Best product I've ever bought
    I have always had a problem with my skin but since buying this product I no longer feel embarrassed about going out in public without makeup! I am always skeptical about how true these reviews are on products but can honestly say these are all so accurate. Would recommend 10 times over.
    Sadly to say, I'm one of the unfortunate who had really bad breakouts from using it. Massive painful acne and it took 1-2 weeks for it to clear.
    Not for me
    For context I have normal/combination skin. I don’t really have acne all over my face but I constantly have spots on my chin so bought this product to use only there. Initially it made me break out and I thought this was just a purge and then I’d begin to see benefits, so I stuck at it for over a month. This didn’t really clear up my spots at all. Also when I accidentally got it on other parts of my skin (neck and jaw bone) and got huge pimples here which I never usually do. I really didn’t get the excellent results that others did, so I think it’s just not for everyone. It seems every 10-20 reviews is someone who’s had the same experience as me, but no harm in trying considering how reasonably priced this is!
    Don't overdo it if you have sensitive skin
    I have sensitive, combination skin. I tried this product in hopes of getting rid of spots/breakouts that I get mostly during my period on my chin and forehead. I started using it mornings and evenings and, to my dismay, it broke me out rather badly. I thought that maybe it was too irritant for sensitive skin, so I started applying only 2- 3 drops in the evenings and it did help dry the bumps away. All in all, I guess my initial breakout could have been a purging period, but I still feel this is a bit too strong for sensitive skin and could cause irritation issues if overdone.
    Very good serum.
    My skin has been brightened after using it. My acne is cleared a lot. However, My nose used to be oily a lot, and this isn't getting better. But in general I like this product.
    Favourite ordinary product
    My absolute favourite ordinary product that I couldn’t live without. This serum (along with a few others) has completely transformed my skin and almost stopped breakouts which used to be a regular occurrence for me.
    I have hideous, flabby pores and regular outbreaks. Since beginning to use this there has been a notable reduction in both, to the point that it is the one thing I won't do without in my daily routine.
    Miracle for big pores
    I have very oily skin and large visible pores. This is an incredibly helpful product that I use almost every day that has really really helped to reduce the size of my pores, especially on my nose and cheeks. Would recommend finding a good moisturiser to use with this though, especially if you have oily skin. If my skin is feeling too oily / a bit sensitive, I mix it with Pyunkang Yul - Essence Toner (can be tone with any other light toner), which really helps (and also means the already great value Niacinamide + Zinc lasts longer!).
    It works
    This product is great! I have extremely oily skin and large pores and it helps reduce the size. I use it both in the evening after I clean my make up and in the morning. After application, my skin looks matt and it helps control the oils during the day. Definitely recommend it to everyone dealing with blemishes and large pores.
    I really Love it!
    This is the second time I've purchased it and it was awesome. It helps to reduce break outs and makes my face look glowy throughout the day. Definitely will repurchase it!
    Very Unique
    This product is amazing! I have sensitive skin with blemishes and acne scarring, and this product doesn’t dry my skin out at all, (although I use it with the marine hyaluronic serum). It really helps with the blemishes and gives me a unexpected “glow from within” look. Really recommend it.
    Sensitive skin issues
    I bought this product hoping it would help with my hormonal acne and red scarring. Unfortunately, after using it for about 3 days I was broken out with little white spots all over my skin, including areas that I do not normally break out in. I believe that this is due to the high content of niacinamide. I was hopeful after reading so many good reviews it would help - but my skin may be too sensitive to it.
    does its job, bit goopy and sticky
    I tried this after Glossier's Super Pure as the Glossier version, although amazing, is half the size and almost x4 the price. I'd say it works almost as well as the Glossier one, there's just something really goopy about the texture that leaves my skin feeling a bit sticky afterwards. I think it's the xanthan gum – no idea why that would be in the ingredients. It does a great job to keep any little spots at bay, it really does reduce redness and overall it's the perfect substitute for the Glossier one. I think it's a bit more diluted, which is why I do about 5 drops morning and night, but since it's so inexpensive I really don't mind going through the bottle once a month.
    bad bad news
    1 in 10 reviews are bad and unfortunately, the same happened to me - broke me out completely! I had small pimples on my checks, where I usually NEVER get any pimples at all! Such a shame, I wanted to love this but I can´t even continue using it. Waste of Money for me.
    I love this. I'm 30 and have suffered from breakouts since I was 18/19. Nothing has ever fixed my skin like this. For the first time in over a decade, I feel confident enough to go out without makeup - and it's cost a fraction of the price of most products I've used in the past.
    A Skin's Grace for Teens
    Going through puberty sucks especially when those pesky spots keep reappearing on your face. I've been on a whirl, using different products that fit my skin's needs (sensitive/acne prone skin). It's hard for me to find the right product since my when I start a product it goes smoothly the first week then it just goes crazy the next. I thought that maybe The Ordinary would be the game changer brand, I've seen the craze of this product and I've done a fair amount of research + the price is just bomb. When I first used this product my spots were slowly going down but don't expect a miracle in the first week. The next week came and still the same then I thought about an article that said to never pair it up with Vitamin C, I don't own any vitamin c serum or anything like that but my moisturiser contained orange extract and like tangerine oil and those contain (or so i think) vitamin c, so I stopped using at night because that's when I use the serum then use the moisturiser in the morning well what do you know, the next morning my skin was so soft like wow. Its the start of the third week and my skin is so supple and soft! it's so amazing because this hasn't happened in a long time Woop Woop. I pair it along with the ordinary salicylic acid and its just bomb! I'll probably try the azelaic acid for my scars but yeah it may not work for all sensitive skins but it certainly worked for me.
    Great surprise!
    I had no idea how much I needed this. I got it because I was curious about the niacinamides moisture retention boosting qualities, but it totally surprised me by quickly clearing my skin of all those annoying little pimples caused by the summer heat. Since using this in the evenings I've noticed myself cutting down on pretty much everything else I've used to keep my acne at bay - retinol, acids and prescription creams are now on my bottom shelf and used only once a week, my skin is too happy and balanced to mess with. I use this serum most evenings after removing my makeup, over a face mist/toner, and seal the deal with The Ordinary Squalane oil or Dr Hauschkas rose cream. In the mornings I use a lighter serum with antioxidants and a high quality sun screen.
    I have periodically been put on antibiotics for hormonal acne on and off for a few years now. Now that I am pregnant I have been breaking out a lot and I cannot use them as they are teratogenic. This little bottle has been an absolute salve! Yes, I still get an odd zit now and then but my complexion is beyond comparison.
    Even and Glow
    My skin type is combination-dry and sensitive with redness. It helps with redness a little bit, but why I love this serum a lot? It made my skin glow. I apply it at night, mixing with hyaluronic + b5 serum and wake up next morning with glowing, smooth skin. Also, want to mention, that international delivery on Cult Beauty is the best. Love you guys!
    Would not be without it
    Price is phenomenal. Results for me are amazing. My pores are tighter. Hardly any hormonal breakouts. My skin is so clear I never thought that this product could deliver so much. I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I'm someone who has paid £200 for serums and have never got results like this. This serum mixed with Buffet from this brand equals a super sonic power serum for the face. Wow!
    Broke me out
    This broke me out so badly. It's so sad cause I had perfectly fine skin before I started using this and just wanted to try it out. My acne has reduced since I stopped using it but I'm left with huge acne scars on my cheeks :(
    Huge changes
    Amazing for sebum control. Very helpful with my hormonal breakouts. Can’t live without this!!!!
    Very good
    I'm enjoying this. My skin seems to be clearer and smoother. Long term use will tell if it benefits pigmentation. Overall I'd say for me its been worth the hype and will stay part of my routine.
    Excellent for effectiveness but irritating to skin
    I use this together with the Salicylic Acid for my acne. Both have helped clear up my spots (together with retinol and peels). I have found this product to be very effective but also very irritating which is why I have marked it 3 stars.
    The best!
    I bought this product after looking through all the ordinary's products and this covered everything I wanted! I was a bit spectacle due to the price being so low! but this is the best product I have ever used for my skin EVER. I bought it due to the pore refining and sebum control qualities but it does so much more, I have always had problem skin but now my skin is looking so much better and I feel so much more confident! :)
    I have overall dry but very oily skin at the T-zone with some zits and blackheads, I used this twice a day with the Salicylic acid and it worked WONDERS!! My skin has never been more clear!
    Changes are not noticeable
    Used it consistently for 2 weeks and a half and have seen no noticeable changes. I have combination skin and tend to get pimples and texture on my forehead during period week. Will not be purchasing again and might not buy too much from The Ordinary. Glad it was cheap.
    My favourite!
    I find this the perfect add on to my cystic and hormonal acne skincare routine. I have suffered with it for 11 years as an adult and now at the age of 31 after using all sorts of lotions and potions and medication none of which worked, I have found my own system that works after cutting out caffeine made a little difference, then using Obagi Clenziderm system really made a big difference, The Ordinary's Niacinamide has been the cherry on top. It has prevented and taken down the redness and inflammation. It doesn't work overnight which I expected but its been 2 months and my acne has just about cleared up and even when the odd one pops up this product stop it from being really angry looking and feeling. This is my hero product.
    I’m not a review kinda person but I took out time from my hectic schedules to review this product. I work from 9 to 6 every day including Saturdays, and barely have time for skin care routines because I’ll be so tired. My skin turned dull and I started breaking out severely. My skin got dry and lost its glow. Acne got worse day by day. A friend then recommended me this serum, and I can HONESTLY tell that this transformed my life. It completely changed my skin. I had the softest and clearest skin after using it for a week and my acne is literally just gone. My blemishes are fading super fast. This product is a godsend. 100% recommend it. I’m gonna stock up more of this once it is back in stock! :)
    Miracle in a bottle
    I’ve had acne for 6 years, with a really persistent patch on my forehead and cheeks. I’ve been using this in conjunction with the ordinary’s salicylic acid and toner - my acne has nearly disappeared after just one week. I was worried that all the reviews were fake hype - but it’s true, these products really do work wonders. I’m never going back!
    Love love and love
    This is my favourite product. It has changed my skin.
    Best serum ever
    I used to spend a lot on skin care as I believed more expensive price skin care might work better on our skin so when the first time I wanted to buy to buy this serum I was very sceptical with the ingredients they use and also the outcome. I wasn't confident that such low price product could make a huge difference on our skin, however, when the first time I tried, I was shocked with the results!! Just after 2-3 times used I could feel and see that skin has improved overall. My blackheads are getting lesser, my skin doesn't look dull anymore, from dry skin to normal skin, my skin looks fresh all the time. Totally recommend this!!!
    Skin Game Changer
    This serum has helped my skin which is oily in the T-zone and the rest dry plus sensitive, remain smooth and acne less for the past 1 month. It has helped clear out my acne, whiteheads and has controlled sebum production on my nose to a good extent which in turn helped reduce blackheads a bit. It has also helped with some scars that acne had left behind on both my cheeks by making them lighter and there is an improvement in my skin's texture as well- the tiny bumps have decreased a good amount. It also helped in clearing stubborn acne on my forehead which would not go away no matter what I used. I use it on a daily basis and it is a part of my PM skin regimen.
    New Favourite Product (literally changed my life)
    Drastically improved my acne prone skin within the first week, results just keep getting better. I use it once a day in my night routine, and it has reduced my breakouts, pore size (or at least pore visibility), and balanced my usually very oily (teenage) skin. 10000% recommend this!
    Visible results in days
    I’m not one to usually leave a review, however, this product is definitely worth the write-up. Perfect for oily / combination skin. This is the only skincare product I have ever come across that keeps my breakouts at bay and visibly improves the appearance of my skin. Easy to remember to use every day when you are seeing results. Absolute bargain at just £5! The only downside is you can't buy it in a bigger bottle. Will definitely stock up on my next order. A must-buy!
    This has really reduced my teenage hormonal acne, I saw results straight away, and even more so now after using it for about a month. It has also reduced my oily, shiny skin which is great, it is also very refreshing after washing your face :) Would definitely recommend to anyone with oily and acne prone skin!
    As well as blemished skin, my skin is also VERY oily. Makeup slides off almost as quickly as I apply it, despite trying dozens of primers and setting sprays. However, from the first morning that I used this product, my oily skin has decreased and decreased. If I use this under makeup, it stays in place all day long. Again, this is the most effective and inexpensive product I’ve tried to aid my oily face and I’m over the moon with it.
    I have spent £100’s over the years tying to improve my adult acne, I’ve tried everything! I bought this on a whim and seriously my skin is better than it has ever been. I haven’t had a cystic acne spot since I’ve used it and the small spots that have appeared have gone quickly without leaving the usual hyperpigmentation scars. I would highly recommend it. I would honestly pay £500 for this never mind a fiver! Give it a try!
    Can I give more than 5 stars?
    I don't know how to put this into words. But I just LOVE this serum.
    I bought this after reading up on skincare and I always had breakouts. After getting into the habit of using this every night before bed it seriously cleared up my spots. I ran out and as it was sold out I couldn't get it, and my skin is breaking out again. So happy its back in stock LOVE this.
    Not worth the hype
    Due to all the reviews, I purchased this item. I have oily/blemish prone skin and tbh this product had no impact on my skin. If anything it gave me more blemishes.
    love it
    I've been using it for two months and it helps to fight blemishes on my face. Overall, it has shown magical improvement in my pores as I have an oily skin. Definitely will continue to repurchase it. It works really well with Hyaluronic Acid.
    Amazing product! A must buy!
    I recently bought this after so many of The Ordinary product's success on my skin. It is fantastic. I no longer have small bumps or blemishes. will keep repurchasing.
    Must for Combination/Oily ( or Acne Prone ) Skin
    I had been experiencing hormonal acne for the last 3 years. I tried many Niacinamide products ( Expensive ones) and kept hoping something would work some day. This product dried all my active acne in a day ( used twice day & night) and kept repairing my skin afterwards. Seriously guys, try this if nothing ever worked for your sensitive/hormonal complicated skin type.
    Super for my skin
    It works. I can see results how my pores are minimizing and is fighting with acne-making them smaller and to disappear.
    Will never be without it
    The only product that has worked for me, it shrank my pores... it is the ONLY product that did that for me. I have combo skin with large pores and blackheads, I have been using the product for about a month now and I definitely notice a difference. I am almost finishing my first bottle, I have 2 bottles in my stash and I have already put myself on a waiting list. Yes... I love it that much.
    So Good
    I've used this for 2-3 weeks and it has shown such an improvement on skin. I used to have and get so many spots but they seem to have gone down since using this.
    Completely wonderful
    Effective, light and wonderful for my sensitive combination skin. I used it in evening before my creme.
    I have normal combination skin and have been using this for about a month and a half now. It was amazing in hydrating my skin and helping with hyperpigmentation. Helped in speeding up treatment toward acne scars and had great results in controlling sebum production and making my pores smaller. Definitely will repurchase to maintain my skin! (this might not help as well as other serums in treating extreme cases of hyperpigmentation).
    Not great for my skin
    After I used this serum for a week I got a lot of spot on my cheek and my chin the most was my chin. All my life I never ever got lots of spots liked this time. Ohhhhh my poor face skin.
    Not the wonder product I read from the reviews
    I read all the reviews on this page and thought great finally a product to help me with my late 20’s but STILL spotty skin and with the great price; I thought I would give it a go. I would say I have sensitive skin and I have had no reactions, which is always good. I have dry sensitive spot prone skin and this did not really make a difference to my spots at all. A possibility is that this product helps dramatically with oily/combination spot prone skin but not dry spot prone skin.
    Bought this the second I could get my hands on it after trying a few ordinary products and loving them. This really has changed my skin game for good. Really helps to keep my skin blemish free without being too harsh, has helped with milia and bumps and generally keeps my pores clog free and my skin looking fresh. Absolutely love it and would scream it through a loudspeaker if I could ahahahaa
    Is this magic???
    Okay, I have been dealing with little bumps on my skin around my cheeks and chin for 6 years now. Never found anything to make them go away, and I have tried a loooot, even medicine. Nothing worked. until now. I have been using this serum for about 5 days, and all my little bumps are almost gone, it is insane. I almost can't believe it!? Thank you to the ordinary! Amazing!!
    This stuff is magic
    I am the typical combo of slightly sensitive, pale but tending to hormonal breakouts-skintype and as a trained cosmetician I am deep into the whole double cleanse and acid game and I nearly tried everything but only after adding this one to my skincare routine my pores finally faded, red spots disappeared and I am now, waiting for my next breakout and it has been weeks! Stunning,especially for this price. Just make sure you don‘t use too much product.I only need two drops for my whole face.When I use more it peels when applying my moisturiser.
    A game changer
    I've struggled with acne for roughly two years now and in just 4 weeks, my skin has changed for the better with a regime from The Ordinary and NIOD. I thought I'd tried everything but my attempts at placating my problem skin (dry and oily with angry breakouts) with moisturisers and gentle cleansers were clearly in vain. This is the one product I'm crediting with the improvements in both my acne and overall complexion, now that it is balancing out but I must say I'm using it with hyaluronic acid in the morning, and then with azelaic acid and lactic acid + HA in the evenings. If you haven't tried it - do.
    Great for my oily skin
    I reviewed this product on my YouTube channel 'EmeliaLucy' where I also talk about the benefits Niacinamide has for the skin. Overall, I love this for my oily skin.
    Amazing extra to your routine!
    Absolutely love this along with the hyaluronic acid and Retinoid 2%. I only use all three at night though because it does make my make up separate even if I leave my skin for a long period of time before applying. Doesn’t bother me though, using in the evening every night for 2 months have made a huge impact on my oily/combo skin and I haven’t had a break out since I started using it! ^.^
    I LOVE this, it keeps my oils at bay without drying me out, I have combination skin, but you do have to use a little amount or you will dry out. I use 1-2 drops twice a day, for the past month and my face is significantly clearer. Definitely a staple in my skincare regime.
    Less breakouts
    I love this! I've noticeably had less breakouts, and my face gets less oily throughout the day. good stuff.
    Extra ordinary ❤️
    Definitely a boon for oily skin. Must buy.
    Amazing results
    I love love love this stuff. It has improved the texture on my soon so much and I am only half way through the bottle. It took a week or so to see the differences but I am so glad I purchased this now. I have definitely added myself to the waiting list for this and I need to stock up.
    Cleared my acne
    I started using this on April 2017. This has helped to clear up my cystic acne. There was some purging initially but after 3 days, my acne has reduced in size and there was no new breakouts. I am on my third bottle and will continue to use it. One bottle lasts me for about 2 months and I use 1-2 drops, twice daily. My face is less oily and my acne scars have improved. I do use rosehip seed oil at night though.
    Life changing
    I never usually review products but I really felt the need to review this one as it has completely changed my skin. Helped to clear my skin up so much by shrinking current spots and if any future spots appear they're very small and clear up very quickly. For me, it's become an essential product I would never be without-so much so that when I went away for a week and forgot it I ordered another one as I didn't think I could be without it!
    Love it or hate it
    All you need is a tiny amount of this, a little goes a long way, but be sure to work quick with this as it drys really quick, it definitely stops an oily t-zone, but I found my chin and upper lip so sweaty. Also very drying on this skin to be using twice a day.
    Wonder product
    I am 29 and I have had spots and blemishes since I was 13. This incredible product is the only thing that has given me clear skin. My face is smoother, less oily and less congested with smaller pores and no break outs for months now. I am now confident enough to leave the house without foundation for the first time ever! I have three bottles of this at home and get nervous when I get to the end of one. I will never be without it - absolutely amazing stuff.
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