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    VersoSuper Eye Serum 15ml<p>A brand new dawn in age-defying skin care, VERSO have revolutionised the future of retinol with their signature &#8216;Retinol 8 Complex&#8217;. </p><p>Eight times more effective than typical retinol in the same dosage, this phenomenal range harnesses all the collagen-boosting, wrinkle-plumping, skin-rejuvenating benefits of vitamin A, in a potent concentration that virtually eradicates the risk of irritation. By training cells to mimic the behaviour of younger skin, you (and everyone you know) will quickly see a vast improvement in your skin&#8217;s luminosity and texture, as well as a dramatic decrease in the depth and visibility of lines. And did we mention the packaging? The Wallpaper award-winning design will transform any bathroom into something deserving of &#8216;At Home with Vogue&#8217;. It's not suitable for pregnant ladies.</p>VER005_15ML389473500676400575 stars, based on31 reviews 45.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Verso Super Eye Serum

    Super Eye Serum
    ( 15ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      The bestseller in Verso's range, very few eye products contain such a high concentration of wrinkle and sun-damage-busting retinol because it's usually super irritating. Firming and smoothing, this lightweight Super Eye Serum refreshes and fortifies the fabric of fragile skin. Instantly absorbed, the brand's potent Retinol 8 Complex kick-starts sluggish skin cells – stimulating the synthesis of collagen and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid – to plump out crow’s feet, creases and reduce dark circles and eye bags. A cocktail of amino acids work to counteract puffiness, while the revolutionary, super-stable Vitamin A derivative encourages skin to protect itself. Beautiful, simple and uber-effective, discover Verso and make anti-ageing as easy as 1, 2, 3, (4, 5).

    • Description

      A brand new dawn in age-defying skin care, VERSO have revolutionised the future of retinol with their signature ‘Retinol 8 Complex’.

      Eight times more effective than typical retinol in the same dosage, this phenomenal range harnesses all the collagen-boosting, wrinkle-plumping, skin-rejuvenating benefits of vitamin A, in a potent concentration that virtually eradicates the risk of irritation. By training cells to mimic the behaviour of younger skin, you (and everyone you know) will quickly see a vast improvement in your skin’s luminosity and texture, as well as a dramatic decrease in the depth and visibility of lines. And did we mention the packaging? The Wallpaper award-winning design will transform any bathroom into something deserving of ‘At Home with Vogue’. It's not suitable for pregnant ladies.

    • How to use
      Gently pat around the eyes morning and evening. For superior results combine with Verso super facial serum and Verso day and night cream.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Heptyl Undecylenate, Squalane, Caprylyl Methicone, Diethylhexyl Carbonate, Dimethicone, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Retinyl Retinoate, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Canola Oil, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tetrahydropiperine Steareth-20, Dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum.
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    Verso - Super Eye Serum

    Verso Super Eye Serum Reviews

    Just amazing
    This is really wonderful eye serum, nice light texture, not watery but like a light gel/cream/thick serum. I don't have sensitive skin and was able to use this every day. I felt that the skin around my eyes looked so good after this. I had 30ML bottle and I have to say the packaging is A++, the pump dispenses just the right amount of serum and after finishing the bottle there is absolutely not a single drop left in it! I was really impressed with the packaging. In my opinion, this product is definitely worth it!!
    Swollen eyes
    Irritated my eyes, they became itchy and swollen. I then took hydrocortisone.
    Changed my apperance
    After trying the daily facial fluid I knew this would give me the results I needed. I've had bags under my eyes since I was a child (thanks genetics) and I felt it was always made me look unwell. This serum banished my bags, took away any darkness I had, and made me look, well-rested. Plus, it seems pretty pricey but most eye creams/serums are 15ML and this one is 30ML! Winning all around.
    This works.
    This is one of the few products that really work for me when it comes to tightening the skin. When I use this I can truly see a difference. I have a super sensitive eye area so I can't use this every day, but every other day works perfectly for me. Have repurchased this one several times. The bottle is huge and the pump dispenses the perfect amount of cream. This lasts almost a year for me, so I feel the price point is fair.
    Mediocre at best
    I decided to switch from my routine of NIOD and Drunk Elephant to this. I really don't get the hype. This did nothing for me. My eyes actually look worse now.
    Amazing product
    I am 50 years old and this serum has transformed my under eyes. I had crepiness and lines that have almost disappeared and the most amazing thing is that I can use foundation and concealer now without having to worry about making my wrinkles more noticeable. OK it's true that it stings when you apply it but the results have been nothing short of wonderful. I got a sample in the Goody Bag and went on to buy the full size. Highly recommended.
    Verso eye cream!
    It is AMAZING. I gifted this to my mom and she's OBSESSED. She's in her 50s and her undereyes look incredible with no fine lines! INSANE!
    A must have!
    I think that this is the only skincare product that I feel is a must have and can't be replaced with something else. I received it in the August Goodie Bag but wasn't really expecting much as I honestly find eye creams/serums a bit of a waste of time. I never see results. However, with this I did and quickly. It does sting, but I use the Real techniques undereye reviver, which is cooling and helps with the sting. I have nearly finished my trial size and am devastated it is currently out of stock...what will I do! Please restock soon!
    Not suitable
    If you have sensitive skin I would suggest trying a sample before you buy. After a couple of uses, it made my eyes red, itchy and puffy. Not good for sensitive skin.
    does not suit
    I had bad experience kinda allergic reaction as this is too active for my sensitive skin. So sad.
    It works but be careful if you layer products
    I was lucky enough to try a sample of this before investing in it as an eye skin care purchase. It did, and does, sting a little when first applied but the retinol effect on dark circles and fine under-eye lines (fair skin plus sleep issues plus early 40s = not good) is nothing short of remarkable! It really does work for me in reducing the noticeability of both... but there's a caveat. Using it night and day, for a week, and layering it with my usual eye lift cream by Su-Man left a horrible dry, wrinkled patch which looked like skin does after a light burn; say catching your hand on an iron. Entirely my fault as the strength of the combined products obviously caused a reaction, but if you usually try layering your skin products it is something to watch for.
    this really does work. People have noticed the difference-I have never found any other product that has made any impact on stubbornly dark circles
    Swiss Army Knife of Eyecare
    My biggest skin concern have always been dark circles, so I have tried pretty much any product that claims to heal or conceal those. Sadly, it were usually only the concealing products that showed some sort of effect. FINALLY I found THIS (excuse the drama of this exclamation but this serum deserves some solemn emphasis). It does sting a little for the first ten seconds after applying but that is a price I'll gladly pay for the improvement it brings. My dark circles are hardly visible anymore, I have even stopped using concealer. Instead of the two high coverage concealers that could handle my dark circles (and it took me years of trial and error to find these) some foundation or BB cream will absolutely do now. In addition the Verso Eye Serum has so far done a great job preventing puffiness and fine lines. Emptied. Reordered.
    It's the One!
    My biggest issue with my skin is the darkness under my eyes. A month into using the Verso Eye Serum, I'm already using less concealer than I've had to for years. This is the first time I've seen a marked difference with an eye cream at all, so needless to say, I'm impressed. There's no change to the tiny lines around my eyes yet, but I'm holding onto the hope that if it could tackle my stubborn dark circles, plumping out those fine lines will be the next miracle it performs. The tiniest pump goes a long way, and I don't think I'll have to repurchase for a long while - which totally justifies the price. I'm never going to experiment with eye creams again - I've found the one.
    If you have serious dark circles, this is THE BEST product I've ever tried. I'm 43, and over the past 20 years I've tried almost every premium and super premium eye serum and cream. Nothing compares to this - it even beats La Prairie! It truly delivers, and now I don't need concealer for the first time in 15 years!!! No more dark circles, and fine lines are plumped into invisible status. Cannot rate this highly enough!
    Not suitable for sensitive skin!
    I had high hopes for this after receiving a sample but it was terrible! On first application it caused a lot of stinging (bare in mind I have extremely sensitive skin) so I had to wash it off, I tried again and persevered through the stinging only to wake up with one hugely puffy/swollen eye! Definitely get a sample before you try if you have sensitive skin.
    LOVE IT.
    Okay, so I tried a product from Verso and fell in love (Nourishing Cream), and as I am always on the look-out for an effective eye cream I thought I'd give this a go. OMG, *repurchases while typing..* given this contains retinol it is so gentle for the eye area, and after only 3 weeks of using this (PM routine) my eyes feel much more hydrated and less puffy in the morning. Regarding fine lines/dark eye areas, I would say I have seen a slight difference however I couldn't tell as my eye area is so plump and hydrated! HIGHLY recommend.
    This might be the most effective eye product I've used. This serum is so light and refreshing, there was no irritates the delicate eye area. I purchased the full size and have been using it for a month now and my under eye area was smooth, fine lines were reduced. The pump doesn’t come out easily at the beginning of use but keeps the product fresh.(This is a 30ml bottle, most eye creams are 15ml so it should last a long time). Now a holy grail product for me.
    Not entirely sure.
    I’m a male, mid 50’s who has puffy eyes and dark circles. If I don’t take precautions my lines under my eyes can get pretty bad. I’ve used several eye products and there was a moment last year that being so impressed with how the verso day & night moisturisers performed, (they’re are fantastic) I picked up some eye serum. I tried it but because it stung my eyelids upper and below I decided against using it. In November of last year I was desperate so went back to the Verso. It 100% does sting but after around 5 days of initial stinging (I’ve found if you pat it on rather than rub it in, it stings less) I noticed an amazing difference. The lines are considerably less. Noticeable enough for me to carry on tolerating the sting for the end results. As to the dark circles and the claims I’ve seen here that they have got rid of them? Not me. It has not done anything for me relating to dark circles. I’m yet to find a product that makes a noticeable impact in this area of the eye. Overall I’d say it’s priced on the high side like other verso products (some intolerably high) but it does do a great job on the lines. If you can bare the sting it’s worth a try but dark circles. Look elsewhere. Good luck. FJ
    Quite good but not perfect
    I liked it. But I think medik 8 r-retinol retinoate is a better option. This is too liquid and you need to apply a moisturiser over and has a too strong smell.
    This stuff works!
    This works. If you have the money, it's strong and it works! One night and you'll notice no bags under the eyes and just clearness.
    This really works!
    I have mature skin (age 53) and struggle with fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. I have used various products over several years but this is the first to achieve rapid,visible improvement. I have dry skin and had no negative reaction.
    Allergic reaction
    I got this in the goody bag, I was super excited to try but I had a terrible allergic reaction to it, my eyes puffed up and went red and sore. Not good, my skin is not sensitive really so I was surprised. Be careful with this product.
    This works!
    I am in my mid 30s with under eye bags and also lots of fine lines (and some not so fine lines) in my under eye area. I can't say that they've all magically disappeared in the 6 weeks I've been using this eye cream but I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that it has already begun to make a noticeable difference to the feel and look of my under eye area....I am very very happy and will be purchasing this cream again!
    My new best friend
    I've struggled for ages to find an eye cream/gel/serum that works for me. I suffer with dark circles (stress, dehydration, genetics, eye shape, it's all going on at some level) but have been thrilled with how this has evened out my colouring (they're still there, obviously, but er less obviously than before). Another plus is that I have reacted badly to LOADS of eye products over the years. I loved the feel of Zelens and Dr Dennis Gross and both worked on the fine line around the eye, but one or both of them made my under eye dry out and develop red flaky patches that wouldn't go away for ages. I was worried this would do the same but got a sample in another delivery, and LOVED it. I bought a bottle a few months ago and am definitely going to stick with it. The feel of the serum on the eye is lovely and leaves my whole eye area feeling hydrated but not oily. Fine lines are definitely finer and make goes on a treat! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    Shocking allergic reaction
    As for the day cream, I had the worst allergic reaction ever, had to treat it with cortisone....so gutted, I so wanted this line to work for me!
    This is a fantastic eye cream. It lasted for six months and I have just purchased a new one. My faint lines have faded totally (unless I scrunch my eyes up!) Still have dark shadows under my eyes, but don't help myself with improving it naturally!
    I've finally found it....!!
    I have to admit to having pretty good skin but the one issue which has plagued me throughout my life are dark circles. I don't help myself with late nights and not drinking enough water but who doesn't want that 'quick fix'!? I have tried every eye cream, concealer etc. I initially (like another reviewer) thought that this had some kind of strange reaction as it did sting. After reading the review, I decided to persist and have to say that only a couple of weeks after using the cream (morning and night), I have cut my 'operation conceal dark circles' mission in the morning to a mere light flick of a click pen (By Terry's is amazing!!) and hey presto, fresh, youthful face. I have to admit that I think that compared to this the others I've purchased (including the famed Skin Owl) are distant runners up. Love this whole range: results delivered quickly!
    Fabulous Serum
    A big skincare issue I have can be seen in the dark caves under my eyes, which I've inherited from my mother. For the past 10 years I've been using only La Prairie and La Mer eye serums and creams (and found La Prairie to be superior). However, I received a tester for this Verso Super Serum and right from my first application of the product the difference under my eyes was and still is truly shocking. No more need for multiple layers of concealer! I've since bought my first full bottle, and don't intend to be without this serum again.
    A HG Eye Product
    I've dealt with hereditary dark circles my whole life, and had gotten all too accustomed to being disappointed by various eye creams and products that claimed to help alleviate the darkness. At 23, I don't have too many other skin concerns to deal with, but decided I'd give this a try after reading several recommendations. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have tried this product, and am pleased to say I don't think I'll ever need to try another eye product again. After just ONE WEEK of using this day and night, my ridiculously dark circles have significantly brightened and plumped up, leaving behind a much less tired looking face. My skin is totally re-texturized, making it much easier to apply concealer (something I now don't even need as much of). I truly could not be happier with this product, and have had to stop myself from stocking up on it so I never run out. You only need the tiniest amount, so the generous 1.0 oz should hopefully last for quite some time.
    Persistence pays off!
    I have now been using the Super Eye Serum for around 6 months and I hope that my experiences might help anyone who is thinking about purchasing the product or who is in the early stages of using it. In need of a potent remedy for one very deep line that had developed under one eye and for fine lines under both eyes, I was interested to read positive reviews on this and other Verso products. Although the price seemed high relative to some other eye serums on the market, I was reassured by the quality ingredients and I was prepared to pay whatever it took to get rid of the small ravine that was developing under my eye! I began using the serum around 6 months ago. For the first few days, the area under my eyes would feel hot and a little uncomfortable after application. As the days turned into weeks, the heat turned to a marked stinging sensation. In short, this serum hurt and it hurt a lot! Although I don't recommend that others ignore signs of discomfort, I persisted. The skin did not look irritated or red. It did not dry out or show any signs of being unduly affected. As the weeks went on, the pain that I had initially felt after application subsided. After around 2 months of use I was neither impressed nor disappointed. I did not see any great change in my under-eye area and I questioned whether I had wasted £65 on a product that was, at best, mediocre. Should I continue to use it or not. I persisted. I am now 6 months into using the Verso Super Eye Serum. This month I have looked at my under eye area and I am quite confident in saying that change is happening! It hasn't been an overnight miracle and I haven't suddenly got the eye area of a 12 year-old (I am 36 years old - but an old-looking 36!) However, I have not developed any further fine lines and those that I had 6 months ago are definitely beginning to diminish. As for the deep line under my left eye, I do believe that there has been a marked improvement. I would say that it is at least 50% better than it was 6 months ago and I am hopeful that if I continue using the serum, I will see further improvement. Since I use about half a pea-sized amount (yes, half!) for both eyes each evening I don't think I will get through this huge bottle (30mls for an eye cream?!) in the next 10 years. My message to any potential users is not to expect an overnight miracle but to allow the serum to renew and revive your eye area long-term. As long as you are not experiencing any great discomfort (I don't recommend ignoring signs of irritation like I did,) then give the serum at least 6 months before making any final judgement on it. If I had reviewed this 4 or even 2 months ago I might have said it is ineffective. With time however, it has proved to be quite the hero!
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