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    Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask
    Totally aged me - too drying!
    I'm in my mid 30s and always keen to try brightening products to keep skin looking young and fresh. Had tried an amazing mud mask from Iceland which brightened my whole complexion and gave me a youthful glow. I decided to try this one next and it had the opposite effect! Totally dried out my skin and made my wrinkles more noticeable :( Might be good for younger people or more oily skin.
    Avoid if you have dry skin!
    Was so excited to try this as heard such good things online and from friends. I have normal to dry skin and this mask dried my skin out so badly I thought I had developed eczema. My skin started flaking around my nose and mouth and for 4 or 5 days after I had used it my skin was tender and dry. Be careful using it if you have dry skin as it is very strong.
    Good brightening mask
    I use this mask once every 1-2 weeks since I bought it and it instantly brightens my complexion after use and leaves my skin feeling very silky and smooth. Only thing is it does have a slight sting when applied first but settles immediately after. Could just be my skin though.
    Good mask
    I was excited to receive this beauty product everyone been going on about especially on Instagram. Wasn't as expected. Does give you clear smooth skin after use but its short lived. As well as the massive hype the pot wasn't as full as shown in the images. Don't be disappointed to open the pot and find it's only 75%full. It's worth a try and sees for your self but tbh there are better masks out there that cost nearly the same.
    It is OKAY but not amazing
    I mask a lot since my teenage life. I have been trying so many products. Yes of course when I heard about this, I decided to try. I like the package, small and efficient with a lot of product in the jar. It has beautiful colour, smell nice, great texture, and comes with a brush (THE BRUSH IS AMAZING. I ended up using the brush with all my other masks). When I applied, it does feel good too. It gives my skin feeling fresh and clean, just like many other good masks will do. It works, but not that amazing. I expect more of the results (because of the hype on the internet), but the company may be a just crazy marketing genius. I have many another better and more amazing mask. I will finish the jar but will not repurchase.
    Overrated is all I have to say. I hate when companies promote their product as a miracle: "your pores and blackheads will magically disappear", and then I hate myself even more for falling for that gimmick... ugh... It's just an average mask, nothing revolutionary... it didn't shrink my pores, it didn't instantly brighten my skin, and my blackheads are still happily waving at me from my nose. I am using it just to finish the jar and to see if continual use will actually yield some of the results it's promising. I have enough for two more uses, and am yet to see these miracle results. Will not repurchase. I'm sticking to my Pixi Glow Mud Mask.
    I was so sceptical to purchase this mask as it is more on the pricey side and I do have sensitive skin, I had seen so many good reviews so I thought I would finally take the plunge although I do regret it. For me, this mask just does not live up to the hype, it's average. It did nothing at all for my skin, my pores were not any smaller and my skin was still dull. I really am disappointed as I really wanted to love this product but I just couldn't, there are much better masks out there which actually work for this price.
    Great mask
    The hype is real brighter complexion noticeable straight away makes you feel confident in your own bare skin.
    Short lifespan
    When I first received the mask in the mail, the texture was lusciously creamy and perfectly matched with the applicator brush for texture. It minimized my pores after the first use but not by a considerable amount. The only acne I have is closed condones peppered on my forehead and cheeks, but the cream didn’t do anything for them. Two months after opening the container, the max began to take on a heavier almost wax density so that the brush could no longer glide or pick up any of the product; I had to use a spoon or my fingers, which was a bit disappointing considering the short timespan. Loved the brush and will keep it handy for other masks, but this one won’t be one of them.
    Average clay mask. It claims to instantly brighten but I have yet to see evidence of this and I've almost used up my tub. If you want a mask that actually does instantly brighten and reduce oil/congestion over time I recommend Origins Clear Improvement mask - it's cheaper and actually works.
    its good/okay
    Its okay, I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. My face does look brighter and cleaner but I still have loads of clogged pores. The look of blackheads on my nose is better thankfully, but there are visually still apparent. My skin still breaks out, but old blemished are fading away. This is my first ever mud mask, and when it finishes I will try Vila Mud or Moor Mud. I was expecting more.
    It's Okay
    It did tingle a bit however the results were only temporary. It got rid of my pores and blackheads however after a few hours they came back. But it didn't do any damage to my skin.
    After my first try
    I just tried it for the first time on my very dry and sensitive skin and it didn't cause a reaction. I was kind of scared it would just after I applied the mask because it hurt! It burned on my skin but in the description, it did say that could happen. It faded pretty quickly, so I wasn't too concerned. My skin did feel soft afterwards and it didn't strip my skin too much. But my pores and little spots don't look smaller and are still there. So for now, 3 stars. I'm hoping that will change when I've used it for a longer time.
    Baby soft, minimal pore skin
    I hardly use face masks, only when I realised when the ones I bought (sheet masks) are expiring soon but I saw this on Instagram and read the online reviews so decided to try it on myself and my husband who's clearly in need of skin detoxing. Btw I have also never used Glamglow so I don't know the difference. I LOVE THIS PINK CLAY MASK! Does what it says, baby soft clean fresh skin after using it for the first time! Will definitely keep using this weekly. Any great facial care products that works are worth the price imo.
    Definitely a new staple
    Not on Facebook so haven’t seen as much of the hype but man is this good. I love how soft my skin feels afterwards, especially after applying a bit of moisturiser. Pores seem smaller/less visible too which is great! I’ll be using this regularly for as long as I can find it for sale.
    Definitely not the best mask I've ever used
    It's not bad but definitely not worth the hype (at least for me). It smells nice and is easy to wash off but it doesn't really do anything for my skin. My favourite masks (Glamglow, Caudalie, Omorovicza) do a great job at decongesting my skin without excessive drying it. This mask is quite gentle but not particularly effective. The little brush is great though, I'll be keeping it to use with other products.
    Miracle worker??
    So...I first heard about this mask on Cult Beauty's Instagram story and instantly I knew I had to try it. I must say, this is by far my favourite mask I've ever tried. My acne marks are already fading and calming down, I haven't had a breakout since buying and using this mask, and it definitely changed the look of my blackheads. I did notice, that if left on face for too long, it dried my skin out, but if I washed it off right after everything dried down, my skin was glowy, clean as f*, and SOOOO SMOOTH, I can't even explain it, it's really too good to be true. And I'm a doubter when it comes to "miracle" masks, but this time, I'm really happy that I took a chance. I know it's a lot of money, but I really feel like it's worth every penny.
    Couldn't help but try this!
    After not being able to scroll through Facebook without seeing this mask I had to try it. When I saw the price I was amazed - seemed a little expensive. But honestly this is a brilliant clay mask! My pores all but vanished, my skin feels amazingly smooth and not dried out at all. I even made my boyfriend try it as he has much bigger pores than me and his disappeared as well! A little goes a long way and I think it's actually excellent value for the price you're paying. My new favourite product!
    I've used this 5 times now and I LOVE it. Really easy to apply with little brush and takes about 10-15 mins to completely dry. It doesn't dry your skin out like other clay masks do, just leaves skin feeling soft. I've noticed reduced redness and my pores seem tighter/less visible.AND it washes off so easily unlike other masks which take forever. Keeping this in my beauty routine forever now. Thanks Cult Beauty.
    The best face mask I've EVER used
    After seeing the mesmerising videos of this all over Instagram and Facebook, I couldn't wait to try it out for myself and can concur, it is amazing as it looks. In fact, it's the best face mask I've EVER used. I saw results from the first use: my skin was brighter, more radiant, touchably smooth; it reduced inflammation and within 24 hours brought any under-the-skin breakouts to a head... so they can be dealt with accordingly. If you struggle with breakouts, textural issues and dullness, you NEED this in your bathroom cabinet.
    Great smoother
    You have probably seen this mask in a hundred different places all over the internet. It is officially haute!!! While I am not adverse to a messy mask (see Problem Solver and Seamasque) the ease of applying this does make it an easy one to reach for on a whim in the mornings (I am NOT a marning person so everything needs to be quick to allow for longer in bed). The texture is creamy and it brushes on sparingly to get right into the key crevices of your face that most need it. This pink clay mask dries to white in 10 minutes and washes off easily without spraying algae and mud all over your toothbrush. This is designed to work even for sensitive skin, I definitely find a tingle when I first apply (not as bad as the PTR pumpkin mask, but still a little warning), but when I remove there is zero redness. The first 'after' feeling you get is baby’s bum softness and my mature, combination skin is nicely evened out oil-wise. A joy to apply foundation to, this mask leaves a surface that holds make up gorgeously and with longevity. A great bi-weekly tool that’s easy to fit into your routine.