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    Hydrating Milky Mist
    This product smells amazing, it's super gentle on the skin I usually like to use this when i'm in a rush and no time for a full prep routine before my make up.
    Ugh, I love this so much
    I love this mist more than is reasonable, the combination of the gentle spritz and the scent is really relaxing and it is the most effective hydrating step I've used. I can't wait to be able to buy some more.
    Hydrating Milky Mist
    I love this product! The mist is so fine and doesn't leave white specks on my face even after spraying on a full face of makeup. However, I only buy this when on sale because it is a little pricy.
    I love it
    I love this mist: it's refreshing and moisturising, and it smells great. I use it after my makeup and a few times during the day. It's not a problem also from my sensible eyes.
    I don't find this too moisturising, it gives a nice boost before applying my make up and is alright to use after make up. I got both, this and the Glow Mist by Pixi to see which I like more and if I had to repurchase only one - I'd go with the Glow Mist instead
    The spurts
    I love the product hydrating and refreshing and all but pls the spurts issue needs to fixed it will be perfect then.
    I love this product. I hadn't finished my previous mist before I bought it, and intended to alternate what I used morning and night, but more and more (especially now it's getting warmer) I find I only reach for this one. It feels lovely on the skin, even if my dry/sensitive skin is having a more reactive day. I have noticed some reviews comment that it comes out in spurts, but this has not been a problem for me. Mine comes out in a really nice, fine mist. I have been using regularly for about 4 months and still have half a bottle left. Will definitely repurchase and probably try some other Pixi mists too.
    I was a little bit worried at first that the spray would be to harsh, but it turned out to be so subtle. The smell is refreshing and it feels great on my dry skin. Afraid it will be finished real soon...
    Not convinced...
    This smells great and feels lovely but, as others have identified, it comes out in a full on spray. I also suspect it breaks me out. Not a repurchase for my dehydrated/dry sensitive skin.
    Amazing! Multi-Use!
    I have very dry skin and I love using this before, during, and after I do my makeup to prevent my makeup from creasing. I love spraying it on my face and neck throughout the day on no makeup days as well. It is absolutely amazing! Highly recommended.
    lovely but..
    I initially loved this but over time the mist started to come out in spurts and unevenly over my face. If Pixi could just fix this issue, this product would be perfect.
    Could be improved
    Skin type: Combination dehydrated I do love this product. It's refreshing, it's hydrating, I like that it's not heavily fragranced and it helps my other skincare to sink in. The only problem is the spray. It doesn't really mist your face, it comes out in spurts so I feel like I have to spray more than I need in order to cover my face properly. As I result I've only got a 1/4 of a bottle after four weeks of using twice daily as the bottle is already quite small. For me it's a lot of money for something that's not a necessity.
    Moisturising but...
    I have combination skin so this doesn't quite work for me unfortunately as it leaves my skin too "dewy". Perhaps my bottle is faulty but the spray isn't very fine at all, coming out in spurts, unlike say Urban Decay setting sprays or La Roche-Posay's Serozinc. Will probably be great for dry skin, as it does seem to moisturise any dry areas and of course, much better than Avene or Evian pretty much useless facial mists.
    I love this product. I received it in a Cult box and I use it morning and Night after cleansing. My skin instantly feels hydrated and Nourished! It is not heavy on the face and Neck. Absorbs so quickly, well on my skin anyway! Love LOVE it!
    I received this in a Cult Beauty Box earlier this year and tbh wasn't super excited to use it so waited at least 2 months to open it. I had run out of my other mist and remembered this was in my cupboard. WOW! I've honestly never used a mist that is so hydrating and nourishing. It has over time changed the texture of my skin when I follow up by quickly using an oil/ serum. The added bonus is the price. Mists these days have become so expensive when brands are charging upwards of £45 for a mist it's really not necessary to spend that. Pixi has nailed it in my opinion, it beats Glow Tonic!
    Lovely light hydration mist
    I use this after my toner and before my serum, moisturizer ect. and I absolutely love it. The mist is very fine (nothing like their makeup setting spray mist, which is crap) and dispenses the perfect amount of product. I let it sit a couple of seconds and then I apply my serum on top of my skin which is still damp. I love sandwiching my moisturizing products. Will definitely repurchase.
    A pleasant surprise!
    I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do, and only really bought it as I felt my routine was lacking a hydrating mist, but this is great! It really is featherlight and so refreshing.