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    OUAI Haircare

    Wave Spray
    Great smell, but thats it...
    I really wanted to love this, but it does nothing for my hair :( I add two stars just for the lovely smell.
    Great for lasting, shiny, healthy waves/curls
    I love this product and it smells fantastic along with making you hair have really good bouncy wavy hair and/or curls. The other great thing is the curls will last for days and days and not be crunchy either. You can also use this on dry hair. I wash my hair once a week and love using this again on about the 4th or 5th day along with a few rollers. I let my hair air dry for a few hours or overnight and in the morning I have lots of lovely bouncy shiny curls that look as good (if not better) than after washing my hair and using this spray. This is the best curl enhancing spray that I have ever used (and I have used many) and never want to be without this. It is fantastic and a godsend. x
    Handbag essential
    Great little product. Works well for my thick curls - I use this last after serum etc. If I've straightened by hair and I get hit with a bit of rain or humidity this works well to pull it into beachy waves. I'd recommend getting the small size to carry around if you're going out. Smells nice, no mess, no residue as with a lot of curl products and nondrying. A great brand I'd like to see how this works with the jelly too.
    I really love the smell, really love that it's not to heavy on the fine hair, but I find it to be drying on my damaged hair, and I don't find it to do much for it. I wont be buying it again, but i do use it from time to time, just because of the smell;)
    Go to
    I have naturally curly hair and this really brings out the bounce. There is no crunchy, hard feeling in your hair after using it. The scent is really nice, but if you don't like strong fragrance, this might not be for you.
    Great! Love it
    Will buy it again :)
    Does what it says
    It's the only thing that makes my long, fine and reluctant hair wavy, and it lasts all day. I spray it in dry hair and it works wonders.
    Great Item
    Love this item. It gives you lovely soft, shiny, healthy-looking, frizz-free waves and curls. I am really, really impressed and will definitely be buying this again with some other of the curl products x
    The best hair oil ever
    I tried many hair oils, but only this one worked and made a difference, really good 10/10.
    must have!
    Got this as a free gift from the Cult Beauty goody bag. Tried it today with my damp hair and the result was amazing! leaves you unruly like style. Will purchase again ❤️❤️❤️
    Like it
    Before this hair looked messy. I don't know how to do my hair. This spray has become my Savior! I look like Shakira in the video "wherever, whenever" :)))))
    I have very thick waist length wavy hair. I spritzed this onto damp hair before blow drying. I ended up with a lot of waves and quite a few curls. The product smells great and doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp. The only downside is that it did create a small amount of frizz.
    Fuller looking hair...
    I've (dyed) blonde, fine hair and I personally HATE doing my hair. I've used other sea salt sprays in the past and they always left my hair feeling dirty and crispy - this however keeps my hair going an extra day or two, adds texture and so much volume. Also perfect for after working out, when your in a rush and don't have time to wash your hair - it gives the perfect beachy wave without using any curling irons.
    Beachy waves for dayssss
    This is the best sea salt spray - without the sea salt spray - I have ever tried! No sea salt in this spray is a definite added bonus. It doesn't dry out your hair at all. This spray gives you a nice texture, makes easy waves, and the hold is great too (if you aren't a hairbrush fanatic). I love the waves I can create using this. It's even good for just adding a bit of texture or volume to your hair. ALSO this smells soooooo good. I absolutely love the smell of this spray so much. One small downside though: you do have to be careful with how much of this you spray in, because it can make your hair look a bit oily.
    I got this free in one of the goody bags and I love it. I have thick unruly hair and held off using this as I thought it would make my frizz worse and have that crunchy stiff look that a lot of these sprays seem to do. I wish I'd had the courage to use it earlier as it left my hair with beach waves, no frizz in sight or crunchy crispy hair. The next day it still looked just as good, just a finger comb through and I was good to go.
    Great to keep your curl in longer
    I don't really use it for the beach look, but I use it on second day hair when I curled my hair the day before. It is the right kind of moisture my hair needs to liven up my curls. It holds them really well and they bounce great! Don't need a lot of it and the fine mist is great. Buying it again!
    Great Volume
    I use this when drying my hair and its very effective as a 'salt spray' type of product. I didn't experience any stickiness or crunchiness, just a lot more volume than my fine flat hair is used too with no effort.
    Great for volume
    I apply a few spritzes along the hair, and scrunch the hair to create soft waves, it works really well, and in the morning if it goes straight I just wet my hands and again scrunch my hair and voila! It is a great product, it gives a lot of volume without looking like I glued my air in sections, I love the strong smell it gives to the hair.
    Great product!
    I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and it really does the job! I have naturally fine hair that has a bit of a wave to it, so this product is perfect for enhancing the beachy look. I spray it all over and dry my hair with the diffuser: the result is amazing. My hair looks healthy and has great texture without feeling gritty. Also, it doesn't look flat at the end of the day. Very happy and would totally recommend!
    It's ok, but not awesome
    This smells incredible and it really does make your hair look effortlessly wavy. BUT, sometimes it can look greasy or sticky. And didn't give good hold or nice texture.
    Started using this and discovered waves I didnt know I had. Lightweight, its like a leave in conditioner and salt spray. If you spray too close or too much it can look greasy but once you trust that you don't need much its fine. I have a hair cut every 9 weeks as it gets out of control but my hairdresser was so impressed with how it looked he didn't think it needed done this month
    Not what I expected
    I really wanted to love this. I did, I promise! But I have to say I'm just not into it. It leaves hair & hands sticky, it took a bizarrely long amout of time to get it to dry with a hair dryer and if you air dried it looked greasy while drying. Didn't give good hold or even nice texture. I will try other Ouai products like the dry shampoo & texturising spray but this was just wasn't for me.
    Lovely natural waves
    This smells incredible! It really does make your hair look effortlessly wavy, I like to use it on wet hair blow dry it and then add a bit more when it dry for the added effect. It also feels very light weight so you can't feel it in your hair it really is a salt spray mixed with conditioner.