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    Rejuvenating Night Cream
    Best cream.
    Love the smell, the texture, the feeling after applying the cream. Really good investment for your skin!
    Love it
    This cream goes on like a melting butter, but even better on the skin. Smells incredible and it delivers. I'm in my 30's & live in a tropical country. Although it appears a bit rich & heavy on the skin upon application, it sinks well and leaves me with a wonderful glow the morning after, no matter how late I went to bed the night before. There are days I passed out early due to extreme tiredness & I skipped this cream, I could see my laugh lines reappear. Never again. This is the type of the cream that I use to massage my face nightly & I'm greatly impressed by the result. Highly recommended.
    Luxurious Cream for Sensitive Skin
    I saw the ingredient list and like that it has Jojoba, Squalene, plus antioxidant extracts. I am using the full size bottle. It is creamy, easy to spread and leaves my sensitive skin calm, fine and smooth in the morning. Best product I've tried from Oromovicza other than the Hungarian Mist! Thumbs up!
    Omorovicza makes many lovely products, but the Rejuvenating Night Cream is by far their hero product. I LOVE IT! The texture is incredibly soft, it's deeply hydrating and soothing, smells very calming, and would suit every skin type. If I had to just use one night cream, this wins hands down. I decanted a portion and took it on a 2 week holiday. It is certainly an excellent moisturizer for long flights. I cannot recommend this enough.
    Super marvelous night cream in the world
    You can put a tiny layer on your face as overnight mask, on the other hand, you will find your skin is full of energy and nutrients, love it.
    The best by far
    I'll keep this short as I am basically reiterating what others have already stated, but just to add my voice to the crowd - this is the best night cream I have ever used. I am obsessed with skincare, beauty and the never ending quest to age gracefully but with secret helpers. This little pot has rocketed up the list and will be repurchased again and again. I have good skin for my age (mix of genes and my aforementioned obsession) so it takes a lot for me to notice a difference a product makes. I don't settle for mediocre and this is anything but that. You won't be disappointed with this.
    The BEST night cream in the world
    This pot of miracle is one of the best skin-vestments I've ever made. I received a mini of this in our Spring goody bag and was SURE I would not repurchase when I saw the price tag... that was of course before I tried it. The effects of this hard-working cream is almost like an overnight treatment. From first use I woke up with plumper, more radiant and clearer skin. When I ran out and switched back to my previous moisturiser, immediately noticed the difference and had to repurchase. As a regular sufferer of breakouts I was surprised that such a moisturising cream would actually get on so well with my skin but with continued use my skin has gotten better than I ever thought possible. For anyone who is wary to take the plunge, I URGE you to try. You'll question how you ever lived without it in the first place.
    Totally wrong for me, but...
    This cream shouldn't work on me at all. I have combination skin, highly prone to breakouts and this cream is so luxurious and rich. But it is amazing. It doesn't break me out, it doesnt make me oily. At the moment I am using it over the top of Sunday Riley Luna for some added moisture (currently in the depths of New Zealand winter!). Love it. Received it as a GWP and am dreading it running out as can't justify the full price. Omorovicza seems to be a great brand - I love the black cleanser too.
    This night cream is wonderful. Very nourishing and calming. You can't go wrong with Omorovicza products.
    This is a fantastic night cream. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
    Buy it immediately
    This is the best night cream I have ever used and I have used a lot! I am currently on acne medication which makes my skin very sensitive and dry and flaky. I can't bare anything on my skin. l everything seems to react but not this cream. Even great under my eyes... I will be repurchasing this. It has lots of great ingredients, for those of you with acne prone skin this might work for you as a lot of acne is also due to skin irritations.
    Great for dry skin
    Omorovivcza just keep producing brilliant cream after brilliant cream you just can't lose with this label! My skin is super dry, but I don't like wearing really heavy creams in the day under make up, it feels like wearing a mask to me! So the way I get my moisture is at night and this is the baby I now use. It is rich, but sinks in quickly so you don't lose it all on the pillow. It really moisturises and preps the skin for the day ahead, I find I can use a cheaper day moisturiser as a result.