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    Nurse Jamie

    UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller
    So relaxing
    I love this tool. It is relaxing and so effective. Feels like a little facial. I even noticed my headache vanishing after using it. Nice.
    So good!
    Can't explain it - it just works!
    Such an enjoyable product to use
    This is not a miracle tool BUT it is definitely worth the purchase if you can afford it. You only have to buy it once and then enjoy it forever! The massaging effect for someone such as me who frowns and holds tension in the face is lovely, but the effect of the feeling and appearance of my skin is the real winner. I suffer from puffy skin after I've used moisturiser or serum so I really enjoy using this product to help reduce some of that puffiness and help my products absorb. I have noticed my skin appears firmer and I particularly enjoy using it around the jaw and gently around the eyes. It feels good quality (not too heavy but certainly weight there to make it feel more substantial) and I enjoy that you can use the smooth side for more sensitive areas whilst the other more heavy duty side is more suitable on the cheekbones (and the dreaded double chin!) Twice a day use with a moisturiser or serum and I'm finding the quality of my skin improved - I feel like it is simply the temporary effect from regular use however as long as it's working I'm not complaining!
    I like it! Works
    I wanted to buy this massage roller because it has reviewed Giulia Cova, a famous and very professional Italian YouTuber of which I trust, and I must say that used with constancy works very well, face more deflated and contours more defined. I also took him on the road and I adored him! I have swollen eyes especially in the morning and placing the roller under the jet of icy water is great for massaging the contour of the eyes! The next morning I woke up finally with deflating eyes! I'm glad of the purchase!
    So good and really easy to use!
    Quick and easy
    I use it twice a day before the skincare routine. After about 3 weeks, I noticed the results around my eyes. Circles are less dark and almost no puffiness at all when I wake up.
    Excellent tool for my beauty routine
    I love the radiance you get after a good facial, so I have grown to love facial massage as a mild, healthy way to improve blood flow and boost collagen production. To be honest, I expected very little from this tool; I ordered it just so I could work my skincare products in better at the end of the day. I was surprised to see my beautiful, radiant complexion the next morning. The lifting results may be temporary but the healthy, plumped skin means I skip foundation now, even though I don't get nearly enough sleep. I have been using this for weeks for a few minutes in front of the telly at night. It's the best version of my skin I've ever seen, apart from my trips to the beautician's. Absolutely recommended.
    I love this product
    It is so relaxing and it refreshes your face instantly.
    Quick; easy with uplifting results
    So I ummmed and hmmed about this for about 4 months before deciding to buy this as it's pretty expensive and considered the jade roller instead. I was looking for preventative tools to help the structure of my face. This is incredible I wasn't expecting to see an instant result which I did with this. It's quick and easy but also works all over. I use this on my stomach where it was stretched to insanity after my two kids. It's actually helped there too and helped the skins elasticity and feels like the tummy pouch I have is slowly firming up It's a very versatile product I feel like it will last for years and I'm glad I got it.
    Yasss Nurse Jamie
    I too was a little sceptical about this product but once I made it a consistent part of my routine I grew to love it immensely and I now use it 1-2 times a day! It's great to use at night with a facial oil and even better used after waking up when your 'pillow face' needs invigorating fast. I really respect the the brand have made this product so easy to use with foolproof instruction pamphlet that is included! You cannot go wrong with this!
    A very easy face massage
    I'm a huge face massage advocate (I do this twice a day for years with oils and by hands). I was looking for something that would not be as time-consuming and that would not require to wash everything off with water. At first, I was skeptical about how the UpLift Facial Massage would really make its way into my routine - I have 3 other devices that I do not use that much, unfortunately - but this one, I just love it! It's really easy to use after you've completed your skincare routine: it rolls very well on the skin (you do not need to apply any pressure at all), provides a relaxing experience and it really helps with the blood circulation so that your skin looks very glowy at the end of the massage. I could definitely get the same effect by tapping my face with my own fingers but it would be far more tedious to do it for this long on myself. I also love that you don't need to charge it, you can basically bring it with you everywhere for a quick lifting effect.
    Relaxing & effective
    I have been rolling twice daily, morning and night. Skin appears smoother post 'roll' and it's a pleasant somewhat relaxing experience. The box is sturdy and the tool is fully protected (thought this would be good when travelling or on a flight) box contains good instructions on how to use. Tool feels sturdy and well made. The cons: none. Great tool, feels effective, think it will travel well and be particularly handy on flights or when you want a skin / facial contour pick me up.