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    Naked GrapefruitFirst Base<p>Redefining what it means to go to <em>First Base</em>, Naked Grapefruit's purple-toned bullet vibrator is a celebration of female sexuality, masturbation and the clitoris... In case you can't tell, we LOVE her.</p><p>Fun fact: the clitoris has over eight THOUSAND nerve endings &#8212; and First Base is here to make that <em>more</em> than apparent. Made from smooth, body-safe silicone, this ultra-powerful bullet makes for an experience that you&#8217;ll be craving again and again (and again!). With a setting for whatever mood you're in - seven, to be exact - you can tailor the intensity of the stimulation from a respectable buzz to an earth-shattering quake.</p>NAK001229355 stars, based on34 reviews 25.99Cult BeautyNew
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    Naked Grapefruit First Base

    Naked Grapefruit
    First Base

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    • Why it's Cult

      Tired of female pleasure seeming like a second thought? We’re over it and so are the pleasure-purveying people at Naked Grapefruit. A breath of fresh (and freaky) air in the out-dated, predominantly male-owned industry, this independent, female-run brand is on a mission to bring leg-shaking, pulse-racing pleasure to the masses. Their first and ultra-adored (the reviews say it all…) vibe – First Base - makes getting to know yourself easier than ever…


    • Description

      Redefining what it means to go to First Base, Naked Grapefruit's purple-toned bullet vibrator is a celebration of female sexuality, masturbation and the clitoris... In case you can't tell, we LOVE her.

      Fun fact: the clitoris has over eight THOUSAND nerve endings — and First Base is here to make that more than apparent. Made from smooth, body-safe silicone, this ultra-powerful bullet makes for an experience that you’ll be craving again and again (and again!). With a setting for whatever mood you're in - seven, to be exact - you can tailor the intensity of the stimulation from a respectable buzz to an earth-shattering quake.

    • How to use

      It's time to celebrate the clitoris! Use this bullet vibrator for targeted stimulation; play around with the settings to find your perfect intensity.

      Is it waterproof? Yes and no, we all like a bit of water fun so First Base can be used with a little bit of water, e.g. in the shower. However, it’s not fully submersible so we wouldn’t recommend using it in the bath. 


      23mm Diameter

      Body Safe Silicone

      7 Settings


      90mm Length

      16mm Charging Wire

    • Full ingredients list

      100% Body-Safe Silicone

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    Naked Grapefruit - First Base

    Naked Grapefruit First Base Reviews

    Small but mighty!
    You need this
    If you’re hesitating over buying this just go for it. You honestly won’t regret it. Great company too.
    Oh my god unreal
    I suggest everyone buys this product. It’s the first toy I’ve ever bought and during lockdown, life got a bit of a struggle. Cannot recommend it enough. Feels amazing. So easy to use. Nice size, easy to charge. I love the ethos of the company too. Better than any boy you might be tempted to text.
    Small but mighty!
    First toy and feel no need to explore or buy others, have nicknamed it my little “friend”.
    Absolutely Amazing!
    This vibrator hits the spot every single time and is utterly amazing! This isn’t the first toy I’ve bought but this one is by far the best one yet and I would highly recommend it. It is a little noisy however that is the only downside I have to this. It’s small and fits in your hand perfectly, and you can work yourself up to the 3rd intense vibration, whilst experimenting on the other settings. Worth every penny spent on it!
    New best friend!
    Small, compact, and powerful. Money well spent. Though, would have liked it to be a bit quieter.
    I mean.....WOW. I did not expect such a little tiny thing to be this powerful and enjoyable. This isn't my first toy and it definitely surpasses all of them. If you haven't gotten yourself First Base, go out and get one. It's literally a pleasure game-changer! I would give this 10 stars if I could. Battery lasts for so long too, the size is perfect as it fits in your hand (or handbag) and it makes it adaptable to introduce into hot sessions with a partner too! The vibrations are very cleverly structured and you can build up to the intense 3rd setting vibration as you play around with the others. It also resets with is awesome, so when you turn it off and on again it takes you back to the first mild vibration. This is a big plus as my other vibrator starts off on the previous set vibration which is too strong/wrong and it's frustrating having to click through to find one but this baby is such a breeze to use. Cutest colour also. Honestly I love this female-led brand and what it stands for and it's great to support businesses like these! LOVE LOVE LOVE Will be gifting to all of my friends.
    Just okay
    This was the first vibrator I've tried and it was much smaller than I was expecting (although that's on me for not checking the measurements), nice and compact though. I didn't think it did much for me and all the settings are quite similar, would have liked it to be a bit quieter as well.
    Great "first one"
    First time purchasing any sex toys and it is great!
    Powerful, best vibrator I’ve used by far.
    Yes Sir
    Buy it. Buy it now. You will not regret it one bit.
    It’s nice and small so can be used by yourself or with a partner, it charges fast and has great settings.
    This is amazing for the price. Really small and compact but very powerful with 7 settings. USB charger too and no batteries which are handy, definitely recommend.
    super quick shipping even in a busy time, soft feel, easy to charge and extremely powerful with a range of patterns/intensity. Highly recommend! :)
    Try it!
    This is my first toy and I love it! It's powerful and compact. Plus it's cute and it's body-safe. Looking forward to future new products of this brand.
    Love it
    This is my first toy that I have been searching for for so long. I have to say it is amazing. it is just the perfect size and great material. It has three strong speed settings.
    Simply perfect
    Does what you need it to, great if you’re looking for something that is simple and does the trick :)
    Love at First Base
    Since launching this category I have found my way around several of our silicone wonders of the world, however I always return to the humble bullet. Which is why I was so happy to see this little Lilac powerhouse joining our lineup. The reviews I had seen are jaw-dropping, which is exactly what happens when you first try it too. If I could award it 10 stars here and then gift one to each of my friends, I would.
    You HAVE to get this
    I haven't left my bed since it arrived, and have now deleted every man's number out of my phone book.
    I highly recommend it
    This is just amazing, small and cute but does exactly what it says in the box! Look no further ladies, best toy I’ve ever had and whoever wrote the instructions is just hilarious... Made me giggle.
    The best!
    Small and powerful! I have a few other toys and this one is by far my favourite. I recommend it to everyone.
    Biggest success of 2021...
    Hands down my favourite and the best vibrator I own (srsly packs a punch). Have even bought a few more this year for the girls - we just love the product and brand. Can't recommend it enough!
    Love to play
    Amazing, small but powerful.
    I think this is an excellent device. I find even the first setting is quite intense and it seemed quite noisy to me which is something to keep in mind with being discrete but I can't say it doesn't deliver on what it promises. Overall a really solid device, perhaps might shock beginners though with its powers!
    The best product I had bought. For £25 this is so so good. Would definitely by this over and over again
    Great but frustrating!
    Bought this as a birthday present to me from me. This is a great vibrator - it’s definitely the strongest I’ve ever had (love a strong one!) and when first using it I was actually worried it was TOO strong until I got used to it. It’s the only vibe I’ve had that I even somewhat enjoy the vibration patterns on. Being able to recharge it and not worrying about having to have batteries to hand all the time is also a big plus. The one thing that drives me bananas about it (and why I knocked a star off) it how it responds when it’s out of charge. Maybe it’s because it’s a rechargeable battery, but there’s no controlled climb down when the battery starts running out where it gets weaker and you know you have to charge it but you can still use it. It works and then just... stops completely. Right in the middle. And then I have to stop, charge it and come back later which is possibly the most *frustrating* thing in the world. The battery also doesn’t seem to last as long as I would expect for a device that’s only function is to vibrate, probably two hours tops and sometimes it takes a while for me so that can equate to just two uses quite easily. I do recommend it but I think it needs some changes to the battery function. The frustration is real.
    Buy it !
    It does the wonders. My first toy and it did the job 100%. I’ve used it for few weeks now- it is compact so sits nicely in my bed side table, it charges quickly and stays powerful enough for 2/3 uses (depends how quickly you reach the orgasm I guess). Easy to wash and because it is small, it can be transferred to a bathroom and back to the bedroom without notice. It is quiet , but powerful with several vibration options which I found exciting to explore. It is soft to touch and warms up quickly when in the right place . Definitely recommend it.
    1st Timer
    As a newbie, this was a great first sex toy purchase. Certainly packs a punch for such a small toy, can't recommend enough! If you're like me and haven't had any toys before, this is a great one to start with.
    Oh yes
    So good, if you're on the verge just get it. Promise you wont regret :)
    1st sex toy..win
    Glad I purchased this one..great for a quick orgasm and either using alone or with a partner. It’s my first toy and a clitoris stimulator winner!
    Small and powerful
    This is good, try it.
    I haven't had a vibrator in ages so I thought I'd buy myself a simple bullet again - this is amazing. Really strong, 7 different speeds, cute and small design with a USB charger (so no need to frantically look for batteries). Highly recommend, you'll enjoy it!!
    Powerful Vibes
    Recommended to me by two friends and I love it! I’ve had bullet vibrators before and they don't compare! Settings 1 and 3 are amazing.
    This is my first sex toy and it’s amazing. I love everything the brand stands for as well! Overall am mind-blowing product.
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