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    MV SkintherapyPure Jojoba<p>This 100% organic jojoba oil is a fantastically versatile product which can be used for everything from taking off even waterproof make-up to tackling dry skin, soothing shaving rash and balancing oily, acne-prone complexions. Jojoba naturally has a very similar make up to your skin's natural sebum and thanks to MV's superfine formulation, it penetrates the skin incredibly easily, softening and protecting without clogging pores. Also, if you use it as a make-up remover it'll actually strengthen your eyelashes and condition the delicate skin around the eyes. It makes a great scalp treatment too!</p>MVO00877893448400000755 stars, based on32 reviews 33.00Cult BeautyNew
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    MV Skintherapy Pure Jojoba

    MV Skintherapy
    Pure Jojoba
    ( 35ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      All MV Skintherapy products use high concentrations of the finest quality organic ingredients and their Pure Jojoba oil is no exception. Jojoba oil is naturally chock full of vitamins A, D and E making it a fabulous skin-feeder that can be used under any moisturiser to re-establish equilibrium - especially good for young, oily, acne-prone complexions, or those susceptible to reactivity and breakouts. The cult Aussie brand has A-list fans including Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rosie Huntington-Whitely and is just as popular with beauty fanatics who appreciate the purity and versatility of the products.

    • Description

      This 100% organic jojoba oil is a fantastically versatile product which can be used for everything from taking off even waterproof make-up to tackling dry skin, soothing shaving rash and balancing oily, acne-prone complexions. Jojoba naturally has a very similar make up to your skin's natural sebum and thanks to MV's superfine formulation, it penetrates the skin incredibly easily, softening and protecting without clogging pores. Also, if you use it as a make-up remover it'll actually strengthen your eyelashes and condition the delicate skin around the eyes. It makes a great scalp treatment too!

    • How to use

      To remove eye make-up, place 3-4 drops of pure jojoba on a slightly damp make-up removal pad. Hold over each eye for a slow count of 5, then use a light touch to wipe away make-up. As a superfine natural moisturiser, simply smooth 2-3 drops over damp skin.

    • Full ingredients list
      Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinesis) Seed Oil* *Organically Grown
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    MV Skintherapy - Pure Jojoba

    MV Skintherapy Pure Jojoba Reviews

    I like it
    I haven't been using it for that long to tell if it works or not. I am not seeing any change as of now! But it feels nice on my skin when applied and I like it. I have one major problem and it's the bottle itself, not user friendly at all, I sometimes get lazy to use it just because of this. I hate that design of the bottle you can't control how much oil to use you can't see it dripping. It has like 1 hole you have to flip it shake it... You can't apply directly to the face... I hope they can upgrade that part.
    Great product
    I really like this oil. I use it to remove eye make up. I warm a few drops in my hand, then gently pat onto closed eyelids. After waiting about a minute, I press a cotton wool pad -or microfibre cloth -that has been moistened in HOT water over each lid and gently press to remove. It works every time and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I've tried so many products in the past and this is the best by far. It may not be cheap, there may well be more economical alternatives but I don't care as it just works: the search for an effective remover is now over- thank goodness!
    Fab oil.
    I use this as a moisturiser when my skin had redness or feels sensitive. I wasn't expecting much as it is only one ingredient, however, every time I use it, I wake up to soft, radiant and calm skin! I think it would be great for anyone with sensitive, reactive skin.
    Love it!
    This product is so great for my sensitive skin around my eyes. It takes off makeup so effectively. The price is definitely worth it, as it lasts so long! You only need a few drops per use.
    Best Jojoba Oil
    I was hesitant to get such an expensive oil when it's "just jojoba" but I don't regret it one bit. It's honestly the best jojoba oil I've ever put on my face. Extremely thin, and you can tell it's fresh because it has a faint yet nice scent. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin smooth and soft. When my skin is stressed, dry or inflamed, I only use this at night and it calms and brightens in just one night. I had a bad reaction to zinc recently and my face was a mess, but the MV Jojoba decidedly saved the day. On days where I don't wear it, I'm always shiny in a matter of hours. I mix it with aloe gel and 2 drops of the 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic of the same brand when I need extra hydration. It's a godsend for my oily skin! Plus the bottle is handy to carry around and travel with. I will most definitely repurchase.
    Great oil for oily skin
    This is the best oil I found; good for acne prone skin to heal and have a clear skin, even though I have a oily skin I like to mix this with my moisturizer before makeup and sometimes with my foundation and this oil never makes me oily or greasy. MV Organics are the BEST..<3 <3 <3 and thanks to Cult Beauty I found this.
    Love it, but...
    I love this product and have used only pure organic jojoba oil to remove my eye make up since (although it's also great as a face oil), but the price tag is absurd. Probably due to importation taxes, but still. Can't really justify. But I'm glad I discovered this just so I could search for other brands that offer exactly the same product/quality for half the price.
    Nightly Savior
    I bought the oil already couple of months ago due to the great reviews. At first I didn't like the texture of it since it feels a lot heavier on the skin than my normal face oil and it also doesn't really get absorbed by the skin very well, basically just sits on your face like an oily layer. Also I rather like my oils/serums to come in a packaging paired with a pipet, since it makes it so much easier to dispense the product evenly. So that's for the downside. Then about a week ago I had some really bad angry break-outs all over my face and my skin didn't react well to any of my other normal skin saviors (e.g. alpha-H). My skin simply felt - and looked - horrible and it got worse with every product I put on to battle the break out. Since I was out on my normal face oil I found this one sitting in my drawer and remembered the good reviews on it. So I thought what the hell I might as well give it a try. As I did put the thick oil on my irritated face I really did not like the feeling of it on my red face but didn't wash it off either. I didn't follow with any moisturizer, just simply went straight to bed. And then surprise surprise when I checked the mirror in the morning my skin WAS SOO MUCH BETTER. I kept using it for the next two days in combination with my mable&mag elixir and all the break-outs were gone. So to sum it up: Yes, I would definitely recommend it as a soothing / calming oil to anybody and I also will be repurchasing after I used up mine.
    I recently had some nasty hormonal cystic spots. Everything I did (picking, poking, prodding) made it worse, surprisingly. I used this after a thorough cleanse and mask session and by the next morning the main offender was less angry and painful. I reapplied regularly throughout the day and couldn't believe the difference by the evening. I absolutely love this. I imagine it will last an age but will definitely repurchase eventually.
    Great but overpriced
    I've received a full size of MV's Pure Jojoba as a part of this year's Spring Goody Bag and I wouldn't even think of using it as a make up remover, it's too good for that. I use it as a night moisturiser for my problematic acne prone skin and it works miracles. But that again, I knew what to expect as I've been using jojoba oil for quite some time now (from other, much much cheaper brand). Nonetheless, I highly recommend Jojoba oil and I would easily give this MV one 5 stars, if it wasn't so overpriced.
    Great Night Treatment
    I recently had to travel a lot for work, environmental changes caused my skin to dry out and became flaky; even my rich night cream could not heal my skin. I bought a full size Pure Jojoba Oil, mixed with my night cream and within two days my skin was baby smooth; my makeup could go on well without embarrassing flakiness! Am so in love with this oil. I will definitely reorder.
    Super !!!
    Amazing how well this removes makeup and leaves my skin hydrated.
    Best oil
    I have never been so impressed with an oil in my life, this removes and hydrates like no other. It feels a treat to go on and it soothes my acne-prone itchy cheeks as well as nourishes. 100% recommended.
    Hydrating Boost
    It is a good product to remove eye make-up with, however if you are wearing waterproof mascara it does not remove it as well as coconut oil will. I use it as my daytime serum/oil, it keeps my skin hydrated all day, and when I wash my face at night it is still soft and feels hydrated. Definite repurchase.
    Skin saver
    This little bottle has saved my skin. I was going through a phase where my skin decided it was going to "try out" some new kinds of blemishes (literally, a new one every week!), so I booked in to see a local facialist (in New Zealand) who offered MV Organics facials. She recommended that for the next week I just cleanse and tone as normal, then just use this jojoba oil instead of moisturiser. I have to say its worked miracles. My skin is so much calmer and if any blemishes pop up I just massage them with this and they go right down. Cant speak for its make up removing abilities... its too precious to waste on that :)
    Best Ever Eye Make-up Remover
    This the best ever eye make-up remover, I wish I'd discovered this product when I first started wearing eye shadow and mascara. It feels like you're treating your eyes while you're cleansing them :)
    Star Waterproof Mascara Remover
    the list of uses is much like that of any other oil: dry patches, cuticles, moisturiser (my second favourite use for it), hair treatment, bath emollient – you know the drill. But the act that this performs so well is surprisingly waterproof mascara removal. I shun a cotton pad and take two drops massaged into my fingertips straight over the eyes, work it in a little then remove gently with a muslin. Mascara and any eye makeup gone and I feel like I’m giving a little somethin’ somethin’ back to my lashes and eye area while I do it.
    It's a repurchase
    Good oil for sensitive skin. I like the fact that it's organic and good quality.
    Just gorgeous
    I was dubious when I first tried out this oil to remove my heavy eyeliner and mascara but it worked like a dream! I just add a couple of drops to a damp cotton pad and my make up glides off with no pulling or tugging. The oil isn't greasy and leaves my eyes feeling nourished rather than stripped. This is now a staple in my nightly routine, and I love that it's all natural considering it's being used on such a delicate area of skin.
    Super nourishing!
    Finally, a facial oil that doesn't break me out or feel too greasy. Lovely mixed in with any moisturiser to add extra glow hydration, or just on its own in the evening. The only downside is the packaging, that doesn't give you any warning when you're running out.
    Good hydrator, maybe a bit over-priced
    I received this as a freebie some time ago, and while the oil serves as a good hydrating face oil, I haven't really noticed any other benefit for my skin. Considering this is just pure jojoba oil and nothing else, you could probably find it cheaper elsewhere too. On the plus side, this luckily isn't loaded with the same irritating essential oils as most other MV Organics products sadly are.
    Amazing stuff
    This product is top quality. Never breaks me out, I use it at night on its own, over thermal water or over my moisturizer and I wake up with glowing, supple skin. It really is worth it if we want to minimise the amount of chemicals we put on our skin. Natural works wonders. Try it.
    Great little gem
    I initially couldn't justify the price of it especially since it's such a 'basic' oil, but I caved in wanting to try something from the brand. I have plenty of oils in my arsenal so I added a couple of drops to my moisturiser but didn't see amazing results. Then I started using it after my HA serum as a more concentrated treatment in the mornings and it left my skin super smoothed and nourished. It's a pliable oil so it's great for a facial massage and it greatly helped with controlling the oil on the T-zone on my combi skin. It wasn't until I stopped using it then got back to it again that I realised how lush this oil was. Didn't do much for me in the beginning, was pleasantly surprised in the end. What a gem.
    sensitive skin eye makeup remover
    I have very reactive skin.This takes off my mascara really well without stinging or burning my super sensitive eye area.
    Simply Fantastic. This has become an all-time favourite of mine. Thank you Cult Beauty for introducing me to this range. I have repurchased on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. It is the best eye make-up remover I have ever used and leaves the eye area nourished and hydrated. I sometimes use it at night instead of rose oil after spraying a little MV mist. Brilliant.
    Love this
    This oil is beautiful, and I have massively troublesome skin. It seems to be one of the only things that doesn't break me out at the moment. Leaves my skin feeling lovely too. I just wish this range weren't so pricy.
    Lovely oil, wondrous for dry skin and used effectively all over my stupid ageing neck and got rid of all the incipient crepeiness. Dropped a mark for being so pricy but then again - quality can really vary in oils can't it so maybe the cheaper ones aren't as good. If you are happy to pay a lot more than high street/budget prices for a facial oil then this is probably worth it
    Must have product!!
    I love this product. It's a great buy and a must have in every house. Great night time treatment mixed with the MV moisturiser. A little bit goes a long way.
    Nice oil
    It's a nice oil and efficient cleanser. Not greasy and moisturising. I've discovered this brand with this oil and am curious to try other products because they seem to be really high quality.
    Amazing product
    This is absolutely fantastic. Removes eye makeup easily and leaves the delicate skin around your eyes beautifully moisturised. Never going back to ordinary removers.
    Can't do without
    This has got to be the best thing out of the MV Organic range. I love this Jojoba Oil, it is perfect as a moisturiser and for use around your eyes. It's also brilliant to use on your elbows, knees, cuticles etc. and great massaged into your scalp and the ends of your hair.
    Most versatile beauty product
    I love this product. Used on its own, mixed with the Rose moisturiser, under or with face mist, as a skin soother, a night treatment or cleanser, there seems no end of reasons for this lovely oil. And it smells nice too.
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