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    May Lindstrom

    The Youth Dew Hydrating Facial Serum
    One of my favourite serums
    This serum (oil) is so rich and moisturizing, but not greasy at all. It's very refined and absorbs beautifully. The smell is quite strong but nice. It's slightly floral yet light. It's not cheap, and you only get 30 ml, but a little goes a long way - especially when you use it on wet skin as May Lindstrom instructed. It's extremely high quality ingredients. I find that it goes well under a moisturizer and/or make up. I only use one pump on wet skin. This oil is defiantly in my top 5 along with Vintner's daughter, Sunday Riley's Juno and Luna and of course The Blue Cocoon.
    A must have
    I received a 4ml sample of this when I purchased the Clean Dirt and Honey Mud duo set. I had used this previously but it wasn't a stand out for me - turns out the trick to this product is applying it to damp skin. On dry skin it just doesn't work as well. I spritz the Jasmine Garden and then apply a few drops of this and my skin feels like silk and glows. I love it use it on its own or in conjunction with the Blue Cocoon (heavenly) and it works well in the am or pm. I am totally hooked and will definitely repurchase the full size.
    Beware if you have pale skin
    I really love this product; it does what it says and leaves you with a lovely glow and hydrated skin. The problem is, it also leaves you with slightly stained skin from the colour of the serum, I'm sure anyone who isn't pale like myself it probably wont affect them. I think I will try Vintner's Daughter next time because of the slight staining this product leaves on my skin.
    I received this serum as a sample. I don't think I would have bought it otherwise because of the price and I have quite a few face oils already but this is just the best face oil I've ever tried, I'm hooked! It's very rich but absorbs well and leaves my skin hydrated and luminous. My skin is on the dry side, I'm not so sure whether the product would suit combination or oily skin as well. Also I have been suffering from some hormonal acne for the last couple of months for the first time in my life and in the last couple of weeks of using this serum, I've had no new spots. Really really great product.
    Love it
    Considering that my skin in winter is super dry, this easily became my holy grail product! I only use this during the night time because during the day it would look like a greasy mess. However, I feel that people with combination to oily skin this would not be their best friend.
    Not for everybody
    I have combination skin and this just does not work with my skin, making it greasy, more oily in the T-zone and leaves a heavy feeling on the skin. Cannot be used everyday - because it gives a breakout. I would not recommend anyone buying it without trying a sample size first, because it is not exactly a bargain. And the smell, which I usually do not care much about as long as the product is good, well the smell is hard to get used to.
    Good but pricey - also is it really a serum?
    I do like this. I have dry and dehydrated skin so I often find it hard getting enough moisture in without sticking to my pillow at night! But this is great for my dryness - more oily skins might have a problem I guess. My only issue is the price which is on the steep side for me for an oil/serum, so not sure for the efficecy that I'd buy again. Also, and lots of brands do this - its a blend of oils so I wouldn't call it a serum since I use a serum first, then oil then moisturiser/SPF. I'm no expert, but I think a serum has to be of a finer grade than an oil as it should penetrate deeper into the skin so I don't get how an oil blend could be called a serum. Still - I know a lot of brands package oils as serums.
    Excellent for dry, dehidrated skin
    It is a wonderful product and as it claims, leaves you with a plump, hydrated, velvety face. I know it is pricey, but totally worthy. I prefer to use it in the morning as it preps the skin beautifully for the day. It is the second product of the line I try (the other one is The Honey Mud, also worthy).
    I'm not a fan of oil kinda products because it usually cause breakout, but this Youth Dew is totally different, especially for my dry skin. I can't resist from touching my face because it make my skin feel soft, I think I'm weird. Hahaha but this really worth the price.
    It's okay
    I bought this because I'm waiting for Vintner's Daughter to come back in stock, so bought it as a back-up. I confess, I don't use it daily - only a couple of times a week, as I don't want to risk a breakout.
    I don't like facial oils, as nearly all of them, despite what they claim, sit on top of the skin. This one does sink in properly, performing like a true serum. I have normal skin for the first time in years, no dry or greasy patches. I am so pleased.
    Waste of Money
    Did absolutely nothing for my skin, in fact my skin seems to be more congested after prolonged use of this product. Also be aware that this can stain clothes/towels etc. an orange colour!
    The Youth Dew Enchantment
    I got this Youth Dew magic as a sample and after using it for two days straight on the skin around my eyes and on my face, neck and decollete I ordered the full bottle. It has a divine rosy smell and makes my skin so happy and dewy. I will repurchase over and over again. Worth the price!
    Sublime, natural, brimming with all good things. And it works.
    I should start by explaining that I cannot use oils for my combination skin without developing breakouts and enlarged pores in the T-Zone. This youth dew created these problems though used as directed. It also left a film on skin and stained face cloths and towels to dry hands. My face did not feel moisturized.
    An oil that suits combination skin!
    I can't use facial oils, they make my combination skin break out and I wake up with my skin too oily by far. I was sent a sample of this and was stunned by the results. It sinks in so quickly, leaves my skin soft and clear and actually seems to help hormonal break outs stopping them from coming to a head and clearing them more quickly, as in three days rather than three weeks, wonderful. On top if this fine lines are diminished, all my dry areas are gone, as is redness and sensitive or sore areas. My skin looks clear with a lovely glow, so much so I'm not bothering with foundation as I could never get this glow from a bottle!!! I wear it morning and evening and although it's a small bottle one drop is all you need so I know it will last. I have now tried all of the May Lindstrom range and can absolutely recommend each and every one of them, I would never have believed that purely natural products could have such a dramatic effect. I'm so relieved and thankful that Cult Beauty are now stocking nearly the whole range, but am not surprised as they always seem to stock products they know work and this range works better than any product range I've ever tried. Thank you Cult Beauty you are most definitely my go to Skincare website.
    Youth Dew, finally a product that truly deserves it's name!
    I have to start by saying I've tried many many oils, including the latest offerings from Sunday Riley and all have caused break outs or my face to turn red and sore, so I tried this with a fair amount of trepidation. I should not have worried, as with everything from May Lindstrom, my very sensitive skin loved it. This soaks in very very quickly and leaves my skin so soft the only thing I can liken it to is my children's skin when they were babies. It's soothing, it smells gorgeous without the scent being too strong and my face doesn't feel oily in the slightest. I can wear it under make up and my foundation doesn't slip and my skin remains oil free all day, unheard of. I don't need anything after cleansing and toning just this, in the evening I also treat my skin to Blue Cocoon, another amazing May Lindstrom product and I wash with her Honey Mud, just gorgeous. Please, please Cult Beauty stock The Problem Solver, Clean Dirt and Jasmine Garden Toner, they have transformed my skin from blotchy, oily and rough with hormonal flare ups, to clear, uber soft, perfect skin. No more spots, pores are tiny, oil is gone, wrinkles are far less obvious, jaw line more defined and a horrible darkened sun spot is nearly gone. We need Mays whole range available in the UK, it's truly skin changing and unbelievably totally natural too. This from a scientist who believes in lab results and research followed by clear proof, I've binned the retinol, the chemicals and products that promised that 99% of customers saw reduced wrinkles and smoother skin. I've decided the only proof I need is what I can see and feel for myself and with May Lindstroms products finally I see a difference, not just in one or two key areas but improving every single one of my skin concerns. NB from Cult Beauty, we have started stocking the products you've mentioned, you were not the only one asking for them. This range is wonderful!!