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    May Lindstrom

    The Jasmine Garden Facial Spray
    Amazing, divine, heavenly
    This is the best facial spray I have ever used: very hydrating and soothing for my dry and sensitive skin, and the scent. Oh the dreamy-jasmine-chocolate-scent. It is just divine. I will definitely repurchase.
    Dreamy mist
    Ah yes, the mist of dreams (dreams in which I have plenty of money). The nozzle is perfect. Evenly and lightly disperses product all over the face/body. The scent is heavenly and I do feel it hydrates and calms my sensitive, rosacea prone skin. Sometimes I spray in the middle of my skin care regime and other times I spray post makeup application. It works beautifully either way. I am saddened the price shot up so much after May's price increase. I will repurchase when I can afford it, but sadly the hefty price tag deems it as a non-essential product for me, but a true treat and luxury item. But it is worth saving for if you can justify it.
    Gorgeous spritz
    This spritz has a beautiful scent and is an absolute pleasure to use. I'm not really sure it has any skin care benefits but I love it anyway. I agree with the other reviewer who said this is much better than the Queen of Hungary spritz which smells of nothing (and doesn't seem to do anything). This one would be a lovely gift.
    Ohhhh why do I love thee soooo much
    I'm on my second bottle and this stuff has become a very expensive addiction.
    Love, love, love this!
    Am now on my second bottle after getting my first in one of the Caroline Hiron's CB special boxes. I see this as something I will continue to repurchase on an ongoing basis. The first time I spritzed it I really wasn't sure about the scent. To be honest I didn't actually like it at all. But it felt nice on skin and was too expensive to ditch so I kept using and it didn't take long to fall in love with it! Now I absolutely adore the smell and would actually love as a perfume. I try to alternate with other hydrating spritzers to prolong the bottle but generally use once a day. Spray pump is excellent and delivers a satisfying squoosh of jasmine-y loveliness in total contrast to Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist which I can barely feel, smell or notice on my skin. A real luxury treat!
    This is the best facial spray I have used. I cannot praise it enough. It smells amazing, the packaging is amazing - IT IS AMAZING! Super Hydrating and leaves your makeup/skin refreshed and hydrated.
    Oooohhh, aaaahhh!!
    Amazing hydrating spritz with the perfect delivery system distributing a fine even mist of this incredible smelling bottle of awesomeness. Set my skin up nicely to receive the following serums/moisturisers. Seems pricey but soooo worth it!!! ❤️
    Beautiful Treat
    Calming scent and provides great hydration. Expensive though, but the scent is lovely.
    This is the queen of facial sprays, I have tried them all. It's moisturising, smells incredible but also the spare nozzle it saturates your face in mositure. Amazing
    Nice product, not sure about the smell . . .
    I got this in the Caroline Hirons box back in May. It feels nice and refreshing on the skin (I use it as as toner in the mornings). A little goes a long way - with daily use it lasted me good four months so even though it seems pricey to start with it actually works out much cheaper than other standard (in a bottle without a spritzer) toners that cost me £20 a month. Not sure about the smell, though. It's quite heavy (not your generic fresh/floral) and it last all day - I could still smell this on myself after 12-14 hours and that's just from using a few spritzes. So I can't say this will suit everyones taste but definitely worth considering if you're after something a bit different.
    I love jasmine flowers because of the scent and the healing power of them. This is absolutely a great hydrating toner with a beautiful jasmine scent! Addicted to it already. With all the luxury facial mists I purchased, Tata harper, Omorovicza and MV organic to name a few, this one has the best smell and performs just as great if not better than the rest of the ones I have ever tried. Will repurchase.
    Si y no
    Lo llevo usando unos meses y estoy contenta. El olor es muuuuuu me encanta pero tampoco es que note algo extraordinario al echarlo después de la limpieza. Tendría que usar otras marcas de producto parecido para decir si vale lo que cuesta y si volvería a comprarlo I've been wearing this for a few months and I'm happy. The smell is muuuuuu I love it but neither is it that I notice something extraordinary when I throw it out after cleaning. I would have to use other brands of similar product to say if it costs what it costs and if it would buy again it.
    The Smell....
    Hace unos días que llevo probando este mist y es adictivo. Tiene un olor maravilloso que te hace sentir lujosa, sensacion de frescor y biennestar. Es hidratante y maravilloso, pero yo prefiero el Molecular Mist de Allies of Skin, tambien huele fenomenal pero deja mayor sensacion de hidratación y es un poco mas barato. ENGLISH: For a few days I've been testing this mist and it's addictive. It has a wonderful smell that makes you feel luxurious with a sense of wellbeing. It is moisturizing and wonderful, but I prefer the Allies of Molecular Mist Skin, it smells great but also leaves more feeling of hydration and is a bit cheaper.
    Got this in spend £100 get this full sized for free. It smells wonderful and makes me feel energised with a spritz. Not sure if I would re-purchase it if I run out because it is very pricey, but it smells great!
    Okay the first time I used this... for some reason my reaction was I hate the smell. But now I am totally loving it and it makes my skin very soft. I've ordered a new one already.... so I guess for me its worth it. Far better in my opinion than the Omorovicza one.
    Simply the best!
    This is simply stunning! Not only is the smell totally addictive, but it has definitely made my skin less red and really calms it down. I use it after cleansing with a combination of The Clean Dirt and The Honey Mud (also both amazing) spritz this mist on before sealing in with the MV moisturiser. When I apply the mist after my morning cleanse I can sometimes subtly smell the product throughout the day (in a good way!) I will repurchase this again and again!
    Bouquet for normal to combination skin
    Having tried no less than 30 facial mists from the green beauty world, I would say The Jasmine Garden has always been my top 3. I understand that for those who are used to intensive facial toner (such as Erno Laszlo's Hydraphel Skin Supplement) and rosewater (it could be rose hydrosol, water infused with rose extract and essential oil, or a combination of both) moisturising may not be its very strength, it is nonetheless ideal for those who have normal or combination skin. Potent ingredients such as silver and witch hazel (it soothes skin like no other while its scent may not be the most appealing for some) help to keep inflamed and stressed skin in check. The Jasmine Garden (alongside other green beauty facial mists) work best with facial oil, elixir or serum. The facial toner and serum emulsify to create a feather-like texture while applying that onto the skin.
    I'm pleased I got this in the Hirons box. I love it. The smell makes me so happy. I don't think it does much else though so think I will struggle to afford to replace it.
    Smells good
    Got this in the Caroline Hirons box. Smells very nice to me but I'm not sure if it has made much of a difference to my skin. Doesn't feel very hydrating so I just use it as a freshening spritz as required. Maybe it's doing something but it's so hard to justify the price unless there is an obvious effect!
    Lovely but.....
    I love this toner it's lovely, very refreshing smells lovely but I've been using it for about 5 weeks and have seen no major improvement on my skin. I think I may use Pixi glow tonic first then this after. Also nearly £50 is a lot of money, honey mud, blue cocoon and the problem solver,1000% worth the money but this.... Not convinced.
    My favourite mist
    I actually prefer this over Omorovicza Rose Mist. Both are awesome but I prefer this. Very hydrating and lovely natural scent. I have my second bottle ordered and heading my way!
    I got this as a gift, would not have bought it because of the price. But it is lovely, I could bathe in it. Smells like true, sweet jasmine, not like perfume, which I love. And I have seen a difference when using with the Youth Dew. The two products work incredibly well together. My skin looks brighter and well balanced. Will buy when I've run out of this bottle.
    Caught by surprise
    It`s absolutely breathtaking! I never really valued tonic or floral waters and haven't ever spent much money on this step. Now, I must admit that it`s not only good for the skin, but also good for the soul. This is by far THE BEST floral and hydrating water I have ever used in my routine.The smell, the feel on the`s poetry in a bottle! It makes me want to try other products from May.Too bad I cannot try a few samples first.
    Dusk in a Mughal garden...
    I got this as part of a deal, I expected to love it and I do. As others have said it smells wonderful (think Mehtab Bagh at dusk), it's pricey (so are some of the ingredients) and it lasts a long time (it really does). I think beauty products are like food and you should vary your diet but I will buy this again at some point in the future - indeed, I'll buy the whole range next time, The Blue Cocoon sounds really promising...
    Be warned ... Once you use this, you wont want to ever use any other spray...ever. Its completely addictive, it adds such luminous clarity to my skin ... it smells like heaven had a chocolate jasmine pancake ... and it calms and soothes the spirit. I adore this spray. I never really put much emphasis on a spray - I mean seriously, its mainly water. Not with May's Jasmine Garden its not. Witch Hazel and Silver soothe and calm the skin, and the scent (have I mentioned that before?!) calm the soul. Its phenomenal. I cant be without it, ever.
    Really love it
    My skin is so sensitive, and this spray really helps me a lot to calm down my skin.
    Just beautiful
    I have now been using the May Lindstrom line for many months, my skin has never looked better. I've tried so many different brands and none have given me the even, clear, glowing, skin I've been after till now. So I'm a huge May fan! This spray toner is the newest addition to her range and I wondered whether it was really necessary but as it's by May I thought I'd give it a go. Oh my I'm so so pleased I did. It smells beautiful, really gorgeous, I'm desperate for her to make a perfume that smells just like it!!! What's really odd is I really dislike gourmand fragrances but this is unlike anything I've ever come across, yes you can smell cocoa but yet it does not smell sweet or cloying like chocolate; yes it's Jasmine but not too really heady and floral; it's definitely exotic, almost oriental but yet it's lovely and light. I wish I could describe it better, it's just perfectly balanced like a very very beautiful perfume. So I'd buy it just for the smell but at this price it needs to actually be of benefit to my skin, being by May of course it works wonderfully. I have really sensitive skin, suffer badly from Eczema and my skin can become irritated very easily, leaving it hot, red and sore. This really works to cool and calm, it locks in extra moisture and leaves my skin looking and feeling dewy and fresh. I use it after cleaning or exfoliating and before the blue cocoon or youth dew. If I'm using both I always add a spritz between to lock in as much moisture as possible. If I get hot or feel the need to freshen up, a quick spray and my skin feels cool and clean. If my skin is being particularly sensitive or feeling irritated this is just wonderful, instantly calming. But I especially love it at night, once I'm completely ready for bed, even though I've already used it in my nighttime skin routine, I really lightly mist this all over, both me and my pillow and find I'm so much more relaxed and ready for sleep. Being an avid Caroline Hirons fan I have many, many toners, I've tried most of Caroline's favourites hunting for the right second tone, my search is definitely over as my other toners have sat on my dressing table gathering dust ever since first trying this, even my Queen of Hungary Mist which Il love. But I'm so totally hooked, I just can't not use this, best of all it really lasts, I've been using it for nearly three months, several times, every day and I've still got nearly half a bottle left!!!