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    Kevyn AucoinThe Curling Mascara <p>This pitch-black mascara separates and curls eyelashes for a dramatic, wide-eyed look. Its list of attributes reads like your dream mascara check-list - smudge-proof, flake-proof &amp; tear-proof; but easy to remove. The fine brush makes it easy to apply, even on small eyes and lower lashes, plus it's even easier to remove with fingertips &amp; warm water saving you on make up remover and protecting the delicate eye areas from scrubbing. Once set it holds the curl like a perm making lashes look longer and your eyes prettier.</p>KVA009155208366220008345 stars, based on28 reviews 22.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara

    Kevyn Aucoin
    The Curling Mascara
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    • Why it's Cult

      Perfect for achieving a youthful, doe - not panda - eyed look, Kevyn Aucoin's The Mascara really makes eyes 'pop'. The wet formula makes it easy to apply and can be layered to build length, volume and curl, without any dreaded clumps. It's also super hard-wearing, so no more smudges, smears or tear tracks (even during the weepiest of weepies)! The packaging is beautifully slimline and elegant, taking up little more room in your bag than an eye pencil. Chic, durable and beautiful - the watchwords for the whole Kevyn Aucoin line.


    • Description

      This pitch-black mascara separates and curls eyelashes for a dramatic, wide-eyed look. Its list of attributes reads like your dream mascara check-list - smudge-proof, flake-proof & tear-proof; but easy to remove. The fine brush makes it easy to apply, even on small eyes and lower lashes, plus it's even easier to remove with fingertips & warm water saving you on make up remover and protecting the delicate eye areas from scrubbing. Once set it holds the curl like a perm making lashes look longer and your eyes prettier.

    • How to use
      Use Kevyn Aucoin's eyelash curlers, then apply The Mascara to set and hold the curl. Apply a second coat for added drama, then go about your day. This easily wipes off with warm water and a cloth - no remover needed.
    • Full ingredients list
      Water, Acrylates/Ethylhhexel Copolymer, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Ceteth-15, Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Carnauba Wax, PVP, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Potassium Hydroxide, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Laureth-21, Jojoba Oil, Squalane, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Silica. May Contain: Iron Oxides, Carmine, Ultramarines, Titanium Dioxide.
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    Kevyn Aucoin - The Curling Mascara

    Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara Reviews

    Quite amazing
    I bought this mascara on a whim after reading the reviews but I wasn’t expecting to like it so much. Lovely intense black mascara for a super natural look. It does not budge at all. As others mentioned, the only way to remove it is to soften it with warm water and it will dissolve on its own. I’m a little apprehensive about the comments about the issues with the packaging but two weeks in all is fine so fingers crossed.
    Old: Yes. New: No
    It has the magical two words I look for in any mascaras: Tubing formula. I always hated the packaging but loved the product. Kept repurchasing it for a long time. As excited as I was when they reformulated it as disappointed I was after trying it out. Something has changed and it no longer as reliable as it used to be.
    Old formula was better...
    And the faulty packaging still hasn't changed. The old formula was drier, slightly less black and absolutely clump free (I always remove the excess on the wand with a tissue before applying). The result looked stunning and very natural. All those are lost with the new formula, and yet the mascara's true faults still haven't improved: it dries out fast and the cheap packaging falls apart before one finishes the tube. I'm still buying this, as usual, but only until I find a better dupe which compares to the old formula.
    Doesn't budge!
    The best tubing mascara I've tried, doesn't move until I want it to, and most importantly doesn't flake. It gives a really good length, not too much drama, so ideal for everyday wear. I love it!
    Nice everyday mascara
    I like this mascara for everyday looks - nothing dramatic, it just gives definition + no transfer. I have oily eyelids and deep-set eyes, my eyelashes are ordinary (not long and not short). I wear contacts - no problem with that, does not make my eyes red, foggy or watery. This mascara is easy to remove with warm water (very convenient when traveling).
    Awful Mascara
    Don’t rate this mascara at all. It’s weird and leaves like a glue residue on lashes and gives no volume at all. Wouldn’t recommend.
    So nice I bought it twice!
    Bought one in the sale, loved it so stocked up!
    Terrible, cheap product
    This is the worst mascara I’ve tried in years. Needs 4 coats just to look like I’m wearing any product; the wand feels flimsy and cheap. Wish I hadn’t bought this... not sure which product the positive reviews on this page are referring to but it doesn’t sound like the one I received last week!
    Great natural, lengthening mascara
    Lovely mascara for a long lasting natural look and lengthening without clumps. Perhaps not the one for those wanting dramatic volume but unlike many mascaras that claim to be layerable you can build it up (even after it’s semi-dried) to create a decent level of volume without it becoming clumpy or uneven. Only slight complaint is that the bit of the wand under the brush gets quite a lot of product stuck to it when you pull it out of the tube.
    Terrible packaing
    I'm coming back to precise my previous review, I need to point out the terrible packaging. The formula is still excellent but the packaging separates over time, the top piece that wriggles the formula form the brush before you use it gets stuck to the brush, so you find yourself with way too much product on the brush. Kevyn Aucoin company really needs to sort this out.
    I love fiber mascaras, they look so natural and wash off with warm water. This is a lot alike the DJV beautenize fiber wig mascara, which I can't find anywhere nowadays.
    This mascara may not curl my eyelashes as they are very straight (nothing an eyelash curler won't fix) but it truly gives length to your lashes. It doesn't create panda eyes and all you need is a cotton wool pad and water to remove. Stays all day and night.
    Absolute must have
    My friends call me a 'mascara expert' as I've tried all high end mascaras. The closest effect to this one is Diorshow mascara. However, unlike the Dior one Kevin Aucoin mascara doesn't smudge at all. My lashes look thick, curly and long. I layer 2-3 coats. In fact I've bought 2 mascaras, curling and volume and they are fantastic. And it doesn't smudge at all neither on my lower lashes nor on my brow bone. It's truly the best.
    Fantastic mascara
    This is truly great mascara - no clumping, a great brush makes it very easy to apply and the formula is jet black. It comes off with one wipe of makeup remover. It genuinely lengthens and separates the lashes whilst looking natural - if you like massive showgirl lashes then there are other mascaras out there, but if you want something dramatic that you can still wear everyday - I haven't found better. I love it.
    Just what I was looking for!
    I was looking for a mascara that didn't smudge or clump but still gave definition length and curl. I found this mascara easy to use and easy to get off with no panda eyes. I am a convert.
    I love this product
    I do not think the product lives up to it's name. I have no idea why it is called The Curling Mascara, as in my opinion it doesn't, however, I will continue to buy this product as it looks nice, never spreads around my eyes and it is really really easy to remove all traces of it.
    No transfer No worries
    As someone who forever finds mascara underneath my eyes and down to my cheeks I am always looking for the answer to ensure I have perfect lashes without the black residue. This is my lash superhero. Providing the best separation and blackest natural looking lashes without clumping or clagging and lasts all day. Great for travelling as well to layer over other mascaras to lock on the product giving that long-lasting false lash effect. As a big tip do not try to pull this off but allow the warm water to soften and remove the product.
    Not for Me....
    I was looking forward to trying this mascara but sadly, it was not for me. The main issue is the wand/brush. It didn't apply the mascara evenly/smoothly and worst of all, after I applied it the mascara it smeared on my top and bottom eyelids. It happened every time I used this so I just stopped using it and went back to the brand I was using before. Hate to say it but this is probably one of the worst mascaras I have tried in my life, and that includes both high end and drugstore. Sadly, I can't say it curled well for me either... Sorry, Kevyn Aucoin but it wasn't for me :/
    Love it
    This is my favourite mascara at the moment. It gives enough volume, looks natural, and I can remove it by water! I hate any micellar water or cleanser on my eyes, so, this mascara saved my eyes.
    Natural and comfortable mascara
    I have sensitive eyes and I have a lot of trouble with all the flaky types of mascaras. This one, although it won't make your lashes voluminous, it will be the perfect everyday mascara - doesn't flake, smudge or smell of chemicals.
    Add curl and length
    I will never spend over £20 on a mascara as there are many affordable drugstore options doing a great job. When I saw this on sale I decided to give it a go, and it didn’t let me down. I’m Asian and I have short and straight eyelashes. This formula builds curl and length without making my lashes clumpy. I won’t say it adds too much volume but it’s great for everyday use. What’s more, it doesn’t smudge and last all day!
    The only mascara I have ever used that doesn't crumble under my eyes - amen! Doesn't smudge even with my teary eyes and not too hard to remove. Nice colour and lengthening but not super volumizing which I'm okay with. I have normal to long lashes that curl upwards naturally.
    The best tubing mascara I have ever tried
    I can only use tubing mascaras since I have eczema on my eyelids and cannot use even the most sensitive makeup removers. This one is the best I have ever tried, it does not smear or smudge and prolongs and brings volume to my lashes. Even my boyfriend noticed the difference! However, I usually do more layers and it lasts me approximately 6 weeks before I throw it away, so I would say it dries out/gets used up pretty fast. But I am still extremely happy with it though, my previous one was the curling mascara by Trish McEvoy and this one is way better for my lashes. Love it!
    My favorite! it lasts all day!
    Fav mascara
    I love this mascara. It naturally lengthens without clumping and all it takes is water for it washes off without you having to tug at your eyelashes.
    Would not repurchase
    I bought this because of the fantastic reviews but this mascara has not curled a single lash on my eye. The wet formula seems to mean it all gathers at the top of the tube every time you use it. It is a really good jet black colour though.
    Not buying again
    The only way it curled was curling like some bad milk under my eyes when I washed it off.
    Cannot recommend it enough!
    I discovered this - one of the first 'tubing' mascaras - ten years ago and used it religiously until the range was withdrawn from the UK. Finally it's back and I cannot recommend it enough.
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