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    Mabel + MegLumilixir Serum 20ml<p>Jam-packed with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, Mabel + Meg&#8217;s Lumilixir Serum is a skin-perfecting powerhouse. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C deflects the damaging effects of everyday exposure to pollutants while kick-starting collagen creation, while hyaluronic acid &#8211; a naturally occurring carbohydrate &#8211; is phenomenally hydrophilic (water-loving): it attracts and retains up to 1000 times its own molecular weight in water to &#8216;swell&#8217; cells and in turn, reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles. Instantly absorbed with no trace of residue, this acts like a long drink for thirsty complexions &#8211; hydrating and replenishing to swiftly restore &#8216;bounce&#8217; and youthful dewiness. Apply all over your complexion after cleansing, pat over clean lips to plump and prep for liquid lipstick, or buff on top of base to achieve the most flawless, luminous skin-finish. &nbsp;</p>MAM001 20ml952350605295000045 stars, based on45 reviews 29.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Mabel + Meg Lumilixir Serum

    Mabel + Meg
    Lumilixir Serum
    ( 20ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Formulated from a streamlined mix of ingredients, Mabel + Meg’s Lumilixir Serum is acquiring legions of die-hard devotees – all of whom are obsessed with its plumping and skin-brightening prowess, as well as its ability to perform an impressive multitude of functions. From combatting scarring to lightening dark spots, diffusing foundation or priming (and hydrating) lips before lipsticks, there’s virtually nothing this impressive formulation isn’t good for.

    • Description

      Jam-packed with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, Mabel + Meg’s Lumilixir Serum is a skin-perfecting powerhouse. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C deflects the damaging effects of everyday exposure to pollutants while kick-starting collagen creation, while hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring carbohydrate – is phenomenally hydrophilic (water-loving): it attracts and retains up to 1000 times its own molecular weight in water to ‘swell’ cells and in turn, reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles. Instantly absorbed with no trace of residue, this acts like a long drink for thirsty complexions – hydrating and replenishing to swiftly restore ‘bounce’ and youthful dewiness. Apply all over your complexion after cleansing, pat over clean lips to plump and prep for liquid lipstick, or buff on top of base to achieve the most flawless, luminous skin-finish.  

    • How to use

      Apply all over your complexion after cleansing and toning, pat over clean lips to plump and prep for liquid lipstick, or buff on top of base to achieve the most flawless, luminous skin-finish.  

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Propanediol, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

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    Mabel + Meg - Lumilixir Serum

    Mabel + Meg Lumilixir Serum Reviews

    Adore this product
    I have combination/acne prone skin. I love this product because it adds moisture to my skin but doesn't cause any breakouts. I wish it came in a larger bottle (and maybe a slightly cheaper price!) because it's become a firm favourite of mine.
    Gentle and effective
    I’ve been having breakouts and the acne scars have been so obvious! When I started using this a month ago, I can see that the blemishes and scars are fading. And I see that my complexion has improved! Love this!!!
    Laughably bad.
    I was given this by someone who tried to pass it off because she really hated it (we had a laugh about it later). I tried and used it over 6 weeks. And for whatever reason I didn't think too much of it, but for what you have to pay, it's ridiculous. I have used things that are sold on this site for more money but they were plant actives like this one too. But I cannot say this "serum" has more preservatives/functionals than actual actives. I think the Ordinary Buffet is considerably more impressive than this sadness.
    Gentle but effective treatment
    I originally heard about Lumilixir Serum as a pre-lip treatment but since buying it I have been using all over my face for gentle but effective treatment.
    Not convinced they did very much. My skin did feel moisturised but it has done very little for the overall appearance, even after getting through a 30ml bottle. The simple ingredients are probably good for super-sensitive skin, but I will be going back to using a stronger serum.
    Did nothing for me
    This did nothing for my skin. May as well have been water. However it did help with bringing back my eyebrow products and contour to life after they had dried out.
    As a fellow acne sufferer
    I'm always sceptical of skin care, due to my acne I would literally spend fortunes on serums, creams etc. All claiming to clear my skin. I was recommended this and I made the decision to part with my money. Well...what can I say! I saw improvement in my skin after just a few days, skin looked brighter, more radiant and a lot clearer. It defiantly helps to fade any scarring and old blemished too. Another note is that I do suffer from very sensitive skin and this did not irritate or tingle in the slightest. I did it as a 4 because I just wish it was a bigger bottle of the money! But I guess you do get what you pay for
    Best product ever
    Literally the only thing, that helped my dry acne-prone skin. My acne is almost gone and my skin is so hydrated! Totally worth the price.
    got me hooked
    I was very sceptical at first since it is quite pricy but doesn't actually feel like much (very light texture). It get's absorbed quickly by doesn't really leav your skin hydrated. But over time I did have to admit that my skin looked better (I don't know if it was the product itselfe or if it was due to a good combination of beauty products). One way or another it works for me and I have bought it already several times.
    The ph of this product renders the Vit-C so I don't even know why that's part of the formula. The HA is decent (I've been mixing a drop with my night cream, which works quite nicely), but honestly it's overpriced for what it is.
    I mean it worked but it's not worth the price.
    I saw this being shelled out heavily on Instagram so wanted to find out what the hype was about. While this is a very softening HA, there are more alternatives in the market at the same price point that offer a higher quality HA. The product still works though and I thoroughly enjoy using it but I'm questioning if it's worth the price.
    Yes but no
    At first, I thought that I've found the ONE. My skin was very smooth but after a week of using it, turns out to be very useless. I only have blemishes during my "bad period" of the month so I gave it an other shot. Nothing. My blemishes were still there and my skin was not so smooth. Too bad.
    Plumps and hydrates the skin almost instantly - a little longer for acne scars
    I have been using the M+M serum for three weeks now and I can certainly see a huge difference in the texture of my skin - it feels so firm and hydrated and really plumps the skin! It goes on so well under my moisturiser too. I originally purchased this product to help treat my acne marks/scars, but the results are very slow so patience is key! But I can already see the marks gently beginning to fade, so it just give it more time. I have also noticed that I have had fewer breakouts since using the serum, so this is definitely worth looking at if you have acne-prone skin. Overall, I have become a huge fan of this product and I have already purchased my second bottle!
    OMG, this is a Godsend! I started using this serum only two days ago and I immediately saw a great difference, unbelievable. My skin looks brighter, the blemishes are getting better and I feel more hydrated. I'm planning on buying this again and again!
    Highly Recommend!!
    I picked this up after reading some amazing reviews and am happy to report that it doesn't disappoint. The serum absorbs quickly and gives the skin a lovely glow and plumpness. Just one drop does the job, and the texture smoothes easily over my entire face. I use it both day and night, and it sits happily under a layer of cream and then makeup, or even oil and cream in the evening.
    It is really good, however it is not worth the money for how long it lasts despite the tiny amount I use each time I do use it.
    Definitely noticed a difference
    Having combination skin I wanted to stay away from oils so thought I'd try this. Didn't notice a difference to start with but with prolonged use it's really helped to even out my skin tone and leave my skin looking brighter. Love it now and it also makes for a great primer before foundation. I don't use this product alone I use Sebamed for my spots then this then a moisturiser. Or this over a moisturiser when using as a primer. Make sure you give each product time to absorb before the next x
    Great HA but not Vit C
    I bought this as a Vitmain C so my star rating is based on my disappointment in it's PH level. It's too high to be a fabulous Vitamin C. However, it is a decent Hyaluronic Acid and works well as a moisturizing serum...which is how I'm currently using it as.
    A pretty good product.
    After using the Mabel + Meg serum for 3 weeks, I have to say that I noticed differences to my complexion. 1. Face complexion seems to be clearer; 2. Skin tone is more even; 3. Acne has lessen. I used 2 drops during the day and night. After three weeks, there is half a bottle left. I would say that serum finishes pretty quickly. I am still observing the effectiveness of this product but I have since repurchased two more bottle as it takes two weeks for it to reach me.
    MAGIC IN A BOTTLE for acne
    I just use this serum now 3 days and let me tell you, this works wonder for my acne. I really can say it is one of the best things I ever justed and I used a lot from the cheapest to the most expensive stuff. I had a few breakouts with ugly yellow stuff (i know it is ewwww)in the pimple. I did washed my face with the pixi glow mud cleanser, after that i used the mist from january labs (which i also love) and then i put this mabel and meg serum and in the morning those ugly pimple dried up. If you have acneprone skin I would really really buy it. You will not be dissappointed and the best thing is, it is non comedegenic.
    I'll never be without a bottle!
    Not only have this little wonder dramatically improved the look of fine lines and tone of my skin but adding a drop or two to my foundation has given me a flawless look. I have oily/combination skin and have been using this product daily since I bought it. I can't recommend it enough! Great tip is to use a drop on your lips prior to putting on a liquid lipstick, gives a smooth base and I swear it makes my lipstick last longer! Another win from Cult Beauty!
    I'm in love
    I cannot rave about this product enough, I have dry skin which has a fight with even the nicest primers or moisturisers. This serum smooths on lovely and you just rub it in till it's slightly sticky (perfect as a base) or till it's completely sunk into your skin. My skin feels smooth and soft after using it and it's only been a few days. I also put a little on my beauty blender when patting in concealer.
    Works really well!
    My skin has recently reverted to what can only be described as puberty skin- oily, with comedones lurking on my cheeks and parts of my forehead that are impossible to get rid of. Considering I hadn't dealt with this since I was 13, I was at my wit's end and decided to give this a go, and I'm so glad I did! It glides on with a completely lightweight and non greasy texture and soaks into the skin quickly with no residue, leaving my skin feeling smooth and soft but not oily. I can also definitely see an improvement in my comedones- they're now pretty much non existent and the breakouts I do get are small pimples that can easily be gotten rid of. I have also noticed a difference in how my skin looks far less dull. It helps foundation glide and prevents makeup from looking cakey. A drop on your brush or beauty blender also helps make undereye concealer or cream products look flawless. I really love this serum as a lip primer/ treatment too; I have chronically chapped lips, and standard balms only relieve this for a couple of hours at a time- I put a half drop of this on morning and night, especially before putting on lipstick- my lips haven't been chapped ever since, even after wearing drying liquid lipsticks! I can't recommend this product enough, for any skin type and any use!
    Great product for sensitive skin
    My skin looks brighter, feels not so dry anymore and feels so soft and nice! normally I use a very light foundation just to correct my skin colour (have not a lot of skin problems) but now it's not necessary anymore. My skin is very sensitive, normally it gets red fast and doesn't like perfume or alcohol, well it's perfect for sensitive skin.
    Fabulous serum!
    Really love this for my dry, a bit spotty and a bit red menopausal skin. Sinks in lovely - no stickiness and makes the skin glow. Can't live without and a little goes a long way!
    Overpriced :(
    I guess it's an “ok“ product but I didn't see a significant improvement. I have combination skin, I like to define it “dry in the morning and an oil slick in the afternoon/evening“ :) I used it mostly in the morning as I have a stable “night routine“ that works and was looking for a VIT C product. I was looking for radiance and hydration. I even stopped using it for a week to check the “I noticed a difference only after I stopped using it“ - no, my skin stayed in the same condition. In the end, it's nice, but nothing more. I got a new product and hope it will give me better results. Fingers crossed :)
    HG status!
    This is one of my HG products - I really notice the difference whenever I run out of the product, or stop using it. I have combo, super-sensitive, acne prone skin (fun, I know!), and this doesn't irritate or breaks me out, unlike some other Vitamin C serums. It makes my skin look radiant, smooths away (most) of my dry patches (cold-weather) and has banished the beginnings of my first super fine-line forehead wrinkle. It's an excellent base for make-up, and a staple in my skincare routine. My only negative is that it is rather pricey for only 30ml of product, and it only lasts for about 6 weeks, but I do use it twice a day. In any case, for me, it's well worth the spend.
    I over-exfoliated my skin after a breakout-bout, and there was crusting and bad hyperpigmentation. I wanted to use a Vit C, but everything was too strong on my peeling skin. This one was super-gentle, helped the crusts/scabs to fall off, and healed the hyperpigmentation faster. Plus, the hyaluronic soothed my angry skin. Now that I'm back to normal, I'll return to my stronger Vit C, but I'll keep a bottle in my cabinet for emergencies like this.
    Definitely brightens!
    I bought this product a few months ago and thought I would review, as I've just left a review on the Sunday Riley Juno oil. The Mabel and Meg serum is brilliant: it brightens, hydrates and softens. The only issue is how quickly I went through the bottle. It felt like I had to use a lot of the product (perhaps I didn't) and the bottle was finished in three weeks. For the price, it's just not realistic to purchase and use consistently. I did use it morning and night and my skin looked brilliant. If you don't want an oil, this is a great choice and it does work. I plan on buying again and will use sparingly to see what results I get. I've noticed that Vitamin C products tend to be expensive, so this is a good price point.
    Eliminates dry skin
    I'm so pleased with this serum. I have lifelong dry skin and after using this my usually flaky nose is smooth. I'm particularly happy because many acidic products have been too irritating to me in the past.
    Saviour of my New Mum face
    I have a two month old baby. Sleep evades me, I live off biscuits and I don't get out much. So you get a picture of what I might look like. And that's despite a fairly hefty skincare collection (I blame Caroline Hirons for that). So I bought this to perk up my waxy, dehydrated face and man, did it do the trick! Almost immediately I looked more hydrated, glowy, and smooth. Over the month I've used it it's helped to reduce pigmentation from acne and has really improved the overall condition of my skin. It's now an essential part of my skincare arsenal and it's given me skin that no new mother has any right to have. In short, I highly recommend using this along with a decent moisturiser, facial oil (or both). And if you're a mum, this is a no-brainer.
    Can't live without it
    Spent the weekend without my bottle..................#regrets
    I have been using this serum for about two months and skin feels amazing. I was acne prone, redness around the nose because of blowing my nose all the time due to allergy. Now I don't have redness around the nose and my acne has gone 90% of it :) I use it in day and night and also to blend the foundation, works like a magic. I bought the 20ml at first and it only last me about one and half month. Now I'm on my second batch which I decided to buy the 30ml. This is going to be my lifetime skincare product :)
    Waste of money and time
    Feels like I've splashed water on my face, for what I've paid for it wasnt worth it. Doesn't do nothing to my skin, skin feels tight and no signs of blemishes disappearing or reducing wrinkles for sure.
    I can't apply my make up without this
    The ability this has to transform a bog-standard drugstore foundation, into a glow-inducing, pro-standard, flawless base is impeccable. Just a few drops on to my Beautyblender and my foundation is SO much easier to blend, my skin plump and my finish dewy. The disappointing foundations that made their way at the back of my beauty drawer are finally getting used!
    And the award goes to...
    Let me just say I have the worst skin type! I am acne-prone and super sensitive because a few years ago I had an accutane treatment that didn't cure my acne (it returned in some months) and left me with a bunch of scars and hyperpigmentation all over my cheeks! Now I try to have a healthy lifestyle and eat organic greens, etc and I only use natural cosmetics. Although this isn't organic or even labeled "all natural" I was convinced by the simplicity of the ingredients list, it has vitamin c and hyauloric acid that was just what I needed! Well, let me just say that the first day i used it in the morning, I can swear my skin looked better than ever that night, the hyperpigmentation wasn't so red!! I am in love with this and I think I finally found my ultimate skin products (I use it along with Indie Lee brightening cleanser, Indie Lee tonic, Tata Harper clarifying moisturiser (morning) and argan oil (night).
    love this!
    It's so multi-purpose. This is definitely a skincare savior!
    After reading so many excellent reviews, I was excited to try out this miracle product on my acne prone skin. After the first use I had cystic acne appear the area I tested the serum on. I continued to use the product, convincing myself that it wasn't due to this, but what I wrong! I'm now left to deal with the dark acne scars from the cysts this product caused. I contacted the company directly with images of my breakout. However, I'm very grateful that Cult Beauty refunded me fully for the serum.
    Definitely lives up to the claims
    I honestly believe this serum works! It brightens my skin and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It glides over the skin so effortlessly and little is needed. The description of the product is spot on and does exactly what it claims. Works well as a lip primer also before matte lipsticks.
    Amazing serum
    I have been using this for almost 3 weeks and love it. I use the Murad vitamin c cleanser, Pixi glow tonic, follow with this serum and a Murad moisturiser. Since using this I haven't had any spots at all. I do not have acne but I usually have a few spots at least at any time. But this has been amazing! Skin is totally clear and the HA makes a great moisturiser too. Totally recommend!!
    Very impressed
    My skin is very sensitive and spot prone, everything upsets it. I've been using this for a while now and have no problems at all. I agree with the other good reviews here. I will continue to buy and have no desire to try anything else (I've tried just about everything else). It's great when something works! Please keep stocking this Cult Beauty.
    The perfect pick-me-up
    As a uni student, I very rarely have time to address my skin concerns (of which there are many). However, after a very heavy period of exams I noticed my skin was becoming overly sensitive and feeling quite dry. Though I've never used a serum before, and the ones I have my eye as a result of cult likes tend to be more on the expensive side, I was more than happy to spend £30 on a bottle of serum that seemed to have very effective results, from what I've seen online. It has NOT disappointed. Though I can't say it's a miracle worker for uneven skin tone, or unfortunate redness of the skin, the cooling and hydrating texture of the serum is light as it soaks into the skin, leaving a matte but dewy finish. It hasn't been able to solve every one of my problems, but as for sensitivity and acne it really has made such a difference. I'm giving it 4 stars solely because I think this kind of serum is perfect for acne, but only if acne is your main problem. It did very little to rehydrate or even my skin.
    I decided to give this a month before I wrote a review to see if there is a lasting impact and Im not dissapointed. Ive been using a single drop morning (before moisture and make up) and night (after cleansing) and my skin hasn't looked this even and clear in years. I can definitely see less fine lines and my skin has an even glow even without any makeup. The lack of fragrance takes a bit of getting used to but I will be buying this again over my usual vit C + serum which cost 4 times as much!!!!
    Oh my God...revolutionary
    First product review an I buy a lot from here... Wow...just wow. Completely changed the way liquid lipstick sits comfortably. It's a must and you don't even need drops; a tiny touch goes a long way. I LOVE THIS serum! Thank you Cult Beauty for bringing this product in!
    Favourite primer for acne-prone skin
    I can't believe this hasn't been reviewed yet. I've been battling acne breakouts since I was 12 years old. I'm now 20 and have only just come across this amazing product which is one of the only things that has helped me reduce my breakouts but also fade my scars. I use it after cleansing and toning and it has SERIOUSLY helped my skin. This serum in particular has helped me so much since I have combination skin and struggle to find a moisturiser that doesn't make me oily. This serum is PERFECT for hydrating my skin, as well as giving me all the added benefits of its amazing ingredients. DEFINITELY recommend.
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