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    Lime Crime

    Diamond Crushers
    I love these so much! ((Tip to apply))
    I now have a total of 3 (heirloom, Trip, and Choke) and I love them all. If you want them on bare lips you can either use one coat and keep it more a subtle shimmer (looks really cool when topped with a clear gloss) or put multiple layers on. I also love putting them on top of lipsticks. One thing I must say about them is when applying them either on top of lipsticks or on their own: apply it and wait until fully dry and then take your finger to buff out the glitter so it's not as chunky.
    These are really good and look amazing over most lipsticks. Stayed on all day at a festival and layered really well when I topped it up in the evening. Have lent to a friend and loved it to. Would definitely recommend for anyone going for a holographic look.
    Would definitely recommend!!!
    I LOVE these sooo much!!! I have the colours Choke, Fluke, and Over the Rainbow and I fully intend to buy more colours soon. I did look at a few YouTube tutorials to get the best out of the product first and I would always recommend that before buying any new makeup. If you're wearing these as a topper they HAVE to be worn over liquid Matt lipstick or you just end up with a mess. I've heard that some people find them patchy, but if you use a thin layer (I always apply product from the back of the wand because less of the product gathers there) let it dry down and then run your clean fingertip lightly over the surface of your lips to blend everything together you get an even coat. This is the only makeup that you're better off applying in a dimly lit bathroom! That way you can see where the product has clumped together and smooth it out. These last well on me, but my sister says that I'm inhuman when it comes to not messing up my lippy so it could just be me! I've also topped these with lipgloss after they've dried down and they didn't budge at all. Definitely the best lip toppers out of the many brands I've tried.
    Pretty good
    A tad chunky on the lips, and doesn't work over some lipsticks, however, Choke is very pretty and can be used in a few different ways, so overall I think it is worth the money.
    Did not like it at all, so sheer and uneven.
    I have Gemini and I absolutely love its dazzling colour.
    Chemical burn
    I bought Gemini which is a beautiful shimmery blue and purple nearly holo colour, but unfortunately the application gave me a burn on my lower lip which was sore for 2 weeks. I think the chemicals inside this product are way too harsh and cause allergies and sores.
    The best lip toppers around!
    I have tried lip toppers from a lot of brands! Huda, Jouer etc. but these ones win! They are instant glitter lips! The formulas do differ from colour to colour though... I have cleopatra which needs to be built up and is best worn on top of another shade and Heirloom which is opaque and can be worn alone! Good buy!
    I love them so much
    I purchased acid fairy and strip. Acid fairy is a beautiful glitter sheen and goes you can use it on the lips eyes and as a highlighter. It stays on a long time. Very pigmented and I wouldn't recommend putting it over another lipstick.
    I was a bit scared to order the Diamond Crushers at first after reading the reviews so I ordered just one shade (Heirloom) to try it out and I absolutely love it! The colour is just like pictured just after one application, the consistency isn't watery at all and at the same time not too sticky and "glossy". Plus it doesn't dry out my lips like other long-lasting lip shades but at the same time it lasts a while. The smell isn't too strong at all and I like it. Will be ordering more shades very soon!
    Packed with sparkle
    I have the shade Lit, and I can promise it's beautiful. If wearing on its own, you would definitely need a couple of coats for the sparkle to really shine through; however when laid over an opaque lipstick, only one coat is needed. Great staying power and shine. It can be a little drying on the lips, but that is to be expected with a glitter product, so personally I don't have a problem with that. I also imagine they would work well as a highlighter and an eyeshadow. Will definitely be getting more shades.
    Not sure how to feel
    I was prepared to apply multiple layers for this to show up and it looks great (Trip). I didn't have consistency issues and I wasn't disappointed with the physical appearance of it. The smell though, is a whole other story. From the bottle, it smells great, like a sticky sweet strawberry candy. Once you apply it on your lips I would describe the unwelcome scent that tends to linger in your mouth and your nose as, strawberry flavoured bleach thrown on top of a flaming pile of gasolined poop. I'm going to be wearing it for a festival soon but I can't say I'm too excited.
    I have Lit and Cleopatra, obsessed with lit and not mad about cleopatra. I'm not obsessed with cleopatra cuz unlike lit, the glitter looks bit too chunky to my liking. However, they are both packed with glitter and live up to their name "diamond crushers". I was so excited to get LA as I'm a sucker for orange lippies. However, this is a red lip tint with glitter...the glitter is not as sparkly, and the tint leaves a bright red stain than orange...nothing like what's on the tube or photo. Needed three coat to build up something, and it's gone after a meal. I can make better lip look that lasts way longer with my better quality lip tints and other diamond crushers. Very disappointed.
    I liked it
    When I received them (I have fluke, trip and choke) I was a bit disappointed by consistency. You do have to put a few layers before the colour really shows up. However, if you use them on top of matte lipsticks or on cheeks as a highlighter (for a party) or even as an eyeshadow on your eyes, it works really well and shows colour/ shimmers really nicely. I would advise to play with the product more. But I do agree that the photos are a bit deceiving.
    I have heard nothing but bad things about Lime Crime and I absolutely know why. The shade I purchased was Trip. The colour of it is gorgeous but the smell and the consistency throws me for a loop. I should have done some research before buying it. I cannot stand the smell, it smells like a strawberry shampoo gone way way bad like it has expired. The consistency is too watery. Will not recommend at all. A few much better alternatives I believe would be the Anastasia ones or the Becca ones.
    I absolutely love these lip toppers, I have most of them and they're all great, really sparkly and beautiful, over liquid mattes and if worn alone does require a couple coats for opaque coverage. They dry matte which I love and feel cool and a little tingly; it doesn't budge. Unlike other lip toppers which are either too glossy and disappear or become grainy & muddy by mixing with the lip colour. I also use these as glitter eyeshadow toppers and highlighting my cheek bones.
    Diamond Crushers
    I bought two of these (Trip and Strip). To start with, the packaging is gorgeous and the actual lip colour looks insane, but I think it's fair to say I'm disappointed with this product. Trip applies with literally 0 pigment and takes atleast 3 applications to fully show up. I just put on the third coat and it's spreading about and has gone patchy in some places. From a distance it actually does look wearable though, and would definitely look better w/ a full face of makeup on. Probably wouldn't buy this again. Strip is virtually the exact same although slightly better pigment. So gutted about these products.
    Love these. Bought dope and trip. Loved them so much I came back and bought two more shades. Smells great too and lasts all day.
    Not the best
    Looks amazing under artificial light but looks patchy in natural light. Very runny and hard to apply, very difficult to get an even coat. On the plus side, the scent is very nice and would be good to wear for a few hours.
    Soooo I have been buzzing to receive mine and they arrived today. I ordered Fluke and Trip. First impressions were good, the packaging is really nice and the smell is to die for. But, it pains me to say, I am really, really disappointed with both lipsticks. You need about 4 layers in order to get decent coverage and once these have been applied, the product is really drying and stiff (allow drying time between each layer or the product just moves around) I deliberately applied one before lunch to see how it lasted but was further disappointed as most of it rubbed off and I ended up with tiny glitter specs all over my face. Definitely not what I'd expect from a Lime Crime product.