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    Jordan Samuel SkinHydrate Facial Serum 30ml<p>Twirling its way through thirsty cells, Jordan Samuel Skin&#8217;s Hydrate Facial Serum bathes your skin in soothing botanicals and nourishing humectants for an effortlessly dewy finish.&nbsp;</p><p>Flooding dehydrated skin with a wave of lasting hydration, this weightless serum absorbs effortlessly for a refreshing veil of moisture. Excelling as the prima moisturising ingredient, sodium hyaluronate (a super effective form of hyaluronic acid) acts as a humectant: attracting and retaining water within your skin. Tamarind extract makes for a powerful support act, helping to maintain healthy hydration and gloriously smooth skin. Last but definitely not least, the blend of aloe leaf and cucumber extract has a calming and softening effect that we just can&#8217;t live without. Just when we couldn&#8217;t be more excited, this formula comes in the original 30ml and an impressive 120ml.</p>JSS002_30ML206208631420002285 stars, based on56 reviews 26.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum
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    Jordan Samuel Skin
    Hydrate Facial Serum
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Making the skin care scene his stage, skin therapist Jordan Samuel Pacitti founded the eponymous collection in 2013: setting out to create high-performing formulas that artfully tame and perfect complexions in crisis. His former career as a professional ballet dancer made him no stranger to chronic skin irritation and this frustration inspired the Jordan Samuel Skin quest for clear and radiant skin. Poised to pirouette its way into your ritual, this chic and minimalistic collection is perfectly skin-plié-sing.

    • Description

      Twirling its way through thirsty cells, Jordan Samuel Skin’s Hydrate Facial Serum bathes your skin in soothing botanicals and nourishing humectants for an effortlessly dewy finish. 

      Flooding dehydrated skin with a wave of lasting hydration, this weightless serum absorbs effortlessly for a refreshing veil of moisture. Excelling as the prima moisturising ingredient, sodium hyaluronate (a super effective form of hyaluronic acid) acts as a humectant: attracting and retaining water within your skin. Tamarind extract makes for a powerful support act, helping to maintain healthy hydration and gloriously smooth skin. Last but definitely not least, the blend of aloe leaf and cucumber extract has a calming and softening effect that we just can’t live without. Just when we couldn’t be more excited, this formula comes in the original 30ml and an impressive 120ml.

    • How to use

      Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed skin to hydrate thirsty cells. Also suitable for the delicate eye area. Dab a small amount around eyes to hydrate and refresh.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua/Water, Glycerin, Gluconolactone, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Tamarindus Indica Fruit Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Calcium Gluconate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-51 Amide, Sodium Benzoate, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol.

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    Jordan Samuel Skin - Hydrate Facial Serum

    Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum Reviews

    At last!
    Finally a serum that doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or wet. It sinks into your skin almost instantly and really hydrates. Can’t wait to try more from this brand!
    Highly recommended. My skin is much brighter, smoother and softer.
    This stuff is
    Such a great Hydrating Serum. Texture is really nice and spreads easy. Scent not too strong, leaves my skin just a little sticky in the best way. Only downside is price, but I can look past it for how great it is.
    I'm on my second bottle now. I have combination skin and it's really nice on the skin. I love it and my skin looks great!
    Changed my skin!!
    Honestly, I cannot recommend or praise this product highly enough. Just wow. I have very dry skin and this completely changed the game for me. I ran out of it, then it was sold out for about a month and in that month of not using this daily I noticed a massive difference in my skin's hydration, as soon as I bought it again and started using it, I can see the instant results. Hydrated, soft, smooth and brighter skin!! Will be a constant staple for me now.
    Perfect for sensitive skin
    Absolutely in love with this serum. It’s so kind on my sensitive skin and soaks in nicely. A little goes a long way so it lasts ages and I don’t think it’s mentioned in the description but it also has sodium ascorbyl phosphate in it which is a stable form of vitamin c also good for sensitive skin. I use this in the morning to get the antioxidant benefits from it too. Will definitely be keeping this product in my routine!
    Love this!
    I’ve had this serum for 2 days and I love it! Very watery (which I like), and very hydrating. This feels good immediately. It definitely keeps my skin moisturised all day, and sits well under my moisturiser and SPF. I definitely want to try more from this brand.
    Fabulous Serum
    Out of all the hyaluronic acids I've used, this is the BEST. No stickiness, tackiness or pilling with other products. I use it straight after exfoliating and misting and it's just perfect. I will buy this forever!
    Love it
    This is my favourite serum, skin drinks it up. I sandwich it between 2 sprays of mist and my skin looks plumped up.
    I’ve never got on with serums, always made my face oily and contributed to breakouts. Come forth JS with this Hydrating Serum. It hydrates instead of coating the skin, sinks straight in and can use moisturiser straight after. No more dehydration for me, woohoo!
    I love this product
    Best Hydrating serum its not watery its thick compare to a lot of hydrating serums
    jordan Samuel Hydrating serum
    Love the product even more since they have improved the dispenser. Instantly absorbed into my skin leaving it looking fresh and hydrated.
    Love it!
    I have tried a few serums with HA and this one is the only one that doesn’t sting! Instant hydration. About to order another so I always have a backup! Thank you Jordan Samuel.
    Good but not amazing.
    This product has definitely made my skin feel more fresh and hydrated but hasn’t made a significant difference in how my skin looks, I still have acne and uneven skin tone and this product just sits on top and doesn’t feel like it is soaking into my skin. It is good and I would recommend but based on value for money I would probably buy or find another product to use instead.
    This is my 3rd Jordan Samuel product and it doesn’t disappoint! Leaves skin lovely and hydrated and isn’t oily at all.
    The best
    My skin drinks this right up. Non-sticky, fast absorbing and leaves my skin soft and plump. It is amazing to use as a buffer before actives. I’ve repurchased this three times and nothing beats it. The only issue I had was the pump on the big size, which is now replaced with a pipette. Perfect!
    Dried out my skin
    I have Combination skin that leans more to the drier side. I found the pump was a bit agressive, the prdocut had a funky smell and it felt like the moisture was being sucked out of my skin. I love this brand but this was a dissapintment.
    Good product - no complaints.
    I like this product, I have increased the amount of active produced used on my skin over recent weeks and wanted to have a calming serum that hydrated my sensitive, combination skin after using retinol or AHA/BHAs. This is quite a thick serum, it feels cool and refreshing and then goes quite tacky - this worried me at first, but as soon as you pop on your moisturiser, makeup, etc. it's no longer noticeable. The product seems to make my skin matte, it's not a radiance inducing product. I wouldn't say that this has transformed my skin, but what I really wanted to do was hydrated and calm my skin which was likely to become increasingly dry and irritated from the gradual increase of active products into my routine - and that's exactly what it has done.
    I wanted to love this ...........
    Firstly I really wanted to love this, I had read the reviews, watched all the YouTube/Instagram videos and couldn’t wait to get it! First problem was the pump, it’s cheap and nasty, too much product comes out very fiercely (tried every time to be very gentle so as to stop this but didn’t matter it just shoots too much product out). Next the smell, harsh, strong and cheap. Could totally get over all of the above if it had been a wonder product, but after 4 weeks of trying to get my skin used to it I quite frankly look like a snake shedding its skin (only new product I used and definitely didn’t have a problem before) it literally made my skin so dry it was peeling off my face (definitely not piling) as soon as I stopped using product my skin has gone back to normal (so had to be this product). I have never felt a product to be so harsh on my skin as this was (I generally have quite tolerant skin). Will return to my trusted NIOD now that is a wonder product.
    A must
    Oh my! My skin adores this serum and I've repurchased several times in both sizes. I can't imagine a time when I will be without it. Fantastic at hydrating and sinks in immediately.
    Great product, awful pump
    This serum goes on well, pats in well, gets very sticky which is a good thing, and the stickiness goes away as soon as you apply whatever product you like to follow hyaluronic serums with (personally I like to apply face oil afterwards). My skin seems to like it, it definitely helps the face oil afterwards sink in more quickly.... However.... The pump is terrible. It's way too violent, and half of the product shoots across the room. You have to *very* slowly push the pump down in order to be able to catch it, or just take the whole pump out and just let the product drip into your palm. This serum would be 5 stars if it had a dropper instead of this pump.
    Life changing stuff
    Incredible product! I have nothing but good things to say about the Jordan Samuels Hydrate facial serum. I'd heard rave reviews about it from trusted skincare influencers so when it became available for sale in the UK I knew I had to try it and ended up diving head first into buying the 120ml bottle as the smaller size sold out immediately...I have generally clear skin but my complexion can look a little dull/dehydrated at times; however not anymore. It's so rare for me to describe a product as life changing but this IS IT. It has honestly been transformational in plumping up my face and from week one I saw a softening in my fine lines and generally looked more radiant. I've had friends comment on my skin, which to me is the clearest indication that it's doing something right, and I will have no hesitation in purchasing this serum again. For anyone debating which size, get the 120ml if you can afford it, you will not regret it. A true wonder product! :) xx
    Great product, terrible pump
    I love this product but the 120ml bottle has a really terrible malfunctioning pump - its impossible to get product out without it aggressively squirting all over the place. I literally have to cup my hand over the nozzle in order to catch a usable amount of serum...
    This product is lovely! Sinks in really quickly and easily, fresh cucumbery smell and a great hydrating feeling. As Caroline Hirons would say, it plays well with others. I have mixed this with active serums from different brands to no ill effect. It also layers great if you want to apply them individually. Great introduction to the JS range
    Great product
    Fantastic product. Saw a beauty expert on TV praising this product so decided to give it a go. Having sensitive combination skin this really left the skin hydrated without causing the skin to be extra oily and it didn't irritate my face. Love it so much have decided to purchase the bigger bottle that will be more value for money
    So good!
    Love it! Great quality, so hydrating and the price is perfect. Finally, we can enjoy in Europe!!
    Wonderful stuff
    I've loved Jordan's products in the past but this was a new one for me. I bought it to replace my hyaluronic acid and this serum is doing the job wonderfully when paired with the Hydrate Mist (also from Jordan Samuel). I love the texture and the fact there's no fragrance. People have been complimenting me on how glowy I've been looking recently and I'm sure it's down to Jordan Samuel!
    Game Changer ♥️
    This is hands down the best hydrating serum I have ever used, It makes my face so plump and looks full of life! before I used this, my skin always seemed dull and lifeless, will absolutely repurchase
    Best Hyaluronic Serum I've ever tried
    I trust Caroline Hirons and Stephanie Nicole when it comes to picking my skincare products. So when they both recommended JS products - I knew I wanted to try them. And this serum blew my mind - the first time you use it - you feel like nothing happened to your face, but after using it weekly along with the Hydrate the Mist (and to be honest, I have the whole line of JS products by now) - it made my skin amazing during this heating season. I've always struggled with dehydration and my oily skin didn't make the case any easier. Every hyaluronic based product I tried before was either not hydrating or so sticky and thick that I could not put anything over it. But this serum: it is not sticky, it absorbs immediately and sits amazingly under makeup. My moisturizer doesn't peel when I put it over the serum and my skin looks and feels good whole day and night. This product is the bomb, you will not regret buying it, so go straight for the large bottle.
    It’s okay…
    It’s a decent hydrating serum, nice gloopy texture however, I don’t think my skin agreed with it and I don’t have particularly sensitive skin. Some days I would use it with no issues and other days it would sting and make some areas of my face red, especially my nose so I would have to wash my face. Won’t be finishing this up
    I have oily, dry, sensitive skine. This serum is working absolutely perfectly. Nice watery texture. Spread easily. Very good and gently ingredients. Definitely I will buy it again.
    Perfect hydration hit
    Love this product, it's lightweight and sinks in beautifully, my sensitive, dehydrated skin soaks it up, forever a repurchase!
    It’s a meh
    I bought the big one (120 ml) like 2 months ago, very good price for the quantity. Although, i have very dry skin and it doesn’t make too much for me. I really had high hopes for it, but i’m pretty dissapointed, i’d never buy again.
    Weightless hydration
    Just as the product description says- this product provides weightless hydration! I'm a bit of a newcomer to the serum game, but I'm so glad I chose this as one of my first. I've used in the morning, sits perfectly under makeup and I've rarely needed to add moisturiser (for my sensitive combination skin) even on my drier skin days. The texture is wonderful, absorbs flawlessly into skin. No reaction/irritation so far after using for a month, will be buying this one again!
    The morning after applying this is just magic. Immediately after putting it on, my skin feels plump and instantly hydrating but the next day is just something else. I use it whenever my skin is feeling lacklustre and dull and I am never disappointed. A Holy Grail item if ever there was one!!!
    First time trying this from the Jordan Samuel range. Very hydrating and a lovely texture. I’ve been using it religiously morning and night. Will definitely be re purchasing.
    This serum is so wonderfully hydrating and feels great on the skin, and leaves the skin plump and healthy. I love that it has no fragrance at all but just be aware that it does mean that this serum does have quite a pungent smell (almost glue-like to me). I would recommend to anyone as well as everyone and this will definitely be in my basket again!
    Perfect serum
    This serum is so Hydrating and pure, I mean just look at the ingredient list! I use it alone and also mix a drop or two into my Moisturiser when I need extra Hydration. I love this brand
    My skin drinks this up
    I bought a few products to try and this one was the cheapest and the best! Wow - my skin loves it!
    Love this product. Gig size is perfect option
    It's pretty good
    I like this serum, I don't love it. It's a pretty good hydrator and the texture is nice (not too heavy or sticky). I wish it would come in a more opaque packaging though.
    it's ok
    I don't get the hype. it's an ok serum, nothing special in my opinion, and before it got really hot, I felt it's not hydrating enough. nothing wrong with it, but nothing special..
    I love this serum, it hydrates leaving my skin plump and refreshed. I have combination skin and I have been using it in place of a moisturiser recently during the warm weather. It's quite thick and a little tacky but it plays very well with my other serums (vit c, retinol etc). Lives up to the hype for me!
    Lovely serum
    Left my skin hydrated and bright. I have super sensitive and reactive skin and this doesn’t irritate me. Love Jordan Samuel products!
    Does exactly what is says..
    I really enjoy applying this! Leaves your skin SO soft. Gives instant hydration and most definitely gives you a "plump" look, I can really see a difference of the fine lines around my mouth after applying this. I also get a lot of redness in my skin and this really calms it down, I wake up with a much better complexion.
    Just what my dehydrated skin needed
    I have recently discovered Jordan Samuel Skin and I haven’t found a product I don’t like from the range. My skin is sensitive and dehydrated which means some areas are parched and other areas are oily. I use this serum after cleansing and acid toning and it really soothes and hydrates my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. I noticed that my skin looked calmer and my make up lasted all day without going patchy or oily. I absolutely love it! The pipette makes it easy to dispense just a few drops so it will last me a while. This is the answer to balanced skin for me! I’d definitely repurchase and it works well with the Aftershow Cleanser and Matinee Gel Cleanser.
    Good first serum, please fix pump!
    This is a very good first serum. I layer on top pretty much everything from oil or silicon based vitamin C to retinol. My skin absorbs it very quickly, even around the eyes. So, very well done on the product! However please revisit the pump. I waste a lot of product because the pump shoots it everywhere.
    Lovely little serum!
    Only been using it for a week but this is a lovely little serum so far. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was due to the pump. It’s very aggressive and I’m getting more on the carpet than on my face.
    Wonderful “boring” product
    This is wonderful and boring and absolutely perfect. Wonderful because it does exactly what it says ie hydrate the skin. Boring because there are no bells and whistles-and that’s what makes it absolutely perfect. I have already repurchased and it’ll take A LOT to put this out of rotation in my routine.
    I love this product it is hydrating, plumping and an amazing texture, I love Jordan Samuel’s whole range.
    Excellent product
    This was a lovely product and my skin felt lovely. However if you have allergies check the contents. I was unfortunately allergic to willow we think and had to stop using which was a shame as I loved it
    Hydrate facial syrum
    Very pleased with the product has helped my fine lines and brightened up my complexion, will defo reorder
    This serum absorbs very quickly leaving my skin feeling hydrated and not tight straight away and my skin has never been as soft, smooth and silky since using this serum in conjunction with the Matinee Cleanser. I highly recommend this product
    Really recommend
    Love this product, leaves my skin nice and hydrated.
    Wow.....just wow!
    I purchased this serum and the facial spray together. I went ahead and purchased the larger bottle because they didn’t have the smaller one in stock. And I’m impatient! I thought to myself “this better be as good as people are saying” I’m a skincare junkie....and this has replaced a hell of a lot of the other products I was using. The nozzle/pump on my bottle is stiff and doesn’t smoothly press down so the first time I used it, it went literally everywhere up the wall on the floor.....So I have to cup my hand around to enclose the nozzle. And that works. So no big drama! The serum inside is lush! The best hydrating serum I’ve ever tried. My skin the next morning was smooth soft and plumped up. I was shocked! So I tried it under my make up the next day. That also was a success! My skin actually looked better! No problem using it under a full face of makeup! I’m actually pleased I splashed out on the larger bottle.
    So happy this is available in the UK now, it's just one of the best no-nonsense hydrators out there. The high % of gluconolactone really makes the formula by providing the *slightest* smoothing/exfoliating effect. Really glad PHAs are making a comeback, super underrated!
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