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    Huda BeautySamantha Lashes #7<p>Made from synthetic fibers and completely cruelty-free, Huda Beauty&#8217;s false eyelashes can be re-used up to 12 times (depending on care), to dramatically enhance your eyes. Ideal for everyday enhancement, these mixed-length lashes lend light volume with a feathery-effect to elevate your beauty look from &#8216;meh&#8217; to mesmer-eyes-ing in a minute. With an invisible cotton band for thoroughly convincing definition, this style is ideal for those who like a subtle, soft and flirty look, or who crave enviable (but believable) eyelash length.&nbsp;</p>HUD007643862911060301814 stars, based on46 reviews 16.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes #7

    Huda Beauty
    Samantha Lashes #7

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    • Why it's Cult


      Huda Beauty’s bestselling style, Samantha #7 are an essential addition to your false eyelash collection. They suit every eye shape and grant daytime drama without looking overtly ‘faux’. They’re also suitable for layering, for those who like maximum impact.

    • Description

      Made from synthetic fibers and completely cruelty-free, Huda Beauty’s false eyelashes can be re-used up to 12 times (depending on care), to dramatically enhance your eyes. Ideal for everyday enhancement, these mixed-length lashes lend light volume with a feathery-effect to elevate your beauty look from ‘meh’ to mesmer-eyes-ing in a minute. With an invisible cotton band for thoroughly convincing definition, this style is ideal for those who like a subtle, soft and flirty look, or who crave enviable (but believable) eyelash length. 

    • How to use
      Remove from packaging and 'wiggle' band to loosen. Measure against eye (you can trim to fit) before applying Lash Glue (sold separately). Apply lashes - you may find it helps to use tweezers - then hold in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to dry.
    • Full ingredients list

      Natural fibres

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    Huda Beauty - Samantha Lashes #7

    Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes #7 Reviews

    Love these lashes on my third pair very bold but natural and flattering. Wasn’t sure which Huda lashes to get and based on reviews got this one and have not been disappointed! Highly recommend
    Bad quality
    All of the lashes from this brand look lovely but the quality is very poor. I have had to buy 3 pairs of these lashes as they have broken after 2 wears or after I have cleaned them as you are meant to. This goes for the other lashes as well (I have previously purchased Jade, Giselle, Noelle) and they are very difficult to apply at first because the band is very rigid and they only seemed to work with Duo lash glue for me. Save your money and there are plenty of eyelashes from eylure and ardell that are similar for a fraction of the price.
    So beautiful
    They help widen the eyes and give them a beautiful shape
    Didn’t last
    Only got 3 wears out of them, not sure if the quality has changed because I have gotten more wears previously.
    Not good quality
    Bought 3 pairs of these now and the quality is not great, keep falling apart every time I clean them.
    Bad quality
    I love Huda products but the lashes are of bad quality. I only wore them once and when I tried to clean the glue of they fell apart. Won’t be buying again.
    Doe Eyes
    These are my favourite lashes I've tried by far! The shape suits my eyes perfectly, the longer lashes at the ends are so flattering and these lasts me so many wears! My last pair lasted three weeks of almost daily wear and only broke when I accidentally pulled the band instead of the glue. I have big eyes but I still trim the bands slightly to help them fit for the most flattering look. Just the best!
    not for me
    I don't know if it's me or the lashes looked way too much. I have done my eyeshadow but you couldn't even see it what am I doing wrong?
    So sad about this purchase
    I purchased those lashes some months ago and still didn't wear them. Today I opened the little box since this evening I had to attend an event. I was so happy to use them along with my Huda Beauty glue, but one lash band ripped at the beginning because there was a little glue dot under it that didn't want to come off. I still managed to fix it a little with the glue but when I applied it I had to take it off a moment because I had an issue with it. I tried to reapply it but the band ripped in two pieces. I tried to fix it again with the glue but it wasn't wearable anymore since the glue got too thick and was so much visible. I'm so sad I didn't even managed to wear those lashes once and I'm feeling so bad because I didn't listen to the negative reviews saying that also their bands ripped, without thinking about how much I spent for the lashes and the glue :-(
    Beautifully lightweight, lovely and long, without being heavy. I almost forgot I was wearing them. I bought Samantha and I can't wait to try more styles.
    Samantha lash
    Very beautiful lashes. Didn't disappoint me on my 1st purchase of huda beauty lashes. Will buy again...woohoo.
    These are the best lashes ever! I get compliments EVERY time I wear them, they are the first set on lashes that I have ever managed to apply properly too. AND they last forever, I've worn mine over 15 times for sure and they still look good.
    These lashes are beautiful! I always get complimented and asked what lashes I'm wearing whenever I have them on. Only thing is the band isn't very good after the second time wearing it so should be a little cheaper based on quality. Other than that love it and would've gave 5 stars!
    Go to lashes
    Absolutely love these lashes! I have most of the Huda lashes and these are second favourite to 'Jade'. They last so long before they break, when taken care of!
    These are such beautiful lashes! I always get compliments when I wear them. I have worn my pair about 8 times and I would say they still look good but are a little worn. I have smaller eyes so I had to trim almost half but after that they're so comfortable and easy to apply!
    These lashes are so beautiful!!! Quick shipping and delivery
    Difficult lashes!!
    Took almost over an hour to apply, the band is thicker than normal lashes therefore harder to stick for smaller eyes and in the inner eye area. CULT BEAUTY REPLY: The top tip from Huda is to manipulate the band a little before applying, roll it along the seam. Then measure it against the length of your eye and cut off any excess. These lashes are designed to suit all lash sizes and are meant to be cut to size for the perfect flutter.
    I always get complimented when I wear these lashes, I love them!
    In love!
    These lashes are amazing I love to wear them on their own for a natural daytime look that gives the effect of lash extensions, or with full eye makeup for evening glam I love them!
    Best eyelashes!
    These are absolutely beautiful. Soft, glamorous and whispy. I love how dramatic and volumised they look on yet have this natural look about them. I get many compliments whenever I wear them. Just one downside would be if they were more durable as my lashes teared once when taking the excess glue off but to be fair you do get quite a few wears out of them. Highly recommended!
    Best lashes ever!
    These are just perfect! They are natural and dramatic at the same time and you can reuse them many times. :)
    Since I have used these lashes I have never gone back. They are absolutely amazing and make my eyes pop and stand out. Everyone compliments them. The don’t last long, but they are worth replacing every time.
    So pretty!
    I've never tried any of the Huda Besuty lashes before and this was the first pair of higher end lashes I've ever owned and I'm not disappointed! They're so comfortable, could be worn in the day and really make your makeup pop in the evening! Absolutely love them :)
    Not dense enough
    I got these eyelashes based on the positive reviews I read but they turned to be too long for my taste and not dense enough. I was planning to get another pair but not so excited after this. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect eyelashes.
    My go to!
    These are my favorite go-to wispy lashes, I always get compliments on how natural and wispy they look, they also help widen my almond shape eyes.
    I don’t wear eyelashes regularly because I have naturally long eye lashes. But when I go out for brunch & nights out these are the perfect item to give a different look. They’ve lasted a decent amount of nights out.
    Look great, but...
    These lashes look great but they are very overpriced for the quality. They are not the easiest lashes to apply due to the rigidity of the band, (which cracks after only a couple of wears), but I wear lashes a lot so can manage them. Not good for a beginner for sure. I bought a second pair because I liked the way they look and the first pair only lasted a few wears, but I won't buy again.
    Good gift for my friend
    I got these lashes in my Goody Bag and put in a Christmas gift of my friend. I never thought that she could be so impressed! She told that these lashes are the best she's ever tried.
    This time not so good
    Quality was not good this time!
    Poor quality not worth the money
    Was really excited to try these on since I have heard good reviews about them but was left disappointed, the lashes were difficult to sit properly in the inner corners and the band was of poor quality. Was unable to wear these lashes again since the hair from one eyelash was shredding and the band was too weak. Won’t be repurchasing :(
    These are so lightweight and have a lovely natural vibe to them. I would recommend to everyone whom are looking for the natural but ‘glam’ look. They are quite long so if you have smaller eye lids you’d have to trim slightly. Be careful when taking them off as the bands are quite soft, though some may see it a negative aspect it’s not all that bad. Just apply some make up remover to a cotton pad leave over the eye and when slightly tacky remover them. BUT please do not immerse them in makeup remover or clean them with any liquids as it can destroy them.
    Not worth it
    I used the huda beauty lash glue to apply thee lashes which was very difficult as the band is very thick, also it was a struggle to get them to fit my eye shape and they did not fit my even after cutting them. not worth the money.
    Looooove these!
    I'm still a novice when it comes to false lashes but these are so easy to apply and look absolutely stunning! Worn them at least 10 times and still going strong.
    Love it
    When I purchased it, I was super happy. Not that heavy on ur eye. I will purchase it again ❤️❤️
    These lashes are very pretty but very long. They were very easy to apply and felt light. My only issue was the length. I don't know if it was just my eyes, but they were sweeping my eyebrow. If you are looking for clean brows and lovely lashes, this is the way to go.
    Perfect with faults!
    I absolutely love these lashes!! so easy to apply, make any look complete. I love them so much! Light weight, comfortable , easy to apply, but the other fault is that the band rips after a few wears. I did manage to save it a few times with lashes glue but they completely broke in half and I was devastated,
    The best
    I don't think I will ever use any other lashes. These are perfect. They change my whole face.
    Poor lash band
    Honestly this is the world quality lash brand I have ever come across. The lashes themselves are beautiful but the quality is disgusting. For £18 you would expect a lash band that doesn't rip after 2 uses. Honestly I've worn £5 lashes that have amazing lash band quality.
    By far the best lashes I've bought. They are comfy and easy to apply and last all night! I've worn them three times now and I think I maybe have another two wears in them. Worth the money.
    Lashes are nice, they look good however the quality of them is appalling! Not worth the money at all. They broke the first time I wore them, still managed to wear them. Used them for the second time and they broke again. Shows the quality of the product. Extremely disappointed.
    So Beautiful
    These lashes are so damn beautiful! Love them so much. They are pretty long in length which I wasn't expecting, but still! They're dramatic but also very natural looking. Expensive for eyelashes but I love them so much I don't care.
    Super glam and soft
    These are my fave lashes of all time. Huda Beauty has nailed it with these beauties! Long, dramatic, glam, but because they are so well designed and fluttery with the different lengths, they still look soft. I wear these at weddings, dinners, nights out... and get at least 3 wears out of them. If you have small eyes, Giselle's may be a better shout.
    These lashes are absolutely amazing!! I love how they are soft and natural yet they have a dramatic look to it. I have small eyes and I was a bit hesitant but I trimmed it down and damnnnnnn are they heavenly. (Well tbh at first they were a bit va va voom but that's purely because I wear super natural lashes) I wish these lashes were a little more durable, it teared after I used it only once, while taking the excess glue off. I've reordered it again haha. Well done and a huge thank you to Huda beauty for creating and for Cult Beauty allowing us to have easy access to them in the UK :)
    These are the only pair of lashes you need in your life. They are dramatic but soft so suitable for daytime. Very flattering and you can get a lot of wears out of them before the band starts to become weak. I only wear these.
    **Best Lashes Ever**
    Love these lashes so much..Perfect and can be worn from Day-Night..Whispy, Flirty and Sexy. So many compliments from both men and women..Absolutely stunning, best lashes from the collection..MUST HAVE!!!
    These lashes are so beautiful! Everytime I have worn this style I get compliments. They may be a bit pricey but if looked after well you can reuse many times so you get your monies worth.
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