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    Huda BeautyResting Boss Face<p>No longer will you have to re-do your make up in the ladies&#8217; loos come 4pm &#8211; let us introduce you to Huda Beauty&#8217;s game-changing setting spray that will lock your Resting Boss Face in place allll day long. Ideal if you have back-to-back meetings or problem skin that requires long-lasting coverage, this ingenious formula ensures your base does. not. budge. &#8211; even if you&#8217;re sweating, oily or splash your face with water (which begs the question &#8211; why?!), the waterproof formula can withstand it all. Drying to an ultra-matte finish, this is perfect for oilier skin types who like to keep excess oil in check.&nbsp;</p>HUD10662911060323214 stars, based on46 reviews 27.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face

    Huda Beauty
    Resting Boss Face
    ( 100ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      When the reigning queen of online beauty turned her hand to complexion products, we were expecting a lot – and this utterly flawless, waterproof setting spray does not disappoint. Stopping oiliness in its tracks, this ultra-matte setting spray absorbs oil, while it sets and secures your expertly applied make up for all day (and all night) wear. Flawless finish? Too. Easy.

    • Description

      No longer will you have to re-do your make up in the ladies’ loos come 4pm – let us introduce you to Huda Beauty’s game-changing setting spray that will lock your Resting Boss Face in place allll day long. Ideal if you have back-to-back meetings or problem skin that requires long-lasting coverage, this ingenious formula ensures your base does. not. budge. – even if you’re sweating, oily or splash your face with water (which begs the question – why?!), the waterproof formula can withstand it all. Drying to an ultra-matte finish, this is perfect for oilier skin types who like to keep excess oil in check. 

    • How to use

      Apply all your makeup first, including eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. Shake the bottle well, hold at arm's length, and spritz a couple of times. Allow to dry naturally without rubbing in.

    • Full ingredients list

      Alcohol Denat., Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butyl Ester Of Pvm/Ma Copolymer, Pvp, Ppg-26-Buteth-26, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance/Parfum, Isopropyl Ester Of Pvm/Ma Copolymer, Benzyl Salicylate, N-Butyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Sodium Metabisulfite, Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate, Linalool, Coumarin, Hydroxycitronellal, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Benzyl Benzoate, Isoeugenol."

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    Huda Beauty - Resting Boss Face

    Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Reviews

    Not for oily skin
    I have the most oily oily sweaty face skin so when it was advertised I bought it.....it's the worst spray, it melted my make up, I tried it with estee lauder and smash box foundation, two of the best for oily skin in my opinion it just breaks the foundation I just don’t get it...waste of money.
    It’s okay...
    I have super oily skin and I just really wanted something to help keep the oil at bay and keep my make up from coming off and looking awful bc of the oil. Don’t get me wrong, my eye makeup and bronzer and highlight didn’t budge but the oil did still show. For the price of it, it’s okay.
    The smell is very strong like hairspray which I could get over but it made my face very sticky and my hair kept getting stuck to it. It held my make up in place mostly but caused my mascara to smudge. I reaaaally tried to love this product and tried it with so many different products but sadly I won’t be repurchasing.
    This product is actually so amazing!!
    Ok so it’s fragrant, and if you have a cut anywhere on your face it WILL sting but it’s so dope!!! Your make up is going NOWHERE. Like NOWHERE!! If you think the All Nighter spray is good this is so much better (and I love the All Nighter). It dries in seconds (alcohol) which is also pretty dope. I wouldn’t use it every day? Just those days or nights when you need the big guns. But I love it.
    The Ultimate Setting Spray
    Without a doubt the best setting spray I have used! 38 degree heat at a theme park all day with a full face of makeup on and it did not move an inch! I was glowing (in the best way) and my skin could breathe and sweat without feeling itchy or oily! I used the faux fiter foundation too, couldn’t fault it! ❤️
    Amazing, sets makeup all day
    I have very sensitive skin and was skeptical about this at first but wow, it’s amazing. My eyes don’t react to the spray so a win-win for people with sensitive skin.
    Resting Boss Face
    It keeps my makeup on all day! Even when water has touched my face, it still doesn’t budge. However, the only downside is the scent. It’s extremely strong and it lingers for a while after I’ve sprayed it, sometimes it even stings my eyes.
    Wanted to like it more
    I’m a big Huda fan and have a variety of products over her range. I was excited for this but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to expectations. It is very drying. I’d say it does keep make up set, but only where it lands. It disperses in short sprays so very difficult to get even coverage. Possibly better if it sprayed like the Morphe setting spray. Also very small can for the money.
    Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face
    Makes my make last and smells amazing.
    Keeps makeup on for ages but it’s SUPER matte and SUPER dry. Depends what you like. I prefer a bit of a glow
    The only reason I'm giving this a 4 is purely because of the smell. The first time I sprayed it, it almost knocked me out. But all in all - an amazing setting spray. I have combo skin and tested it out for 14 hours yesterday. My make up lasted the whole time. My nose just got a little oily but a little beauty blender bouncing fixed it. Other than that, it was perfect.
    Big fan... Despite the scent
    Initially I bought this for a wedding. I have oily skin and wanted my face to last the full 9 yards... it did the job well, but I did still get oily and I don't think it's as matte as it claims to be. I am now using this on the daily and it's doing a grand job. It IS strongly scented, which I was a bit dubious about, but I found it faded after a while wearing it.
    Magic In a Can!
    Forget MAC, Urban Decay and whisper it... Anastasia, this is THE fixer.
    Stays in place, but sticky!
    I am a MASSIVE Huda makeup fan, so when I saw she was realising a setting spray, I knew I needed it. It does what it says on the tin, my makeup stayed in place the whole day, but if you are like me and you like to touch up your makeup throughout the day (across my T-zone is very oily, thus gets very shiny), I found that apply a powder on top of this would cause it to look very cakey. The scent, as mentioned by others, is very strong, I enjoy the setting spray a lot, but the scent does put me off using it. That and the fact that once the spray is applied, I find it to be very sticky - my hair gets stuck to my face, I guess while the product is drying. I feel like the pros outweigh the cons and I will for sure being buying another bottle!!!
    Industrial strength setting spray
    This will leave you with flawless make up all day. The only thing I don't like is the smell is VERY strong - the same scent as the primer. This is by far the best setting spray!!!
    I like it
    I don't mind the smell, I actually think it smells really nice and you get used to it after a few uses. It kind of helps prolong the time before my oils start to creep in but not enough that I would repurchase this. I have crazy oily skin and I've never found anything that works super amazing for me. But still, it's a nice setting spray.
    Ugh, so angry
    So I bought this based on reviews and beauty gurus hyping this up. Honestly, I felt like I was spraying air freshener in my face and was asking for the 30 minute headache I got after. My foundation looked so caked after an hour. It stung my eyes and for someone who has watery eyes, this wasn’t the greatest as I got major panda eyes. My skin felt uncomfortable and irritated. Never again am I stepping out of my comfort zone. Sticking to what I know best. - URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY MY HOLY GRAIL AND NEVER TO BE REPLACED AGAIN.
    Heavily fragranced is an understatement however, I love the smell of the spray - it’s like the foundation but stronger! Distributed well, just don’t get it in your eye! Good value for money as similar prices give a lot less product
    HOLY GRAIL for my oily skin!
    Like with the other Huda face products, the smell is very strong in this spray. When you first spray it and you can smell it for short time after applied. It goes away pretty quickly, but I would suggest to really make sure you keep your eyes and mouth closed when spraying this because if little goes to your eye it can sting. Other than that - this product is THE best for my oily skin, which I have struggled so much to keep my makeup looking nicer more than two hours after applied. This thing doesn't budge! The longevity and how flawless my makeup looks from morning to evening is just amazing. I work as a nurse and even though I sweat through work and my day, my makeup doesn't fade or come blotchy like it used to.
    Best setting spray ever
    I've been using different kinds of setting sprays and they don't really keep my oily skin shine free during the day, but this is magic! Working a 10h shift, it kept my make up shine free - JUST AMAZING. Yes, there is a strong smell (same smell as her other products) but that doesn't bother me as long as the product works.
    Works, but the smell
    Ok so honestly, this is my first ever review I've left on a product. I have tried every single setting spray out there as my skin is so annoying and literally eats makeup. Nothing has ever worked but this is honestly the first setting spray that has actually worked and after setting my makeup with this my makeup hasn’t budged. I loveee it. The smell is a really strong perfume type smell so you have to hold your breath to avoid choking on the smell. I hope Huda changes this because other than this, it’s amazinnng xxxx
    Love... but the smell
    I really like this setting spray but the smell is strongly overpowering therefore making it feel like your spraying perfume on your face. I found it better to spray into a beauty blender and pat into the skin as your then avoiding spraying on your eyes and lips. The smell does come away after 30 minutes.
    The smell
    This is one of the best setting sprays I've ever used, it's even replaced my HG Skindinavia Bridal Spray - it's that good. However, the smell is SO strong, like alcohol and flowers (exactly the same as her perfume). It lingers too; I can still smell it hours after application. That being said, it is such a good setting spray, it will probably be the only one I continue to use. No smile lines (honestly), no oil, no cracking, nothing. Worth the buy if you can get past the smell.
    It works... but the smell
    This works. It's truly ULTRA setting. Your makeup will last. On clients (so far) they love it. Personally on myself its a no-no. The fragrance is overpowering (NOTE: I am sensitive to fragrance which can trigger headaches). None of the people I've used this one complained about it so it's more of a personal choice for me. But this stuff really does work.
    Best for hot country
    Recently I traveled back home where temperature was above 37degree and by using this setting spray during dinner party or wedding... it was a game changer and life changer. Trust me girl, the smell is something u will love in a hot country... so buy this when ur traveling to a very hot place for a wedding or any party... smell is last thing you will be thinking about lol... buy this and enjoy ever lasting makeup ;) with happy ever after lol By the way now am back to the UK... I will not use any sort of setting spray but stay natural but this setting spray is something every girl must keep.
    not for oily skin
    When spraying, it melts the makeup into the skin, leaving a beautiful finish. However, after a while, it starts to break up the makeup on your face which is very embarrassing! To be fair to the product given its price, I tried it with three foundations but all had the same result!
    Good for oily skin
    I usually have to check with my makeup regularly due to oil coming to the surface of my face. However, I found that with one spray my face was set for the night. I would advise to ensure that there is an even mist across your face and not just in the oily areas. I do have some cons, one being the smell (mini headache!). If you have the foundation or primer you'll know its very scented just like this spray. The smell will linger after spraying for a couple of minutes. The ingredients one being alcohol which is not great for your skin. Also on the packaging Huda says to dampen the formula into a beauty blender and to press into skin. This failed for me and my makeup started to separate.
    Best setting spray ever.
    This is hands down easily the best setting spray I have ever used. It’s like hairspray for the face and indeed that’s what it feels like when it gets in my hair. It’s very lightweight, doesn’t make you look matte but makes the skin feel it, whilst retaining the dewy glow look you achieve with your make up. I really struggled with setting sprays, nothing really solving my problematic reactive/sensitive/oily t-zone but this will hold me fast most of the day. I can’t say I’m that bothered by the smell but it is a bit ‘aerosolly’. The delivery system means there’s not a lot of wastage and as such a little goes a long way, so you’ll defo get longevity and value for money from this.
    Only need a few sprays and make up stays on throughout the whole day! Definitely recommend!
    Does what it says
    Absolutely brilliant but I have to still use my old setting spray to bring all my make up together and get rid of the cakiness - which this doesn’t do - then set it with this
    Good setting spray - not for dry skin - smell is an issue
    This would be a good setting spray for those with oily skin. I have very very dry skin and this is not good for me. The smell is VERY VERY VERY strong.. stronger than a perfume and lingers. If it smelt of candy floss or sweets I would have maybe been ok, but this smells of a floral perfume (which I hate) if you change your clothes before setting your face (which I do as I am always in a rush) then the smell will linger on your clothes. I honestly think if Huda takes on-board all the negative feedback on the smell and fixes it then this will be a game changer.
    Not For Oily Skin
    Actually disappointed by the spray, which is a shame as I had big hopes for it. The smell is overpowering, it leaves a film over your face, it’s got alcohol in it so if you open your eyes straight away it’ll burn like hell. It isn’t wet enough so if you put a tad too much powder it doesn’t take that powdery look away. But my major issue with it is after a couple hours the oil starts coming back on my face and my makeup moves etc. Not what I expected from it. I was also hoping it was a continuous spray like hair spray. Instead it shoots out but don’t spread out wide enough so you’ve got to spray quite a lot. Once this finished will go back to UD All Nighter.
    Overpowering scent
    I hope Huda comes out with an unscented version. The smell is just waaaaay too much. The first time I used it I was literally sick. It goes away after a while but I struggled with it for a good half an hour. I have used it twice so far, it has made my makeup last all day which is unbelievable as normally I will have to do a bit of retouching halfway through the day but not with this. Kept my oily T-Zone at bay. I just wish the scent isn’t as strong. Any tips on how I can tone that one down will be greatly appreciated. I currently am not sure whether I will keep it.
    Moves my concealer
    Moves around my concealer. If you don't use it around your concealer area it is good. Strong smell.
    Great spray
    I’ve used heaps of setting sprays and they’re all much of a muchness. Usually. This works really, really well and makes my make up last and last. It’s not astringent on my skin and it’s not a lovely scent either. Which is fine! I hold my breath, spray, wait a few seconds. Done. Make up sits better all day. Am definitely going to repurchase.
    Not giving 5 stars because...
    Makes your makeup stay on FLAWLESSLY for agessss, through harsh weather and everything else imaginable. Makeup looks freshly applied after hours but the smell and the alcohol levels is just overwhelming! I love the smell of the foundation and powder but it’s OVERBEARING in this setting spray. It does go away after a couple minutes and people tell me my face smells nice so it’s still all good I suppose.
    Love it
    I only got this to see if it’s as good everyone said. 100% it works so well. Would recommend this to everyone. ❤️
    Oh dear, no!
    I love Huda make-up... The eyeshadows are fantastic and I'm a convert. But this... I am so disappointed. I have been using Deciem's Hylamide and it works a treat, but thought a spray would have been so much easier. Alas, this stung my lips and made them swell up and go blotchy (it died down), and it didn't work at all. Horrible overpowering smell and although I've tried three times now, I am afraid I wasted £27. Fortunately for me, I had the amazing summer Goody Bag, which made up for the disappointment. I should add - in fairness to Cult Beauty - that it was one heck of a fantastic Goody Bag though! Thrilled to bits - huge thank you.
    Not worth £27
    It's matte when you first spray it but didn't even last an hour. Don't know if that's because I have really oily skin though.
    So, I was a little hesitant about purchasing this as the reviews all seem to comment on how overpowering the smell is and people don’t like it, it needs to be changed, blah blah blah. Honestly, I have no idea what the fuss is about, the smell is lovely and defo not overpowering. I feel even if you didn’t like the smell, it fades in 10mins tops. The hold is brilliant as I have super oily skin and it kept my make up in place for 13+ hours! Maybe my preference of smell isn’t the same as everyone else’s... but I loved it!
    the only setting spray that works
    I have always been a bit skeptic about setting sprays. I had not tried one that has made any difference to my makeup but this is AMAZING!. Your makeup doesn't budge; my highlight normally wears off but it was exactly where I placed it after 8 hours of wear. My smile lines were minimised and I had the smallest amount of oil on my nose. If you have oily skin, you have to try this. I will admit this has a strong smell, but I feel like it goes away after a few minutes, just make sure your eyes and mouth are shut as it states in the instructions.
    It's not that bad
    I'm not going to lie, the scent is strong and it smells like all her other products but boy!! I am very oily. I sprayed this at 11am and at 8pm, I'm STILL MATTE!!!!!!! Buying 10 more for sure!
    I just have to say that this RBF have changed my life!!!! I’ve tried many setting sprays but this one is my top FAV, now #1. I’m so in love. My makeup stayed on all day without creasing or cake face! Thanks for existing HB RESTING BOSS FACE.
    The smell
    You can really tell this has ultra high alcohol content because it does set your makeup but the smell makes it completely unusable for me. It's like spraying your face with perfume, it's that pungent and you can feel it all day. You'd be better off just putting vodka in a spray bottle, it's that bad
    Omg, so I’ve used probably every setthing spray from e.l.f. to Urban Decay and what not... But this does something different; it doesn’t just hold the make up but if you have a problem with big pores, pores coming through make up, or make up settling into pores! Boy this does a amazing job in preventing it! I have Asian Indian skin and it’s amazing. Smell is strong but I kind of like it lol.
    I am OBSESSED with this setting spray! It’s literally EXTRA HOLD as it promises on the packaging. My makeup stayed on allll day long and no creasing or cake face! This is THE setting spray.
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