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    Mauve Obsessions Palette
    Knew it was small but this is tiny! The colours are pretty but nowhere near as pigmented as the other Huda palettes. You need to build it up a lot to get a nice colour out of it. Not worth the money there are other better and cheaper.
    The pigmentation is bomb! Love it
    Awesome and travel friendly
    This palette is perfect for travelling with! Don’t let the size put you off as eyeshadow pans are still the same size as the larger palettes, just in the more compact palette. Colours are gorgeous, easy to blend and pigmented. Although if you do have Lime Crime’s Venus palette it’s almost exact same colour scheme apart from the shimmers. Buy 2 of these mini palettes and it's still cheaper than the bigger palettes!
    This mini palette is everything! It is a lot smaller than I expected it to be but it is soooooo pigmented...the shadows last all day and blend so beautifully. I am so happy I bought this!
    Good quality but pricey
    This palette is so pretty and I love the colours. The quality is great and lasts for hours. I was slightly disappointed at the price compared to the size of the palette but if you have enough money and want something smaller, this is the palette for you.
    I absolutely love this palette and would highly recommend this product. Size is small for the price though.
    Way smaller than expected but pretty though
    The matte shades are great but I was disappointed with the palette size and the foiled shadows. It's perfect to take it everywhere though. They are prettier on the palette than on the lid but I'm still hoping to get my hands on the warm browns palette.
    I love love love this palette it is absolutely stunning! A lot smaller than I was expecting it to be, but it is so pigmented and blends so beautifully. Can’t recommend this enough.
    A small miracle
    Mauve obsessions palette... What can I say about it? Colours are amazing with great pigments. It definitely deserves 5 out of 5 stars and has made me want to try the other three mini palettes too.
    The palette is really pretty and the shadows are really well pigmented the only thing that i don’t like about the palette is how small it is.
    Much better than the previous ones
    I own almost every product from Huda and this is one of the best: the formula is much much better than the Rose Gold or Desert Dusk palettes. The colours are very pretty as well, look good with cool and warm complexions. Size is small but that's the point: travel sized palette perfect for weekends away and to throw in your gym bag. After trying this one I had to get the other ones!
    Rather small for the price
    It is very small and the price is high would have thought there was going to be more products or even 15g.
    Amazing Quality
    Shimmers and mattes are super pigmented, super easy to blend and colours are gorgeous!! Yes, it is a very small palette but the size of eyeshadow pans are exact same size as larger palettes but just in a more compact smaller palette which makes it perfect for traveling!! You get 9 shades in these mini palettes for £25 which are half as many as larger palettes as they contain 18 shades. Buy 2 of these mini palettes and still cheaper than the Rose Gold or Desert Dusk palettes!!!! You save £6 for 2 minis than one large palette.
    The palette is a hell of a lot smaller than I expected, its not good for the price but the colours are great.
    Rather small for the money
    So surprised at how small it is especially for the price, I wasn’t expecting it to be massive but definitely larger than this.
    A really good palette
    I really like this palette. It is a lot smaller than I expected, however it is perfect for travelling, and the amount of product you get is still good. I have found that you get fallout from the glitter shades, however if you apply with your finger this is easily resolved. I think the shades in this palette are gorgeous, the eyeshadows are good quality and, in my opinion, easy to blend. Although it is slightly pricey in regards to the smaller size of the palette, it is definitely worth the money.
    My mum got me this for Christmas and it’s abso amazing! I love it!
    It’s good
    The shadows in it are good but the actual size of the palette is a lot smaller than expected, I understand that it is supposed to be a smaller version of her palettes but this is just a different level. The whole palette is more the size of a small Christmas card, making me think that it isn’t worth the price.
    Worth the money
    I really wanted the rose gold pallete, but the price is way too expensive. I was surprised at how small the palette is.great pigmentation and colour, and I appreciate there is a mirror inside the palette which is pretty handy. Purchased this during Black Friday, now I regret why didn't I purchase at least one more shades *sigh.
    Great pigmentation on glitters
    The 3 shimmer/glitters really do show up and are amazing. the other colours don't show up as much and do fall out. I ordered this palette thinking it would be larger than it is, but the actual pan sizes are about the same as the other palettes. its great for travelling and the magnetic case is cool. sadly, the 4 pinky/red shades all show up around the same colour which I was disappointed in due to the fact I bought this for the great colour choices. I wouldn't spend this much on another one, but I would recommend it to others.
    Crazy fall out
    I was so excited to receive this and don't get me wrong the colours are beautiful but they are so so dry and leave so much fallout! I'm not sure if I just got a palette from a bad batch but the darker colours from the palette just won't stay on my eyelid whatsoever! I got one eye to blend fine but the other just clings to certain parts of my eyelid like cheap eyeshadows tend to do. The glitter colours are also very dry and aren't as pigmented as expected :(
    I haven’t used these on my eye shadow yet, but I’ve used so many different eye shadows and brands so I feel that I can leave my first impressions/thoughts. They feel like butter and so beautifully pigmented, I can tell that they are going to blend like a dream, although I will leave a full review after using it a few times. When the palette came the packaging is surprisingly small, but it’s all compact and the pans are a decent size, there is just no wasted space like big gaps or space for names but that really doesn’t bother me, I think this would be perfect to travel with. I’d say they feel like Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette quality or even slightly better which is saying a lot! So right now I would definitely recommend this palette.
    It's pigmented but a pain in the butt to blend.
    I'm overjoyed with this palette. Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and the colors are beautiful. I just love it. And if you have green eyes these eyeshadows additionally accentuates them. Just perfect!!!
    Love it
    The Best of the 4 versions - such unique shades not in most palettes on the market.
    I’ve wanted to try Huda eyeshadow for a while now and when these slightly more affordable pallets came out I took the plunge. I am so pleased I did! I never thought I’d find another pallet to replace my Naked 3 pallet, but I love it. The shadows are so pigmented and the colours blend amazingly. Love it.
    Pretty good!
    I bought this palette because I really want the full sized Rose gold palette but cannot justify spending that much money. I was surprised when the palette came how small it is but when I opened it the pans are quite large, the same size as the bigger palettes. I have been looking for a palette with this colour range for so long and the shades in this are gorgeous, my favourite is the rose gold foil. The burgundy shades are more pink than red but they're still gorgeous. The pigmentation isn't the best I've ever seen but it's not too bad as long as you use a decent brush and blend thoroughly. As Huda suggests, it is best to apply the foil colours with your finger by far. There is quite a bit of fallout but not as much as urban decay palettes. I enjoy creating different looks with this palette as there is plenty you can do. Personally, I would buy this palette in another colour but I couldn't say it is one I go for regularly.
    I was really excited to try this palette and when it came I immediately swatched, the colours are not as pigmented as they seem in the palette, especially the dark red colour. The size of the packaging isn't an issue as the pans are the same size as the modern renaissance palette but I would expect better pigmentation from Huda and for the colours to apply as they are seen in their pans.
    Amazing shipment
    Came really quick the product is small but pigmented loved it. It came to my house in 2 days of work.
    Well....Hello There!
    I'm so impressed with this palette! The colours are stunning, the pigmentation is spot on and blend like a dream! This is my first Huda Beauty products but I know for sure now that this is not my last! :) I LOOOOOVE it!!
    This pallet is way too small for the £25 you have to pay. I was really excited to receive this pallet and waited a week for it to come when I opened my package I was extremely disappointed what a rip off.
    Fairly average
    Hoped to brilliant performance for this little palette as I have rose gold and desert dusk. The colours look beautiful in the pan and swatch nicely. Sadly didn't perform as well on the eye. Tried the eye look again with Mac paint pot to prime the eye and it was still subtle. Not the quality I expect from Huda Beauty. It's nice but can find better quality, more pigmented palettes for £25.
    Not worth it
    Really upset, £25 is expensive for such a small palette but that’s not my issue. The point of this is to have it as a compact when on the run or to keep in your purse. This was kept in my bag and on the first day one shadow was completely smashed. The pigmentation is amazing however the fallout is also way too much for such an expensive pallette. Not very happy ☹️
    Not happy
    I was excited to get this and tried it right away. The fall out was more than actually went onto my eyelid. It’s patchy and it’s not the deep colours I expected. They look bright pink and light red so then with the fall out and the mess made trying to apply for a deeper darker non patchy colour I ended up like I’d been punched in the eye. Even after I’d cleaned up around the eye. Disappointed is an understatement. I’ve bought the bright palette too but now I’m worried it’s going to be as bad :( I’m glad I didn’t buy all 4 together as I already feel like I’ve wasted my money on 2. Watch YouTube for reviews you will see this same problem for a lot of ladies. I should have looked there 1st.
    really nice
    I love Huda beauty this is a perfect pallet for traveling and it has a nice mix of matte shades and shimmer to create a perfect look.
    My number 1 Favourite
    I love this palette so much that I'm going to just stock up on it and save these babies like gold.
    A true mini obsession
    I am in love with this! Amazing quality. The mattes blend very nicely, they are buildable and do not have a powder kick back when you dip your brush. The shimmers (especially the top right and middle left on) are very impactful. Note that you have to apply them with your finger though. The price is great. When you receive it you will be shocked by how small this is, but it actually has about the same amount of product as Modern Renaissance.
    Smaller than expected
    Bought this palette my sister for Christmas. It has very nice pigmented colours and a mirror on the inside. Only reason I gave it 4 stars and not five was that I was quite disappointed in the size. No exaggeration the palette is the size of my palm. Compared to a Morphe palette which is like 3 times the size for more colours and same price.
    Fave purchase of the year
    Great things come in small packages! I love the colours. They blend so beautifully. The only fallout I had was from the textured sorta glitter shade but everything else was an absolute dream. They are so cute and I love that it has a mirror. Perfect palette. I would buy the others.
    Too small for £25
    I was really excited to buy this palette as there was a lot of hype over it. I do find the colours really beautiful, it is just so much smaller than I expected, considering it did cost £25. I don’t think I would recommend this palette due to the price and size difference.
    Read this
    I have yet to actually order this palette myself (will be doing it soon tho) and have been reading reviews. I would like to point out to anyone who is worried about the palette being small, and the people that are saying it overpriced for its size, the palette actually contains the same amount of eyeshadow (~10g) as for example the ABH modern renaissance palette, that is waaay more expensive. It's just in a more compact packaging.
    Absolutely amazing!
    I absolutely love it! The colours are so pigmented and match perfectly. Definitely will try the warm brown palette also!
    I have all Huda eyeshadow palettes but this mini one OMG so beautiful and colour so pigmented and nice, small for travel take kt with you put it in your bag easy handle especially with a mirror all I can say it's gorgeous.
    Mauve obsession
    My first Huda eyeshadow palette. I`m in love. Lovely colours suites beautifully to my fair skintone and blue eyes. Matte eyeshadows are almost creamy and highly pigmented. Glitters you can apply with your fingers.
    Pretty colours but disappointed
    So I ordered this to put away for Christmas and I am so disappointed when it came. I love Huda and was so excited but it came and it is so small. I knew it would be small but I didn't expect it to be as small as what it is. My index finger is actually bigger than the palette itself. ALTHOUGH it is a bit small, the colours in the palette are gorgeous and I'm excited to give the palette a try.
    Highly recommended
    I have been using this palette for a while and I totally love it. Eyeshadows are pigmented and it's so easy to blend them. They last literally all day with a good primer. Plus they are so small so I can carry anywhere.
    Wish I hadn't bothered with the mauves
    So excited about this release and sorely disappointed. It was suggested in blogs that they suit all colourings and make green eyes pop. Hmm, I'm fair to medium with cool undertones and green eyes but I just can't get this mauve palette to work for me. It's quality is not bad and much like the Desert Dusk palette so expect good pigmentation but also a fair amount of fallout. There are better quality and similar palettes out there In the same price range give or take a pound or two. I may try again in a few months with the mauves. That said the warm browns palette is beautiful. I thought I was taking a bit of a risk but I love it even with a bit of fallout.
    I bought the mauve palette as I'm quite pale with dark hair and dark eyes - dark red is one of my favourite colours to wear - and when it came i was so impressed. The colours are to die for and are so pigmented, the palette was a little smaller than I expected but it's a perfect travel size. If you're not sure whether to buy it or not it's worth a try, it's absolutely gorge.
    Mauve obsessions palette
    Such a cute, portable palette, although unfortunately difficult to blend out.
    Quite good
    Most the mattes are lovely but the one in the bottom left (dark red) is very chalky and hard to blend nicely. The glitter shades only apply well with your finger and fallout is huge. Overall nice colour selection but the shadows aren’t as nice as her larger palettes.
    A must have for your collection
    This is my first Huda palette and I’m so pleased that I got this. The colours are so pigmented and blend beautifully. The glitters are amazing (I can’t wait to use them over the Christmas period) and the pay off it great. The quality and value for money is excellent. Join the waitlist and you won’t be disappointed.
    Don't buy
    Such bad quality in my opinion, the eyeshadows had tonnes of fallout and didn't blend on my eyes, also the shimmers would only work with your finger which is something I personally don't like. Overall wouldn't recommend
    Join the waitlist now
    I was always wanting to try the Huda palettes however felt they were a little too expensive to 'try'. When these mini palettes came out I couldn't wait to try one - I opted for the Mauve one. The palette size is compact, ideal for travelling. The pans are similar to full size. And the pigment is amazing - genuinely lasted the FULL day - early morning to last thing at night. Will deffo be purchasing another or maybe all! :)
    My first palette from Huda and most definitely not the last. The pigmentation and the colours are beautiful.
    Love love
    Most beautiful pallet with the most pigmented colours and so easy to carry around.
    Good value for money
    Amazing quality, one of the best formulas I've ever used, a great option if you want to get a Huda Beauty palette but you don't feel like spending so much money on the regular size one.
    Very small
    Amazing colours, highly pigmented, last all day. Very small palette ideal for travelling, over priced for the size of the palette.
    Beautiful shades
    I love these #eyeshadow in this palette, there are 3 shimmer shades and 6 matte, they're so pigmented and beautiful! The only down side is that it is really small size x
    To my delight I came across an article on Cosmo that these new palettes were available in the UK. The morning they came out I ordered this beauty. I have been on the hunt for a beautiful burgundy palette for a while but nothing has met my high expectations. At the same price as the MAC x9 burgundy palette this HUDA installment is far superior. The pigmentation is beautiful and the shadows really are just as good (if not better than) the larger two palettes! The mattes are creamy and the glitters stunning. I’ll be saving my pennies and buying the other three ASAP......
    Love it
    The eye shadows are beautiful. They are so easy to blend and get a true colour pay-off. Hardly any fall down, only a tiny bit from the shimmer shades but that's was expected.
    This must be a joke
    Right not being funny, but £25 for a palette that is smaller than a Pepsi can!? Why not list that in the description? “Product is the size of doll house furniture” then maybe I woulda thought twice about buying it.
    Love it!
    I received this palette today and absolutely love it! It's smaller than I thought but the colours are so beautiful and they blend so well.
    Beautiful but small
    Beautiful product, well presented and the pigment is out of this world. However, for the price, the palette is the same length/size as a lipstick/lipgloss to put it to scale. Nevertheless don’t stop this from you buying it as it is an amazing product.
    Small but perfectly formed
    Neat little palette with great colours. Much prefer this to the Rose Gold palette actually.
    Pigmentation is amazing. I'm planning to buy the other palettes as well. The eye shadows glide smoothly and look incredible. Although they are small, they are worth the money.
    IT'S TINY!
    Received this palette, to find its tiny. Its about the size of the palm of your hand. Personally don't think it worth £25.