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    Huda Beauty

    Liquid Matte Minis
    Not for me
    I have purchased the full size liquid lipstick and really love it. But these minis did not do it for me. The formula is very runny compared to the full size ones, they also don't dry matte :( All the colours are pretty much the same in the nude edition. It could have been a faulty batch but Overall not impressed with these minis.
    No for me
    Must be the worst liquid lip formula I have ever tried. Difficult to apply, there is no coverage and if you apply it thick enough not to be transparent it doesn't dry at all and stays sticky and messy. I have the red edition and the colors are pretty but I really don't get the hype around these.
    the red edition
    Among these colors, the heartbreaker and the showgirl are the most beautiful, which show my skin (Fair) white. I love them!
    Beautiful colours but smudge easily
    Disappointed with this purchase. The colours are beautiful but apply so messy to my lips! They are streaky and smudgy. I can only speak for the red edition.
    Huda's killed it with these minis. I have the minis in pink and nude and I have to say NUDE is my absolute favourite of all time. THE PIGMENTATION AND QUALITY are amazing, they are SO SO long lasting! can eat a full meal and they will still be there. amazing for a price too! Has lead me to buy Bombshell in full size. you will not regret buying these!! x
    Beautiful colours!
    I have the pink and brown editions and I am patiently(ish) awaiting the nude and red editions to be back in stock! I don't use any other lipsticks now, I love the colours and matte finishes. These packs have really encouraged me to branch out and experiment with new colours also, which I wouldn't normally choose. Totally paid off and are so compatible with the colours of the eyeshadow palettes.
    Huda mini red edition
    Stay all day lipstick with perfect flawless application.
    I really like this lipstick
    Pink Edition
    I have the pink edition. Just love them all! Long lasting and rich colours.
    Huda beauty Liquid Matte minis Red edition
    What an utter waste of money - red collection. There is one actual red the rest are a waste of time & unusable, far too pink or dark to use. They should amend the description as totally wrong. Nice textures unusable shades.
    I have the pink and the brown mini's. Just love them all! Easy to wear, long lasting, don’t leave my lips dry, rich colours.
    Love them!
    I got the brown edition and I absolutely love them! The colours are pigmented and suit my skin tone (med/dark) very well. It seems like these would finish after a few uses, but I have already applied ‘Flirt’ over 50 times and there’s still a lot of product left.
    Received the Nude edition as a gift and I absolutely love them. They are long lasting and great for everyday wear. The quality is so good. I have now purchased the normal sizes.
    Huda mini pink
    Best lipsticks ever. Stay on day and night perfect finish and no smudges ever. Eating drinking on problem.
    I bought this in the brown edition and I loved it. The quality is amazing. It's not as opaque as other liquid lipsticks but the formula is so nice and lightweight.
    Beautyful Pink Edition
    I love the colors and the usual high Huda quality :) One thing - and I don't know why - the colour 'GOSSIP GURL' in mini is different to the large one, not much, but a little bit and more pink.
    Perfect nudes
    As I am of deep complexion, I got the brown edition. I must say paired with chestnut lip liner by MAC trendsetter, flirt and spice girl all give me very different but perfect nudes. They take a few extra seconds to dry but they are absolutely stunning when they are. Love these lippies!
    Long lasting and fabulous
    These are one of the best lipsticks that I've purchased. I have nude and pink collections and I'm in love. Lipsticks are long lasting and they are not drying out your lips. Still the colours are a little bit darker then I've expected but still I'm very pleased.
    Brown Edition
    These minis were amazing, full coverage, not chalky or patchy when applied on to lips. They take a minute to dry but this isn't a problem. They last all day, even after eating and drinking. Looking forward to purchasing the nude edition once it's back in stock! 'Flirt' is my favourite colour from the brown edition, 'Vixen' being my least favourite just because it's such a dark, vampy shade which isn't something that I'd personally wear. Overall, Huda did a great job on these. Well worth the money.
    The nude lipstick got same literally same colour nothing new, too less quantity of the lipstick, compare to the price u pay the quantity is nothing, it's quite expensive and u have to apply it too many times to get to come out on ur lipstick.
    Smaller than expected
    I bought the brown edition for myself as I have a tanned complexion. Trendsetter looked like a muted nude. Vixen is a dark vampy colour. Flirt and Spice girl, I am excited to make use of them as they are everyday colours for me. However, I was surprised to see how small they are, not sure how many uses I will get from them. They do feel sticky after application. If you've got the money to spend then why not try these out.
    Best for all skin tones
    Hands down, this is the best liquid lipsticks ever. I love their nudes it suits my brown/south asian skin tone perfectly.
    Long lasting lipsticks
    I got the Huda liquid matte minis in the Nude edition, I love how her lipsticks are long lasting and no need for top ups. It's handy and cute for your handbag, I use the matching lip contours for Trendsetter and Bombshell it's a perfect combination. I defo recommend, you get what you pay for, the quality is really good and lasts for ages. Keep up the good work Huda, can't wait to purchase the New Nude edition.
    Pinks not pink.
    Lasts for ages. Stays on after eating and drinking. Bought the pink set. They are in no way pink. It's a laugh to call the set 'Pink'. One is brick coloured, one is orangey metallic pink and deep wine. Not great for fair skin. Darker skins would look amazing. Bit disappointing.
    love love love love
    I don't really know why a lot of people have been complaining for these lipsticks because they're really good quality. I've tried so many high end brands and these ones are among the best ones I've tried so far, they're very comfortable on your lips and they don't dry out your lips at all. You can eat and drink and there won't be any transfer and they're super long lasting, even the swatches I had on my hand didn't come off after a shower, wow haha. The only thing is if you have very fair skin I wouldn't recommend buying the nude kit because the only one that actually looks good on me is Bombshell, maybe the pink kit would have worked better, meh.
    Red minis transfer
    I love Huda products in general. Very impressed by the eyeshadow palette, lashes and also full sized liquids lipsticks but these transfer. I wanted a red, dark red, plum and purple shade so this pack was perfect but omg they don't fully dry and transfer. Like what is the point. I'll buy something cheap and keep touching up. Absolutely disappointed. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem or if it was a faulty batch. Pretty colours but not long lasting at all in anyway. Hope this review helps other customers.
    Best I've ever owned
    I received the nudes as a birthday present and I'm so glad I did. Having struggled with poor formulas from all other brands I've tried, these are perfect. While they're not completely transfer proof, you can't actually see any transfer from the lips and reapplication isn't necessary. The colours are so opaque only one layer is necessary and dries down perfectly, that doesn't leave the lips too dry and doesn't look tacky at all like several brands. Will be buying full versions of some nude colours, the extra cost is definitely worth it.
    Very Disappointed
    I ordered the pink set and found the colours very dark for my fair skin, and not really pink at all. Upon immediate application, it makes my lips burn. This feeling dissipates somewhat, but then my lips just feel sticky. I bought into the hype, but I wasted my money.
    Worst liquid lipsticks I've tried
    I have bought the pink edition the colours are nothing like on the pictures. The are brown like pinks I hate the colours. I don't think they look good, I have medium/ light skin tone. But the worst thing is that the actually hurt on my lips I got a little pile on my lips of this product. I would not recommend them.
    First Impressions
    I've never gotten on with liquid lipsticks I just find them incredibly drying but these are fantastic. I can apply in the morning and not apply again for the rest of the day even after countless cups of tea and water. I ordered pinks and reds which are both darker than I expected them to be, but I still love the shades and will order the nudes next and possibly some other shades.
    Great combo
    It was hard to pick a colour, so I had to get the minis. They're super cute in size, but it makes perfect sense coz a lil goes a long way. All shades are lovable.
    In Loooove
    I'm in love with the texture of this liquid lipstick.
    I love these, got myself the pink editions and I really like them they don't transfer and very kiss proof too.
    Nude Edition
    This was one of the most disappointing lipstick purchase I have ever made. All the shades are basically the same, they're all brown and compared to Jeffree Star are not even slightly durable. If you've never tried a liquid lipstick before you might think this is good but it's not save your money and buy a single Jeffree Star or a Stila. So, so disappointed.
    Nude Edition
    I love the formula of these liquid lipstick, I got the minis because I wanted to try multiple shades. I'm glad that I did it because I find them very comfortable on the lips, so smooth and so easy to work with.
    Nude edition
    This is the first time I've tried the Huda liquid lipsticks. I thought the kits would be a good way to try them out. I'm glad I went with the nudes as they appear a lot darker in reality than the swatches. They go on lovely but two of the four seem thinner, more watery in consistency and I find I have to build them up more. Whereas two of them are really opaque and go on with one swipe. They don't fully dry down so feel hydrating but they also don't transfer. I find those that were a bit more watery didn't last as long.
    Pink Edition
    I really love these. Great formula and colour pay off. Only downside is that the colours appear much darker than shown in the pictures.
    I received "nude" edition and I was so in love with them. Omg, I love every single lipstick. I just ordered and I'm waiting for "the red edition"!!! I really love these liquid lipsticks.
    My first and forever brand for liquid lipstick
    So I got these because a friend of mine told me it's really hyped over and I was looking for a lipstick that I do not have to re-touch or come off. So I decided to try this. I ordered the red edition because I wanted dark shades in my collection. Initially, I was just not able to work with this formula, because this was my first liquid lipstick ever, so I struggled to get the right application and staying within my lip line. I wasn't very much impressed. But on my birthday for a long day plan, I needed a dark shade and only the famous one matched my look that day. I went out for 6 hours, had nachos in the movies, had dinner and came back home to be completely and pleasantly surprised. The lipstick stayed all that long and all that food. I am in love with Huda's lipsticks ever since. There is no trying another brand. I just have no reason whatsoever to try out any other liquid lipsticks, I can't wait to get the pink, the nude editions, and a few other colours individually very soon. I absolutely love the long-lasting wear, even when it comes off it leaves some colour on the lips which just makes it look nicer and natural. I love that look. I love that it doesn't dry my lips and doesn't transfer, so I can kiss my kids without wiping it off, lol. The only thing about it is the application, I have to use a lip liner to get a perfect finish and application and I have to be so calm and relax to apply. I can't work this formula if I'm in a hurry and can't work it without a lip liner, but I don't mind that and I'll definitely repurchase. Also, taking it off is only possible with make-up removing cleanser or wipes or coconut oil. So, if you have extremely oily food, it will come off the inner parts of the lips. But I still give it a 5 star, coz I'm freaking in love with this. I wish Cult Beauty did that complete collection limited edition box, I would get that.
    I bought the Nudes but it should be called browns or so. :) Really love the formula, reminds me of Chanel Allure Ink a lot. Glad that I love neutral dark tones as well as lighter ones. My favorites are Bombshell and Trendsetter. Already ordered the Pink Edition. Can't wait to try these babies!
    Absolutely love it!
    I bought the pink edition and absolutely loving it. Love the formulas, absolutely gorgeous colours, and it is very long lasting for Gossip Girl, Trophy Wife and Icon. However I'm not really a big fan of Socialite formula, it stings a little when I applied and it makes my lips look like I just ate something greasy. I will purchase another matte colours.
    Nude Edition
    These lipsticks are super opaque - one swipe was all it took to cover my lips! I think these minis are a great idea if you want to try some of the colours out before buying a full sized lipstick. I bought the Nude Edition but it would probably be better described as "neutral", because the colours are toned down/washed out shades but certainly aren't natural looking nudes. That said, I'm very happy with them. They are super long lasting, and even though i have very dry lips, I just put a tiny bit of Vaseline underneath and the lipstick is still matte and comfortable. Definitely considering buying more of these.
    Pink edition
    I bought these to try out Huda's liquid lipsticks. I didn't have a clue which shade to buy so these are great to test a few without paying for a full sized product. These are the best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried, they're so light weight and last all day without making my lips feel dried. Can't wait to buy some more!
    Nude edition...
    Love the formula of these liquid lipsticks, but I bought the nude edition and the colour selection wasn't great. I have very fair skin and unfortunately only one shade was light enough for me.
    I Love The Brown Edition...
    The colors are perfectand the lipsticks stay long on the lips.
    Pink Edition
    Best lipsticks ever, I love them all!
    I bought these as I wanted to try them out and thought it would be nice to try the minis to look at a range of colours. They are my favourite liquid lipstick formulas and I am planning on purchasing the other colour editions now.
    So gorgeous
    I've bought the pink minis and I'm very satisfied. The color shades are great.
    Damp pretty
    I LOVEEEEE how liquidy it is, it does look dry but soft like velvet on lips!!! I have all shades, I bought minis, just love it so much.
    The brown edition
    I really love, these shades and textures. Especially for a liquid lipstick. I'm a great user of these types of lipsticks, as I like minimum fuss, not having to re-apply during the day. Ok, they can be a bit drying. However, I see it as, you can't expect a lipstick to last the wear and tear of the day if it was creamy. Believe me, I've tried most. From expensive products to the cheaper end. And these little beauties are for sure long lasting whilst giving you a range from subtle to vibrant.
    I have the nude, pink & red edition & seriously love them all the colours/formula is amazing!
    Pink Minis: Really not worth the hype
    Colours: not really great, all the colours look brownish except for Gossip Gurl (which looks like as it appears - a really bright pink). Best colour for me was: Trophy Wife, really a 4/5 colour, the rest, I would give a 1/5. Long-lasting claim: total flop. (1/5) I let it dry and didn't even keep my lips together while drying, I also tried a blow drier to speed up process once. Doesn't last during a sip of water, let alone through a meal. I got lip colour all over a sandwich. Just really didn't work for me. I added a star because it's a nice concept to try multiple colours and because the customer service with Cult Beauty was a 5/5. But for me Huda is not a brand I will probably try again. I would rather recommend Sunna Claore lippies for long-lasting, good colour payoff.
    Nude to the max
    Love love love nude edition. However, would be great to see totally different colours in each edition set, unlike brown and nude..but superloveee them !!
    Not nude!
    I bought the nudes and I'd would say that most of them are brown, not nude, they are all quite similar too. I love the bombshell though and wish I'd bought only that one as I don't think I'll use the rest.
    Nude edition
    Beauty colours, though the colour flirt is not my type. I will compare the Huda ones with the jeffree star pumpkin pie, which is my love.
    Pink Edition
    These are the best liquid matte lipsticks ever! They look (and feel) good even on my very dry lips and stay all day. Great texture, intense colors. Would recommend :)
    Not nude
    I wouldn't call these nude shades at all! Like a few other reviews said they are more browns, I wish I'd listened to them! Way to dark to wear casually, really disappointed!
    First and probably last? Looking for good matte lipsticks!
    It's really good. The packaging is cute and the formula is also great. It is long lasting, however, it is not completely transfer proof. It feels like it has never dried. it does take a long time to dry. I love it but I wish it dried faster. I am not sure if it's just me, but it was a bit drying but you can see wrinkles on lips?
    The reds were very dark, so the pinks were better suited to my fair skin tone. Cute in style and size to carry around with you although you probably will NOT need to touch up during the day or night! These liquid lipsticks stay on your lips!
    Brown edition
    Feel so comfortable on the lips, much more than Stilla and Jouer liquid lipsticks. Stays on for long time. Love the colours on my light to medium skin tone. Great way to discover and try the brown lipstick trend.
    I have got them - the pink ones today as a present from my husband. They are absolutely great! Beautiful colours (the metallic shade is super!), long lasting and do not make my lips dry.
    You go girl
    These mini matte liquid lipstick are amazing! I want to say to Huda and her team: keep up the amazing work and I wish her and her team all of the success and happiness!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Lovely formula but...
    I really like the formula and the long wear of these but unfortunately most of the nude shades just looked brown against my pale skin, I'd been hoping for something more natural looking I could wear to work. The beauty of a set of minis though is getting to try lots of shades at once. Will probably order the pink set as I think this will suit my skin tone better. Formula wise can't fault it, wore all day and it doesn't budge.
    Nude-not so good
    Packaging and consistency is fine. Nude is all shades of dark browns!!! Not sure why. Would not recommend if you want nude shades.
    Pretty good
    I bought the nude and pink minis. I find the colors a bit dark for my fair skin. Love "Socialite" in the pinks. Very flattering. Find the dark colors transfer onto cups and wear off when eating.
    The best liquid lipsticks
    I normally don't write reviews but I had to this time. These lipsticks are amazing. I bought so many famous different brands. Jeffree star, Jouer, Smashbox.. you name it and I have it, but Huda Beauty lipsticks are just way better than any of them. The staying power is amazing, I almost forget that I wear lipstick and the colours are gorgeous (I bought the nude edition). Go get them, I promise you won't regret it.
    Just got the Nude Edition after lusting over Huda Beauty for ages. I'm loving the formula and how smooth they feel on the lips (not drying at all)! However on me a few of the lip shades look pretty much the same but that's probably because I'm really pale, still amazing though.
    Huda lipstick
    Smashing colours
    Great way to try!
    I bought the brown set because I wanted to try flirt & spice girl it was a great way to try the shades I've since bought one of them full size!
    Huda liquid matte minis
    I bought the 'Nude Edition' and I'm sorry to say I'm disappointed. All the shades are more brown than nude. They smell gorgeous but I find the colour only lasts around an hour or two!
    So worth it
    lightweight formula that smells amaze. Does not dry lips out and doesn't transfer. Beautiful pigmented colours
    Mini matte red edition
    Wow, what a set of lipsticks to own. I have never tried this brand before but I found that most matte lipsticks go a bit tacky on the lips however these don't. Well worth the money. I would definitely purchase the fuller sizes. Nice small size though the mini collections, perfect for your bag. Can't wait to order more.
    The smell
    I'm honestly so disappointed. First off, they're so tiny. But thats not even the issue. THE. SMELL. It is so strong and chemically, it reminds me of a strong NyQuil medication. And the smell doesnt go away! It lingers in my nostrils and I'm so disgusted. As for the formula? Showgirl is so sticky, I felt like I was putting glue on my lips.
    Great Formula for a liquid lipstick
    I really love love love this mini edition of Huda Beauty's liquid lipstick. The texture is amazing. Non drying, easy to blend & doesn't transfer at all!!!! I'm in love with the latest shade showgirl!
    Nice formula
    I purchased the nude set as soon as it released, it arrived quickly and well packaged. I have several liquid lipsticks by different brands, such as the Kylie lip kits and the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks, and this is by far my favourite formula. However the colours are very dark for a nude set. It would have been nice to maybe have one shade that was a bit lighter, but they're still very pretty. On the whole I'd recommend these but maybe have a look at swatches online first.
    Formula great, colours not so
    I've tried every liquid lip brand going so when Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis came out I thought it was the perfect time to try them. I have to say the formula is by far the nicest, it's much silkier but the colours just are not for me. The nude set is so unbelievably brown I just can't wear anything, the pictures of the colours are pretty misleading as 3 look more pink than brown.
    Mini Matte Pink Edition
    As a lipstick obsessor I was so happy when these gorgeous sets were released. I already have a few shades of the Huda liquid lipsticks and these did not disappoint. The formula goes on smooth and dries quickly without crumbling and drying my lips and the colours are beautiful. Just waiting for payday to get the other shades!!
    Lovely consistency but colours vary
    I have the red and pink sets. Both go on like a dream, almost more like a lip gloss. They last for ages on your lips as long as you don't eat anything. If you want to top up you can and it doesn't crumble like other similar products I've tried. I find after a few hours my lips start to look a bit dry but some lip salve on top helps. The only negative is that the colours look different on my lips than the photos online. They each seem a lot darker than I'd expected. I'm not sure I'll wear many of the red ones for this reason.
    Smaller than expected
    Not actually tried them out yet so cannot comment on formula but they are a lot smaller than I expected. I know they are mini versions but when I opened them was very surprised at just how mini and so not sure they worth quite £33! So just be aware of that.
    Liquid Matte Minis Nude -LOVE!
    Been wanting to try Huda's lippys for ages now, but could never decide on what colours so this set makes it so easy! Best liquid lipstick formula I've ever tried! Not drying, lasts well and fades every evenly. Smells like coconut which I love, and I think all of these nude shades will become everyday favourites. Packaging so cute and they are the perfect travel size.
    Red edition
    Nice bold colours, long lasting and feels light on the lips. Love the packaging and smells great too. Loving the new shade showgirl different from the rest.
    Amazing Liquid Lipstick
    I bought the Red Edition a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that I'm in love with all the colours, it's one of the best liquid lipsticks I've tried. The formula is amazing, it's comfortable, non-drying, long lasting and does not transfer unless you've drunk something and your lips are wet as a result. All in all, I cannot wait for the pink and nude edition to arrive so I can buy them. The sets are a great value and a great way to try out multiple products before buying the full size.
    Huda liquid lip
    Amazing product, definitely can't fault it.. Has a great applicator and lovely smell. However I don't think the photos are true to the actual colour, perhaps would be better if we could see the colour on different skin tones or just not on a white background.
    The best matte
    The formula is amazing, long-lasting and extremely comfortable to wear, not dry, very lightweight. Im sooo in love, the bestest liquid matte lipstick I have ever tried.
    Huda mini matte lipsticks the red edition
    Omg these are to die for. They feel so light and natural on the lips. Lasts all day without transferring. Absolutely perfect, love the packaging and the products. Please don't listen to negative comments, all are lies. Huda matte liquid lipsticks are heaven. Just dying to get my hands on the huda palette.
    Perfect Set
    I love the formula and how long-lasting these lipsticks are. The shades are both elegant and sexy and the packaging and sizing is just so cute. This set makes a perfect gift for a makeup lover or simply as a first contact with the brand.
    I do not know why I have not purchased the Huda liquid lipsticks sooner!! This came within 2 days of ordering on standard delivery. I'm wearing the shade Heartbreaker even when I'm just at home, it feels like satin on my lips, doesn't transfer whatsoever! I'm addicted and must buy the whole collection now!!!!
    J'adore touts les gloss de la gamme Huda beauty I love all of the glosses of the Huda Beauty range.
    Les gloss Hudabeauty
    Texture sublime, longue tenu et j'adore le packaging The texture is sublime, it lasts for ages and I love the packaging.