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    Huda Beauty

    #FauxFilter Foundation
    Got bad skin..
    ...from this Foundation. So I really don‘t like it. And the price is also too much for its quality.
    I already want to buy one more
    I just got mine Butter Pecan N in Mac I’m NC40, very good match for me. Foundation blended so good, is not a strong smell as most part of the people say, I just love this foundation, definitely, I’ll buy one more for the summertime. Thanks, Cult Beauty.
    Disappointing to say the least!
    Ok first of all, if you are intending to buy this product, DO NOT go off the shade guide on Huda's site as this is completely inaccurate, you're much better off watching youtube videos or blogs. I had high hopes for this foundation as Huda usually releases extremely high quality products but this foundation was seriously shocking. First of all, it is way too scented for a skin product and there is a lot of harsh products in the formula hence why there has been a lot of consumers complaining about breaking out, including myself. I'm a lover of full coverage foundation but this is almost borderline TOO MUCH! Something I'd never thought I say. It is ok when applying but drys like cement, and gives a more 'mask' effect than a natural filter. My imperfections/dry patches or breakouts seem to show MORE as the foundation clings to the skin. My skin is not particularly dry and this still seems to dry down and age me so if you do have dry skin, AVOID.
    I really wanted to love this foundation
    I tried this foundation in Selfridges as I wanted to get a colour match, I ordered it from cult beauty once it was back in stock in my shade and I was so excited to try it. I love the packaging and the plastic bottle as it makes easier to travel. When trying the foundation it is scented however it is something I can get past as it wears off after applying it. The foundation doesn’t go into the lines in my face properly and makes them stand out and doesn’t go into my skin properly making my pores on my nose stand out. It’s easy to blend and it is full coverage, however, I used primer, powder and setting spray and it still goes incredibly patchy and comes off when wearing my glasses. I am only still using it because of the cost, however, I wouldn’t buy it again unless the formula is updated. I still love Huda but I don’t like the foundation.
    Oh my god, this foundation is amazing! The coverage is flawless and it makes you look insane when it’s on!!! I use Estée Lauder primer and it stays on beautifully even after eight hours it still hasn’t budged! I have seen a few reviews about it giving people breakouts but I haven’t experienced any yet! Personally, I think everybody should have this foundation it’s worth every penny!
    Covered my bright RED skin reaction
    Before going out I had a reaction to a face mask that caused my skin to go extremely red. This foundation covered it all with 2 pumps! Extremely happy with this foundation, only thing that is a tiny concern is the strong floral fragrance that may irritate sensitive skin.
    I'm heartbroken
    I love all Huda's products that I've tried - her lipsticks, highlighters, I was really hoping this would be my HG. I was so excited to finally get it I literally ran home when it came. As someone else pointed out - colour match guide is not correct. I'm NC15 and Gobi in NARS Sheer Glow and while Cashew 140G was fine I think Panna Cotta 130G would've been better...but it's not even the problem. Firstly things I loved: the coverage is insane. It's creamy, it spreads well and evens out any discolouration in seconds. I liked the fact that the bottle is plastic because it minimises chances of breaking it and it's good for travelling. Having a pump is also very nice. The so-so aspect: the scent. This foundation is heavily scented. I didn't mind it but wasn't the biggest fan either. The bad: it looks amazing upon initial application, I can't lie, but in an hour it accentuated pores and when I lightly touched my nose it seemed like the top layer moved making it look like I have extremely clogged pores and revealing some redness. Attempts to fix it led to moving it even more to the point where my face looked really bad. I tried to make it work really hard, tried primers from Smashbox, Benefit, NYX, her own primer, tried setting it, baking, applying with a brush, fingers, difference, it transferred and looked bad in an hour every time. I am not saying it's a horrible foundation but it surely wasn't for me (combination skin, oily t-zone) so I highly recommend getting a sample first because now I'm stuck with a foundation I can't wear. I'm sorry Huda, I wanted to love it so bad!
    I have normal/dry skin and not prone to my skin is sensitive. I bought this foundation and loved it. The coverage is full and really good. However, after a few weeks using this foundation I got a severe stingy red rash on the left side of my face around my mouth cheek area. I will never put this stuff on my face again, I have no idea the ingredient in this foundation causing this but it’s just not worth the hassle of having a bright red sore rash on your face.
    Awful breakouts
    I love Huda Beauty and was incredibly excited to get this foundation. I have pale dry skin. Loved it on, didn't mind the slight cake for the great coverage. However, within a few days I broke out badly and after stopping using this my skin is only back to its normal state nearly a month later and has cost me a fortune in products to repair. For the record, my skin is dry and dehydrated. I never get spots outside my time of the month. I tried this three times and each time it was the same result. Absolutely devastated.
    Totally in love with this foundation. I finally found the perfect shade for my ultralight skin. The texture is very light but opaque. It is completely no transfer, but it dries up enough. And don't stain clothes.
    Amazing product but be sure about the right shade!!
    Full coverage foundation with filter effect but it oxidises so if ur NC40-42 in mac better go with Tres leches 320G or 330N butter pecan. I choose Baklava 340G which is one shade darker for me! I am NC40-42 in Mac, 2.1y in The ordinary foundation. If you have oily skin better set with setting powder and do use primer for less oxidization. And the smell is so good!! Loved it :)
    Major breakout
    Loved the way it applied, made my skin look flawless, the lasting power is incredible but it breaks me out every single time I use it, I wouldn’t recommend for the sensitive or acne-prone skin.
    Love this product
    I absolutely love this product, it gives an airbrushed look all day. I have very oily skin and if you top up with some powder throughout the day then this will stay completely matte. The smell of the foundation is actually amazing, which is another positive about the product! Applying with a wet beauty blender is best.
    So happy I chose to order and make my own mind up!
    Well, after reading all the reviews and watching loads of tutorials on this foundation I took the plunge and ordered Vanilla and oh boy am I glad I did. It was a bit of pot luck with colour as I could have gone for quite a few in my range, but after looking at the excellent foundation page on Huda's website Vanilla seemed to fit the best and they were spot on. I had planned to give this foundation a tougher test without powder and as it turned out that is what happened more by accident than design. Started in the morning and applied with a damp beauty blender, yes a little goes a long way and it spreads perfectly using the blender I covered my face with it and noticed I did not to use a separate concealer like I normally do so that was a bonus also it didn’t look cakey or thick in anyway just flawless beautiful skin. I had to keep checking in different rooms to make sure I hadn’t fooled myself but no I hadn’t my face looked the best it has done for a long time, so finished my makeup brushed my hair and was ready to start my day, even my husband commentated, about how good my face looked and that was a shock for a start! We went out to do a bit of food shopping but after about an hour my tummy started to ache really badly so we had to come home. Long story short we ended up calling 111 and I ended up in A and E and it was a Saturday night! 9 hours later I was pumped with painkillers and a little later sent home. I came in and went upstairs looking into my bedroom mirror I saw how perfect my face still looked! A bit pale but otherwise all good!! I think the foundation was most certainly tested and it passed with flying colours! I have a bad kidney infection but have gorgeous Huda foundation!
    I bought this and was so excited for it and couldn’t wait to try it out as I’m a massive fan of Huda Beauty, I matched my skin up with Crem brûlée and it was a decent colour but was the worst texture it didn’t move and felt like I was applying glue on to my face, the smell is very strong too! After about an hour of wearing it looked wet and orange, the bottle looks nice in the photo but it’s actually plastic, overpriced and I will not be buying this again!
    I don't hate this foundation...I was hoping it was going to be my new HG but I honestly can't see that happening. It is super full coverage, it does what it says on the tin and blends out beautifully. However it also clings to any dry skin on the face, it is also very strongly scented and the scent is chemically. The bottle is nice but it is plastic and doesn't really reflect the high end price tag. Overall I will probably use this foundation every now and then but it certainly won't be very often.
    So good
    This foundation is amazing I'd say it's equal to Estée Lauder double wear although with this you use less (1 pump max) so it lasts longer. Definitely will buy again because it really does make your skin look flawless and last all day. If people are worried about breakouts just make sure you have a good face routine at night and you should be good.
    Awful for dry skin
    Don’t get me wrong, the coverage is great, medium with one layer, full with two. However,I found this foundation is extremely cakey and I would not recommend to anyone who has dry skin. You need some oil or something to help spread the foundation because it’s that thick, I did try to mix in some radiance drops but found it separated the foundation. Don’t think I’ll be repurchasing considering the price. Hundreds of foundations out there that are much better and cheaper for that matter.
    I purchased the shade cashew 140 G. When applied it looks very pale but then it oxydises into my skin colour so I suggest you to buy a lighter shade. The smell is very strong and personally I don't really like it (it reminds me of the perfume "Alien" by Mugler). The coverage is insane though, you'll look like a porcelain doll... for an hour! Then, I don't really understand what happens to this formula, you'll find it has settled into your fine lines around your mouth and it separates around the nose. I like the coverage of this foundation but I don't understand why it becomes cakey after a while...
    Joined the waitlist for this over a month ago and as soon as it was back in stock, I immediately bought it. Used the colour match guide which is on Cult Beauty and also on Huda’s website, where it told me that I was shade Creme Brûlée 150G, as this is a match for my NARS Foundation in Light 2, Montblanc. Didn’t check it next to my NARS foundation when I first put it on (I really wish I did as I can’t get a refund as I’ve used it) and it is far too dark for my skin! The undertones are so strong that I looked yellow when I tried it on. I’m so disappointed as I’ve been wanting this foundation for ages and it’s just burnt a hole in my pocket, £30+ on a foundation which doesn’t even work for my skin tone.
    Perfect, no breakouts, oxidises a bit
    Holy grail!
    This is a holy grail foundation. I bought it because of NikkieTutorials and I truly believe everything she said ... It's a must have!
    Amazing coverage, but terrible for skin!
    I have an oily complexion mostly from my t zone, and have a slight bit of acne nothing major at all, no white head spots just slight red marks here and there. When I first used this foundation I was amazed by the coverage, and how it felt on my skin. Covered all my imperfections brilliantly, and left me with an airbrushed look. However, it has since made me break out worse than ever before. I never get massive sore spots, but in the week that I’ve been applying this foundation, it has given me 3 of them. I take good care of my skin, and use primers but even so the spots got worse and in such a shot amount of time! Definitely not going to use this foundation again, must be something in the ingredients. I don’t necessarily have sensitive skin either, and no foundation has made me break out ever, so this really left me heartbroken, I thought I found the one!! So disappointing.
    The faux filter foundation is INCREDIBLE. I’m very pale so I really struggle to find the right shade for me but milkshake is perfect. I have super oily skin and honestly I didn’t think it would stay put (due to reviews I had read) but I wore it for 11 hours and it hadn’t budged at all, my skin looked great. I just set it with translucent powder, like I would with any foundation. Anyone in doubt of purchasing it, you will not regret it.
    Great colour range, amazing coverage....
    I ordered the lightest shade „Milkshake“.The foundation has a great coverage (every pimple and redness disappeared), lasts through my workday BUT you can feel that you wear foundation. It feels heavy on your skin. This is why I gave 4 stars. But I will buy it again because of the great colour range.
    Expected more....
    I have been waiting for the faux filter to come back into stock for, what feels like, forever! I was so excited to try it once it arrived but I was not that impressed. I was really surprised that the bottle was plastic- I expected it to be glass, as is standard with a foundation that costs the same as this one. The colour match was good but I noticed after a couple of hours wear it had faded in certain areas of my face making me look patchy. The smell was slightly strange and made it feel a bit cheap. A nice thick consistency that doesn’t need much to cover the whole face. After a few hours, the under eye area looked cakey and had settled in fine lines making them look worse! Not what you want when you’re 30!.....I have been using double wear for years and have tried numerous other foundations claiming to be better...there isn’t!! I’ll be sticking with double wear!!
    I do not recommend this foundation to anyone. My skin was doing very well and then as soon as I used this it broke me out!! Now my skin is damaged.
    Worst ever
    It is the worst foundation I ever used. Cheap bottle, cake all over the face after 30 minutes on, all my pores were more visible than ever.
    love love love
    my skin looks lovely, you only need a little bit and just blend it out. The smell is gorgeous, the bottle is plastic but feels very well made and not cheap at all.
    So, of course, like all of Huda’s line, her lip liners, eyeshadow palettes, and highlighters were never ever a disappointment to me...when I heard of the foundation launch I was over the the full set of foundation, primer, and brush and used them together. I was soooooooo excited about it. I’m on day 4 of wearing it and I must say I am disappointed. Yes there is amazing coverage in terms of pigmentation etc However.....very cakey looking, DEFINITELY NEED TO USE BEAUTY BLENDER TO BUFF IT RIGHT IN, has caused breakouts, nose forehead, and smile line areas almost reject powder to set them (and I have dry skin). I’ve tried using this with no powder, with a bit of powder here and there and finally normally setting my whole face and it has absolutely no impact at all. Tried using it with a setting spray also, and it still has a very sticky feeling as if not set with anything at all. Overall, it’s a pretty standard foundation. Does exactly what other standard foundations will do for you... Really really tried and wanted to love this foundation...will definitely not be a favourite. Very disappointed.
    Panna Cotta
    Really wanted to love this but after a few days I'm just not getting on with this at all. Firstly, for the price I expected the packaging to be glass, but its all plastic. Just doesn't have that luxury feel to go with the price tag. The coverage is amazing, covered up every dark patch, red spot and pimple etc., buuuuut something happens to this formula after an hour or so of wearing it. It just seems to suddenly all gather and cake on my chin, around my nose and eyes. If slightly touched the product lifts off and leaves patches. I've just had to use a brush and work the product back in as it looks like its being pushed out of my skin again. Such a shame as it has amazing results while applying, although is quite thick and hard to move around the face.
    I love the consistency.
    Makes you look flawless and literally lasts all day! Defiantly buying again.
    Good if you want full coverage
    I was amazed with this product, it's so thick. Or should I say opaque? It gives a full-on, doll-like complexion. I think this one will be great for people who have bits they want to cover (redness, pigmentation, acne etc) as I think its more pigmented than the average concealer and it stays put too. But, if you have good skin and almost nothing to cover, I'd go for something with less coverage and more dewiness. Why work so hard on your skin just to cover it up?
    Major breakouts
    I really love how this foundation worked out at first. Some hours later I got severe breakouts which developed to massive cysts under my skin. I keep trying it when my skin heals but every time it's the same result :( My skin is oily with some dry spots.
    Semi-matte finish, full coverage and looks amazing on the skin.
    Amazing holy grail really helped me find out what foundation. I’m going to keep for a while recommend to who anyone who wants to have a new foundation and wants to keep it for a while.
    How did i live without this?!
    I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this foundation! The coverage is INCREDIBLE! It leaves me looking flawless, I suffer slightly with rosacea and have tried a range of different foundations to mask the redness (even with primers and CC creams underneath) whilst trying to find one that doesn't irritate and dry my skin, my last one being Charlotte Tilbury which I thought I'd hit the jackpot with, but something made me take a chance on this one when I ran out and I'm so glad I did! I don't need CC cream or concealers anymore, it really is THAT good! Plus it stays put all day! Really would recommend, worth every penny and more!
    Holy grail foundation!
    It took me a while to buy this due to not being able to get a tester first but I’m so glad I went for it! Ended up with the perfect color, you only need to use the tiniest amount and it covers all my redness and looks so smooth!!!
    Tres Leches - Amazing!
    Really good foundation for oily skin, makes your skin look smooth and airbrushed. You only need the teeniest tiniest bit to cover your whole face, I use half a pump cause it's super pigmented. This shade has an extremely yellow undertone, so just be careful when choosing shades (I'm 2.1 Y in The Ordinary Coverage Foundation / C 3.5 in MAC Studio Fix and Tres Leches is a perfect match).This foundation smells divine, the most amazing smell ever. 5 stars!
    Holy grail foundation
    I was sceptical of buying this foundation due to a number of reviews stating it was perfumed, heavy and oxidized quite badly... oh my god were they wrong!! The colour was perfect for me as I am very pale, I wear N1 in Estée Lauder double wear and I am vanilla in Huda’s. I also have extremely sensitive skin and I didn’t react in the slightest, it stayed on ALL day and still looked flawless towards the night! Couldn’t fault!
    Huda the amazing!
    What an absolute keeper this product is. I have been a makeup artist for 15 years but I have yet to find the right foundation for my own canvas..... until now! This cream foundation is an absolute dream, I have a hydrated/dry skin, I usually use it over a drop of oil... aaah the finish is beautiful!
    Amazing coverage!
    I thought I had found my holy grail full coverage foundation, but them I tried Hudas foundation and BAM - now it’s my number 1!!!
    I love it!
    Bought this in November and I will keep reordering it. It goes on great and I would advise buying the buff and blend blush to apply it with as it leaves no steaks and all blends out perfectly. It is full coverage, you could wear this without conceal if you wanted. It stays put all day. I have recently been to Mexico and even in the heat and humidity, this foundation did not budge!
    I absolutely adore this foundation. There is a variety of shades and it is flawless on your skin. I find I rarely need to touch up and it doesnt really settle into fine lines. It is the best foundation I have used, just wish it wasn't out of stock all of the time as I would love to repurchase!
    I kinds liked this foundation, it sticks to your skin right away, and it dries right after you apply it on your face. It covers merely everything on the face. PERFECT
    I was so excited yet so disappointed...
    Bought this Foundation 2 weeks ago. I had heard mixed reviews but thought I would see it for myself. Having a very strict skincare routine that works for my skin I thought I would try it. I used it on New Year's Eve. Had it on maximum 5 hours. It didn’t wear very well showed all of my pores and looked really cakey. I didn’t use it again but the minute I took it off I noticed that my skin was starting to come up with a rash and I could feel a ton of spots coming on. After a few days, my skin just went into meltdown. I’m now on prescription creams I have cold sores, scars, rashes, and lumps all over my face. I don’t even have sensitive skin. I work in cosmetics and makeup is required. I can’t wear makeup at all. It has broken my skin. I can’t use anything I’m heartbroken. If you have dry or sensitive skin don’t go for this Foundation. It’s not worth the hassle.
    I love this product!
    This is such a good foundation, I have mild/bad roseca and this covers it well. This also covers dark circles especially if you're tired the next day after up all night with kids. I don’t get why people are moaning about the smell of this foundation as it states in the description it has good ingredients and Argan oil of which is needed for good skin!
    Great foundation but breaks me out
    I LOVE this foundation - amazing coverage, finish, wear time (and I quite like the scent too) but I had to stop wearing it as it was bringing me out in massive spots, almost like cystic acne. I also purchased the primer which I quite like too, works well with the foundation. Such a shame as I have not found another foundation that lives up to this since and I keep trying it again to see if it was just my skin at the time, unfortunately it is the foundation and primer as each time after wear I have come out in new, quite painful spots. I have seen quite a few others write about it breaking them out, I hope HUDA changes the ingredients or something because I need this foundation in my life, just without the unfortunate side effects.
    Absolutely amazing - best coverage I have ever come across and blends out really well.
    It's alright
    When applying this to the skin, it goes on beautifully and the coverage is beautiful. I'll do the rest of my face and set my under eyes. 3 hours after application, it started breaking up on my cheeks and my nose and all my pores were showing through. A little disappointed, especially considering the price I paid. I'll get use out of it and try find more way for this product to work.
    WORST foundation I’ve used
    This foundation is so bad I don’t know where to start. It caused me to break out really badly after only a few uses (I very rarely have any problems with my skin) and took me weeks to get my skin back to how it was before using this foundation. There is absolutely no staying power, it sinks into and exaggerates pores, leaves wrinkles and lines with a movement of the face. This isn’t a matte foundation at all. After 10 minutes my skin began to look oily, after half an hour I needed to re-powder and if I didn’t I looked like a shiny disco ball. I tried to see how this would last the day without any retouches and after a few hours, it was an oily patchy mess. The highly floral perfumed smell was over powering and gave me a headache. I won’t be passing this foundation on for anyone to try the only place it belongs is the bin. Complete waste of money.
    Holy grail!!
    Was really impressed by this foundation, it was super full coverage while still looking natural! I actually bought this because of Nikkie Tutorials, who has dry skin (mine is oily) and also said it was her holy grail foundation! My only complaint is that it doesn’t last that long.
    Brilliant foundation
    Not for me...
    I have quite clear but dry skin and am early 50s, but this foundation made my skin look 10 years older. The colour match was quite good, but sadly that was the only good point. I have used many ‘high end’ foundations, so am used to a variety of consistencies. I’ve also been wearing foundation since I was a teenager. This foundation is very thick and yes, you really do only need one pump as a little goes a long way. I didn’t mind the fragrance and it seemed to blend out very well with my beauty blender. I moisturised well underneath and I also used my favourite Becca backlit primer. It seemed to, however, suck everything out of my skin and was extremely drying. It felt quite tight too and I could definitely feel it ( not used to that feeling when wearing foundation). It was just very ‘mask’ like. I didn’t even really have to powder it. There was no glow, or satin finish. It seemed to make my skin look quite textured in places too. I just had to remove it, it looked so bad. I love Huda’s eyeshadows, they’re amazing, but not this. If you have dry, mature skin I’d stay well clear. I think this would be better for younger, normal to combination skin.
    Don’t like it
    I have worn this foundation at least 3 or 4 times already and so far I have liked it. It sat on my face nicely and looks good in photos but I get an oily T-zone, so after an hour or so it had just slipped right off my nose which I am disappointed about. But the biggest downfall of this foundation is the perfume scent! Huda has obviously put some kind of perfume in it so it smells nice but it has made me break out BAD! I have problematic skin and it was just starting to clear up but my whole face has just come up and I am so disappointed because now I have to give it away and I did genuinely like the coverage and stuff.
    Huda Faux filter foundation love ❤️
    I'm literally in love with this foundation.
    Amazing coverage
    Love it, also smells really nice too. Makes an amazing complexion so many compliments received from it. Glad I brought it, in the shade 'chai' matches my skin like it's made for me!!
    AMAZING! *oily skin* review
    At first reading the reviews I was very skeptical about this product, but being a MUA you need to try out different foundations etc AND I am so happy with this! I suffer with an oily t-zone and this lasted just as well as any other foundation if not better! the coverage is amazing! I think people whom may be struggling with it or dislike it is due to not understanding how to put the product on! I use a smashbox photo finish primer base then a brush very similar to the HUDA brush, buffing it into my skin. The foundation is flawless and is almost like a filter over my skin, although the foundation is very full coverage it feels so light on the skin as if you don't have any on! Will definitely repurchase this!
    Good coverage and thats all
    The first thing I noticed was the foundation is in plastic casing instead of glass for the price point. Second thing when I apply it into my face the smell was way too strong, smell similar to Avon perfume. Third is it a bit difficult to blend since it dry's faster & it is a full coverage foundation, not suitable using a brush. I'm using a damp beauty blender to apply it. Nevertheless, I still like using it because it is a full coverage foundation. Will I repurchase again? Maybe.
    Best foundation ever
    This is honestly the best foundation I've ever used! It smoothes over my pores and has the fullest coverage I've ever seen in a foundation yet still looks like skin and doesn't feel thick once it's been blended out. My skin is normal/dry and I have to prep my skin really well with hydrating toner, essence, serum and moisturiser when I use this which I would definitely recommend doing if you have a similar skin type to me.
    Causing breakouts
    I have clear skin and have never ever broken out, but this foundation made me breakout really badly and also it is so hard to blend as it oxidizes very fast hard to blend however the coverage is really good so I carried on using. Will not be using anymore as it made my skin look awful after several uses.
    Really disappointing!
    Was so excited about this product. Went to store to get colour matched and bought the brush and the primer too. The greatest waste of money. Firstly; oxidises terribly. Great match at first then turns an odd yellow. Difficult to apply; the Huda brush is good with other foundation but for some reason, it makes the foundation patchy. The only slight improvement in the finish I could get was with a damp beauty blender. Highly perfumed. I ended up with a horrendous breakout that I blame on the perfume in this; can’t see what else it would have been but did my skin no favours. No lasting power. Literally slid into wrinkles and pores I didn’t know I had. I looked half dead of leprosy. Left me a greasy mess and for some reason, it doesn’t last on your nose for longer than ten minutes (I’d like to point out I have normal and generally clear skin - never normally greasy). As someone else pointed out it photographs terribly too! Disappointing and doesn’t live up to the hype. Huda’s eyeshadows, palettes, and lip products are beautiful. Really wish I’d waited for more reviews before I bought this.
    Not very satisfied
    The foundation has good coverage. Unfortunately, the smell is stubborn. I did not have a sample with the foundation but I thought I would understand that there was in every foundation.
    First of all, I'm a huge Huda Beauty fan! I love her products, I own all the highlight palettes, few pair of lashes, more than 15 liquid matte, some lip liners, a lot of Lip Strobe, the foundation brush, the primer... Obviously, I wanted to try the FauxFilter but my shades were always out of stock. Back in November I came to Dubai and I have the opportunity to swatch them in real life. I was quite hesitant between Cashew and Creme Brulee and I decided to buy both because I already tried a sample of the foundation (in a wrong shade, it was Macaroon) when I ordered the primer on CultBeauty. I have a dry dehydrated skin but I LOVE the FauxFilter when I want full coverage. The way that it works best for my skin is when I apply it with an Oval Brush (such as Artis ones). I used only 1/3 of a pump and I mix it with a liquid highlight (for example, I use Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid). Like that, my skin looks BOMB AF! I work as an assistant manager in a makeup shop with 3 floors and I almost always work for 9 to 10 hours a day and my face still looks flawless all day long! I'm really impressed. It doesn't emphasize my dryness and I don't have any trouble with it. I will buy it again and again! Thanks, Huda!!!
    The best foundation ever. I love it ❤
    Best foundation I ever had
    This is the best foundation I ever had, so happy with this one!
    New Holy Grail
    The first time I tried this foundation it was with a brush and I really wasn't blown away at all, it felt and acted like any old foundation and I was a bit let down. I decided to give it a second go with a Beauty Blender and OH MY GOD this product is incredible. The coverage is incredible without it needing to be layered, the color is great and I don't even need to set my face!! If is genuinely the best foundation I've ever used for photography, I literally don't need to re-touch photos at all. It lasts all day and stays flawless. I'm blown away!!
    Faux foundation
    It's really full coverage. If your more of a natural feel. I suggest using a light hand if you want this product. It is amazing for all skin types!!
    Huda Foundation
    Absolutely Brilliant. Totally recommend. Coverage is flawless, it’s like the feeling of feather on skin! Amazing.
    Great Product
    First of all, I am a huge Huda fan! Looove her highlighter pallets and the lipsticks and I was so excited for her foundation. First, when I matched my shade I supposed to be Amaretti but when I tried it it was slightly darker than expected. I am a fan of the smell of this foundation so for me, this is not a minus at all. The coverage is insaaaane, but for me, it's almost like a foundation for a night out rather than an everyday foundation, purely because of the coverage and you do notice the foundation no matter how good you apply it. One squirt goes a long way. Love the product though.
    Awesome coverage
    It's really beautiful on the skin. It's full coverage and a little goes a long way. I have normal to dry skin and it works very good for me too. My issue is the smell. The smell is good but it's way too strong. I actually can't use it because I get nauseous. It sucks because I really would love it if the smell wasn't soooo intense. I don't like that makeup smells anything and I was aware that this fountain had a certain smell so I had to try it anyway. But I didn't think it was so strong, heavy and intense. I am very sensitive about smell so other people probably don't care, but for me sadly it's not working :(
    High coverage
    The beat foundation of 2017 I think. And I've gone throught a few bottles this year but this has to be one of the best. Very high coverage so a little goes a long way. It does hiwever crease under the eyes (huda mentioned it in her blog too). But that doesnt stop me as i usually conceal and set anyways. If your looking for flawless and impressive coverage then this is must for all.
    Best foundation
    Full coverage, beautiful smell and it’s perfect for my skintone.
    Many pros but many cons...
    So I gave this foundation a try because I heard the coverage is great. I have many acne scars, medium-tan skin with an oily Tzone and some dry patches around my mouth. I went for TRES LECHES. The shade is almost TOO yellow/greenish for me, and I have yellow undertones. The foundation is so thick it doesn't melt into the skin so buffing it to match your skin tone is not an option... which is not good, since you can get only 4 shades on the sample packet. So if it's NOT your EXACT shade, forget it. Maybe go for a Neutral shade instead of Golden even if you have golden/olive undertones, I would try that next time. The coverage is GREAT. 1-2 pumps cover all my imperfections and it dried matte. I read many people getting super oily skin after many hours but this foundation lasted me over 8 hours looking great! and matte still. HOWEVER, I have read some ingredients might break you out, and it's true. Day 1 I had no problems. Day 2 I got ONE little spot but assumed it was just a coincidence since I do have acne prone skin... day 3 however, I got around 6 new spots under the 8 hours of use. It's a shame, since I loved the coverage and the colour I could fix with some concealer/powder, so it's not TERRIBLE but can't be used on a daily basis, maybe once or twice a week. BTW, the scent is strong, but not unbearable and it's not a bad scent in general. But careful if you have sensitivity to scents!
    Maybe not for my skin
    Had high expections of this product. Waited 4 months to get it. I was so thrilled when I finally got it. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong colour!! The foundation I ordered is way to bright- well that's my bad. I like the smell of the product and that you don't have to use much product- it's very thick. But I don't really get it nice on my skin. It looks dry and a bit "cakey". still hoping that I will manage the product to get more even on my skin for a nicer look.
    Most overrated foundation ever
    I went from door forever foundation to this. Dior is by far my favourite foundation and huda is by far the worse. I have tried applying it differently, I've tried different primers but this does not sit on my skin well. It's so cakey on my oily skin, I hate it.
    Amazing Foundation
    Smells Amazing, Great Foundation.
    J’aime *** I love it ***
    Jamais autant aimer un fond de teint Il camoufle bien *** I love this foundation as it hides all of the imperfections on my skin ***
    Holy Grail Foundation
    Firstly, may I just say that I was debating for a long time whether to get this foundation, or not. At the end, I purchased it and it is amazing. Seriously, this is my favourite foundation now. It lasts all day, it is matte (I have oily skin with acne) it covers my acne and discolouration well. I guessed my shade since Huda Beauty gives this easy brand comparison chart which is so helpful. Thank you Huda Beauty.
    Feels amazing, smells amazing and really does make it look like your face has been filtered. Will never look back, Huda Kattan does it again! Xoxo
    I was so hesitant to buy this as it has a lot of mixed reviews. I LOVE IT. I got the shade latte. Almost exact same colour as my skin I love it. It is sooooo full coverage it feels comfortable,and my skin looks flawless. It is so worth giving it a shot I love it so much. I just need to powder more round my smile lines as its starts to crack slightly but that happens to most foundations. ALL TIME FAV.
    Really disappointed
    I’ve loved all my previous Huda products and couldn’t wait to try this. I’m very fair and don’t trust charts online so went to get matched. I got Panna cotta and the colour is lovely. Difficult to blend; I tried with my usual primer and her primer; no difference. Looks good for about ten minutes and then literally falls into your pores and wrinkles (that you didn’t even realise you have!). Looks very cakey on and doesn’t last. Also left me with breakouts and I never have breakouts. Really disappointed with this product.
    I don't like it
    I was waiting to try it, I see so many I decided to buy it. But it was a mistake. not smooth, not beautiful on the skin, and gives me a oily face.
    From the minute I applied it I just fell in love, a little goes a LONG way, don’t need loads at all just a few dots, even the smell it doesn’t smell rotten like most foundations do, I love it but I’m patiently waiting for my shade for weeks now and I’m dying to get the full bottle.
    Increible ***Amazing***
    Ya que solo veo opiniones en inglés, allá va la mía es español. Después de ver muchísimos tutoriales en Youtube, me animé a comprar esta base sin ni siquiera saber si el tono que escogía iba a ser el correcto. Cuando fui a comprarla me encontré que de los tonos para pieles medias, solo quedaba el 320G Tres Leches. Aún así la compré pensando que podría mezclarla con alguna otra más clara que tengo por casa pero para nada! El color de la base es absolutamente perfecto, yo utilizo un NC30 en MAC y este tono es estupendo si teneis ese color de piel. Y de la base que decir, extra cubriente, extra modulable, extra comoda de llevar y de difuminar, y los productos que pones encima se adhieren perfectamente. A mí me aguanto 7 horas sin sacarme brillos y eso que tengo la piel mixta y me suelen salir brillos en la zona T, por lo tanto su duracion es excelente. Animo a todas a que la prueben si les gustan las bases full cover. El único pero que se puede poner es el tema del perfume que si que es cierto que la base huele bastante pero a mí ni me importa ni me parece un olor desagradable. La adoro, gracias Doña Huda!! ***As I can only see reviews in English, here is mine in Spanish. After watching many tutorials on Youtube I decided to go for it and purchase this foundation without even knowing if the shade was going to be my perfect match. At the time of purchasing I realised that out of the medium shades, only 320G Tres Leches was available, so I bought it thinking I could mix it with a lighter foundation I already had, but there was no need! The colour is absolutely perfect, I use NC30 on MAC and this shade is perfect if that's you colour. And I cannot fault the foundation, it is full coverage, super easy to wear and blend, and any products applied on top blend easily. It lasted 7 hours with no shine, considering I have combination skin with a shinny T-zone, that was impressive. I would encourage everybody to try this foundation if you are looking for full coverage. The only "but" I could find is the perfume, it is true it is quite strong, but I do not mind, it is not unpleasant. I love it! Thank you Mrs.Huda!***
    Love it!
    Absolutely love it! Great coverage!
    I still don't understand this foundation. I was waiting so much for my shade to become available) I finally got it. I was really impressed with the high coverage. I have oily skin on the T-zone and rest is normal. It fell into my pores like CRAZY even with a primer. By the end of the day I saw major breakouts all over my face, my skin feels so oily than I only wanna wash it! It also sticks to the phone very well. I was really expecting something amazing but this for the first time from all the HD products was a complete disappointment.
    Irritated :(
    So I purchased the foundation with very high hopes as I have problematic skin so I’m left with a few acne scars. The coverage was phenomenol so no complaints there however I didn’t find it to be as matte as it was advertised. Even after setting my face, I still found that within half an hour of application, I’d become oily. However things like that I could get over but now I have a bigger issue. It seems to have caused some sort of irritation on my skin, perhaps because of the heavily perfumed scent, and now I have tiny red bumps all over my cheeks and forehead. Will be giving my foundation away and won’t be repurchasing for sure. She has a ton of great other products that I love but sadly this ones not for me.
    Not even worth the hype
    I used this foundation on my clients as well as my self I just can’t believe how and why people are we’re raving about this foundation to a big deal. I used it in different skins and to be honest it has been one of the worst foundation I have explored over the years. It was so muddy overall the skin looked so dull, I really just can’t believe how people liked it. I think because of the previous launches that were successful, it has left an positive impact on people hence they just couldn’t tell. I will never use it on my clients again!
    Didn't like it at first, BUT THEN.....
    I didn't like it at first on my dry/ combination skin, but then I tried adding a few drops of oils and the finishing turned out beautiful!y! If you are looking for a full coverage foundation, I would recommend this one.
    Nice foundation
    I am big fan of Huda Beauty products.
    Perfect for super-oily skin, covers all acne scars!
    My title above says it all. I can completely understand where dry, normal, and even combination skin may have trouble with this, but for those who are very oily to the point of having a reflective face, this is perfect. It dries to a powder finish and needs no separate setting. It keeps the oil at bay for longer than ANY other foundation I've tried. The formula is thick and another favourite of mine is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. It dries differently, though, and you need to work very fast. The biggest problem is the shade match. Do NOT trust the shade chart! I'm NARS Stromboli, and Tres Leches works perfectly for me. I bought Baklava and Butter Pecan before learning my lesson. Also, these oxidize a LOT after a while. So even Amaretti dries down to the right shade for me. For me, this is the foundation that keeps my sebum levels regulated.
    I have combination skin this covers acne well but is drying after a few hours.
    Best foundation ever
    Absolutely love this foundation, beautiful coverage thanks Huda X
    Not worthy of the hype
    This is thick and photographs atrociously (which begs the question of it's 'faux filter' title). I was quite surprised at how badly it behaved throughout the day. It sits on your skin and it does not warm into it as the hours go by. It creases in places I've never seen before. I looked older all day and I had blended the formula meticulously. Full coverage is one thing, kabuki face is quite another. Two stars is generous considering the price.
    Yaaaaas!!! <3
    Holy moly! I know Huda Beauty products from Jeffree Star videos and then I saw a review by Nikkietutorials to this foundation. I was like: omg I have to get this because I have a blood circulatory disorder and have dark red cheeks and eyebrow bones. I WAS SO OVERWHELMED how full coverage it is! I thank Huda Beauty for making this great stuff which helps me to feel beautiful! <3 Finally I have the perfect foundation for me because Urban Decay didn't work.
    Defo a photo filter feel
    I got the shade amaretti as I was a Mac shade nc25-nc30 it was a perfect match. It looks so lovely looks like you have got a filter on your face and it makes you look so flawless. I had no problem regarding creasing it never budged at all I am a oily skin girl so it was perfect. I just love this foundation I mix in with my iconic highlighter for a glowy light look if I don't want a heavy look. It's just my number one item right now.
    Too cakey for dry skin. I have combination skin and it's too cakey, accentuates pores, spots and close up it makes skin look a lot older than you are (21 btw). Don't know how people wear this on a daily basis, way too obvious that your wearing makeup. One thing good about it is that it covers pigmentation and dark circles, but would use it based on this and the coverage. It's a no, only because it's obvious that your skin is a mask.
    No staying power
    Heard so much hype about this foundation and I love a full coverage flawless face so was excited! It is full coverage but it does not stay on. It has a horrible strong scent which makes you wonder what the hell is in this foundation! It has been claimed on websites that it is similar to the finish and feel of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation but let me tell you that is by far not true at all! Giorgio Armani feels absolutely soft and silky and feels as though nothing is on your face and leaves a glowy amazing finish. This foundation feels completely the opposite - sticky, cakey, heavy and it feels like so much is on your face, even with just a pump or two. There were claims that it is water proof and it doesn’t budge - again not true. My boyfriend touched my cheek with his finger and a huge amount came off (even being set with powder and baking)!! The foundation that will not be beaten and hasn’t so far is Estée Lauder double wear. Which actually stays on no matter what you do. Don’t understand what the hype was on this, it’s so disappointing. Even the shades are crap as it oxides terribly and the references she gave are all wrong. Save it and just get Fenty in comparison- way better!!
    It's okay...
    I love maximum coverage so was excited to try this, I got the shade baklava as it should be equivalent to my preferred mac shade nc40. However the foundation looked quite green on me and I found it was too matte and does not dry satin like it says. I also noticed that I had tiny creases under my eyes, which I have never had with any foundation ever! And I bake my undereye area so that was strange. I also tried the samples but feel like maybe I haven't found the right shade for me, still the finish of it was not my style. Not sure how I feel about it, defo prefer my mac nourishing prolongwear over this. However, my siblings loved it.
    Thank you Huda!
    I am a mega fan of Huda products and was able to obtain a sample via Cult Beauty. Macaroon was too light and amaretto was to dark. And then all shades were out of stock. I waited patiently for a restock and opted for latte. Wow. I wore the foundation for 8 hours and it was as good as when I first applied. My 52 year old skin looked flawless. Everyone must get this.
    I love the fact that it’s full coverage but it is too thick and creases under the eyes and laugh lines even when I powder it. Wouldn’t use it on a daily basis, probably on occasions
    Amazing foundation
    I received a sample of this foundation and primer in a recent order and must admit I am very very impressed. I have combination skin and am 48 years young and do not like full coverage foundation I prefer light-medium coverage. When I opened the lightest shade in the sample I received 230N (macaroon) I tried a little dab on my hand and was surprised how so little covered such a large area and gave a lovely finish. I so far have managed to do my face 3 times with the little sample (which are 0.7ml each so not even 1ml) and I reckon I will be able to get another 2 faces worth out of just that sample. I was also able to get a light-medium coverage and it covered all imperfections. Considering it is 35ml this would last absolutely ages. It did not look like I had foundation on it just looked like I had great skin and gave a nice glow as well as being matte. It also lasted all day. It didn't split or separate and must admit I am extremely impressed. I normally use Estee lauder double wear light or the new nude fresh but I am so impressed with this that when my shade comes back in stock I will be buying this. When I looked at the shades (before getting a sample) I thought I would be 120N (vanilla) but after trying 230N it seems to be the perfect match (I am light/fair skinned about a NC15 (or 2c2 Pale almond or 2c3 fresco in estee lauder nude) or shade 1 in double wear light. I can't believe how great this is and fantastic it looks on x
    Doesn't last
    This goes on really nicely and looks great for the first hour but if you have oily skin like me it just slides off after that. No staying power. Also has a very strong perfumed scent.
    Très excitée par la sortie du fond de teint je me suis dépêchée de l'acheter afin de le tester! J'ai réussi à trouver la bonne teinte (a peu près) du premier coup! Je me suis basé sur ce que j'ai trouvé sur le site de Huda Beauty, mais j'ai pris 1 teinte en dessous et j'ai bien fait. (310 amareti) peut être mm que la teinte Latte m'irait mieux.. Pour info, je met un NC30 chez Mac. Pour ce qui est de la couvrance, elle est waooooo... sur le coup c'est superbe ! Petit moins : je trouve qu'elle met en peu trop en avant les imperfections de la peau, les pores... Et surtout 4H après c'est la catastrophe.. vous avez intérêt a avoir de la poudre pris de vous pcq sinon vous brillerez de milles feu! bref.. je ne le rachèterai pas. ***Very excited by the release of the foundation I rushed to buy it to test it. I managed to find the right shade (about) the first time, based on what I found on the Huda Beauty website, but I took 1 shade below and did well. (310 amareti) maybe Latte tint would suit me better. FYI, I use NC30 in Mac. In terms of coverage, it is waooooo...on the spot it's superb. Little less: I think it shows too much skin imperfections, pores ...   And especially 4H after it is the disaster. You better have powder with you, otherwise, you will shine. in short .. I will not repurchase it.***
    I absolutely live by Huda Kattan's products. I have most of her matte lipsticks & her new Desert Dusk Palette. So naturally, when she revealed she was releasing a foundation, I had to get my hands on it! Judging by the shade chart, I decided to go with Latte because anything else would have been too light. I put it on and it looked fab. However after an hour or so you could see the pores on my face, and the creases were visible around my nose & mouth. I'm aware it's a full coverage foundation but it looked too heavy and unnatural. I didn't mind the smell but I don't think a foundation should really have a scent. But the worst thing was the colour completely oxidised & my face looked 3 shades darker. As a loyal Huda Beauty customer, I am hugely disappointed, it needs to be better!
    Terrible representation of brand comparison
    I bought shade Chai which is supposed to match Sand or Bone in Estée Lauder double wear and it is absolutely nothing like it - it’s at least 2 or 3 shades darker. Terrible disappointment...and everyone is right about the perfumes smell. I spent a lot of money on a foundation I can’t use.
    Liked the texture and pigment of the foundation however the perfume ruined it for me completely. I have sensitive skin and this foundation made me break out!! Those with sensitive skin were clearly not taken into consideration when making the foundation. Very disappointed.
    Great Foundation, Wrong Colour
    Amazing coverage however I got the colour match wrong for me, however luckily I've been able to mix it with a lighter serum I have so the product isn't going to waste. The foundation stays on my face all day and blends with my other makeup products really well and unlike the other reviews I can't actually smell a strong fragrance when applying it which was one thing I was really worried about but I guess I'm just not sensitive to smells. I'll definitely be repurchasing the foundation however in a lighter shade.
    The Holy Grail of foundations. I kid you not, this gave me flawless coverage without looking too cakey around dried out blemishes. Only tried the free sample included in a recent order. I wore it over the Huda primer and it didn’t budge all day. Be warned, you need to move fast to blend, and it’s definitely not for those who want a more sheer coverage. I was complimented at the gym after a tough workout for my make-up which to me, is proof enough that this is it. End of.
    I received a sample of this foundation. And i have to say it is amazing. I love full coverage foundations and it really is full coverage. Usually when i wear foundation all day after about 8 hours my t zone is oily and foundation starts to seperate in some areas of face but this actually looked amazing. Can’t wait to buy full size in the shade that i tried - amaretti when it is back in stock.
    Was sooo excited for this as I’ve loved all of Hudas products and looked great on most videos. However I tried this and the first thing that put me off is the smell, it’s waaaay too strong. The foundation also oxides to the point of making me look orange, the coverage is really good but it sinks into all the creases in my face and separates around the nose. Overall a massive disappointment.
    Totally awful
    Skin looked matt but not in a good way. Very disappointing and small bumps all over my face appeared. Think its the strong scent. I thought this would be great, but wasted so much money on this that my maybelline matte poreless beats in the way and back.
    Very good foundation
    I bought this foundation with low expectations, as every foundation that I have ever tried has let me down (the colour wasn't right, or the formula wasn't right, or it faded too quickly, or oxidized a lot, etc.). I have a combination ultra-pale skin with yellow undertones, with Rosacea and Dermatitis, and a lot of texture, and a very oily T-zone. First of all, the smell of this foundation is not too strong and it doesn't last past the time you lay it on the skin and it hasn't caused me any allergic reaction. My shade is Milkshake 100B, which is a very good match for my skin tone. Colour wise, I find that this shade is lighter than the NARS Siberia, darker than the NYX Total Control Drops in Pale and almost identical to the Hard Candy Glamoflauge in 930 Porcelain. After 6 hours, it slightly oxidized but not too much. Formula wise, I would say that this foundation suits my skin very well: it doesn't cling to dry patches and due to its satin finish it has a very ‘alive’ full coverage look. If it’s applied properly with powder and setting spray, it can last for up to 10 hours (that is the maximum time that I had it on). I would say that this foundation would be good for normal, combination and dry skin. I don't think that it would be the best option for oily skin because on the T zone (especially on the nose, in my case) it tends to get quite shiny after few hours, even though it doesn't separate or vanish. Overall, it's a very good foundation, worth the money and so far is one of the best foundation that I have ever tried.
    Not good for dry & sensitive skin
    So I'm an NC42 in mac, Y405 in MFEHD and therefore going by the shade comparisons they provided it was between brown sugar and toffee I went for brown sugar the match was good and golden on first application I used my colour corrector and my mac primer and I was in love with this foundation really looked like I had a filter on, by the end of the night it had caked around my smile lines but hadn't ashed and so i thought its a small trade off and one that is worth it as the foundation looks amazing through most of the night! Few days later had noticed a few spots and dry skin under my eye, I put it down to just the colder weather. I couldn't wait to put it on for a second time and thought I'd use the sample primer...WOW my opinion has changed so much NEGATIVELY. The primer is quite thick and it has a white sheen to it when I went to put my foundation on top it didn't smooth on as well as with my max primer, it also collected alot more and in too of that my foundation looked ashy. I felt so disheartened I felt like I was a teenager who couldn't match her colour. It didn't improve throughout the night just got much worse, So so disappointment but still willing to give it a change and thought maybe it was because of rushed and used that awful primer. BUT NO NO NO it has PARFUME in it THIS IS SO BAD for sensitive skin. My skin is the worst it's been for years. It's dry and bumpy and I have breakouts. I wanted this to be everything it's supposed to be but I think Huda needs to inform people of her ingredients before especially that is has inclusion of perfume. Its such a shame because I won't dare to use this again. I took a gamble but I think I'll try Fenty beauty. Sorry girls just beware...if you have perfect skin no wrinkles no allergies basically a face full of fillers this might be perfect for you.
    Love/Hate relationship
    Ok so firstly congrats to Huda on the extensive colours, especially for us olive and golden skin gals. I normally mix 2-3 different foundations to suit my Italian skin. I got Baklava which is golden toned apparently and it didn’t disappoint at all colour wise, looked a natural decent colour no orange (yuk) . I generally have good skin, slight oily T-zone. The application - here’s the fun part, I’ve got quite a lot of years experience with applying makeup especially for work behind the camera and hot lights so been waiting for ‘that’ perfect foundation to come along, a foundation that won’t ‘melt’ under pressure. I applied Hudas faux filter foundation over the primer sample I had sent which was nice and nourishing. Every time I’ve seen people’s reviews on YouTube they’ve said ‘WOW’ when they’ve applied this foundation. I to went wow, the coverage is amazing. It is a full coverage BUT having said that on my skin it didn’t look to much, as in it didn’t look like I had sh*t loads of foundation on it just covered respectably. I then added warmth with iconic London 4.1stick foundation, it layered beautifully. Under eye concealer again went on perfectly. I then went to add iconic glow highlight drops, the foundation didn’t like those, it was like the highlight just absorbed the foundation? This hasn’t happened before with other foundations, I’m a big fan of this particular highlighter and used it on many other foundations with no issues. SO that meant I had to remove the foundation where I put the highlight as it went patchy. I didn’t apply the highlight drops the second time I applied powder highlight instead and that worked better. Bronzer applied beautifully over foundation and also used laura mercier setting powder to set, again no problems. I had quite a busy day so really put this foundation to the test. I also trusted it to do its job as I was out meeting lots of people for business. During the day I noticed slight separation around my nose. This has never happened to me before. Not a huge issue for me but has to be noted for future analysis and improvement? The rest of it was fine I must admit though, it stays looking fresh. Now last thing at night, we are talking 16hours wear. It looked pretty bloody good, only thing that did happen was it some how disappeared off my nose? But come on it was 16hours so I can’t really knock it but again I have noticed other reviews saying it’s slipped off the nose so it obviously is an issue people are having. I’m going to try it with the Nivea for men balm which normally holds anything and the hourglass veil primer. Over all a pretty decent attempt for a first foundation, it does take a bit of getting use to, it’s not the easiest of foundations to work with as in youve got to be careful of what you put on top of it, trial and error type of situation. But the best thing is after I removed the foundation my skin didn’t seem starved of oxygen, it was plump, felt smooth and hydrated and really glowed, this is how I look for a good foundation is the after math, my skin after the foundation is removed. Big thumbs up from me but obviously does need the odd tweak to perfect the formula but I dare say it’s not to far from perfect at all. Bravo
    I’m on the fence
    Sometimes I love this, sometimes I’m meh. The colour looked perfect, then it oxidised into a medium shade rather than light. It’s applies great, you have to work fast but I do half a pump first on one side, then half on the other. Looks great in photography, even at the end of the day and I quite like the smell but I can feel it on my face and having hormonal acne lately I’m super precious about what I put on my skin, so the feeling is important.
    Amazing colour match and coverage
    Amazing colour match and coverage. Love it.
    Not so great for sensitive skin
    Fragrance foundation not great for sensitive skin. Has me break out. Wish it didn't have perfume .
    This foundation is the best
    I love all products of Huda beauty products.
    Not good
    Going to have to agree with some of the negative comments I’m afraid. Look amazing when first in literally covers everything. Never had oily t zone but after having this on for 2 hours it certainly looked that way. It separated around my nose and sat in the creases. It felt like like I was sweaty in the forehead but it was just the make up even though I used a setting powder. I had thought I’d found my holy grail but sadly not.
    Fragranced foundation
    This foundation is a good foundation it really works and worth the hype . After setting it with Laura Mercier you really need to use setting spray as it goes very dry. This foundation has fragrance in it which is.
    A rocky start but plain sailing now
    I was super excited to receive this item in the post. I ordered the foundation primer and brush. On day 1 I used the primer and found it to be incredibly sticky. So much so it really effected how I could drag the foundation around on my face to buff it in. I was not impressed so removed it all and went back to my usual porefessionals and G/A luminous silk foundation. Day 2 I decided to test if it was the primer that was the issue. I used my porefessionals and the huda foundation. I buffed it into the skin with a beauty blender. 6 hours later it has separated on my face (what us oily girls have to put up with). Day 3 I watched a tutorial and thought...hmmm am I doing this wrong? So I used the primer, half a pump of the foundation and stippled it into the skin with the huda brush. It looked AMAZING. I still suffer with some under eye fine lines but nothing I can’t deal with. Yes the foundation is thick (boy is it thick) but it will last for ages. No foundation will work for everyone but it’s pretty damn good. I would 100% advise to powder over the foundation - I feel it gives a better overall appearance. I love this soooooo much more than double wear and will be buying it in different shades.
    Quite impressed
    I bought the colour Milkshake. The fact that it is way to light is not the brands fault. Love the colour range. The texture is nice, great coverage, not heavy and the blending with a damp beauty sponge was really easy. I also really like the price because you don‘t need much product. After over 6 hours it still looks flawless. Normally my forehead and my cheeks are getting shiny after 2-3 hours but the Faux Filter was matt after 6h. Waiting for the Restock an i will definitaly buy other shades.
    Me encanta ***I love***
    Me enccanta esta base de maquillaje .... estoy enamorada de ella ***I love this this foundation ... I'm in love with this brand***
    Not or me
    I received samples of this foundation with an order. I have normal to dry skin. It covers well, it's more of a natural finish, it didn't accentuate any dry patches but boy is it hard to blend. It never sets, although I powdered with Laura Mercier loose powder and it showed up pores I didn't even know I had. And the smell is so overpowering and I could smell it all day. It's a no for me.
    I wanted to love it, but honestly..
    I am a make up artist, and I really did try several foundations. I have combination skin, medium olive/yellow skin tone. When I put on the foundation (on my always well prepped skin), first I thought like WOW! This is ahhhmazing. But after 1-2 hours this one literally made my skin look awful. I am 20 years old, and some wrinkles showed up who actually don't even exist. I do know, that you really must be careful and not take more than 1 pump (or less) of the faux filter foundation - that’s how I tried, with and without her primer, with and without setting powder, but my face still looked quite cakey. I ordered Creme Brulle and Tres Leches to be able to match myself perfectly (I am light to medium with golden/olive undertone). I was waiting for this foundation since February (when Huda announced that it will be available this fall) with high expectations, and I am so disappointed. In my opinion, this foundation is only useful if you want to take a few pictures for instagram, because the first few minutes you will look a bomb. Or maybe - not joking - if your face has enough fillers (like Huda) otherwise, it’s really not going to look neither natural, nor good at all. Definitely, not worth the hype, I‘m sorry.
    Worked for me
    I have combination skin, which is acne prone, oily t-zone and quite large pores, and dryer to the edges of my face so a lot to work with. I have acne scarring which is visible and often requires concealer first- but with this foundation I hardly had to use any product and no concealer first, I used the huda beauty primer as my base, then buffed the foundation in with a brush and then used a beauty blender to just pat down any excess, then used my normal concealer for under eye and dusted a very light dusting of yellow and peach powders from my contour kit to set the under eye and t-zone area (basically anywhere I get oily), applied my usual contour products, blush, highlight etc and set with NYX dewy finish setting spray and wore for approx 10 hours before I removed at the end of the day. I think it helps to keep on top of your skincare routine (exfoliation, care etc) to wear this with and definitely start with a small amount and add more if needed and keep powders light to begin with and add more if required. Shade wise I went with Latte, which I worked out from other foundations I had used and found it to match me perfectly. Agree with other users the scent is a little strong however I didn't notice it after a bit and certainly doesn't affect my review rating, would happily re-purchase.
    Will never buy another foundation
    I was so excited for this foundation to be released and it certainly did not disappoint!! I have combination skin and it goes on great, I use a powder to finish and once it is all set my skin looks flawless. I also have dark circles and this is the first foundation that covers them - I still apply concealer as I like them to be completely covered, but it still does a really good job. The only thing I would say is that the foundation is quick drying so you have to blend it fast. Best used with the brush as well. Overall I love it!
    Not matched
    I am nc30 in Mac studio fix and according to her chart I should be tres leches...way too dark.
    Nice coverage but slides off oily skin
    Had high hopes for this and when I put it on with the primer it is gorgeous however after an hour my face is sticky and shiny (applied loose powder as well). I will stick with it as that may be down to my skincare etc but it is gorgeous when first applied. Only thing I dislike is the smell it lingers for ages and reminds me of Christmas a sort of floral cinnamon scent which I love but I don't want my face smelling of.
    After eagerly purchasing this foundation I was left thoroughly disappointed. I have pretty much all of Huda’s products, so had really high hopes for this foundation. The coverage is good, but it wears off after a while. It settles into the skin in the worst possible way, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this foundation for more than 6 hours. I set mine with powder, and I have the driest skin but it still managed to make me look oily, it had started to separate on my nose and chin and oxidized making me look orange. For the price, this foundation is not worth it honestly save your money, my Estée Lauder double wear out performs this by a MILE! Not worth the hype!
    Strong smell and bad shade comparisons
    I purchased creme brulee 150G as the shade comparison huda provided showed a few foundation matches, all of which I have. On receiving the foundation it is wayyyyy darker than all of the foundations it claimed to match. So get two shades lighter than they suggest. Also the floral fragrance is pretty intense. I've had the foundation on for about an hour and I can still smell it. It smells like I have perfume on. The smell reminds me of an Estee Lauder night cream. Do not buy this if you are sensitive to fragrance.
    Best foundation ever
    Now I’ve got dry skin but this foundation just glides on and feels weightless. I wore it all day and it didn’t irritate me like normal foundations do. Coverage is superb I didn’t need concealer. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this, as I was given a sample. Best foundation ever.
    So disappointed
    I had such high hopes for this foundation as I’m oily skinned and love a really good coverage foundation. This foundation is HIGHLY fragranced and it’s not the nicest of smells either put me off straight away. Then I applied it and it’s so hard to blend as it’s so thick. When applied I found it looked really greasy on my skin and caked up on my nose which highlighted my pores and after two hours I was like an oil stick. Overall, really really disappointed :-(
    I have relatively dry skin, especially around my chin, so I was a little unsure about trying this foundation as it's a matte finish. It glided on and blended so easily - it lasted a full 10 hours on me. I did powder once in the day on my forehead and nose but I have to do that with any foundation. It does go slightly darker during the day but nothing overly noticeable. The scent is not over powering at all. I have very very sensitive skin and so far no reactions. I used one pump which was more than enough to cover my face without looking cakey or heavy. Very happy :)
    Good but not the best for oily skin
    I've been wearing this foundation a few days now and it really is flawless coverage. Today I completely forgot I was wearing foundation, it really does feel like natural skin, Quite amazing considering it's full coverage. There are other better foundation for oily skin people like me but I still like it despite this, as the pros (hardly any product needed etc). Not keen on the perfume scent, not because it's bad but because I'm not used to foundations smelling of anything that strong. Skin/tone swatches could be better to help pick the right foundation match but cult beauty were really helpful with their advice. I would recommend this for normal /combination skin.
    Amazing full coverage - while feeling lightweight
    This foundation really is amazing. I had heard lots of good things about it via social media. But was not sure how it would be in real life. When applying the foundation to begin with it is quite pigmented and if you use too much it can be very dramatic. It also oxidises and gets slightly darker so I would buy a slightly lighter shade first. When the foundation dries it dries to powder. I only put a setting powder under my eyes. The coverage is great and it feels completely lightweight. I would really recommend this product if you want full coverage at a reasonable price that doesn’t feel heavy. Thank you Huda Beauty.
    Flawless at first, very strong smell which caused break outs ( I rarely get breakouts) and after 30 minutes of wearing the foundation there’s nothing on my nose and my pores are so noticeable , waste of money just doesn’t work.
    Amazing new alternative to doublewear
    I swear by the time the coverage of Estee Lauder but don't like the cake feeling after a while but this is amazing if feels so light on the skin but the coverage is flawless. I got a free sample of the primer in the box which I will definitely be buying soon.
    I was worried after reading a few negative reviews and watching some YouTube videos, I thought I picked the wrong shade or this foundation wouldn’t work for me. But.... when I received this foundation and tried it on, OMG. I love it. It is full coverage and a little bit goes a long way. However I do need to use a damp beauty blender over it, it may look heavy depending on lighting. Other than that, 10/10.
    Best foundation I have ever bought
    I struggle with combination skin so I needed a good foundation which is matte but not too matte. I have tried everything from drugstore to mac and Lancôme but this is the best so far. It stays on the face all day, feels light, smells amazing and actually feels like skin it's that smooth. Would definitely recommend and even recommended it to my sister who is a harsh critic of all things beauty. Love, love, LOVE
    So disappointed
    Very disappointed with this foundation. It’s nice when first applied, but after a couple of hours starts to feel sticky no matter how much you powder. It’s goes patchy around oily areas and would not recommend.
    Great foundation
    I love how this foundation made my skin look. I got the shade Amaretti. It didn’t cling to any dry patches, stayed on all day, gave my skin such a smooth finish and its so full coverage but doesn’t make my face look cakey at all. Love it
    Over-fragranced and too matte for dry skin
    I received samples of this foundation with an order recently. The smell is overpowering - it is way too over-fragranced. And the smell lingers even after application which is off-putting. Its also far too matte for dry skin and coverage is too heavy. I like my skin to still look like natural skin when wearing foundation and this foundation creates a mask-like complexion. It's definitely not for me.
    Bought in toasted coconut 240N, I have light/ medium olive skin. I thought originally the foundation was going to be too light but once I received it and tried it on it was perfect. Whilst being a full coverage foundation it gives perfect flawless skin like appearance and isn’t cakey or too full on. It doesn’t rub off, oxidise or settle into laugh lines etc. Subsequently I love that it doesn’t feel like foundation as I usually hate the feel of too much. It doesn’t need to be set unless you have very oily skin but probably only in the t-zone and it lasts a long time as well.
    Best full coverage foundation!
    I had VERY high hopes for this foundation when I heard the claims and I was not disappointed! This has quickly become my favourite foundation for many reasons. A tiny bit goes such a long way, it covers all of my acne scars with just two pumps to cover my whole face. It doesn't accentuate dry patches or pores. It's extremely long wearing. The only negative which is only a negative if you have very sensitive skin is the strong perfume scent, I have sensitive skin and was worried this would react with my skin but so far I haven't had an issue.
    Not right for me
    I was so excited about getting this foundation, but it’s just not right for me. I’m 39, combination skin, with some fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. This foundation has really accentuated those. It also really shows up my pores, pores I didn’t even realised I had. I used a brush to apply a single pump of product and found it very hard to blend. I don’t normally do a full coverage foundation, but thought I’d try this for evenings to replace my double wear. Sadly I think it will be vanishing to the back of my makeup drawer. Sorry folks, just not for me :(
    not for oily skin
    So this did nothing for my oily skin. I think its perfect for dry skin. i literally felt the oils in my foundation as soon as I applied it. I powdered and baked my oily areas, however by the time I looked in the mirror again after I completed my make up which was about 30 minutes I was already oily. I had to blot all day but the foundation stayed put with all the blotting. It works for the body though.
    Huda beauty foundation
    I don't usually write reviews but this foundation is amazing I have had so many compliments. It truly is flawless and you only need one pump so it will last. I usually wear double wear and have done for 12 years but I'm now a fan of this foundation.
    I’ve tried almost every foundation with all light/medium shades and my favourites have been the urban decay all-nighter and Ester Lauder double wear. BUT this is literally the game changer. It’s medium to high coverage and v creamy. Stays put and the finish is just something that can’t be described. U have to try it for urself, it’s literally an airbrushed effect. The smell is amazing too and as much a people dislike plastic bottles, I love this one as it looks and feels luxurious and is super convenient for travel unlike bulky glass ones. Biggest Huda fan right here but she’s truly delivered on this one.
    Best foundation I ever used. Flawless
    Clogged pores
    I’ve actually tried the tester only but when I saw one of the reviews I’ve realised I had the exact same problem. It was initially flawless and perfect but an hour later I had a lot of visible clogged pores around my nose and cheeks it looked really bad. I thought it might be the primer but now when I saw others having the same problem I realised it’s the foundation. I hope they fix the problem in the next production.
    Love at first...
    I was so excited for the release of this foundation as I thought it was going to be my holy grail. So I bought two shortbread and Baklava. Baklava for when I'm tanned and then thought I could mix the two for when I'm not and also use shortbread as a contour. When the product arrived, I was super impressed the packaging that the foundation came with a sample of the primer. When I first put on the foundation I was amazed, it felt like perfection, everything was covered only needed one pump for my whole face. Then went in with the shortbread for contour under my eyes, again loved it. I have really oily skin, so under my eyes I set with the Laura Mercier setting powder chin and t zone which I always do with my Estee Lauder double wear. My Skin looked FLAWLESS. Until 1 hour later I looked in the mirror before heading out and I noticed on my chin and nose and cheeks you could see every pore almost like I had a face mask on and it was drawing everything out. Thought it might have been the primer so the next day I tried without a primer and it did the same thing. So upset as I love Huda beauty products and thought this would be my new go to foundation.
    Best foundation I have ever bought
    I have bought many foundations over the years and none of them have lived up to their claims and simply weren't worth their price tags. I'd buy so many foundations that claim to be matte, long lasting and for oily skin, only to be disappointed at the end of the day. Many foundations would also look very obvious and cling to any texture I had. This foundation changed my life. It is incredibly pigmented and a little goes such a long way, there really is no foundation like it. I can see this lasting me a very long time. It melts into your skin and blends so seamlessly that it's not obvious at all, looking at my mirror super close up, I couldn't notice any foundation tell-tale signs. It kept me matte ALL DAY LONG, but not flat. It has a sheen to it that just makes it like normal skin. It didn't cake up throughout the day, it didn't crease, it just stayed put and I didn't powder at all to truly test it. It filters skin, airbrushes it. It's HG and I will never use another foundation, period.
    Chocolate truffle
    I've been trying to find the perfect long - lasting, full coverage foundation for years and each time I was left disappointed. Problem is the full coverage I desire comes with lots of undesirable side effects (namely, feeling too mask-like, and clogged pores that exacerbate my skin issues). This why the Huda beauty faux filter foundation has been such a revelation. True to its name, it gives you that seamless full coverage matte finish you desired. The consistency is lighter than air, but doesn't feel greasy, nor does it suffocate my pores. It goes on like like a dream and offers complete, buildable coverage, yet my skin still looks natural and radiant. No streaks, no redness, no cakes...I'm in awe. Even better, it offers great bang for my bucks. A little goes a long way. I only need about one pump to cover my whole face. It's the closest thing to sorcery I've seen in my life.
    Unbelievably Brilliant ❤️
    Love the foundation.
    Great foundation
    It's the best. 2 pumps goes a long way.
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    Huda Foundation
    OMG flawless foundation. Love love the coverage.
    It’s very beautiful, love it.
    Can't Wait
    Can't wait to use this.