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    DavinesOI All in One Milk 50ml<p>Davines&#8217;s does-everything conditioning treatment is brimming with provitamin B5 &#8211; renowned for its phenomenal, hydrating action &#8211; alongside roucou oil &#8211;&nbsp;a &#8216;secret&#8217; ingredient beloved by native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest, who rely on the fruits of the &#8216;Lipstick Tree&#8217; to protect their skin and hair against the sun and other daily stresses.100 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots, roucou helps to stimulate melanin synthesis (and in turn, maintain your hair&#8217;s natural pigment), while its ellagic acid content works to neutralise free radicals and thus protect against cellular damage caused by UV exposure.&nbsp;</p>DAV034 50ml1061480046082477225 stars, based on102 reviews 16.50Cult BeautyNew
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    Davines OI All in One Milk

    OI All in One Milk
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult


      Original, sustainable and with all the beauty and style that happens when Italians do something extremely well, Davines has become a Cult classic for countless discerning beauty lovers. Named ‘all in one’ for a reason, this leave-in formula has myriad mane-taming functions; adding shine, promoting softness, eradicating tangles, minimising frizz, enhancing volume and increasing the longevity of your chosen style (phewf!). It’s ideal for all hair types (the lightweight formula won’t ‘weigh down’ fine tresses) – and because of its multiple purposes, it’s perfect for taking on travels. 

    • Description

      Davines’s does-everything conditioning treatment is brimming with provitamin B5 – renowned for its phenomenal, hydrating action – alongside roucou oil – a ‘secret’ ingredient beloved by native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest, who rely on the fruits of the ‘Lipstick Tree’ to protect their skin and hair against the sun and other daily stresses.100 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots, roucou helps to stimulate melanin synthesis (and in turn, maintain your hair’s natural pigment), while its ellagic acid content works to neutralise free radicals and thus protect against cellular damage caused by UV exposure. 

    • How to use

      After using OI Shampoo, towel dry and spray OI All in One Milk 10-15 times on roots and ends: do not rinse and continue with styling. Depending on the type of hair, increase or decrease the number of sprays.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua/ Water / Eau, Ceteayl, Alochol, Panthenol, Parfum/ Fragrance, Behentriimonium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol, Tocopherol, Cetyl Alcohol, Amodimethicone, Cetrimonium, Chloride, Amodimethicone/ Silesquioxane Copolymer, Sodium Benzoate, Trideceth-5, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Trideceth-12 Cyclopentasil,Oxane, Citronellol, Geraniol, Phenoxyethanol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil/ Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Limonene, Bixa Orellana Seed Extract.

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    Davines - OI All in One Milk

    Davines OI All in One Milk Reviews

    Got the sample
    The smell is mixture of a hair dye and something herbal. For me it was OK, but if you're sensitive to perfumes be careful. As for results, It detangled and gave some softness to my curls, but it's not the best that I've seen in my life. My hair is thin, dry, wavy and tangling-prone. So maybe one sample is just not enough.
    Sample review
    I got a sample with my order, but I’m not tempted to purchase it mainly due to the smell. It’s very strong and reminds me of the smell of hair colour, a chemical smell, not pleasant at all. As to its other properties, it felt slightly smoothing but did no wonders to my dry hair.
    I bought this after it was used on my hair at the hairdressers and I'm so glad I did! Makes my hair feel so soft and knot free and so shiny too! My hair has never felt so good.
    This stuff is amazing, after towel drying I spritz all over and blow dry. Makes hair so smooth, silky and shiney.
    Great product!
    This works so well for my dry and fine hair. Detangles, adds extra moisture and smooths and smells delicious too!
    My Desert Island Product
    Before using this product and the rest of the OI range I had very over processed, dry and unmanageable hair. My hair is naturally curly and has a frizzy texture to it, but since using this range my hair has been silky, hydrated and easy to style, definitely recommend! Especially the 'All in one milk' I always notice the difference when I leave this product out of my routine.
    Great conditioner
    Omg smells amazing!
    Does what is says on the tin
    Great conditioner after shampoo. I don't lose any hair in my comb when using this. Gives my fine, wavy hair body and shine. I am taking only this and the shampoo (decanted into a smaller bottle) on holiday. The smell is beautiful - like an expensive perfume - rather woody and amber-like. Make sure you like the scent as it could be overwhelming for you. Personally I love it.
    This conditioner is the best I've ever tried. My hair is fine, with quite dry and damaged ends, and this conditioner made it feel silky and nourished from the very first application. And it smells amazing too!
    Soft Curls
    My hair is curly and corse, I'm always looking for products to give me soft silky hair and this does the job! I love the scent of this product and experiment with the amount I use but I will definitely buy it again and maybe look at the Davines Curl range too.
    Good product
    I was sceptical about this as I've tried so many hair products - I'm growing my hair but I also have it coloured regularly so it can sometimes be a little bit fluffy the day after I've washed it, this really helps - I spray it onto my hands and work it through rather than spraying directly onto my hair, using 8-10 squirts for shoulder length hair. I will definitely repurchase this when I run out.
    Great detangler
    Works amazingly well with de-tangling hair and leaves it feeling softer and more manageable. Don't love the smell though; it's a bit too strong for me and the only reason why I knocked off the fifth star.
    The product itself is really good and does result in shinier hair (my hair is naturally frizzy, colour-treated and just ugh). The only thing to be "warned" against is the smell--it's really strong and strange! I don't see this in other reviews so it might just be me but I find the smell very offputting. It's a testament to how good the product is that I keep using it despite the smell!
    Love it
    I have used a leave-in conditioner in the past that left me with greasy looking and feeling hair. This one, however, is very lightweight and my hair is always so much softer and smoother after using it. I also use the Oi conditioner, and despite curling my hair almost every day, I haven’t had split ends for a long time.
    Be aware...
    I love this product! I just bought a new bottle. Please be aware that you can't travel with this product in the cabin bag. I had my new 50 ml bottle and they tested and confiscated at Luton airport!!! It has a chemical in and they said not safe to travel on the plane :(( I was so upset because is the only hair product I adore!
    Not for me
    Smells great but the product did not work for my thick hair. It did make it easy to untangle washed hair but not effective as a frizz tamer even though I used it as advised. The product also was difficult to use for me. It would stop spraying after 4 to 5 pumps. In search for a good leave in conditioner still.
    The smell alone...
    I bought the travel size to start off with, as I was buying other Davines products. I'd never heard of the brand but bought this on a whim - and oh my gawd the smell alone I love. I use on both wet and dry hair but I think my favourite way to use it is in the morning. I'm not a morning person and I hate doing my own hair, I'm terrible at it. But I just spray this on to my hands, rub together and then distribute from mid-length to ends - tames my frizzes and I just look a lot more 'put together' with minimal effort. Just upgraded to the 'big size' - my only minor complaint is the travel size bottle - due to the thickness of the product, it's now hard to get the rest of the product out and theres probably about 1/4 of a bottle left. Just hope the full size product isn't a pain.
    This was recommend to me by my manager as she swears by it. I don't think I could not, not use this without blow drying my hair again. This product is hands down the best hair product I have ever used. I think everyone really needs to have this product in there life. The price is amazing, the smell is amazing and the product is AMAZING! I highly recommend everyone to purchase this item if you do not want to suffer from pulling your hair out from brushing anymore or suffer from split/damaged ends. <3
    Perfect leave in
    The only product that has solved my frizz problem!
    My essential hair product
    I love this product so much that I’m about to order my seventh bottle! I have long straight hair of medium thickness that is prone to split ends and dryness, my hair used to get a bit frizzy and puffy if I left it to air dry but blow drying would dry it out. This Davines milk tames my hair, softens it, makes it so much shinier and makes it smell amazing. The condition of my hair has improved considerably since I started using it. I use this every other day when I wash my hair, one 135ml bottle lasts me about 3 months. The only negative is that the price keeps going up!
    I love this leave in spray and actually love the smell. I think its great and I am back to buy more!
    Can’t go without
    I initially tried this when I got a free sample and noticed how smooth my hair was after just blow drying I have fine, frizzy, curly hair. Nightmare! The slightest bit of humidity and boom, Monica! This product is a godsend for me. Smoothes my hair and adds volume. Just be careful not to spray too much to the roots, can make it feel greasy.
    Nice leave in conditioner
    I really like the scent! It's quite masculine (but luxe), and it makes my hair super soft. The actual liquid is a bit too thick to be sprayed on my fine, bleached hair, so I spray it in my hands and distribute in the lengths. What I really like about this one is that I can refresh it during the day, put some more in and brush it through.
    Not Great
    I have very thick, mid-length, bleached quite coarse hair which takes a lot of work to look anything like smooth. I had read the reviews of this product and thought I would try it. It was, however, a waste of money as on my hair it was absolutely useless. The Ouai leave-in conditioner far outshines this. That is the very best product I have found for my hair type.
    Love this!
    I swear by this product! Helped my damaged dyed hair recover and grow. I finally have the really long hair i've always wanted!!
    So soft
    My hair feels like silk after using this stuff.
    Devine Davines all in one milk
    I absolutely adore this it makes my hair soft and so easy to comb after washing. I have fine hair prone to look limp but this doesn’t weigh it down at all. I’m on my second bottle and wouldn’t be without it now, it also has a fab smell
    Just the best!
    No other words. It’s the best leave in conditioner and makes your hair look like you had a blow dry!
    My ride or die
    If I could only have one hair product for the rest of my life, it'd be this. I've gone through so many of these! I like to add a bit of water to it halfway through the bottle since the product is really rich and thick, just to make spraying a bit easier.
    New family staple
    I have thick curly hair, but often finds oils too heavy and light moisturizers too light. This sits brilliantly in between. I use it on damp hair and it leaves my hair soft and light. I also use it on my toddlers uncontrollable mane, and it detangles like a dream, I like the smell, a kind of nutty floral scent but it's probably not for everyone.
    5 stars
    Amazing product
    Great stuff -you get used to the smell!
    I've been using this for a few weeks now, it took a few tries to get the amount right for me. The directions suggest spraying it throughout your ends and roots but this made my hair greasy very quickly (I have quite fine, fair hair). Now I let my hair air-dry until it's just damp, then spray 2-3 pumps into my hands and work through my ends, also running it through a couple of damaged patches I have. It leaves my hair very soft, much less frizzy, and goes some way to hide my split ends until the hairdressers open again!It does weigh my hair down slightly though, but worth it for the lovely softness. Yes, it smells very strong when you first try it but you get used to it after a while!
    Love it
    Am a fan of leave-in products and so glad I bought this as it is the best I have ever used. The product is easy to apply and I spray directly into hair and then also spray into my hands so I can then get it in to the ends and work it in. My hair once dry is soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. I am totally happy with this and would highly recommend.
    Amazing product...
    I can’t recommend this product enough, it is fantastic. My hair feels soft, has its bounce back and looks so healthy. I wouldn’t use any other product now.
    Hyped up
    A very strong smell that takes getting used to. The efficacy is ok - it's basically a detangler, nothing more. My hair is quite knotty, so it helps to brush. I didn't notice any other marked difference to my hair when dry - non-particular softness or shine. There are other oils I've used that do a better job. This is also quite pricey, and not worth it in my opinion.
    Smells Awful
    I was so impressed with the reviews - sounded perfect but the smell was super cheap overpowering - and i couldn't use it at all. I am perfume sensitive in that cheap perfumes make me feel unwell but fine with natural scents.Cult beauty were amazing at customer service. Stay away if perfume sensitive in any way.
    50/50 if you have fine hair
    I have very fine hair and not much of it and was looking for a moisturising spray to use before blow drying. The smell is amazing, very unique. Unfortunately, it felt great the first few uses but after a while my hair began to feel like cotton candy, that’s the best way to describe it, not sticky, but squeaky and brittle. I can see it has worked very well for others here so perhaps it’s just my hair type that it doesn’t suit..
    Scent loses 2 stars
    I’m a huge Davines fan but I must admit the scent of this product is really not very pleasant. Personally, I don't like the smell which is offputting considering the price tag. Unusual for Davines product to not smell incredibly gorgeous. Having said that, the physical results are incredible leaves my coarse dry highlighted bushy hair very soft and manageable. A 20-minute comb out has been reduced to 5 minutes and it doesn’t leave your hair greasy just smooth. So on that basis, it’s a 3 but sadly scent brought it down for me as I think that’s very important.
    Love it!!
    Salon like finish with hair that didnt think was possible - smells incredible. Hair so sleek and shiny! Love that I purchased from this brand not only for products but also what it stands for!!
    Essential Haircare
    This has fast become an essential for me. Smells incredible - herby, spa vibe - that stays on your hair which I love. I have waist length, straight, fine hair that tangles easily. A few sprays of this in the ends once I’ve towel dried makes it easy to brush through (literally seconds) and my hair feels fuller, softer, sleeker, shinier (I could go on!) afterwards. Love, love love!
    Love this product!
    I bought the larger size of this product after my hairdresser used it at my last appointment. It really detangles and softens my hair which is thick and quite coarse in texture. I notice a huge reduction in flyaway hairs once blow-dried and after styling, it appears a lot smoother. A lot of people have previously commented on the smell which I quite like. I'd describe it as more herbal/medicinal and not sweet in any way.
    Lovely product
    I really love this product. It smells divine. A few years ago a hair stylist used it on my hair and I asked her what the product was. I’ve bought so many since. Makes it really easy to brush through your wet hair after a wash. Overall lovely product to use. My only issue would be that at some point the spray bottle doesn’t pick up product at the bottom so you have to open the bottle to get the product out which is a little annoying.
    Would recommend to anyone
    This has changed my hair care routine completely. The smell is amazing and it helps to detangle and creates a lovely shine. I've had my bottle for a few months now and use it after every wash and there's still a good bit left. I'd recommend anyone to give it a try! Truly a 5-star product!
    Beatiful scent, beatiful hair
    This stuff is magic milk. It detangles and protects my hair from the British elements. To top it off, I get complimented on my hair's scent more than with previous products. To me, the smell really isn't as strong as some may say!
    Game changer
    I absolutely love this. I’m on my third bottle and have recommended it to a load of friends who also love it. The smell is fresh and cheery and it makes my hair shiny and feels protected from heat styling.
    Highly recommend
    I love this product. I have very thick, coarse hair and this product is great for it. It detangles and gives a softness to my hair when blow dried. This is a repeat purchase for me. Works very well with the Davines OI shampoo and conditioner.
    Best leave in product ever!
    I love the OI range as a whole but this is one of the products which definitely stands out. I think I’ve gone through three bottles of this already. I have bleached and curly hair and this is just perfect at smoothing and making hair soft and shiny.
    Absolutely amazing
    I had a sample of this which I have just finished, so am now ordering the large size. It is amazing, makes my hair bouncy and healthy looking, giving it amazing shine and softness. I couldn’t live without it!
    Wonderful Frizz Busting Product
    The smell is divine!! Helps bust frizz and pesky fly aways. Even better when used with the OI shampoo and conditioner. Recommend highly!
    Smell is too strong and didn't smooth my hair much.
    This is such a fabulous product - I'm always sceptical of 'leave in' products as they either weigh your hair down or don't condition enough. This is the perfect balance, although I have to admit that I am not overly keen on the smell, but doesn't stop me using it and the results are amazing! Love this.
    All In One Milk
    So good! Detangles my hair so quickly and easily without weighing my fine hair down. Leaves my hair so soft and shiny! A little goes a long way and I even prefer to mix some water in to make it thinner as I use more.
    Quality product
    It makes brushing through wet hair a dream and gives it a beautiful shine and softness when dry. My only discovery is that it means any waves or curls added don't take so well and my fine hair is flattering the following day. I would think though that thicker or straight haired people wouldn't experience this.
    Given my hair a new lease of life
    The smell is amazing and I love how it makes my hair feel, definitely a new must have
    Love this stuff
    At my salon we worship Davines! I use the all in one milk on every single client, and all of them love it. The Oi range is beautiful and for all of you people claiming it’s drying, it’s main benefit is moisture. If you have oily roots I recommend 4-6 sprays of this in your hand and emulsify throughout your ends to avoid adding too much to your roots. This smells great and is beautiful, also if you love the scent go to a salon near you who stock this as there is a perfume balm that you can get your hands on. #hbboutique
    Davines all in one milk
    Amazing smell, love the product! It makes my hair silky and soft. It’s fantastic!
    Works super well
    I saw this on Cult Beauty's Instagram stories and decided to give it a shot as my hairdresser uses davines. I think it does work well in smoothing the hair and holding a style. I like to spray it in when I'm scrunching my hair dry to keep my curls together and glossy instead of frizzy. It does have a strong smell, so be aware of this if you're thinking of purchasing!
    Glossy, smooth, healthy looking hair
    I am obsessed with this - it leaves hair smooth and sleek, really healthy looking. And I've also been pretty trigger happy with it before when I've felt my hair needed more moisture, and it's never once made my hair look oily. I also use it when I leave my hair to dry naturally. Can't recommend enough!
    Not for me - very drying
    Unfortunately this was not for me at all; I have fine hair and this dried it out really badly. I should have checked ingredients as it contains alcohol which I would always avoid. So be careful if you have delicate or fine hair.
    Amazing product
    Very good stuff for your hair. I’ve been using for more than a year. My hair is blonde and was dry, so I bought that spray and can’t believe how my hair looks now. It's a very big difference. Don't make your hair oily and dry, more silky and nice. Recommended.
    Essential for holiday hair!
    I tried this based on the great reviews, and it stands up to the 5*. I have fine hair and can be oily, but on holiday it gets very dry and I can NEVER be motivated to use a hairdryer. I would have several items to take away frizz and give me the ‘beach touseled look’ however with this little gem I didn’t need any of the other products.
    Only bough it for the smell
    I get my hair cut at Taylor & Taylor and they use this as the finishing spray which leaves my hair smelling incredible. I've used for about 3 - 4 months so far - every time I wash my hair and I haven't noticed any difference :(
    A good product
    I used as directed after shampooing and found my hair to be quite limp and greasy after, despite not using much product. However when I use it after my usual conditioner it works as promised. My hair is shinier, easier to style and feels thicker.
    Love this product!
    I have recently started using this and I’m really impressed. I have quite thin hair and regularly have strands of hair falling out, however since using this my hair is so soft and shiny, and hair loss seems to have improved. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down like oil sometimes does. I will definitely continue using this.
    Love it
    I’ve used products before that have made the same claims as this product and none have come close to doing what they say until I used this one. I dread having to wash my hair- even though it’s shoulder length, as it takes ages. I have a lot of fine hair that falls flat after I’ve styled it. Well, I sprayed this in and dried my hair which took a third of the time to dry than usual. I then styled my hair in beachy waves which usually fall out straight away, 2 hours later and it’s still holding up, most have dropped but looking batter than usual. If I ever run out I would defo but it again and swap all my hair products for this. Finally, a product that actually works.
    I have curly, frizzy, fine hair and this product works wonders for me. It keeps my frizz at bay making it look strong, shiny (which my hair never does ) and healthy. It is also amazing at de-tangling my hair which is so knotty usually! I have tried many products and this one is definitely a keeper! I would agree that the spray mechanism stops after a few squirts, which is slightly annoying.
    Absolutely great product
    I must have the finest hair ever and since going through the menopause my hair has become even finer, I have tried every product on the market to try and help my fine hair look thicker and healthier and nothing worked until now. This product was delivered on Friday and I tried it for the first time yesterday and I have to say I was amazed how great my hair looked after using it. No more frizz, or whispy ends, my hair just looked thicker, healthier and shinier. I love this product and the smell is gorgeous. I highly recommend this product for those ladies who have very fine hair, you will not be disappointed you bought this.
    I'm in love with this shampoo product, but not the conditioner!
    Worth the price
    I had debated purchasing this product for a while as it is quite expensive. But I had heard and seen great feedback on this product so I decided to purchase it. I am so happy that I did. It smells lovely and the spray nozzle makes it easy to distribute product throughout your hair. I spray from it on my hair from mid way down towards the ends. After three weeks, I can say that my hair is softer and it doesn't have many split end. My hair is less frizzy during the day and looks healthier.
    Used for Years
    I have used this product for many years and now reorder from Cult Beauty as my hairstylist no longer sells Davines. The only negative is that is gives up spraying as the bottle ends even though there is quite a lot left. I have to have a new one to hand to empty the remainder of the old one in and then its fine, but it is a nuisance.
    Worth the money
    I wouldn't normally spend this much on a hair care product but it is a great leave in conditioner which not only makes my feel and look great but also goes a long way.
    This left my curls looking good, fresh and not stiff or crunchy at all, had a sample and immediately purchased the bigger of the full size.
    I spray it after I've had my shower and brush through leaving my hair super soft and floral scented. 100% would recommend it as even if I forget to put conditioner in or don't have time this spray acts like a conditioner leaving it the same way a conditioner would.
    Had to throw it away
    I'm not sure if this works but had to throw it away as the scent was awful. Very strong and chemically. I think someone else mentioned the smell too. Wish I had taken note. Very disappointed as the other reviews seemed positive. Won't be buying again
    I wanted to like it... but.
    I don't understand all the 5 star reviews... I was expecting my dry tresses to become nourished and and quenched. I've used this a few times now... the scent is overpoweringly fake... it's a nice scent but it's clearly fake perfumed scent and so far as I can tell, has made my hair worse... on reading the ingredients list, it's clear why... first ingredient is water and then a long list of alcohol ingredients... alcohol has no place in a haircare product - especially for dry hair... i'm not often moved to write a review, i've spent 100's - if not a couple of thousand ££s on purchases from Cult Beauty so - and probably should - review often... I have long, fine hair... not thick but lots of it... i have a slight wave to my hair, not poker straight.. I don't colour my hair often - perhaps once every other year if that... I don't use styling products, it's just a case of my hair becoming dry in winter in particular - and I confess to loving the hot setting on my Dyson hairdryer... I've just purchases The Inkey List's Shea Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment in the hope of a better result. Such a shame, I really wanted to like this product but feel they mis-sell it... the real good stuff ingredient that you buy it for is probably less than 1% of the product!!!!
    Greatest product
    Love all Davines product. This milk leaves my hair shiny and soft, and love the smell too!
    Great product
    I've used this product on and off over the last few years and am always pleasantly surprised when I come back to it. The effect on my fine, coloured hair is instant - rehydrating and making it look and feel so much healthier. It has a conditioning nourishing effect and doesn't make it feel heavy or overly styled. Yes, there is a fragrance you can't pin down but I don't find it overpowering. Makes my hair feel great.
    This smell is absolutely amazing, smells like I’ve just been to the hairdressers! I cannot go without this product after washing my hair.. it seriously helps to smooth and detangle to allow me to brush through damp, tangly hair!
    Oi all in one hair milk
    Love this! I cant live without it now, using this with the oi shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels so much more healthy and soft, i will never go back to drug store after finding Davines.
    I didn’t love it, the smell is strange but for me it was bearable, product can be easily distributed but does nothing to my fine straight hair. Tried to put it on dry hair and feels like it’s making it smoother at first but then it’s the same dry hair again after a few minutes.
    No difference
    I love Davines but the three of my new tries from their range including this one just seem to do nothing but smell nice. I see zero benefit for my curly frizzy hair from this product. Disappointing as it expensive for the tiny quantity and promises a lot of goodness
    It's ok, nothing special
    I love the unusual smell, it really lingers. However, the product is just...ok. not bad, not great, had better.. it's expensive for what it is and the amount you get. Better used on damp hair, it makes my hair greasy if used too much in dry hair and I have thick, coarse, wavy hair. I have used other Davines products and like the masks, but wouldn't buy this again.
    Does everything it says!
    I suppose smell and scents are a personal preference and what you like other people will not.. however I just LOVE the smell, to me, it smells expensive and very luxurious! Feels amazing in my hair and I really notice if I have run out of the product or forget to use it. It lasts forever too!
    LOVE IT!!
    Third time I buy this product. It was first recommended by my stylist in Italy, then I purchased it twice from Cult Beauty. It de-tangles the hair and leaves it feeling soft and smells amazing. it also lasts forever. Davines is always the best brand when I buy more expensive products.
    Beautiful hair
    I like this brand and thought I would try this product and so glad I did. It really does help with the condition, look and feel of your hair. I get bad tangles at the back of my long hair and this has really helped soothe and remove them. Hair looks healthier and feels so soft and much better. Really impressed and will probably order the larger size next time.
    A must have
    Used this product for years, a complete must-have, cannot live without, product. Smells like a salon, all the Davines products remind me of being in luxury hairdressers. I have naturally wavy, averagely thick hair which is so-so knotty, and extensions which get extremely knotty once worn for a few months, and I can't think of anything worse than drying my hair without this product. Instead of wasting any and spraying it straight onto my hair, I tend to just spray it into my hand and rub it into the mid to end lengths. You can really, really tell if you ever forget to use it. There's a noticeable difference when drying, brushing, styling, and it also decreases the likelihood of waking up with a bird's nest. Buy it - you won't regret it.
    This product is a miracle! I have very porous hair that often gets tangled due to its dry nature. I have felt a huge change is my hair since using this product. I would highly recommend this product!! I will definitely be repurchasing.
    Would recommend
    I've been using this for over a year now, and I've recently bought my second bottle - I wash my hair every 3 days and it's lasted the year...! I have long, fine, wavy hair, and it's the best thing I've tried on my hair. I don't like to feel any product in my hair, so this hair milk is perfect. Helps my hair feel conditioned, frizz free and generally healthy. Love it!
    A holy grail for me.
    An absolute must for my hair are routine. I have been using it for years and years, and use only this to condition my coarse hair - saving me money, time and less waste. My hair is wonderfully healthy and glossy. The smell is yummy too. Highly recommend.
    Very impressed with my first Davines product! I have super fine balayage hair so the bleached/toned ends especially need extra love. It smells gorgeous, I can't stop smelling my hair, it feels soft and my ends look much more conditioned just after one treatment. I used it as an after-wash spray as well as my usual shampoo and conditioner.
    I can't do without this now...
    I'd had a couple of weeks of EXCELLENT hair, the kind you always hope you'll get when reading the promises made in product reviews - my thick curls were shiny, manageable, frizz-free, and held their form. Then one week - BAM. Back to my old self. I wondered what was wrong, then realised I'd forgotten to apply this the last time I washed my hair. Never again!
    Good for de-tangling
    This product makes combining through your wet hair so easy. I have really curly hair so it gets really tangly when wet but this has been a dream. It's quite expensive for the amount you get but you do only need a little bit otherwise your hair feels a little clogged and weighed down. Smells amazing!
    Love it
    I use this on my hair every time I wash it and can't live without it now! Makes my hair so soft and silky and gets rid of any frizz without making my hair feel like it has product in it. Not a great fan of the smell but still smells wonderful! Cannot recommend enough.
    Holy carp!
    My hair was so soft after using this (with the Nounou hair mask). I looked like I’d just been to the hairdresser which is rarely the case!
    Love this product leaves my hair soft smooth shiny and the smell is gorgeous
    Detangling dream
    Introduced to this product through my salon and I absolutely love it. Makes combing wet hair so easy with minimal hair loss and leaves a glossy soft finish when blow dried. I have Very oily hair but this product is weightless even in the roots.
    Soft and silky
    I have dry hair and this made my hair soft and silky while protecting it. When I blow dried my hair, it was nice and sleeky, I didn't need to straighten it like I usually would. I also really like the smell!
    Omg buy it
    I purchased this for the first time several months ago and got the 135ml. It takes ages to finish and you don't need much. I have long, thin black non-coloured hair. I use 4 sprays and that's enough. Keeps my hair frizz free - normally my hair gets frizzy within seconds. It's also great paired with Briogeo Farewell Frizz. Have repurchased it again.
    The product was ok for me...
    Simply for softness and moisture, this product does help provide a silky texture to the hair when damp and blow drying. However, I wouldn't say that this product is good for Afro-Caribbean hair, as it didn't live up to its expectation of helping with tangled hair.
    OI Milk
    Amazing product and quick delivery.
    Great product
    I want to scream to everyone about how great this product is. It's just amazing. Makes my hair smooth as a silk. Literally. And oh the smell!! The smell is to die for. I want to rave about this product to the whole world. People who knows me already think I'm a brand ambassador of this product. By the way is it possible to be one? Oh what a dream would that be as I highly doubt I can afford the next bottle given my no job status at the moment. Anyways let focus on the product. It's just Stupendo fantabulously phantasmagorically magical.
    I love, love, love this product! It smells so good, detangles my hair ridiculously well and makes my style last for days! Before my hair would be a mess in the morning, now it holds in between washes. I cannot recommend this product enough!
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