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    Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
    I love love love this mask!!!! It's so gorgeous love the smell and love the whole feel of my skin the next morning. Would highly recommend!
    Just yes.
    I put this on 4 days a week as a sleeping mask and honestly my make up goes on sooooo well the next day. My skin loves this.
    Love it
    This is a silky smooth mask that leaves my skin dewy and glowy in the morning.
    I was SO excited to buy this after all the hype on youtube. Sadly this mask is just strange. I applied it as a sleeping mask and it starts to rub/peel off in strips after 30-40 mins, neither does my skin feel more 'hydrated' as such. Not worth it.
    Loved this sleeping mask & pairing it with Sarah Chapman's overnight facial was just AMAZING!!!
    So Impressed!
    As a long time sufferer of acne, I can happily say this has not caused any breakouts - in fact, I've found that it actually has helped to clear my skin, all whilst giving my skin the moisture it has been missing! Love it, and a little goes a long way so it's definitely worth the money!
    This did nothing for me. I was hoping for hydration but instead, it's disappearing into my skin and doing nothing. No results after 10 minutes mask or as a sleeping mask. I would not recommend anyone purchase this unless you find very good reviews.
    Wonderful glow mask!!! You can see the result instantly in the morning if you leave it on as a sleeping mask. Love love love!
    Out of this world
    Super Hydrating Overnight Mask
    Amazing products started seeing results just after using two nights. Love it. Highly recommend people who have dry skin or acne prone.
    I wasn't sure what to think when I first used this, even though I'm young I'm very used to using acids, however this is much more aimed at hydration and plumping to achieve the K-beauty glow. It really does what it claims to do. Some people may find the scent a bit too much, but it disappears very fast and unless you have extremely sensitive to fragrance skin, you should be fine.
    Love this watermelon mask. It hydrates and leaves my skin feeling smooth in the morning when I use it as an overnight mask. So happy that this is finally here in the UK.