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    Rose Gold Elixir (Limited Edition)
    Best oil
    Best oil I’ve ever used. PROS: absorbs into the skin no stickiness, smells wonderful, perfect for day and night time routine. I spend hours using this - do face massage. Cons: I have knocked the bottle a few times :/ it’s like gold dust - I think RRP should be around 20-25 for 30ml. As u can make this formula at home but I’m lazy so I get this.
    Not worth the hype at all
    At first I tried applying it with my fingers and it was a mess, then I used my beauty blender which soaked most of it. I have normal skin and I look like an oil/shine bomb with it.
    Do not waste your money
    This product is not worth the hype, there are a hundred other face oils on the market that are much better. Infact did not notice any difference in my skin whilst using this and the smell is so unpleasant after about a month of being opened that I had to bin mine before I even finished the bottle.
    Lovely product. Only bought and used for a week. Skin is hydrated immediately. Feels lovely, smells lovely and instantly brightens my complexion! So glad I went for it.
    Not worth the hype
    I bought this after reading and watching all the hype about farsali. I observed this for so long because I almost couldn't justify the price tag on this. But I bit the bullet and bought the elixir oil. I have normal skin that gets oily later in the day. I do have dryer months mostly when it's cold. I've been using this for around a month now and feel I can now review this product. For me this product didn't really change anything. Pros - It did absorb quickly, it looks so pretty with the gold flecs, it smells nice initially. Con's - no change in my skin positive or negative, after an hour the oil smell on my face turned almost into a denser chip fryer smell, price tag. I used this on my skin, with and without makeup. It's fine for a glowy shine without makeup. I do not recommend wearing this under makeup at all. I have used a quarter of this bottle so far and will be giving it away to my friends as I am gaining nothing from it. However it may work better for someone with very dry skin. I am not likely to buy this product again.
    Wish the 30ml was available
    Love this so much. I have used it for all the purposes listed and it has worked brilliantly for my dehydrated skin, especially my dry under eye area on top of my make up and on my lips before mat lipstick. The only issue I had was the bottle arrive not properly sealed so quiet a bit of the product had leaked out.
    Farsali rose gold
    Right guys welcome to a review. Theres so hype about this product and let me tell you the hype is true and real for this product as it works and feels so luxery in your face and skin. And specialy the 24k on your face which does help fight wrinkles.