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    Vanda Serrador
    Vanda Serrador
    Facialist & Skincare Expert
    Vanda Serrador's interest in skin and skin treatments happened (quite literally) by accident. A horrific road traffic accident resulted in the left hand side of her face becoming partially paralysed. Vanda overcame this disability using a mix of dogged tenacity and skin care knowledge she was able to rectify her own skin condition. So much so that if you see her today you simply wouldn't know. Vanda is now firmly established as one of the world's leading facialists. A reputation that has been built over the last decade while working in some of the top London salons, and latterly in her own establishment called Urban Skin in central Kensington. "All visitors to Urban Skin can look forwards to treatments that boost wellbeing and feelings of relaxation and revival" Said Vanda "But that's not the only thing which is guaranteed. My experience has taught me that skin types are as unique as the people that I see. This is why I offer each new client a one-to-one consultation before treatments commences. This means that I can offer exactly the right treatment for that individual". From Vogue to Glamour to the Daily Telegraph, the accolades for Vanda keep on coming. Proctor & Gambol also employ her as a Brand Ambassador for Olay skin care.
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    Vanda Serrador| Facialist & Skincare Expert
    +44 20 7100 0724