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    Jack Howard
    Jack Howard
    Hair Colourist
    Jack Howard SRH, is an international hair colourist, Balayage expert and hair sage and beauty product junkie. He is the International Colour Director for Neville's Hair and Beauty Pont Street,The Bulgari and St Barts, as well as a Guest Artist for L'Oreal Professional UK & Ireland. Jack's years working in the beauty industry all over the world have not only educated him in the key ways to maintain beautiful hair, but also given him access to some of the best skin care techniques and products available. He is a fount of beauty knowledge. As a Senior Portfolio Artist for L'Oreal Professional Jack has taught Balayage across the United States and has now brought that expertise and talent to London. He is colouring, teaching and inspiring across the United Kingdom.
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    Ling Skin Care

    Spotlight Papaya Resurfacing Peel

    Simply amazing!
    A formula made with natural Papaya enzymes designed to exfoliate dead and unhealthy skin cells, unclog pores and smooth one's skin texture. I find this instantly renews my complexion, allowing clearer and healthier skin cells to emerge. This removal of dead skin cells also enhances the performance of the skin care ingredients one puts on top. I use this 3 times a week before shaving and must say it's my go to product. Having sensitive skin means I only leave this on for 3 minutes, but gosh does it work amazingly.

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    Jack Howard| Hair Colourist
    07725 640 716